The Complete MAUS

"Prisoner of the Hell Planet" originally appeared in Short Order Comix #1, 1973."--T.p. verso. It is the story of Vladek Speigelman, a Jewish survivor of Hitler's Europe, and his son, a cartoonist coming to terms with his father's story.

Author: Art Spiegelman

Publisher: Viking

ISBN: 9780670921676

Category: Children of Holocaust survivors

Page: 296

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An autobiographical and biographical cartoon in which the author explores his strained relationship with his father, an Auschwitz survivor, while also relating the story of his parent's experiences as Jews in wartime Poland, as told to him ...

Author: Art Spiegelman


ISBN: 9780394747231

Category: Children of Holocaust survivors


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The Complete Maus

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus tells the story of Vladek Spiegelman, a Jewish survivor of Hitler's Europe, and his son, a cartoonist coming to terms with his father's story. Maus approaches the unspeakable through the diminutive.

Author: Art Spiegelman

Publisher: Pantheon

ISBN: 0679406417

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 295

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Considering Maus

A collection of critical essays on 'Maus', the searing account of one Holocaust survivor's experiences rendered in comic book form, this title offers the work the critical and artistic scrutiny that it deserves.

Author: Deborah R. Geis

Publisher: University Alabama Press


Category: Art

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Art Spiegelman

Interviews with the Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of Maus: A Survivor's Tale

Author: Joseph Witek

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781934110126

Category: Art

Page: 318

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New York Magazine

Art Spiegelman's two-volume Maus: A Survivor's Tale is epic narrative art about a
subject that has lately faced the exhaustion factor. The Holocaust has evaded the
writers' grasp; words have a hard time speaking the unspeakable. The most ...





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Cultures of War in Graphic Novels

1 See, for example, Art Spiegelman, Maus: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds
History/Here My Troubles Began (New York: Pantheon House, 1991);
Considering Maus: Approaches to Art Spiegelman's “Survivor's Tale” of the
Holocaust, ed.

Author: Tatiana Prorokova

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813590957

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 237

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No Kids Allowed

In an oft- cited detail about the cartoonist's biography, his parents were Holocaust
survivors. ... known, the Pulitzer Prize– winning Maus I: A Survivor's Tale: My
Father Bleeds History and Maus II: A Survivor's Tale: And Here My Troubles

Author: Michelle Ann Abate

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN: 1421438860

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 248

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