The Other Paris

People had been filtering into the capital from other parts of France in significant numbers since at least the ... Privat d'Anglemont wrote in the 1850s thatthe first Auvergnat in Paris must have picked up some change selling scrap ...

Author: Luc Sante

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Transient Questions

The Other Paris " Neil Besner has observed that Mavis Gallant's handling of narration has grown increasingly sophisticated over time : As Gallant's fiction develops , reporters and documentary reports , objective narrators and ...

Author: Kristjana Gunnars

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From the Other Shore

In any case , Souvarine and other Paris ex - Mensheviks such as Nikolai Valentinov - Volsky and Oreste Rosenfeld also contributed to the New Leader , thanks to their New York friends . No longer a powerful political figure , Rosenfeld ...

Author: André Liebich

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Paris in Modern Times

Alongside the “City of Light”—the Paris of salons, painting, literature, opera, and the hôtels of the wealthy and influential—there was theOther Paris.” This was the Paris described by nineteenth-century authors like Eugène Sue, ...

Author: Casey Harison

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A Description of the Island of Jamaica with the other Isles and Territories in America to which the English are related Taken from the notes of Sr Thomas Linch Governour of Jamaica Illustrated with maps

Their chief Idol , called Kiwasa , is made of wood four foot high , the Face resembling the Inhabitants of Florida , painted with flesh - colour , the Breast white , the other paris black , the Legs only spotted with white , with Chains ...

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The Other Paris The other Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The other Paris is suffering a plague of new slab-and-glass buildings that are grabbing unguarded corners of the city and turning them into blocks that ...





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The Forgotten Bible

The other [Paris]ms. has Smyrna. Nicephorus calls it Myrmene. 9. Comp. Acts xviii. 9, xxiii. 11. 10. Or, as an apostle. 11. i.e., monks. 12. Lit., of the same form with him. 13. The other [Vienna] ms. has: for he neither ate nor drank, ...

Author: Philip Schaff


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Cities and Literature

46 Rancière, Staging the People, p. 177 De Goncourt, E. and de Goncourt, J., (1861) 1891, Mémories de la vie littéraire, Paris, Charpentier, p. 346, in Sante, L., 2015, The Other Paris: An Illustrated Journey Through a City's Poor and ...

Author: Malcolm Miles

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Postcolonial Paris

This myth promotes Paris as a site of refuge for minority authors forced into second-class citizenship in their places of origin. In contrast, fiction of the other Paris shows a city rife with various forms of censorship.

Author: Laila Amine

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

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Paris Capital of Modernity

The other Paris awakes, the Paris of work. The two cities hardly know each other, the one that rises at midday and the one that beds down at eight. They rarely look each other in the eye and then—all too often—only on the sad and somber ...

Author: David Harvey

Publisher: Routledge

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The Showgirl Costume

39. Luc Sante, The Other Paris (New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2015), 169. 40. “Marché des Dos” [The Pimps' March]. 41. Eugen Weber, France, Fin de Siècle (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1985), 38. 42.

Author: Jane Merrill

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Parallel Supercomputing in SIMD Architectures

With 64K processors all computing in parallel , this produces an aggregate rate of 2500 MIPS ( that is , 2.5 billion 32 - bit adds per second ) . All other Paris operations are carried out in like fashion . The ALU cycle is broken down ...

Author: R. Michael Hord

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