Diasporas in the New Media Age

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Author: Andoni Alonso

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Category: Political Science

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Korean Digital Diaspora

Transnational Social Movements and Diaspora Identity Hojeong Lee ... New
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Author: Hojeong Lee

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Korean Diaspora across the World

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Author: Eun-Jeong Han

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Geographies of the Internet

In digital remembrance: Vernacular memory and the rhetorical construction of
web memorials. ... New ties, old ties and lost ties: The use of the internet in
diaspora. ... Diasporas in the New Media Age: Identity, Politics, and Community.

Author: Barney Warf

Publisher: Routledge

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Category: Science

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Ethnic Media in the Digital Age

The original research, including case studies, in this book provides insight into (1) what new trends are emerging in ethnic media production and consumption; (2) how ethnic media are adapting to changing technologies in the media landscape ...

Author: Sherry S. Yu

Publisher: Routledge

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Category: Social Science

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South Asian Technospaces

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Cambridge ...

Author: Radhika Gajjala

Publisher: Peter Lang Incorporated, International Academic Publishers


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Media International Australia

3 During my research , I also conducted media skills workshops for refugee
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Category: Australia


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New Frontiers in Technological Literacy

His publications include Todos Sabios: Ciencia Ciudadana y Conocimiento
Expandido (Madrid: Cátedra, 2013; with Antonio Lafuente and Joaquín
Rodríguez); Diasporas in the New Media Age (Reno: Nevada University Press,
2009; with ...

Author: J. Dakers

Publisher: Springer

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Category: Education

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Digital Diaspora

Ultimately, Digital Diaspora shows how African Americans and African diasporic peoples developed the necessary technomastery to ride in the front of the bus on the information superhighway.

Author: Anna Everett

Publisher: SUNY Press

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Media in the Age of Marketization

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Television in the ...

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