LH RH and its Analogues

Anovulation after continuous administration of agonistic and antagonistic analogues of LH-RH in Macaca fascicularis [23] This study was designed to compare the effects of [N-Ac-D-Trp.”,D-p-Cl-Phe',DPhe°,D-Ala”]-LH-RH, an inhibitory ...

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LHRH and Its Analogs

circulating levels when infused at the same dose as LHRH and will have greater biological effects. Furthermore, these analogs have higher affinities for pituitary receptors and will therefore bind and activate these receptors at lower ...

Author: B.H. Vickery

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LHRH and Its Analogues

1984 Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. LHRH and its analogues F. Labrie , A. Belanger , A. Dupont , eds . 188 THE EFFECTS OF LH - RH INHIBITORY ANALOGUES IN THE NON - HUMAN PRIMATE . BASIC STUDIES IN CONTRACEPTION AND THEIR DIRECT ...

Author: Fernand Labrie

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LHRH and Its Analogues

Their Use in Gynaecological Practice Robert Wayne Shaw, John Crook Marshall. 40. West , C. and Baird , D.T. Suppression of ovarian activity by Zoladex depot ( ICI 118630 ) , a long acting LHRH agonist analogue . Clin .

Author: Robert Wayne Shaw

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Peptides in Oncology I

Use of LH-RH analogs in the prevention of breast cancer, maybe in combination with low-dose conjugated equine estrogens in order to prevent the potential increased risk of osteoporosis and coronary heart disease [74]. References 1.

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Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy

Analogues I and II were 4.5 and 173 times more potent than native LH-RH in inhibiting implantation respectively. On Day 8 of the treatment with Analogue II, the pituitary glands of the pregnant rats contained approximately 10% of the ...

Author: Julie Whelan

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Cumulated Index Medicus

Comment mouse mammary cancers with targeted cytotoxic LH - RH LH - RH analogues : i . Their impact on reproductive on : J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1999 Apr ; 84 ( 4 ) : 1250-4 . analogs . Szepeshazi K , et al . Breast Cancer Res Treat 1999 ...




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Endocrine Therapies in Breast and Prostate Cancer

Although early studies using injected radiolabeled LHRH showed that the releasing hormone rapidly accumulated in the pituitary gland [90], an observation confirmed by autoradiograph [91], LHRH and its agonistic analogues have now been ...

Author: C. Kent Osborne

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Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The development of depot preparations contributed to the diffusion of the LHRH analogues because of its convenience. The addition of more applications also contributed to the expansion of the market in both cases.

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Journal of the National Cancer Institute

1984 administration of LH - RH analogues pro- desensitization of EGF , but probably not LH - RH antagonist SB - 75 . This antagonisduces a state of chemical - induced castra- IGF - I receptors . The parallel shift of Kd tic analogue ...




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