3D Storytelling

In order to achieve this transformation, one of the smartest moves we made was
to hire Phil McNally, who we all got to know as Captain 3D. There is no one on
the planet who better understands, or has more passion for, 3D storytelling.

Author: Bruce Block

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136038817

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 228

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3D Storytelling is the ultimate guide for directors, cinematographers, producers, and designers of stereoscopic 3D movies and videos. With an emphasis on the aesthetic over the technical, this book is an essential foundation for showing you how to use 3D creatively to tell a story. Hollywood producer Bruce Block and Dreamworks stereoscopic supervisor Philip Captain 3D McNally blend their vast real-world experience and teaching skills to help you learn how to: * Think in 3D * Integrate 3D design into your script or story * Direct and design the 3D depth of your shots * Use stereoscopic windows * Work with the depth cues in 3D * Create a comfortable viewing experience for the audience * Plan editing and directorial considerations for 3D * Understand closed, open, and unstable 3D space Brimming with practical information that can be immediately applied to your 3D production, the book also features interviews with some of the industry’s leading stereographers, as well as 3D diagrams and photographs that illustrate how 3D works, how it can be controlled in production, and how 3D can be used to tell a story.

3D Cinematic Aesthetics and Storytelling

This book argues that 3D films are becoming more sophisticated in utilising stereoscopic effects for storytelling purposes.

Author: Yong Liu

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319727427

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 217

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This book argues that 3D films are becoming more sophisticated in utilising stereoscopic effects for storytelling purposes. Since Avatar (2009), we have seen a 3D revival marked by its integration with new digital technologies. With this book, the author goes beyond exploring 3D’s spectacular graphics and considers how 3D can be used to enhance visual storytelling. The chapters include visual comparisons between 2D and 3D to highlight their respective narrative features; an examination of the narrative tropes and techniques used by contemporary 3D filmmakers; and a discussion of the narrative implications brought by the coexistence of flatness and depth in 3D visuality. In demonstrating 3D cinematic aesthetics and storytelling, Yong Liu analyses popular films such as Hugo (2011), Life of Pi (2012), Gravity (2013), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013, and The Great Gatsby (2013). The book is an investigation into contemporary forms of stereoscopic storytelling derived from a unique, long-existing mode of cinematic illusions.

LightWave 3D 8 Character Animation

Author: Timothy Albee

Publisher: Wordware

ISBN: 1556220995

Category: Computers

Page: 482

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Computing, Math, & Engineering

Mixed Reality 3D Printing and Storytelling

Author: Adriana Caldarone





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Game Informer Magazine

We're really trying to focus of the " prolegendary delays since his last on having a
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Category: Computer games


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Think in 3D

This book is designed to inspire a new kind of "3D thinking" in Directors, Cinematographers and Film School Graduates, to encourage further exploration and integration of Stereoscopic 3D into the process of visual storytelling.Stereoscopic ...

Author: Clyde Dsouza

Publisher: Cly3d

ISBN: 1470150778

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 199

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Think in 3DStereoscopic 3D is crossing over from Hollywood into mainstream Television, Advertising, and even Education. This book is designed to inspire a new kind of "3D thinking" in Directors, Cinematographers and Film School Graduates, to encourage further exploration and integration of Stereoscopic 3D into the process of visual storytelling.Stereoscopic 3D should not only be about rigs and parallax any more than traditional filmmaking is about focal lengths and aspect ratios. Certainly there are techniques and considerations that have to be taken into account when making good Stereo 3D, but ultimately it is only how Stereoscopic 3D influences the audience's experience of a film that is important.This book is not a nuts and bolts, mirror rigs and depth budget handbook; instead it is a dialogue, a story and conversation designed to provoke new kinds of Stereo 3D thinking, as we delve into this fascinating new medium of visual communication.The book will lead you through an exploration of the most important questions about S3D's present, then inspire you to venture into the Why and What If? Hopefully that will lead to insights and inspire Directors, DPs and upcoming Stereographers, to unleash the true potential that S3D has as an integral, enriching part of the filmmaking process.

Character Emotion in 2d and 3d Animation

At the heart of every great animated show is a good story . Motion picture studios
understand this and pay millions of dollars a year for screenplays and novel
rights . Top screen writers are some of the best paid writers in the world ,
sometimes ...

Author: Les Pardew

Publisher: Course Technology


Category: Art

Page: 251

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This book "shows artisists, designers, and animators how to add drama and emotion to their work through simple human observation and baisc animation techniques, providing the tools and step-by-step instructions for incorporating emotion into animation. Discover how to see emotion in life and apply it to your drawings; explore reactions, emotional states, and transitions in body language; learn how to animate life-like facial expressions; create dramatic effect through timing, lighting, and 3D set; and more. Learn how to create truly great animation that catches the eye and captures the heart of your audience with Character Emotion in 2D and 3D Animation....." - back cover.

Proceeding of the Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment TIDSE Conference 2003

Façade interactive drama architecture 3.1 3D story world and first - person user
interface Façade's real - time rendered 3D story world is implemented in C ++
with OpenGL . Character animation ( body and face ) is achieved through a
mixture ...

Author: Stefan Göbel



Category: Interactive multimedia

Page: 419

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Inside 3D Studio MAX 3

Author: Jeffrey Abouaf

Publisher: New Riders Pub


Category: Computers

Page: 1349

View: 614

A guide to the 3D graphics program presents case studies, real-world problems, and solutions while offering a series of tutorials exploring modeling, texture mapping, lighting, and animation

International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia

Animated Interactive Fiction : Storytelling by a Conversational Virtual Actor J .
Piesk , G . Trogemann Department of Computer Science , Academy of Media Arts
... A conversational 3D - character is used to tell nonlinear stories interactively .


Publisher: Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers(IEEE)

ISBN: 9780818681509

Category: Computers

Page: 252

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Papers from the 1997 International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia.

PC Graphics Video

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in programs offers Stuff - it Expander for dearing . Corporate design hasn't such ...




Category: Computer animation


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Journal of Game Development

... [ Dann et al . , 2005 ) is a visual programming environment that uses 3D
storytelling as a specific incentive for girls to learn to program . Scratch " is a
somewhat similar 2D approach for producing games , animated stories , and
interactive art .




Category: Computer games


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Game Design

Centipede 3D's story was the simplest in any of the games I have worked on . In
part this is because one of the traits of classic arcade games was their lack of
involvement in any real storytelling . For games like Centipede , Pac - Man , and
The ...

Author: Richard Rouse

Publisher: Wordware Computer Books

ISBN: 9781556227356

Category: Computers

Page: 584

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Richard Rouse explores gameplay, one of the most important but least discussed elements of computer game design that makes a game compelling and entertaining. He focusses in detail on such topics as game balancing, storytelling, non-linearity, player motivations, input/output, artificial intelligence, level design and playtesting. included are in-depth interviews with top game designers.

The Visual Story

This updated edition of a best-selling classic shows you how to structure your visuals as carefully as a writer structures a story or composers structure their music.

Author: Bruce Block

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317745698

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 340

View: 836

This updated edition of a best-selling classic shows you how to structure your visuals as carefully as a writer structures a story or composers structure their music. The Visual Story teaches you how to design and control the structure of your production using the basic visual components of space, line, shape, tone, color, movement, and rhythm. You can use these components to effectively convey moods and emotions, create a visual style, and utilize the important relationship between the visual and the story structures. Using over 700 color illustrations, author Bruce Block explains how understanding the connection between story and visual structures will guide you in the selection of camera angles, lenses, actor staging, composition, set design and locations, lighting, storyboard planning, camera coverage, and editing. The Visual Story is an ideal blend of theory and practice. The concepts and examples in this new edition will benefit students learning cinematic production, as well as professional writers, directors, cinematographers, art directors, animators, game designers, and anyone working in visual media who wants a better understanding of visual structure.

Video Shooter

New to this edition: * more up-to-date techniques involving HD technology * more coverage on the multi-skillset required of today's filmmakers (who are asked to act simultaneously as Director, Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Sound ...

Author: Barry Braverman

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1136058850

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

View: 150

Tired of the all the digital filmmaking guidebooks that give you only the nuts and bolts of how to use a camera? The third edition of Video Shooter takes the how-to knowledge a step further by showing you how to craft a story in your video. Barry Braverman is an experienced shooter and filmmaker whose is highly regarded in the field. This book covers everything from framing a shot, to lighting, to the type of camera (and tripod) you should use, and perhaps most importantly--how to translate the use of all this equipment and techniques into a story. The author is a veteran cinematic storyteller, and he shares practiced film-style techniques for use on your own DV cam. Humorous and opinionated, the author provides anecdotes and full-color illustrations that help you to learn the tricks of the trade. He gets right to the point of what you need to know to get good shots-and on a budget. New to this edition: * more up-to-date techniques involving HD technology * more coverage on the multi-skillset required of today's filmmakers (who are asked to act simultaneously as Director, Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Sound Recordists, etc.) *Website including craft tips, equipment review/blogs, and a teacher's corner to support use of the book in film studies/digital media class (includes student work completed in class using the text)

Help We ve Got Kids

Author: Elisa Morton Palter


ISBN: 9781896208121


Page: 380

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Web Developer com Guide to 3D Avatars

ACT3 is for creating and animating 3D photorealistic , emotive avatars , called
eGhosts , to appear in the production . MUMM - E is an “ eventing engine ” that
expands the original concept into a full - fledged 3D story . The idea is to
distribute ...

Author: Sue Wilcox

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Computers

Page: 531

View: 832

In this complete how-to guide, expert Sue Ki Wilcox takes a hands-on approach to teaching you how to use and get the most out of the avatar tools currently on the market. For each tool covered, she walks you through all the steps involved in using that tool to create a CyberAndroid. She also uses numerous examples taken from sites around the world to give you an idea of the various ingenious ways avatars are being used in business and entertainment, and to acquaint you with the crucial issues surrounding the creation and use of avatars. With Web Developer.com Guide to 3D Avatars, you'll quickly master: * Body geometry and texture mapping for avatars * Techniques for making photographic replicas of faces and bodies for avatars * Motion-capture and other advanced techniques to give your avatar cool moves * Techniques for creating avatars that think for themselves * Browser compatibility, file formats, multiuser servers, and interfaces. From a talking head to a fantasy heroine, or even a photorealistic representation of yourself, equipped with naturalistic body movements and emotional responses, the options for how you represent yourself or your organization on the Internet are limited only by your imagination. The CD-ROM gives you: * Avatar models that you can customize for your own use * Demos of various avatar creation software packages * Complete copy of 3D Planet's(r) 3D Assistant(TM) * A variety of 3D viewers for entering multiuser worlds * Authoring tools for creating your own 3D world * Tutorials from professionals in the field of avatar design. Visit our Web site at www.wiley.com/compbooks/

Inspired 3D Character Animation

1908 : Narrative Film ; 1913 : The Feature Length Format ; 1927 : Sound ; 1934 :
Color ; 1940s : Television and Videotape ; 1952 : 3D ; 1960s : Documentary -
Style Handheld Cutting Techniques ; the 1990s : Computer Generated Imaging .

Author: Kyle Clark

Publisher: Premier Press

ISBN: 9781931841481

Category: Computers

Page: 224

View: 353

Clark's book takes an in-depth look at the methods and technology that professionals use to create realistic and believable characters using computer technology.

Exploring Visual Storytelling

mastered , nonlinear storytelling can offer visual storytellers a delightful place to
experiment and express themselves ... R + D Pose Planning and Gesture studies
Chapter setup Character Animation 3d Layout Pass / Animatic Character ...

Author: Brian Arnold

Publisher: Delmar Pub


Category: Computers

Page: 196

View: 850

Film, video games, television ads, corporate presentations-whatever medium you're working in, a visual story is the most compelling way to provide your audience with information and, more important, with an emotional experience. Exploring Visual Storytelling analyzes the essential techniques of creating compelling visual stories. Based on the pioneering work of Minneapolis-based Visual Culture, this innovative book-DVD package examines and explains the fundamentals of the medium by covering the seven key concepts behind every visual story: context, character, conflict, plot, 2D space, 3D space, and time. Each topic is thoroughly explained in print and then applied in the companion DVD, fully demonstrating how these core concepts work together to create a cohesive, compelling story.


Slots 3c - 3d – Same as original event Slot 3e – Omit Slot 3f – Same as original
event Second repeat Slot 3a – Beetle finds coyote hide and pine tar . Fixes
coyote hair to self with tar . ( He wishes to go to the dance at Oriabi . ) Slot 3b –
Attaches ...

Author: Norma J. Livo

Publisher: Littleton, Colo. : Libraries Unlimited


Category: Education

Page: 462

View: 146

Examines the nature of storytelling, explains how to prepare, develop, and deliver a story, and discusses audiences, resources, and special programs