A Concise History of Chinese Literature 2 vols

A Short History of Classical Chinese Literature. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1958. ... 2 Volumes. Tokyo, Japan: Hongwentang, 1910. Re-published in one volume as Zhongguo wenxueshi 中國文學史(A History of Chinese Literature).

Author: Yuming Luo

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004203672

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1024

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Adopting new theoretical perspectives and using updated research, this book by a leading Chinese scholar seeks to provide a coherent, panoramic description of the development of premodern Chinese literature and its major characteristics.

A Concise History of Chinese Literature

Egan, Ronald Ii Iin and Yu Xiayun “Qian Zhongshu, Iianqiao Zhon uo wenxueshi yu haiwai hanxue yanjiu E'? ... Liu Dajie Zhongguo 1/venxuefazhanshi (A History of the Development of Chinese Literature). 3 Volumes. New Edition.

Author: Yuming Luo

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004203664

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1025

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A history of Chinese literature from its early beginnings through the end of the Qing dynasty, this recent work from Professor Luo Yuming of China s Fudan University seeks to provide, by adopting new theoretical perspectives and using updated research, a coherent, panoramic description of the development of Chinese literature and its major characteristics. As one of the very few English translations of such works by Chinese authors it seeks to inform the Western audience of the recent viewpoints and scholarship on the topic from a leading Chinese scholar. It may also provide some grounds of comparison and contrast with equivalent works in the West.

The Alter Ego Perspectives of Literary Historiography

Five lectures on Chinese poetry. Lu S, editor. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing Co.; 1984. Luo Yuming. A Concise History of Chinese Literature (2 vols) [M]. Trans. Ye Yang. Leiden: Brill Academic Press; 2011. Mair VH (eds).

Author: Min Wang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642353894

Category: Education

Page: 184

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This book mainly discusses about the alter ego perspectives in literary historiography. This comparative analysis of the major Chinese literary histories in China and in the West brings to light the alter ego perspectives of Stephen Owen in literary historiography. The most interesting part of the book will be the interpretation of new notions and perspectives proposed by Stephen Owen, especially in the newly published The Cambridge History of Chinese Literature (2010). This book gives a detailed overview about the different stages of writing Chinese literary history and the different modes of literary historiography in China and in the West. Two case studies of Chinese poems are made on the notion of discursive communities and the Cultural Tang. Readers will a better understanding about the paradigm of literary historiography and the interrelationships between the different modes of literary historiography and the intellectual history. ​

The Genesis of Modern Chinese Literary Criticism 1917 1930

2 vols. Shanghai 1953; Liu SHOU , Chung-kuo hsin wenhsüeh shih ch'u-kao (An Outline of the History of Modern Chinese Literature). 2 vols. Peking 1957. A more concise book but translated into English was written by (Yeh) Ting Yi in 1956.

Author: Marián Gálik

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000583171

Category: Social Science

Page: 360

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This book, first published in 1980, is a history of modern Chinese literary criticism between the years 1917 and 1930. It examines its development within the overall frame of reference of Chinese national literature from the beginnings of the Chinese literary revolution in 1917 until the end of the first efforts at a revolutionary proletarian literature in 1930. Chinese literary criticism is also analysed within the framework of world literature, of world literary thought, especially of the impact of the progressive literary criticism.

Information Resources in the Humanities and the Arts 6th Edition

2 vols. Print and e-book. This comprehensive history covers Chinese literature from the first century of the Christian era to ... Another similar two-volume work is A Concise History of Chinese Literature (Yuming Luo; Ye Yang, trans.

Author: Anna H. Perrault Ph.D.

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1610693272

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 482

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This familiar guide to information resources in the humanities and the arts, organized by subjects and emphasizing electronic resources, enables librarians, teachers, and students to quickly find the best resources for their diverse needs.

The Columbia Companion to Modern East Asian Literature

Taiwan xin wenxue yundong jianshi (A Concise History of the New Literary Movement in Taiwan). Taipei: Lianjing, 1977. Lin Ruiming. ... Liu Shousong. Zhongguo xin wenxue shi chugao (A Draft History of New Chinese Literature). 2 vols.

Author: Joshua S. Mostow

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231113145

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 815

View: 389

This extraordinary one-volume guide to the modern literatures of China, Japan, and Korea is the definitive reference work on the subject in the English language. With more than one hundred articles that show how a host of authors and literary movements have contributed to the general literary development of their respective countries, this companion is an essential starting point for the study of East Asian literatures. Comprehensive thematic essays introduce each geographical section with historical overviews and surveys of persistent themes in the literature examined, including nationalism, gender, family relations, and sexuality. Following the thematic essays are the individual entries: over forty for China, over fifty for Japan, and almost thirty for Korea, featuring everything from detailed analyses of the works of Tanizaki Jun'ichiro and Murakami Haruki, to far-ranging explorations of avant-garde fiction in China and postwar novels in Korea. Arrayed chronologically, each entry is self-contained, though extensive cross-referencing affords readers the opportunity to gain a more synoptic view of the work, author, or movement. The unrivaled opportunities for comparative analysis alone make this unique companion an indispensable reference for anyone interested in the burgeoning field of Asian literature. Although the literatures of China, Japan, and Korea are each allotted separate sections, the editors constantly kept an eye open to those writers, works, and movements that transcend national boundaries. This includes, for example, Chinese authors who lived and wrote in Japan; Japanese authors who wrote in classical Chinese; and Korean authors who write in Japanese, whether under the colonial occupation or because they are resident in Japan. The waves of modernization can be seen as reaching each of these countries in a staggered fashion, with eddies and back-flows between them then complicating the picture further. This volume provides a vivid sense of this dynamic interplay.

The Making of Barbarians

Chinese Literature and Multilingual Asia Haun Saussy. and— significantly— personal names. (Each of these domains, I note, ... Concise History of Chinese Literature, trans. Ye Yang, 2 vols. (Leiden: Brill, 2011), 1: 2, 4–5, 33. 32.

Author: Haun Saussy

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691231974

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

View: 689

A groundbreaking account of translation and identity in the Chinese literary tradition before 1850—with important ramifications for today Debates on the canon, multiculturalism, and world literature often take Eurocentrism as the target of their critique. But literature is a universe with many centers, and one of them is China. The Making of Barbarians offers an account of world literature in which China, as center, produces its own margins. Here Sinologist and comparatist Haun Saussy investigates the meanings of literary translation, adaptation, and appropriation on the boundaries of China long before it came into sustained contact with the West. When scholars talk about comparative literature in Asia, they tend to focus on translation between European languages and Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, as practiced since about 1900. In contrast, Saussy focuses on the period before 1850, when the translation of foreign works into Chinese was rare because Chinese literary tradition overshadowed those around it. The Making of Barbarians looks closely at literary works that were translated into Chinese from foreign languages or resulted from contact with alien peoples. The book explores why translation was such an undervalued practice in premodern China, and how this vast and prestigious culture dealt with those outside it before a new group of foreigners—Europeans—appeared on the horizon.

Deciphering Reality

Essays on Scepticism, Relativism, and Ethics in the Zhuangzi. Ed. Paul Kjellberg and Philip J. Ivanhoe. Albany: SUNY Press, 1996. 50–67. Luo, Yuming. A Concise History of Chinese Literature. 2 vols. Trans. Ye Yang. Leiden: Brill, 2011.

Author: Benjamin B. Olshin

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004353070

Category: Philosophy

Page: 285

View: 833

In Deciphering Reality: Simulations, Tests, and Designs, Benjamin B. Olshin offers a series of essays that examine the detection of computer simulations, challenge visual models of reality, explore Daoist conceptions of reality, and present possible future directions for deciphering reality.

Modern Chinese Literature in the May Fourth Era

The Impact of Japanese Literary Trends on Modern Chinese Writers Ching - mao Cheng 1. ... of new Chinese literature , hereafter Xubian ) , 10 vols . , Hong Kong Literary Research Association , comp . ( Hong Kong , 1968 ) , I , 139 . 2.

Author: Merle Goldman

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674579118

Category: History

Page: 484

View: 783

One of the most creative and brilliant episodes in modern Chinese history, the cultural and literary flowering that takes the name of the May Fourth Movement, is the subject of this comprehensive and insightful book. This is the first study of modern Chinese literature that shows how China's Confucian traditions were combined with Western influences to create a literature of new values and consciousness for the Chinese people.

The Columbia Companion to Modern Chinese Literature

Taipei: Maitian, 2002. ——. Taiwan xin wenxue shi 台湾新文学史(New history of Taiwan literature). 2 vols. ... Taiwan xin wenxue yundong jianshi 台湾新文学运动简史(A concise history of the new literary movement in Taiwan).

Author: Kirk A. Denton

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231541147

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 496

View: 519

The Columbia Companion to Modern Chinese Literature features more than fifty short essays on specific writers and literary trends from the Qing period (1895–1911) to the present. The volume opens with thematic essays on the politics and ethics of writing literary history, the formation of the canon, the relationship between language and form, the role of literary institutions and communities, the effects of censorship, the representation of the Chinese diaspora, the rise and meaning of Sinophone literature, and the role of different media in the development of literature. Subsequent essays focus on authors, their works, and the schools with which they were aligned, featuring key names, titles, and terms in English and in Chinese characters. Woven throughout are pieces on late Qing fiction, popular entertainment fiction, martial arts fiction, experimental theater, post-Mao avant-garde poetry, post–martial law fiction from Taiwan, contemporary genre fiction from China, and recent Internet literature. The volume includes essays on such authors as Liang Qichao, Lu Xun, Shen Congwen, Eileen Chang, Jin Yong, Mo Yan, Wang Anyi, Gao Xingjian, and Yan Lianke. Both a teaching tool and a go-to research companion, this volume is a one-of-a-kind resource for mastering modern literature in the Chinese-speaking world.