A Unicorn Dies

Giles Questing, an undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, finds his life taking an unexpected turn after the suspicious death of a PhD student, a death the police believe to be suicide.

Author: Paul S. Fiddes

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532693672

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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Giles Questing, an undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, finds his life taking an unexpected turn after the suspicious death of a PhD student, a death the police believe to be suicide. He determines to solve the mystery by following a trail of artworks that depict a unicorn. Travelling to museums and galleries, he gradually discovers the truth about whether the student has taken his own life or been murdered, and who - if anyone - is guilty. His quest immerses him in the world of the unicorn in medieval and Renaissance art, and introduces him to the present-day obsession with the unicorn in the media, advertising, and social networks. All this enables him to crack the code of the unicorn that has been buried in the tradition of the Christian church for many years, and to answer the questions he has about a death that deeply affects him personally and that finally threatens his own life.


Although horses live about 25 years, perhaps unicorns use their magic to live
longer lives. Some think that when a unicorn dies, its magical horn paints a
rainbow above the land that was its home. MOTHER AND FOAL BIRTH ADULT

Author: Cari Meister

Publisher: Picture Window Books

ISBN: 1515844455

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Listen! Do you hear the clomping of hooves upon the forest floor? A flash of white bursts from behind a tree. A long horn shines like a crown upon the creature's head. It's a unicorn! Ever wondered about the magical powers of the unicorn's horn? Where does a unicorn live? What does it eat? Wonder no more! Striking illustrations and matter-of-fact text take you on a magical journey to learn all about unicorns.

Die neueren Sprachen

Bei Where There Is Nothing und The Unicorn from the Stars , die sich als Dramen
recht unglücklich ausnehmen , kommt die Kürze der Interpretation jedoch einem
Werturteil gleich ( pp . 130–134 ) . Das Drama The Player Queen , von William ...

Author: Wilhelm Viëtor



Category: Languages, Modern


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Vols. 1-5 include a separately paged section "Phonetische Studien. Beiblatt."

Learn to Code With JavaScript

When this happens, we call the dies() method, passing an argument that
describes the reason why the unicorn died. We need to ... This method accepts
an argument that's a string describing the reason the unicorn died. It then logs a
message ...

Author: Darren Jones

Publisher: SitePoint

ISBN: 1098124782

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A hands-on, practical Introduction to coding! Do you want to learn to code? Perhaps you want to learn how to build the next social media sensation or blockbuster game? Or perhaps you just want to get some valuable coding experience under your belt? This easy-to-follow, practical, and fun guide is the perfect place to start on your coding journey. You'll be learning to program with JavaScript - the most popular programming language on Earth. And it runs in web browsers, making it particularly suited to creating web-based apps and games. But the principles and techniques that you'll learn will provide you with a foundation to go on and learn many other languages, too. You'll learn: Programming basics, including data types, variables and more How to use logic to control the flow of a program How to use loops to repeat code over and over again How to write functions that can be used to store code in reusable blocks How to store data in collections such as arrays, sets and maps How to create objects that store properties and actions And much more! Along the way, you'll build a collection of fun applications, including games and interactive web pages. Start learning to code today!

The Dragon and the Unicorn

"The unicorn dies. Does that mean my baby must die?" "I will find the unicorn—
heal it," Merlinus promises. She shakes her weary head and watches him
through narrow, tired eyes. "No. Let it go. It is too dangerous. Death rides the
unicorn now ...

Author: A. A. Attanasio

Publisher: A. A. Attanasio

ISBN: 0983608431

Category: Fiction


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The Unicorn

This attentive crowd sees a white Unicorn die because it can eat only from the
hand of a virgin . It sces a virgin love a man and become a woman . It sees this
woman love her Unicorn , which dies , and the man , who leaves . It sees the
woman ...

Author: Lise Gotfredsen

Publisher: Harvill Press


Category: Civilization, Medieval

Page: 192

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Summer of the Unicorn

He could not deny that only moments before he had recognized the distinction of
personality of each unicorn . He turned to look back at the ... When a Unicorn dies
, ” Siri said quietly , “ only the horn remains . The body falls into dust . But 92 ...

Author: Kay Hooper

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780553252835

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

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While searching for the unicorn horn that will establish him as heir to the throne of Rubicon, Hunter Morgan stumbles upon a mysterious mountain valley, home of Siri, keeper of the last herd of golden unicorns

Classics Pamphlet Collection

for he loves to hear That unicorns may be betray'd with trees “ , wozu Alex .
Schmidt ( Sh . - Lex . s . v . unicorn ) die richtige Erklärung giebt : „ running on
them in their blind fury and sticking their horn fast in them “ , so dass ich nicht
sehe ...




Category: Classical antiquities


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The Lion and the Unicorn

There , its heart bursts and it dies . The subsequent tales include Cú Chulainn ' s
death at the hands of the six children of Cailitín , a warrior he had killed during
the war with Meadhbh . They trick him into breaking his geasa ( magical ...




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A critical journal of children's literature.

The Girl and the Unicorn

Author: Stephen Oliver



Category: Musicals

Page: 94

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The British Numismatic Journal

A possible explanation for the unusual features of X coins is that the first unicorn
dies were made by a foreign craftsman , perhaps in the Low Countries , as
suggested above . If a Roman N ( which was quite common on coins of the Low ...




Category: Numismatics


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Linkages Between Children s Narrative Representations of Families and Social Competence in Child care Settings

DEATH This code should be used when a figure is said to be dead or is killed . It
should also be used for ... Monster : After a unicorn comes to fight the monster ,
the unicorn dies ( then later comes back to life ) . Headache : The child draws a ...

Author: Timothy F. Page




Page: 804

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A Dictionary of the English and German and the German and the English Language

( Einige is often opposed to undere ] Einige glau . Einkauf - buch , n . [ in
commerce ) purchaseben dies , Andere das , some men believe one Segel - , V.
Bergen . 2 ) to go to meet and conbook . -- - p reis , m . first - cost , prime - cost .
duct into a ...

Author: Joseph Leonhard Hilpert



Category: English language


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Linguistische Berichte

Dies ist ein Beispiel dafür, daB es zwei Arten von Bindung gibt, nämlich
syntaktische Bindung (im Sinne der ... A unicorn kann entweder weiten Skopus
Über den Matrixsatz oder engen Skopus ūber den eingebetteten Satz haben.




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Snow White the Wolf and the Unicorn

Snow White eats of the poisoned apple , dies and comes to life again ; Conn -
Eda , descending to the underworld , wanders among the dead as does
Persephone ; for Hercules , the adventure is couched in terms of a voyage to an
unknown ...

Author: William D. Marsland

Publisher: Libra Pub


Category: Fiction

Page: 113

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Selected Proceedings of the 1978 Science Fiction Research Association National Conference

Ironically , it is this act that fulfills the prophecy , for Garner's addition to the
legend is that the unicorn , like the swan , only sings while dying . This tragic
death shakes Roland out of his hitherto unfaltering allegiance to Elidor , which he
now ...

Author: Science Fiction Research Association. National Conference



Category: Fantasy literature

Page: 281

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Two Generations

... circumlocutions favoured by the more or less contemporary poets and even by
Rojas ? The answer is , I think , that this is a narrative , and needs to be explicit .
Gracisla then alights from her horse and tries in vain to save the dying unicorn ...

Author: Francisco Gago Jover



Category: Literature, Medieval

Page: 301

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The Animal that Never was

(in Search of the Unicorn) Matti Megged. But near the window void Northwards ,
a gold dies down composing perhaps a decor of Unicorns kicking sparks at a
nixie . She , nude and defunct in the mirror , while yet , in the oblivion caused by
the ...

Author: Matti Megged

Publisher: Lumen


Category: Art

Page: 162

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Traces the history of the unicorn myth, and describes the changing ways that unicorns have been depicted in art and literature

Dictionary of dates and universal reference With

Canute sole king ; married Emna , widow of EthelMarch ; he is committed for trial
for high treason red : died 12 Nov . ... He Castle , at the instance of his step -
mother Elfrida , introduced the unicorn as a supporter of the arms , 18 March ,
979 .

Author: Joseph Timothy Haydn





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Waiting for the Unicorn

Our granaries smashed , cellars emptied , we ' ve nothing left , And if we can ' t
hold out , we ' ll die in battle . Alas ! The great officials sit and watch , as if
unaware ; When one magistrate dies , it ' s like a chicken being slaughtered .
Heaven ...

Author: Irving Yucheng Lo

Publisher: Chinese Literature in Translat


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 423

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..". the most comprehensive book of translation of this period in any Western language." -- Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association ..". a welcome addition to the repository of translated Chinese poetry.... highly readable." -- World Literature Today ..". a mega-project... an impressive achievement of scholarship." -- Journal of Asian Studies ..". an outstanding anthology of Ch'ing poetry... It must be recommended whole-heartedly to students and teachers alike." -- Eugen Feifel, Monumenta Serica