Aces of the 78th Fighter Group

This volume charts the group's highs and lows during its two years in action from Duxford, focusing on the exploits of the 51 pilots who achieved ace status with the 78th during World War 2.

Author: Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1780967179

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Dubbed the 'Eagles of Duxford', the 78th Fighter Group (FG) was unique in being the only fighter unit in the 'Mighty Eighth' to fly the P-38 Lightning, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang operationally. Arriving in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO) in November 1942, and eventually committed to combat five months later, the 78th, along with the 4th and 56th FGs, 'wrote the book' on long-range fighter escort by VIII Fighter Command in the ETO. This volume charts the group's highs and lows during its two years in action from Duxford, focusing on the exploits of the 51 pilots who achieved ace status with the 78th during World War 2. These men included Capt Charles London, the very first Eighth Air Force ace, and Maj Quince Brown, who was the 78th's most successful aerial ace prior to being murdered by the SS after he was shot down over Germany. By VE Day, the 'Eagles of Duxford' had downed 316 aircraft and destroyed a further 320 machines on the ground during strafing attacks on German airfields.


Some of the leading figures of the Eighth Air Force fighter establishment, circa
1944. Standing, left to right: Group commanders Edwin Chickering (357th Fighter
Group), Hub Zemke (56th Fighter Group), James Stone (78th Fighter Group), Don

Author: Bill Yenne

Publisher: Chartwell

ISBN: 0785838341


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Aces is an illustrated history of the brave World War II fighter pilots who earned the title of ace, with archival and modern photos of their aircraft.

Air Aces

Far right : Two American aces of the original ' Eagle ' squadron , both of whom
became commanding officers of this unit . Chesley ... Above : The first USAAF
Eighth Air Force ace was Capt Charles Joppo ' London of the 78th Fighter Group

Author: Christopher F. Shores



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Describes the careers of famous fighter pilots from World War I through the air war over the Falkland Islands in 1982.

Aces Against Germany

When the 14th Fighter Group was split in two in order to create the new 78th
Fighter Group, Roberts went to the 78th as the operations officer of the new 83d
Fighter Squadron. In July 1942, Captain Roberts became commander of the 84th

Author: Eric Hammel

Publisher: Daniel Hammel


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ACES AGAINST GERMANY The American Aces Speak Volume II Eric Hammel In the second volume of his critically acclaimed series, The American Aces Speak, noted military historian Eric Hammel brings fresh first-person accounts from thirty-nine U.S. Army Air Corps fighter aces who blasted their way across the skies of North Africa, the Mediterranean, and northern and southern Europe in the great crusade against Hitler’s vaunted Luftwaffe and the other Axis air forces. Coupled with a clear, concise historical overview of America’s brilliant air war against the Axis in Europe and North Africa, Hammel’s detailed interviews bring out the most thrilling in-the-cockpit experiences of some of our country’s best pilots. Climb aboard a P-38 Lightning as Maj. Bill Leverette fights America’s highest-scoring single personal air battle against the Luftwaffe. And get into the cockpit of a P-47 Thunderbolt as 15-victory ace Capt. Don Bryan scores his dream kill by outwitting the pilot of a far speedier German jet in the closing days of the war in Europe. As he did in four companion volumes, Hammel has collected some of the very best air-combat tales from America’s war against Germany. Nearly all the stories in Aces Against Germany have never before been told, and the others have been enhanced by details and viewpoints brought out by Hammel’s superb interviewing Together, the five volumes of nearly 200 first-person aerial-combat stories from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam stand as an enduring testament to the combat airmen who fought their wars strapped into the cockpits of America’s lethal high-performance fighter aircraft. Aces Against Germany is a highly charged emotional rendering of the now-dim days of personal combat at the very edge of our living national history. There was never a war like it, and there never will be again. These are the stories of America’s eagles in their very own words. Critical Acclaim for The American Aces Speak Series The Book World says: “Aces Against Japan" is a thunderous, personal, high-adventure book giving our ‘men in the sky’ their own voice.” Book Page says: “Eric Hammel’s book is recommended reading. It is a must for any historian’s bookshelf.” The Library Journal says: “No PR hype or dry-as-dust prose here. Hammel allows his flyers to tell their stories in their own way. Exciting stuff aviation and World War II buffs will love.” The Providence Sunday Journal says: “A treat that deftly blends a chronology of the Pacific War with tales that would rival a Saturday action matinee.” Infantry Magazine says: “If you would like to read one book that will give you a broad overview and yet a detailed look at what a fighter pilot’s air war was like this is the book.” The Bookshelf says: “Hammel is one of our best military historians when it comes to presenting that often complex subject to the general public. He has demonstrated this facility in a number of fine books before [Aces Against Germany] and now he does so again. Not to be missed by either buff or scholar.”

Reach and Power

On this P - 47 the 78th Fighter Group at Duxford adopted a striking black and
white checkerboard pattern for the engine cowling . to belly ... 50 - caliber them a
dozen of the greatest German aces , including machine guns was usually
decisive .

Author: Ron Dick

Publisher: U.S. Government Printing Office


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This illustrated oversize vol. commemorates the 50th ann'y. of the creation of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) as a fully independent branch of the military in 1947. Covers the accomplishments and actions in the history of American aviation, which predates the creation of the USAF: from the era of the Wright biplanes before and through WWI; the years of development between 1919 and 1941; the harrowing maturation of the force during WWII's global fight; the creation of the service itself; its tempering during the Berlin Airlift and the Korean War; the long watch of the Cold War; the grueling conflict in Southeast Asia; the rebuilding of the force in the 1970s and 1980s; air power's triumph in the Gulf War, and its use since then for both humanitarian and combat operations.

The American Aces Speak Aces against Japan II

... 137 , 138 , 140 8th Fighter ( Pursuit ) Squadron , 19 , 242 , 243 9th Pursuit
Squadron , 24 , 25 12th Fighter Squadron , 78 ... 78th Fighter Squadron , 161
80th Fighter Squadron , 28 , 110 , 111 , 137 - 142 311th Fighter Group , 251 - 252
318th ...

Author: Eric M. Hammel



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Fighter Aces

We flew deep in enemy territory , our mission being a fighter sweep into Prague ,
Czechoslovakia . ... Lieutenant Grant M. Turley of Aripine , Arizona , served with
the 78th Fighter Group at Duxford , and shot down six German aircraft before his

Author: Raymond F. Toliver



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Story of all serial combatants - American, French, British, German, Russian and Japanese - who shot down five or more enemy Aircraft, from World War I through the Korean War.

Aces in Command

Fighter Pilots as Combat Leaders Walter J. Boyne ... 92 , 95 , 101 , 118
Schlageter , Albert Leo , 73 Schneider , Franz , 3 Selfridge , Thomas , 118 sesqui
- planes , 213 78th Fighter Group , 75 , 77 – 78 Seversky , Alexander P . de , 61
Seversky ...

Author: Walter J. Boyne

Publisher: Potomac Books Incorporated


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"Eddie Rickenbacker, Hub Zemke, Boots Blesse, and Robin Olds are in the pantheon of American fighter aces. Their names are familiar to many, but there has never been a book that examined their brilliant leadership ability as well as their aerial prowess." "These four men were all robust personalities, difficult to discipline, and, more often than not, thorns in the sides of their commanders. Each of these elite pilots burned to become the leading ace of his time. These qualities were not unique. However, the achievements of these men were extraordinary, even for the miniscule percentage of fighter pilots who ever became aces. Rickenbacker, Zemke, Blesse, and Olds distinguished themselves by becoming "force multipliers" - they used their leadership skills, instinctive knowledge of air warfare, and superior piloting abilities to make the other pilots in their units better warriors. These men put their units' interest ahead of every other goal and in the process made their units far more effective. Instead of using their skills merely to achieve personal glory, they trained units that produced multiple aces while achieving ace status themselves." "Renowned aviation historian Walter Boyne details the careers of these legendary aces but also explains the reasons why these pilots achieved such great success as aces and leaders. Boyne's fascinating narrative puts you in the cockpits of fighter planes that varied vastly in technology, against enemies of ever-increasing capability in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Aces in Command takes you in a SPAD XIII with Rickenbacker over the Western Front. It puts you in a P-47 Thunderbolt with Zemke over Germany, breaking all the rules but shooting down Germans. Then you fly with Blesse in a Sabre, getting your victories deep inside North Korean lines - but never losing a wingman. Finally, it tells you of the exploits of the maverick Robin Olds in two wars, learning the trade in a P-38 Lightning during World War II and, later, using all he learned to whip a F-4 Phantom wing into shape in Vietnam." "Despite the differences among the planes and jets of each era, Boyne makes a strong case that Rickenbacker, Zemke, Blesse, and Olds could have been aces in any era. More importantly, he reveals the characteristics and common denominators that made these aces superior combat leaders."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Interrogator

women from the script and it ' s almost like Stalag Luft I . ” So says Peter E .
Pompetti , 572 victory American ace of the USAAF 78th Fighter Group . " Playing
bridge ...

Author: Raymond F. Toliver



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Biografi over den tyske Luftwaffe-afhøringsekspert Hanns Joachim Scharff, der blev kendt af mange allierede flybesætninger, mens de var POW i Tyskland under 2. verdenskrig.

American Fighter bombers in World War II

The 78th Mustangs came in and six pilots were ground aces in a day with five
victories : 1Lt . time after time to ravish the damaged ... The remaining two were
vigorously strafed including one that was being attacked by the 78th Fighter
Group .

Author: William Wolf

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing


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Lost in the air combat and air ace fanfare of World War II was the dangerous, unheralded and vital role played by USAAF fighter-bomber pilots over the Mediterranean and northwest Europe. Four times as many pilots were lost during strafing and ground attack sorties than were lost against the Luftwaffe in aerial combat. This extensive book is the first in-depth examination of American air-to-ground attack and explores numerous aspects of the subject. The three priorities of the fighter-bomber - air superiority, interdiction and close air support along with combat reports and pilot narratives - are put into the context of the various ground operations. The fighter-bomber pilot risked his life every day against the thickest flak in the war to deprive the enemy of vital reinforcements and supplies, altering his strategy and movement. AUTHOR:

Aces Wingmen

Men, Machines, and Units of the United States Army Air Force, Eighth Fighter
Command and 354th Fighter Group, Ninth Air Force, 1943-5 Danny ... Charles
London becomes the first ace for the 78th Fighter Group and the Eighth Air Force

Author: Danny Morris

Publisher: Neville Spearman (Jersey) Limited


Category: World War, 1939-1945

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Kidd Hofer the Last of the Screwball Aces

"This is the last and final story of Kidd Hofer. Also the most important book on a US ace to emerge in some time. Here Hofer is given his rightful place in aerial history.

Author: Troy L. White


ISBN: 9780972741385


Page: 199

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"This is the last and final story of Kidd Hofer. Also the most important book on a US ace to emerge in some time. Here Hofer is given his rightful place in aerial history. One has to admire a pilot who flew in an orange and blue football jersey and did victory rolls over his base with half of his rudder shot off!. A great read that no WWII 8th AF buff miss. An excellent and needed first book by Troy White. Hopefully many more will follow." Garry Fry author of Debden Eagles , Escort to Berlin and Eagles of Duxford: The 78th Fighter Group in World War II

All the U S Air Force s Airplanes 1907 1980

The first ME - 262 that fell to American guns was downed on August 28 , 1944 ,
by Joe Myers in a P - 51 Mustang Pursuit of the 78th Fighter Group , Nowotny had
scored his initial victory in a BF - 109 Fighter on July 19 , 1941 , over Estonia at ...

Author: Andrew W. Waters

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780870520310


Page: 413

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Gennemgang af alle fly der har tilhørt USAAF indtil 1948 og USAF fra 1948-1983. Flyene er indordnet efter type og tidsperiode. Endvidere oversigter med typebetegnelser, flyfabrikker, data fra USAF historie og USAF baser.

Under the Southern Cross

Under the Southern Cross draws on extensive first-hand accounts and new analysis to examine the Solomons and New Guinea campaigns which laid the groundwork for Allied victory in the Pacific War.

Author: Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472838211

Category: History

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From August 7, 1942 until February 24, 1944, the US Navy fought the most difficult campaign in its history. Between the landing of the 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal and the final withdrawal of the Imperial Japanese Navy from its main South Pacific base at Rabaul, the US Navy suffered such high personnel losses that for years it refused to publicly release total casualty figures. The Solomons campaign saw the US Navy at its lowest point, forced to make use of those ships that had survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and other units of the pre-war navy that had been hastily transferred to the Pacific. 140 days after the American victory at Midway, USS Enterprise was the only pre-war carrier left in the South Pacific and the US Navy would have been overwhelmed in the face of Japanese naval power had there been a third major fleet action. At the same time, another under-resourced campaign had broken out on the island of New Guinea. The Japanese attempt to reinforce their position there had led to the Battle of the Coral Sea in May and through to the end of the year, American and Australian armed forces were only just able to prevent a Japanese conquest of New Guinea. The end of 1942 saw the Japanese stopped in both the Solomons and New Guinea, but it would take another 18 hard-fought months before Japan was forced to retreat from the South Pacific. Under the Southern Cross draws on extensive first-hand accounts and new analysis to examine the Solomons and New Guinea campaigns which laid the groundwork for Allied victory in the Pacific War.

WWII Victories of the Army Air Force

This is the definitive work on World War II fighter pilots of the Army Air Force.

Author: Arthur Wyllie


ISBN: 1411648641

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This is the definitive work on World War II fighter pilots of the Army Air Force. It lists all 80 Fighter Groups that had pilots who achieved aerial victories. The pilots within each group are listed in alphabetical order listing their rank, serial number, squadron and the number of victories earned while assigned to that squadron. The book lists 7,299 pilots who achieved at least a partial victory credit from the Air Force.

The Pineapple Air Force

... Fighter Squadron 47th Fighter Squadron 72nd Fighter Squadron 73rd Fighter
Squadron 78th Fighter Squadron 333rd ... V and Appendices Aces of the Seventh
Air Force or Seventh Fighter Command United States Strategic Bombing Survey

Author: John W. Lambert

Publisher: Specialty PressPub & Wholesalers


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Beretter om de amerikanske luftoperationer i Stillehavskrigen under 2. verdenskrig


From North Africa to the Arakan - Memoir of a World War Two Spitfire Ace , Alan
McGregor Peart dfc , Grub Street , 222pp , illus ... Spitfire la X4474 of 19
Squadron and P - 51D Mustang 44 - 72218 Big Beautiful Doll of the 78th Fighter
Group .




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F4F Wildcat and F6F Hellcat Aces of VF 2

Using exquisite photographs and first-hand accounts from the elite fliers themselves, this volume tells the story of the ace pilots who comprised the original VF-2 and the second.

Author: Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472805607

Category: History

Page: 96

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The first VF-2 was a prewar unit that had been dubbed the 'hottest outfit afloat' due to the skill of their non-commissioned pilots. This first unit only saw combat at the Battle of the Coral Sea, although VF-2 pilots flying Grumman F4F Wildcats were able to rack up 17 claims there during the bitter 48-hour period of fighting. The second 'Fighting Two' was armed with the new Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighter. Arriving in Hawaii in October 1943, the squadron so impressed Cdr Edward H 'Butch' O'Hare, the Medal of Honor-winning first US Navy ace of World War 2, that he requested the squadron replace VF-6 in his CAG-6 aboard USS Enterprise. No unit US Navy unit created more aces than VF-2, whose pilots went into action over the Carolines, Marianas, Guam, Iwo Jima and the Battle of the Philippine Sea. Using exquisite photographs and first-hand accounts from the elite fliers themselves, this volume tells the story of the ace pilots who comprised the original VF-2 and the second.

Insignia of the United States Armed Forces

BY GERARD HUBBARD M H E young American flying fighter — The 78th Fighter
Squadron ' s insignia porcheerful , resourceful , courageous ... War I ace of
adopts a yellow disk to “ represent the lens of a aces , and his 94th Aero
Squadron ?

Author: Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor




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World War II the European and Mediterranean Theaters

78th Fighter Group 948 . Duxford Diary , 1942-1945 . Cambridge , Eng .: W.
Haffer and Sons , 1945 . 151p . A review of the P - 47 equipped group's service
on bomber escort and in ground attack ; includes a roster and list of aces , many ...

Author: Myron J. Smith

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Reference

Page: 450

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