Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the East Asian Face

In addition, this book covers the rapidly changing non-surgical treatments of botulinum toxin, fillers, and lasers.

Author: Hong Ryul Jin

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 1626231443

Category: Medical

Page: 444

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Written and edited by world-renowned aesthetic plastic surgeons, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the East Asian Face presents cutting-edge techniques for performing plastic surgery on East Asian patients. Dr. Jin, a well-regarded surgeon in Korea, has compiled an outstanding clinical reference covering the latest techniques used in plastic surgery of the East Asian face, including: rhinoplasty, Asian eyelid surgery, facial contouring, and aging face surgery. In addition, this book covers the rapidly changing non-surgical treatments of botulinum toxin, fillers, and lasers. Key Features: Only includes techniques that are proven to be safe and clinically effective Covers all the major facial plastic surgery procedures performed on East Asian patients More than 850 full-color intraoperative photos and high-quality illustrations demonstrate techniques and procedures described in the text This book is an essential reference for aesthetic plastic surgeons and fellows interested in optimizing outcomes for their East Asian patients. It is filled with the insights, wisdom, and experience of leading experts in East Asian facial plastic surgery, and will surely be kept close at hand as a refresher, training guide, and atlas of facial plastic techniques.

Rhinoplasty for the Asian Nose An Issue of Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America E Book

REFERENCES 1. Lee M, Callahan S, Cochran CS. Auricular cartilage: harvest
technique and versatility in rhinoplasty. Am J Otolaryngol 2011;32:547–52. 2. Jin
HR. Aesthetic plastic surgery of the East Asian face. New York: Thieme; 2016. p.

Author: Yong Ju Jang

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 032361387X

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This issue of Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics, guest edited by Dr. Yong Ju Jang, is devoted to Rhinoplasty for the Asian Nose. Articles in this issue include: Anatomy of the Asian Nose; Surgical Approach in Asian Rhinoplasty; Dorsal Augmentation Using Silicone Implant; Dorsal Augmentation Using Autogenous Tissue; Other Implant Materials for Dorsal Augmentation; Injection Rhinoplasty Using Filler; Septal Extension Grafting in Asian Rhinoplasty; Nasal Tip Grafting; Hump Nose Correction in Asians; Alar Base Reduction and Alar-columellar Relationship; Correction of Short Nose; and Rhinoplasty for the South-East Asian Nose.

Plastic Surgery Aesthetic

Although westernization of the Asian face seemed to be a goal in the past, most
patients now want to preserve their ethnic ... Due to the increased scientific
knowledge and training of board-certified plastic surgeons in East Asia, facial
cosmetic ...

Author: Peter C. Neligan

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455710539

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Fully updated to meet the demands of the 21st-century surgeon, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Volume 2 of Plastic Surgery, 3rd Edition, provides you with the most current knowledge and techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery, allowing you to offer every patient the best possible outcome. Access all the state-of-the-art know-how you need to overcome any challenge you may face and exceed your patients' expectations.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery E Book

Success in doing surgery on patients of East Asian ancestry hinges to a large
degree on our sensitivity to their anatomical ... A major problem here is that
surgical “Westernization” really doesn't work on an Asian face with an Asian

Author: Sherrell J Aston

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702054372

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - edited by Sherrell J. Aston, MD, Douglas S. Steinbrech, MD and Jennifer L. Walden, MD - brings you the masterful expertise you need to achieve breathtaking outcomes for every cosmetic surgery procedure, including MACS lift, endoscopic mid and lower face rejuvenation, lid/cheek blending - the tear trough, cohesive gel breast augmentation, lipoabdominoplasty, and many more. A "who's who" of international authorities in plastic surgery explain their signature techniques, giving you all the know-how you need deliver the exceptional results your patients demand. Operative videos on DVD let you observe these techniques being performed in real time; and Expert Consult online access enables you to reference the text, download the images, and watch the videos from any computer. Coverage of hot topics includes MACS lift, endoscopic mid and lower face rejuvenation, lid/cheek blending - the tear trough, the newest rhinoplasty techniques, cohesive gel breast augmentation, fat grafting techniques, details of the latest injectables and fillers, and many other highly sought-after procedures. Operative videos - on DVD and online - let you see how leading experts perform more than 50 important techniques, including extended SMAS face lift, traditional inverted-T breast augmentation, and lipoabdominoplasty. Nearly 1600 full-color photographs and illustrations demonstrate what to look for and what results you will achieve. A consistent, extremely user-friendly organization guides you through history, evaluation, anatomy, technical steps, post-operative care, complications, and pearls and pitfalls for each procedure - giving you all the advice you need to make informed, effective decisions and avoid complications and disappointing results. Expert Consult online access allows you to reference the complete contents, perform rapid searches, download the images, and watch the operative videos from any computer. Your purchase entitles you to access the web site until the next edition is published, or until the current edition is no longer offered for sale by Elsevier, whichever occurs first. If the next edition is published less than one year after your purchase, you will be entitled to online access for one year from your date of purchase. Elsevier reserves the right to offer a suitable replacement product (such as a downloadable or CD-ROM-based electronic version) should online access to the web site be discontinued.

Plastic Surgery E Book

Therefore, the norm should be different in order to get the ideal aesthetic face. ...
Due to the increased scientific knowledge and training of boardcertified plastic
surgeons in East Asia, facial cosmetic surgery has advanced rapidly. These
plastic ...

Author: J. Peter Rubin

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323357024

Category: Medical

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Completely revised to meet the demands of today’s trainee and practicing plastic surgeon, Aesthetic, Volume 2 of Plastic Surgery, 4th Edition, features new full-color clinical photos, dynamic videos, and authoritative coverage of hot topics in the field. Editor-narrated PowerPoint presentations offer a step-by-step audio-visual walkthrough of techniques and procedures in aesthetic surgery. Offers evidence-based advice from a diverse collection of experts to help you apply the very latest advances in aesthetic plastic surgery and ensure optimal outcomes. Provides updated coverage of: Facelift - The male patient; Energy-based devices for body contouring; Autologous gluteal flaps for augmentation and preservation of gluteal contour; Buttock shaping with fat grafting and liposuction; and Essential elements of patient safety in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, just to name a few. New volume editor J. Peter Rubin brings his expertise and know-how to all aspects of aesthetic surgery.

Ethnic Considerations in Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery in non - Caucasians is distinct and requires a solid sense of
what constitutes ethnic facial aesthetics ... Rhinoplasty in Oriental patients : repair
of the East Asian nose . In : Daniel RK , ed . Rhinoplasty aesthetic plastic surgery

Author: William Earle Matory

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


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Covers psychological & medicolegal considerations Middle Eastern patients Hispanic patients skin care etc.

The Art of Alloplastic Facial Contouring

Flowers RS : Plastic surgery in the non - Caucasian ( monograph on aesthetic
surgery in Asians , Africans , and Pacific Islanders ) , Honolulu , 1979 , Pacific ...
Flowers RS : Rhinoplasty in Oriental patients : repair of the East Asian nose .

Author: Edward O. Terino

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated


Category: Medical

Page: 333

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Packed with the latest information from the pioneers in alloplastic facial contouring, THE ART OF ALLOPLASTIC FACIAL CONTOURING is unlike any other reference available. This comprehensive resource explores various alloplastic materials that can be used in facial contouring and illustrates the specific techniques used in various facial anatomic locations. Both traditional and contemporary concepts of facial beauty and aesthetics have been included. The only reference of its kind to fully define the relationship of facial aesthetics to alloplastic implant shapes, sizes, and positioning. A clear and user-friendly framework, organised by anatomic facial regions, allows you to find the information you need quickly and easily. In-depth coverage of upper facial contouring, lower third contouring and soft tissue augmentation.

Commercializing the Stem Cell Sciences

... the same clinic also offers the LipoStructure® fat grafting technique for other
body parts, including the face, hands and neck. Statistics reported in Britain on
cosmetic surgery show a consistent increase in the numbers of individuals willing
to ... data obtained from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is
that demand for breast augmentation is high. ... cosmetic surgery tourism is on
the rise, with locations in Eastern Europe, Spain, South America and East Asia
among the ...

Author: Olivia Harvey

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 190881814X

Category: Science

Page: 212

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Promising new developments in biomedical technology such as stem cell science are widely endorsed by governments keen to reduce spiralling healthcare costs, clinicians focused on patient care, and patients demanding revolutionary new treatments. Commercializing the stem cell sciences offers a comparative analysis of the commercial methods adopted in the global stem cell industries. It seeks to establish whether there is an optimum commercial model and to examine what emerging companies can learn from their predecessors. Following an introduction to stem cell sciences and the problems involved in their commercialization, the book begins with a discussion of stem cell treatments from a global perspective, and the role of innovation in the commercialization of biotechnology in general. In the second half of the book, chapters focus on the different strategies that can be employed and their relative risks and values, before a conclusion that looks at potential new developments in the field. In-depth discussion of case studies of products undergoing development Focus on commercial optimization of stem cell treatments Analysis in a global context and covering a diverse range of countries

Recent Advances in Burns and Plastic Surgery The Chinese Experience

DISCUSSION Pathogenesis of the facial elephantiasis The facial erysipelas
caused by streptococcal infection in the dermal lymph network is the cause of the
facial ... A good cosmetic result has been obtained in this case. ... 2 b Figure 6.1 a
, Preoperative view of the patient 38 RECENT ADVANCES IN PLASTIC

Author: Tisheng Chang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400949006

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In 1958;a severely burned steel worker, the extent of whose bums was 890/0 of the body surface, with 20070 of third degree bums, was saved by the Kwangts'e hospital (now the Rui Jin hospital) of Shanghai Second Medical College. It was the first report in the world of such a critically injured patient recovering, and seemed like a miracle at that time. During the 24 following years, a great number of papers reporting the development and advances in bum therapy in clinics and in research showed that Chinese medical investigations in the field of bums have ranked among the most advanced in the world. Plastic surgery, as an independent branch of general surgery, has been established gradually since Liberation. Recently, new techniques, including microsurgical techniques, in plastic surgery have emerged and developed, permitting rapid progress in clinical work and attracting attention and appreciation in other parts of the world. The first national congress of Burns and Plastic Surgery was held from May 16-24 1982 in Shanghai. Over 800 papers were presented and showed how advances have been made in recent years in these two specialities. Here we present selected articles as a symposium. It is hoped that this symposium will be of value to its readers. About the Editors Chang Ti-sheng (Zhang Di-sheng), who was born 12 June 1916, is Professor of Surgery, Shanghai Second Medical College, Shanghai, Chief of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Director of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Paule Regnault Rollin K. Daniel. 27. Rhinoplasty in
Oriental Patients : Repair of the East Asian Nose Robert S. Flowers Surgery of
East Asian noses is challenging and ex ... For lutely ridiculous on an East Asian
face .

Author: Paule Regnault

Publisher: Little Brown & Company


Category: Medical

Page: 883

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Comprehensive review of techniques & principles using color photographs & illustrations.

Face Reading in Chinese Medicine E Book

Eye lifts are probably my favorite form of cosmetic surgery. Drooping upper
eyelids can ... Luckily, most people are happy with the changes they make to their
faces when they have plastic surgery, and that's great. If you must have surgery,
look ...

Author: Lillian Bridges

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702051926

Category: Medical

Page: 328

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An exciting new, full-colour edition of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine featuring over 200 colour photographs and practical instructions on how to conduct a face reading! Face reading has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries, and Professor Lillian Bridges is a popular academic and international lecturer on the subject who gained her fascinating knowledge through her family line of Master Face Readers in China. Based on an understanding of the shapes, markings and features of a face, practitioners can learn about the health and life of a patient relating to the principles of Chinese medicine. In addition to understanding how the body's internal functions - physical, psychological and emotional - can be seen on a face, practitioners can also learn how to evaluate Shen to understand non-verbal expressions. Technical and detailed information is presented in an upbeat, insightful and highly readable manner. This was the first book to focus on the deeper aspects of face reading and diagnosis, this edition includes ancient Taoist knowledge regarding the Original Face and Facial Jing and Qi markers which have previously only been taught through the oral tradition. Clear discussions demonstrate how this technique can be used as a supplement to other diagnostic tools in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Engaging, insightful, highly readable text is written by a well-known and experienced lecturer in the field. Extensive illustrations give you a clear understanding of theories and techniques. A focus on the deeper aspects of face reading and diagnosis helps readers become more conscious of their actions, reactions, and the health consequences of behavior.

Aesthetic Surgery of the Forehead and Upper Third of the Face

Thomas Procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery Anthony P. Sclafani. ENDOSCOPIC
FOREHEAD LIFT Do not remove a fly from your friend's forehead with a hatchet .
SW SW KARL STOR Figure 9-1 . ( A ). 9 Chinese Proverb Introduction The ...

Author: Anthony P. Sclafani

Publisher: PMPH-USA

ISBN: 9781607951537

Category: Medical

Page: 156

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This book is part of a a seven volumes series covering the full spectrum of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery - each written by a nationally recognized facial plastic surgeon detailing their own clinical techniques and practices. Each volume is generously illustrated with superb clinical and surgical photos and numerous detailed case study photos. This series will be of great value to both experienced surgeons and as a teaching tool for resident level physicians and can be purchased individually or as a set. Designed to serve as a comprehensive text for procedures of the forehead and upper third of the face, this text presents all traditional and cutting edge treatments, allowing for detailed instruction as to proper patient selection, technique and patient management for patients with aesthetic needs in the upper third of the face and forehead. These procedures are discussed in a clear and concise fashion, and the anatomy, history, rationale, scientific basis, necessary instrumentation, techniques and modifications, post-operative course and potential complications are clearly delineated and illustrated.

Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

43 Although its physical structure makes this material well suited for facial
implantation with excellent biocompatibility and tissue ... PATIENT SELECTION
Chin augmentation is the most commonly performed implant procedure in facial
aesthetic surgery . ... The characteristic face of an ethnic Chinese is a receding
chin .

Author: Arthur L. Millman



Category: Face

Page: 584

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This beautifully illustrated new book represents the state-of-the-art in facial cosmetic surgery, offering a unique multidisciplinary approa ch. In providing a comprehensive treatment of all the topics in facial cosmetic surgery, the book draws on the skills and talents of the lea ding practitioners in dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic sur gery, and oculoplastic surgery. Every procedure presented is tackled b y physicians from two different specialties, each bringing their own i nsights to the problem at hand. In every case, these specialists are p ioneers and leaders in their field of aesthetic facial surgery.

Chinese Medical Journal

Later on, another Shanghai plastic surgeon reduced the two—stage procedure
into a one— stage one by using a ... to many other craniofacial deformities
resulting from trauma, fracture or malunion of facial bones, and removal of facial
tumors. Now ... The enthusiasm for aesthetic surgery in the Chinese people is on
the rise.






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Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Electronic book available in pdf format.

Author: William H. Truswell

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 9781588904911

Category: Medical

Page: 218

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Electronic book available in pdf format.

The Temperamental Thread

Proportionality in Asian and North American Caucasian Faces Using
Neoclassical Facial Canons as Criteria . ” Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 26 ( 2002 ) :
64-69 . Li , J. Z. , D. M. Absher , H. Tang ... Culture and Aesthetic Preference :
Comparing the Attention to Context of East Asians and Americans . ” Personality
and Social ...

Author: Jerome Kagan



Category: Medical

Page: 255

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Temperament is the single most pervasive aspect of us and our fellow human beings. We notice it; we gossip about it; we make judgments based on it; we unconsciously shape our lives around it. In The Temperamental Thread, developmental psychologist Jerome Kagan draws on decades of research to describe the nature of temperament--the in-born traits that underlie our responses to experience. Along the way he answers such questions as, How does the temperament we are born with affect the rest of our lives? Are we set at birth on an irrevocable path of optimism or pessimism? Must a fussy baby always become an anxious adult? Kagan paints a picture of temperament as a thread that, when woven with those of life experiences, forms the whole cloth of an individual's personality. He presents solid evidence to show how genes, gender, culture, and chance interact with temperament and influence a mature personality. He explains how temperament sets the stage for the many personality variations that we see all around us. Research into temperament, powered by the new tools of neuroscience and psychological science, is enriching our understanding of others in every context, from our closest relationships to those in workplaces, schools, and even casual encounters. Jerome Kagan shows us how.

Buying Beauty

Cosmetic Surgery in China WEN Hua. The idea that double—eyelid surgery is
chosen by Asian women to make them look more Western is popular in Western
media. ... as “Chinese Women Strive to be Part of Western Culture through Plastic
Surgery" (Associated Content 2009], “In China, ... surgery as a rejection of
Chinese ethnic characteris— tics and an intention to assimilate to Western face
features: ...

Author: WEN Hua

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9888139827

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 555

Cosmetic surgery in China has grown rapidly in recent years of dramatic social transition. Facing fierce competition in all spheres of daily life, more and more women consider cosmetic surgery as an investment to gain “beauty capital” to increase opportunities for social and career success. Building on rich ethnographic data, this book presents the perspectives of women who have undergone cosmetic surgery, illuminating the aspirations behind their choices. The author explores how turbulent economic, socio-cultural and political changes in China since the 1980s have produced immense anxiety that is experienced by women both mentally and physically. This book will appeal to readers who are interested in gender studies, China studies, anthropology and sociology of the body, and cultural studies.

Plastic Surgery

Farkas LG , Kolar JC : Anthropometrics and art in the aesthetics of women's faces
. Clin Plast ... In Daniel RK , ed : Aesthetic Plastic Surgery : Rhinoplasty . ... Lew
KK : Cephalometric ideals in Chinese , Malay and Indian ethnic groups . Asian ...

Author: Stephen J. Mathes



Category: Surgery, Plastic

Page: 856

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Part of a multi-volume set containing: Vol. I General Principles. -- Vol. II The Head and Neck, Part 1. -- Vol. III The Head and Neck, Part 2. -- Vol. IV Pediatric Plastic Surgery. -- Vol. V Tumors of the Head, Neck, and Skin. Vol. VI Trunk and Lower Extremity. -- Vol. VII The Hand and Upper Limb, Part 1. -- Vol. VIII The Hand and Upper Limb, Part 2.

The Art of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

It may contribute to premature aging or exaggeration of the marks of time on the
facial features , with classical descent ... Scandinavians , Chinese , and Indians ,
in whom a prominent malar curve and bony configuration allow them to retain a ...

Author: John Ransom Lewis

Publisher: Little Brown GBR


Category: Surgery, Plastic

Page: 1162

View: 682

Aesthetic Blepharoplasty

Author: Francis G. Wolfort

Publisher: Little Brown & Company


Category: Medical

Page: 226

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Clearly written descriptive text combines with extraordinary illustration drawn especially for this book to lead the reader through anatomy, preoperative preparation, specific techniques, and unique problems posed by the eyelids and brows. A special chapter on "pearls and pitfalls," written by Dr. Wolfort, provides unique insight gleaned from the well-known surgeon's unparalleled clinical experience.