Amazing 7 Minute Meals

Seven minutes is less than the time you have to spend in line at the drive-through or take-out. Amazing 7 Minute Meals is the first in a series of books to help you eat healthier, and maintain a healthy weight.

Author: Yvonne Stephens

Publisher: BookPros, LLC

ISBN: 9781933538204

Category: Cooking

Page: 250

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Seven minutes is less than the time you have to spend in line at the drive-through or take-out. Amazing 7 Minute Meals is the first in a series of books to help you eat healthier, and maintain a healthy weight. We will show you that you don't have to spend much time in the kitchen to prepare a delicious and healthy meal.Amazing 7 Minute Meals will teach you: . to cook delicious, healthy meals in less than 7 minutes.. that healthy eating is much faster, easier and cheaper than you think.. to pre-prep your food for a few meals ahead when you have time, so you only have to spend a few minutes, when it is time for dinner.. to show you how to utilize pre-cut veggies to eliminate your prep-time completely.

The Complete Single Father

One newcomer to the always expanding list is Amazing 7 Minute Meals, written
by a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia in Culinary Science, Yvonne
Stephens. Stephens not only includes a shopping todo list with each of her more
than ...

Author: Elaine Fantile Shimberg

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440516502

Category: Family & Relationships

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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

30 Minute Meals For Dummies

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 1 7 minutes Yield: 4 servings 1/2
teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 Heat the ... chopped 12 ounces Canadian
bacon, diced 1 can ( 15 ounces) Great Northern beans, drained and rinsed 2
cans ( 14 ...

Author: Bev Bennett

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118068847

Category: Cooking

Page: 360

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Walking into a kitchen that’s filled with cooking aromas is a delightful and comforting experience. Yet, between work, chores, family obligations, and a badly needed opportunity to unwind, you find it difficult to get dinner on the table within the time limits that life imposes on you. But cooking a great tasting meal isn’t nearly as time-consuming as it’s made out to be, and you don’t have to be a chef to pull it off. If you forgot how enjoyable a home-cooked meal can be, 30-Minute Meals For Dummies is your best resource. If you can identify with any of these descriptions, this book is for you: Between your frantic day and the demands of your personal life, you’re looking for ways to free up a few minutes. Cooking is one of the activities that gets shortchanged. Tired of spending your evenings in your car, you long for some semblance of dining-at-home pleasure, instead of inching around a parking lot, waiting for your chance to order dinner from a metal box. You're not looking to prepare a five-course meal. You want self-contained meals that please, satisfy, and get the job done with minimal hassle. 30-Minute Meals For Dummies shows you how to make one-dish meals that include vegetables, starches, and the traditional “meat.” You'll transform soup and salad side dishes into hearty main courses and turn your skillet into a one-dish dinner utensil. You often get everything a meal has to offer in one dish – well, besides adding a scoop of ice cream to the top of your jambalaya for dessert. This book is structured around the equipment, ingredients, and recipe choices that fit your time frame. Each page is packed with my kitchen-tested suggestions for streamlining cooking. Even if you’re an experienced cook, you can pick up useful hints. You get great recipes for classic meals, new dishes, and so much more in these chapters. You’ll be pleased to know that you can fix nourishing and memorable dinners within your time frame. So ladies and gentleman, start your ovens!

The 7 Minute Miracle

Seven minutes of intense exercise decreases appetite. 6. Walking does not
cause weight loss. 7. What you eat after exercise can slim you down. 8. Eating
the wrong foods after a workout puts weight on. 9. Most fat-burning occurs after,
not ...

Author: Sheldon Levine

Publisher: Regnery Publishing

ISBN: 9780895261304

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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Sheldon Levine, M.D. shows how it's entirely possible (and easy) to shrink our tough luck areas--our hips and thighs, our bellies and butts. Based on landmark research Levine's program allows you to spot reduce your fat so you can target exactly the areas that bother you most.

Great Meals in Minutes Italian Menus






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All Time Favorite 30 Minute Meals

COOKING BACON— Cook at HIGH 1 slice . 1 to 2 minutes 4 slices * V/i to 4 '/2
minutes 6 slices . 5 to 7 minutes Place bacon on a microwave-safe rack in a 12- x
8- x 2-inch baking dish; cover with paper towels. Microwave at HIGH until bacon ...

Author: Jean Wickstrom Liles


ISBN: 9780848722210

Category: Cooking

Page: 144

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Take the stress out of meal-planning with this unique new cookbook filled with individual recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, along with 75 menus. In addition to make-ahead recipes and tips, a preparation timetable guides the reader through each menu and recipe. This cookbook is the perfect choice for those with a busy lifestyle. Full-color photos.

Fifteen minute Meals

Author: Emalee Chapman



Category: Cookery

Page: 168

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30 minute Meals

Author: Susan Brown Draudt

Publisher: HP Trade

ISBN: 9781557880154

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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Tips on efficient cooking techniques accompany quick recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, poultry, beef, vegetables, breads, beverages, and desserts

Microwaving Meals in 30 Minutes

Author: Barbara Methven

Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold

ISBN: 9780671610722

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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Illustrated directions, well-balanced menus, and expert microwave cooking tips enable the harried chef to create complete dinners in thirty minutes, from preparation, through cooking, to serving

Nathalie Dupree Cooks Great Meals for Busy Days

Author: Nathalie Dupree

Publisher: Clarkson Potter Publishers

ISBN: 9780517597347

Category: Cooking

Page: 207

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A practical guide to cookery for time-pressed cooks furnishes nearly 175 delectable recipes for dishes that can be prepared either partially or completely in advance, along with menu planning, freezing, and reheating tips. TV tie-in. 60,000 first printing. Tour.

20 minute Meals

Author: Mary B. Johnson


ISBN: 9780760757475

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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30 minute Meals from the Academy

Author: Susan E. Mitchell

Publisher: California Culinary Academy

ISBN: 9781564260437

Category: Cooking

Page: 127

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Offers advice on quick cooking methods, and gathers recipes for fish, shellfish, poultry, veal, beef, liver, pork, lamb, pasta, soups, and breakfast dishes

Ten Minute Meals Five Minute Workouts

MEXICAN TORTILLA MELTS ( Serves 4 ) This quick and simple recipe is a good
meal to teach children to prepare so that ... Heat lightly oiled skillet over medium
heat ; carefully add tortillas one at a time , and cook 5 to 7 minutes , until cheese ...

Author: Darcy Williamson

Publisher: Creative Walking Incorporated

ISBN: 9780939041213

Category: Exercise

Page: 159

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Great Meals from the Northwest

Author: Judie Geise

Publisher: J P Tarcher

ISBN: 9780874772272

Category: Cooking

Page: 265

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Menus and recipes for soups, seafood, stews, vegetables, desserts, and other foods are arranged by the months of the year

The Condor

Two minutes after the termination of this feeding she delivered food again ,
beginning with a single nestling ; but soon the other managed blindly to insert its
bill into her mouth on the opposite side ... After a delay of 7 minutes here she
jumped to the top of the stump and settled down with the nestlings in front of her .
... time blinking his eyes with great frequency , in an effort to keep them from
settling down .




Category: Birds


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4 Ingredient Recipes for 30 Minute Meals

Author: Barbara C. Jones

Publisher: Cookbook Resources(TX)

ISBN: 9781931294706

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

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Simplify your life ... prepare meals in 30 minutes or less ... keep family at the table.

1000 Great Recipes

Author: Martha Day


ISBN: 9781843091868

Category: Cooking

Page: 512

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Great Chicken Dishes

Author: Reader's Digest

Publisher: Readers Digest

ISBN: 9780762102389

Category: Cooking

Page: 343

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Collects recipes suitable for occasions ranging from picnics to dinner parties, such as Thai cilantro drumettes, pesto chicken on focaccia, and stir-fried velvet chicken, and includes nutritional information and cooking techniques.

Great Meals with Ground Meat


Publisher: Southwater Pub

ISBN: 9781842150986

Category: Cooking

Page: 64

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Enjoy this fabulous collection of over 30 delicious recipes for all tastes. Features classics from around the world including Spaghetti Bolognese, Moussaka, Indian Curried Lamb Samosas and Lebanese Kibbeh. There is inspiration for all occasions from simple midweek soups, burgers and pasta dishes to spectacular dinner party pies, stuffed vegetables and risotto. Contains techniques for mincing fish and meat and a guide to complementary ingredients.

A Modern Guide to Foodservice Equipment

He can buy a great amount of professional competence this way . number of
patches per hour by the portions that can be fried per batch to get portions per
hour . ... Cooking 7 min + draining 1 min = 8 min cycle per batch 60 min per hour
= 7 .

Author: Arthur C. Avery

Publisher: Cbi Publishing Company


Category: Food service

Page: 358

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This text provides information to the chef, cook or managerial personnel about food service equipment & how to buy, maintain & service such equipment.