Animal Liberation

As Yuval Harari’s brilliantly argued introduction makes clear, this book is as relevant now as the day it was written.

Author: Peter Singer

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473524423

Category: Nature

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How should we treat non-human animals? In this immensely powerful and influential book (now with a new introduction by Sapiens author Yuval Noah Harari), the renowned moral philosopher Peter Singer addresses this simple question with trenchant, dispassionate reasoning. Accompanied by the disturbing evidence of factory farms and laboratories, his answers triggered the birth of the animal rights movement. 'An extraordinary book which has had extraordinary effects... Widely known as the bible of the animal liberation movement' Independent on Sunday In the decades since this landmark classic first appeared, some public attitudes to animals may have changed but our continued abuse of animals in factory farms and as tools for research shows that the underlying ideas Singer exposes as ethically indefensible are still dominating the way we treat animals. As Yuval Harari’s brilliantly argued introduction makes clear, this book is as relevant now as the day it was written.

Eco terrorism Specifically Examining the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front

It takes a dog to get acion aloit E - Mail : PRESS OFFICE DIRECTIVE Cupke The
North Americas Anima Liberation Press Comce ( NAALPO ) was founded to
communicate the actions , strategies , and philcsophy of the animal lideration ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Environment and Public Works

Publisher: Office of the Federal Register


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The Code of Federal Regulations is a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the United States Federal Government.

Piecemeal Protest

Animal Liberation Action. 1996b. “Puppy Factory Campaign.” Action: The Animals
Voice. Animal Liberation Action. 1996c. “RSPCA under Fire.” Action: The Animals
Voice. Animal Liberation Action. 2001. “What's Wrong with the RSPCA.

Author: Corey Lee Wrenn

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472131672

Category: Political Science

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Given their tendency to splinter over tactics and goals, social movements are rarely unified. Following the modern Western animal rights movement over thirty years, Corey Lee Wrennapplies the sociological theory of Bourdieu, Goffman, Weber, and contemporary social movement researchers to examine structural conditions in the animal rights movement, facilitating factionalism in today’s era of professionalized advocacy. Modern social movements are dominated by bureaucratically oriented nonprofits, a special arrangement that creates tension between activists and movement elites who compete for success in a corporate political arena. Piecemeal Protest examines the impact of nonprofitization on factionalism and a movement’s ability to mobilize, resonate, and succeed. Wrenn’sexhaustive analysis of archival movement literature and exclusive interviews with movement leaders illustrate how entities with greater symbolic capital are positioned to monopolize claims-making, disempower competitors, and replicate hegemonic power, eroding democratic access to dialogue and decision-making essential for movement health. Piecemeal Protest examines social movement behavior shaped by capitalist ideologies and state interests. As power concentrates to the disadvantage of marginalized factions in the modern social movement arena, Piecemeal Protest shines light on processes of factionalism and considers how, in the age of nonprofits, intra-movement inequality could stifle social progress.

NIH Reauthorization and Protection of Health Facilities

12 / 22 / 84 Threats Animal Liberation Front Univ . of California San Diego ,
California Three researchers threatened . Protection provided by local police . 12
/ 84 Threatening Letters Individual researchers Animal Liberation Front Letters ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Health and the Environment



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Animal Research Facilities Protection

The thing that makes PETA stand out is the fact that whenever a raid or liberation"
is conducted around the United States by the Animal Liberation Front or a similar
underground group, PETA serves as their spokesman to the media and the ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture. Subcommittee on Department Operations, Research, and Foreign Agriculture



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Critical Theory and Animal Liberation

Critical Theory and Animal Liberation is the first collection to approach our relationship with other animals from the critical or "left" tradition in political and social thought.

Author: John Sanbonmatsu

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1442205822

Category: Religion

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Critical Theory and Animal Liberation is the first collection to approach our relationship with other animals from the critical or "left" tradition in political and social thought. Breaking with past treatments that have framed the problem as one of "animal rights," the authors instead depict the exploitation and killing of other animals as a political question of the first order. The contributions highlight connections between our everyday treatment of animals and other forms of social power, mass violence, and domination, from capitalism and patriarchy to genocide, fascism, and ecocide. Contributors include well-known writers in the field as well as scholars in other areas writing on animals for the first time. Among other things, the authors apply Freud's theory of repression to our relationship to the animal, debunk the "Locavore" movement, expose the sexism of the animal defense movement, and point the way toward a new transformative politics that would encompass the human and animal alike.

Animal Liberation

Author: Lori Gruen

Publisher: Camden Press


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The Animal Liberation Front

The actions of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) constitute one of the most misunderstood components of the animal advocacy movement in the U.K. and U.S. Not so much an organization as an ever-changing cluster of individuals who free ...

Author: Best Ph.D., Steven

Publisher: Lantern Books

ISBN: 1590562712

Category: Nature

Page: 126

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The actions of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) constitute one of the most misunderstood components of the animal advocacy movement in the U.K. and U.S. Not so much an organization as an ever-changing cluster of individuals who free animals from laboratories, farms, and other animal-confinement facilities, the ALF has been by turns romanticized and vilified, hounded and lionized. In this detailed introduction to the ALF, which constitutes the opening chapter of their edited volume, Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?, academics Steve Best and Anthony Nocella place the ALF in the context of other liberation and social justice movements and examine its stated commitment to nonviolence and the forces arrayed against it. The result is a potent, polemical, and passionately engaged study of activism in an age of terror laws and fearmongering.

Voices for Animal Liberation

This book offers the words of both new and highly influential voices in the movement today, with the intention of inspiring and educating those who are sparked by the vision of a more ethical world.

Author: Brittany Michelson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510751289

Category: Nature

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Immerse yourself in the world of animal rights protests, campaigns, demonstrations, outreach, rescue, and so much more. In today’s world, voices of the marginalized are in the spotlight and people across the globe are recognizing animal rights as a social justice movement. During a time of historic actions and victorious campaigns, Voices for Animal Liberation depicts the full spectrum of animal rights activism that is currently at work to create change. This book offers the words of both new and highly influential voices in the movement today, with the intention of inspiring and educating those who are sparked by the vision of a more ethical world. Including a foreword by Ingrid Newkirk, founder and president of PETA and arguably one of the most prolific figures in the animal rights movement, other contributors include: Jasmine Afshar, army veteran Chase Avior, actor and filmmaker Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary Dotsie Bausch, Olympic medalist and founder of Switch4Good Alex Bez, founder and director of Amazing Vegan Outreach Matthew Braun, former investigator of farms and slaughterhouses Saengduean Lek Chailert, founder of Save Elephant Foundation Amy Jean Davis, founder of Los Angeles Animal Save Karen Davis, founder of United Poultry Concerns Sean Hill, award-winning multidisciplinary artist and humanitarian Wayne Hsiung, cofounder of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Gwenna Hunter, event coordinator for Vegan Outreach and founder of Vegans of LA Anita Krajnc, founder of the Save Movement Cory Mac a’Ghobhainn, organizer with Progress for Science Jo-Anne McArthur, photographer and founder of We Animals Media Zafir Molina, truth seeker and movement artist Shaun Monson, documentary filmmaker Alexandra Paul, actress and cohost of Switch4Good Brittany Peet, Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement for PETA Jill Robinson, founder and CEO of Animals Asia Zoe Rosenberg, founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary Dani Rukin, citizen journalist for JaneUnchained News Jasmin Singer, cofounder of Our Hen House and Senior Features Editor for VegNews Kathy Stevens, founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary Natasha & Luca, “That Vegan Couple,” social media influencers Will Tuttle, visionary author and speaker Gillian Meghan Walters, creator of MummyMOO project Connect with activists from different backgrounds as they reveal their perspectives on animal rights, their experiences taking action for animals, the challenges they've faced, and the meaning of activism in their lives.

The Animal Rights Debate

Animal Liberation, a 1975 treatise by an Australian philosopher, Peter Singer, is
the most famous of all attacks on the human use of animals.1 Singer and his
followers — the animal liberation movement — do not claim that animals have
rights; ...

Author: Carl Cohen

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780847696635

Category: Nature

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Here, for the first time, the world's two leading authorities--Tom Regan, who argues for animal rights, and Carl Cohen, who argues against them--make their respective case before the public at large. The very terms of the debate will never be the same. This seminal moment in the history of the controversy over animal rights will influence the direction of this debate throughout the rest of the century. Visit our website for sample chapters!

The Animal Rights Movement in America

Chapter Seven Other Voices : Environmentalism , Ecofeminism , and Animal
Liberation The animal rights movement is one of a number of liberation
movements : the feminist movement , the civil rights movement , the gay / lesbian
rights ...

Author: Lawrence Finsen

Publisher: Twayne Publishers


Category: Philosophy

Page: 309

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Explains the philosophy of the animal rights movement, looks at its origins, and discusses current issues and future trends

The Animal Ethics Reader

This grounding of the intrinsic value of some nonhuman animals — sentient
animals — is popularly known as animal liberation and has been recently and
most notably espoused by Peter Singer ( 1975 ) . I have been a resolute
philosophical ...

Author: Susan Jean Armstrong



Category: Philosophy

Page: 646

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This volume provides a comprehensive anthology of readings on this substantial area of study and interest. The book is designed to appeal to anyone interested in tracing the history of the subject, as well as providing a powerful insight into the debate as it has developed.

Proceedings Vertebrate Pest Conference

KEY WORDS : ethics , animal liberation , animal rights Proc . 17th Vertebr . Pest
Conf . ( R.M. Timm & A.C. Crabb , Eds . ) Published at Univ . of Calif . , Davis .
1996 . Although they provide catchy labels , " animal liberation " and " animal
rights ...




Category: Pests


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Beyond Animal Rights

Justice , Caring , and Animal Liberation ( 1992 ) BRIAN LUKE arol Gilligan has
described justice and caring as two distinct moral frameworks or orientations to
ethical concerns . The justice framework is characterized by abstraction , the ...

Author: Josephine Donovan

Publisher: Burns & Oates


Category: Nature

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Contains eight contributions which extend feminist ethic-of-care theory to the issue of animal well-being. As a group, the essays aim to suggest ways that theorists can move beyond the notion of animal rights to establish care as a basis for the ethical treatment of animals. Annotation c. by Book

Intellectual Morons

Matthew Barakat , “ PETA Euthanized More Than 1 , 000 Animals Last Year , ”
July 29 , 2000 , Associated Press Wire . 12 . “ Animal ... 215 . 27 . Peter Singer ,
Animal Liberation : New Revised Edition ( New York : Avon Books , 1991 ) , p ...

Author: Daniel J. Flynn

Publisher: Crown Pub


Category: Political Science

Page: 292

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Argues that members of the liberal media, as well as the political and academic elite, have become blinded to reality by their identification with and devotion to ideological dogmas.

Environmental Ethics

makes a liberation movement " genuine , ” “ real , ” or “ as important as ” other ,
certified liberation movements . If we were to judge by the number of suffering
individuals involved , then the animal liberation movement is clearly more serious

Author: Louis P. Pojman

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Nature

Page: 551

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Organized into two main parts, the first on theory and the second on applications, the third edition of this popular anthology provides the most comprehensive set of readings available for environmental ethics and includes topic areas not covered in other anthologies. The text follows a dialogic pro-con format to present different and conflicting views on each topic. Articles have been carefully selected for clarity and accessibility.

Animal Issues

rule , the Society has clearly come out on the side of the liberators ; it is not so
much welfare that we seek , as freedom . Our aim is not ... The great anomaly is ,
as we know , that Singer's Animal Liberation actually promotes the use of animals




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The Animal Rights Reporter

... Advocates for Animals American Fund for Alternatives to Animal Research
American Humane Association Animal Legal Defense Fund Animal Liberation
Front Animal Liberation Front Support Group Animal Protection Institute Animal
Rights ...




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Animal Sacrifice and Religious Freedom

Philosopher Peter Singer's 1975 book Animal Liberation became the bible for a
new generation of animal rights activists and groups . Inspired by Singer's book ,
Henry Spira staged a widely publicized protest in 1980 in New York City against

Author: David M. O'Brien



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Animal Theology

It may be no accident that Gutierrez refers to God-given dominion over animals
as the commission to 'dominate the earth'. ... of scorn and noise' - it is hardly
surprising that Gutierrez does not offer a full-blown doctrine of animal liberation.

Author: Andrew Linzey

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252064678

Category: Religion

Page: 214

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Animal rights is animal theology. The author argues that historical theology, creatively defined, must reject humanocentricity. He questions the assumption that if theology is to speak on this issue, 'it must only do so on the side of the oppressors.' His theological query investigates not only the abstractions of theory, but also the realities of hunting, animal experimentation, and genetic engineering. He is an important, pioneering, Christian voice speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.