Animals and Women

So, too, injury to animals and the use of animals to sexually abuse a woman are
methods of control. The threat or actual use of a pet to intimidate, coerce, control,
or violate a woman is a form of sexual control or mastery over women by men ...

Author: Carol J. Adams

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822316671

Category: Nature

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Animals and Women is a collection of pioneering essays that explores the theoretical connections between feminism and animal defense. Offering a feminist perspective on the status of animals, this unique volume argues persuasively that both the social construction and oppressions of women are inextricably connected to the ways in which we comprehend and abuse other species. Furthermore, it demonstrates that such a focus does not distract from the struggle for women’s rights, but rather contributes to it. This wide-ranging multidisciplinary anthology presents original material from scholars in a variety of fields, as well as a rare, early article by Virginia Woolf. Exploring the leading edge of the species/gender boundary, it addresses such issues as the relationship between abortion rights and animal rights, the connection between woman-battering and animal abuse, and the speciesist basis for much sexist language. Also considered are the ways in which animals have been regarded by science, literature, and the environmentalist movement. A striking meditation on women and wolves is presented, as is an examination of sexual harassment and the taxonomy of hunters and hunting. Finally, this compelling collection suggests that the subordination and degradation of women is a prototype for other forms of abuse, and that to deny this connection is to participate in the continued mistreatment of animals and women.

From Animals to Animats 8

In From Animals to Animats 7 : Proceedings of the Seventh International
Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior , pages 389 390 , Cambridge ,
MA . MIT Press . Goldberg , D. E. ( 1989 ) . Genetic Algorithms in Search ,
Optimization ...

Author: Stefan Schaal

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262693417

Category: Science

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New research on the adaptive behavior of natural and synthetic agents. The biannual International Conference on the Simulation of Adaptive Behavior brings together researchers from ethology, psychology, ecology, artificial intelligence, artificial life, robotics, engineering, and related fields to advance the understanding of behaviors and underlying mechanisms that allow natural and synthetic agents (animats) to adapt and survive in uncertain environments. The work presented focuses on well-defined models--robotic, computer simulation, and mathematical--that help to characterize and compare various organizational principles or architectures underlying adaptive behavior in both animals and animats. The proceedings of the eighth conference treat such topics as passive and active perception, navigation and mapping, collective and social behavior, and applied adaptive behavior.

Hemispheric Specialisation in Animals and Humans

Hemispheric Specialisation in Animals and Humans : Introduction This special
issue of Laterality focuses on questions that have generated considerable
scientific interest during the past two decades . These include the phylogenetic
origin of ...

Author: Joël Fagot

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780863779640

Category: Psychology

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Functional cerebral specialization is a phenomenon of considerable relevance not only to those investigating normal brain function, but also to scientists who study and treat clinical populations. This special issue of "Laterality" brings together contributions from researchers studying human populations and those using animal models, and includes a discussion of the important issues in the field of lateralization of function. The papers address the origins of laterality and the nature of lateralized functions in various species, as well as relations among the different forms of lateralization. Included are such topics as lateralized memory processes, early experiential effects on laterality, the genetic basis of handedness, perceptual processing in the haptic or visual domain, and learning. Comparisons between human and non-human primate findings and the implications of these findings for our understanding of the phylogenetic basis of hemispheric specialization are also emphasized.; The papers are based on presentations at two symposia that took place in August 1996: "Issues in Laterality", held at the International Congress of Psychology in Montreal; and "Laterality and Hemispheric Specialization in Primates: Brain Behavior and Evolution", held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, at the joint meetings of the "XVI Congress of the International Primatological Society" and the "XIX Conference of the American Society of Primatologists".

Figures of Molluscous Animals Plates 79 to 199


Author: Maria Emma Smith Gray



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In the WOt\S FDR EVERYDAY \ti\, \ddltrs are introduced not only to \di\.t animals
and objects, but to their parts as well. In Animals, children tirn that a cat has a
paw, in Mealtime that a sandwich is made \ith \\\d, in Toys that a tricycle has a \\,
and ...

Author: Zoë Davenport

Publisher: Ticknor & Fields


Category: Anatomy, Comparative

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Introduces children to animals and to the different parts they have

Sketching Animals

It is as well , if possible , for beginners to start by sketching animals in which can
be seen the anatomy of bone and muscle . If you try to draw a long - haired
animal , even a dog or cat , without knowing much about the form beneath the
hair ...

Author: Len A. Doust



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Laboratory Animals

These may include reports of work not designed for the study of laboratory
animals but which has shed light on their biology or pathology , or which is
relevant to their use as experimental animals . Laboratory Animals is printed by
Geerings of ...




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Animals Plants On Level Reader Grade 1

3 : Patti Murray / Animals Animals / Earth Scenes ; p . 4 : Randy Faris / Corbis ; p .
5 : Steven David Miller / Animals Animals / Earth Scenes ; p . 6 : Donald Specker /
Animals Animals / Earth Scenes ; p . 7 : Johnny Johnson / Animals Animals ...

Author: Harcourt School Publishers

Publisher: Harcourt School Publishers

ISBN: 9780153439018

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Plants and animals help each other.

Exploration in Animals and Humans

Considering the first method , an interesting study was carried out in Edinburgh
Zoo by Watson ( 1973 ) , in which chimpanzees were caged in bare sparse cages
, in the unnatural grouping of pairs of animals . Watson tried to enrich the sparse

Author: John Archer

Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold (UK) Company Limited


Category: Curiosity

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Growth and Development with Special Reference to Domestic Animals

XXXVI Ural Stephan Ashworth. they lost an average of 2.4 gm in body weight per
day during the 6 days of urine collection and excreted about 26 mg of body N per
gm of body weight lost . There was no doubt that these animals were excreting ...

Author: Ural Stephan Ashworth



Category: Basal metabolism

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The Animal s Defender and Zoophilist

There is no efficient remedy for this terrible disease, either in man 01 animals. It is
obviously useless to study a disease by experiment on an animal not naturally
subject to it. If by experiments on dogs the intimate nature of cancer and the cure




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Cycad Toxicosis and Related Carcinogenesis in Animals

Gerald Munene Mugera. available at all times . The different groups , treatments ,
numbers of rats and specific details for each group are shown below . Group
Number of Animals % of Cycad Flour No. per Cage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 15 M. 30 M. & 30

Author: Gerald Munene Mugera



Category: Carcinogenesis

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L M B C Memoirs on Typical British Marine Plants and Animals

Many animals found on this ground occur on the coarse gravel grounds at
Plymouth , but not on any one ground . The deposit of Ground C corresponds to
those of Allen's Grounds IX and XI , with a maximum in Grade II and a secondary




Category: Marine biology


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The Wild Animals of Australasia

This genus contains two types of animals , one form with a spotted tail ,
containing two species , the large tiger - cat and its small form ( D. gracilis ) from
North Queensland , and the native cats , animals without spots on the tail , of
which there ...

Author: Albert Sherbourne Le Souef



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Drawing and Painting Animals

... 18 , 21 , 25 96 Slides / photographs , working from , 42 - 43 , 143 , 152 - 55
Solvents , 16 Spattering , 86 Studies outdoor , 26 - 27 sketch , 47 , 51 - 52
watercolor , 91 Studio setups , 137 Subjects domestic animals , 36 - 37 at
museum , 38 - 41 ...

Author: Edward Aldrich



Category: Art

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Offers step-by-step lessons on painting and drawing wildlife with tips on materials, drawing or painting on location, the painting process, and techniques, such as, composition, design, lighting, and color

Father s Story Book of Animals

DRAGONS MOUTA In the Dragon's Mouth . Father's Story Book of Animals . With
abundance of Pictures , in large type and easy words . 4to , paper boards , 11 .
By Mary Macleod . Illustrated . Crown 870 , cloth boards , 1 - A good story for
boys ...




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Animals of the Rocky Shore of New Zealand

In chordate animals this is characterised by being perforated by slits — the gill or
branchial clefts — at some time during development . In the tunicates , the
pharynx is large and the gill clefts numerous and subdivided so that the
pharyngeal ...

Author: Margaret A. Leslie



Category: Marine invertebrates

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Animals and Cruelty and Law

Noël Sweeney. 5__ 0 Animals and Cruelty and Law \ - 1I4I§¢?Zi7/Cffrfili p _'_m. _

Author: Noël Sweeney



Category: Animal welfare

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The Burning of Dead Animals

R. H. McDowell. I— :i !$flBWM~ The Burning of Dead Animals. By R. H. McDowell
. -

Author: R. H. McDowell



Category: Dead animal disposal

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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals




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