Atlas of Human Prenatal Morphogenesis

This book attempts to present a complete realistic account of human morphogenesis, the differentiation of structures, using direct photographs of normal specimens obtained from legal medical abortions of unwanted pregnancies.

Author: J.E. Jirásek

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400966962

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Page: 168

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A little picture is worth a million words. Chinese proverb Prenatal human development is an extremely complicated process related to genetics, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology. There are no developmental changes, either chemical or morphologic, without simultaneous changes in molecular organization. The astonishing buildup ofbiostructures always precedes their proper function. The development of an embryo is genetically coded and is based on interactions related to the selective switching on and off of genes. Interactions are cell-to-cell mediated, mediated by extracellular fluids, or mediated by special pathways. Every substance involved in developmental is to be recognized by its target. interactions, before triggering a metabolic or a morphogenic event, Complex physical and immunologic recognitions are involved in the process of differentiation. Small pieces of evidence are collected to create a mosaic picture elucidating the development. This picture is fascinating and represents the biggest biological puzzle: the puzzle of development. There is no doubt that analysis of human prenatal development is a basis for understanding normal and pathologic relationships between structure and function. Today, there are approximately 2000 different inborn congenital anomalies and syndromes. This book attempts to present a complete realistic account of human morphogenesis, the differentiation of structures, using direct photographs of normal specimens obtained from legal medical abortions of unwanted pregnancies. Emphasis has been placed on contemporary techniques: histochemistry and scanning electron microscopy. The text is as simple as possible; meticulous detailed anatomic descriptions have been omitted.

Human Embryology and Developmental Biology

FIGURE 6 - 20 Scanning electron micrograph of a 3 - mm human embryo
approximately 26 days old . S , Somite . ( From Jirásek JE : Atlas of human
prenatal morphogenesis , Amsterdam , 1983 , Martinus Nijhoff . ) FIGURE 6 - 22
Scanning ...

Author: Bruce M. Carlson

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated


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Delivers comprehensive, clearly written coverage of the development of the human embryo from conception to birth. Using a classical morphological approach to embryology, it offers mechanistic explanations for both normal and abnormal human development, enabling readers to understand development in terms of cellular and molecular controls.

National Library of Medicine Current Catalog

Atlas of human prenatal morphogenesis Jan E. ( Jan Evangelista ) . Atlus
mikrochirurgii oka : wybrane techniki operacyjne | Ariadna Gierek ( et al . ] . --
Wyd . 1. -- Warszawa : Państwowy Zakład Wydawn . Lekarskich , 1981. -- 116 : ill
. Limited ...

Author: National Library of Medicine (U.S.)



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Pictorial human embryology

The human embryo: Documentations on kinetic anatomy. Stuttgart: Friedrich-Karl
... Munich: J. F. Bergmann. 7. Crelin, E. S. 1969- Anatomy of the newborn: An
atlas. ... Atlas of human prenatal morphogenesis. Boston: Martinus Nijhoff. 16.

Author: Stephen G. Gilbert



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Human Embryology Developmental Biology

Figure 5 - 27 Scanning electron micrograph of a 3 - mm human embryo
approximately 26 days old . S . Somite . ( From Jirásek JE : Atlas of buman
prenatal morphogenesis , Amsterdam , 1983 , Martinus Nijhoff . ) Figure 5 - 29
Scanning ...

Author: Bruce M. Carlson



Category: Developmental biology

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For the latest information about embryological development, turn to HUMAN EMBRYOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. This comprehensive, clearly written textbook emphasizes the molecular basis of human embryological development, explaining the "why" in addition to the "how." Many full-color clinical photographs and illustrations stress the function of embryological structures and the progression of development. All information has been updated to include the most current research findings and contemporary clinical applications. Chapter summaries and review questions aid in students' learning. This edition includes new clinical photographs, Clinical Correlation boxes, and clinical vignettes. Discusses development in terms of activity at the molecular and cellular level to explain embryological development, instead of just describing structure and function. Includes over 300 color drawings in striking detail, drawn in accordance with the universally-accepted embryological color code for more realistic representation. Contains end-of-chapter questions to provide quick review of the most important concepts for better comprehension. Features chapter summaries of the key concepts to reinforce comprehension and encourage student self-assessment. Uses boldface key terms to emphasize the terms and concepts that students most need to know. Features a clear, concise, understandable narrative that focuses on the progression of development to provide easy comprehension of difficult and complex material. Provides many full color photographs of clinical conditions. Spanish version also available, ISBN: 84-8174-471-9

Esophageal Surgery

Fyke FE , Code CF , Schlegel JF : The gastroesophageal sphincter in healthy
human beings . Gastroenterologia 86 ... Paris , Libbey Eurotext , 1991 , Jirásek
JE : Altas of Human Prenatal Morphogenesis . Boston , Nijhoff , 1983 . ... Human
Embryologie . Lehrbuch und Atlas der vorgeburtlichen Entwicklung des
Menschen .

Author: Joel D. Cooper



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This new second edition provides authoritative coverage of all surgical diseases of the esophagus (adult and pediatric), including hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal reflux, neuromuscular disorders, and cancer. For all types of disease, the reader will find clear how-to-do-it guidance on the full range of surgical techniques. Additional chapters offer focused background on anatomy, imaging, and laboratory testing of value to both trainees and practitioners in esophageal surgery. Contributing authors are internationally known experts, and each chapter concludes with commentary by one of the editors or another senior authority. Remains the gold standard of esophageal surgery texts, with unsurpassed coverage of basic science, pathophysiology of disease, and technical detail. Contains chapters on both surgical disorders and specific surgical techniques. Offers concise yet detailed information on operative technique, surgical anatomy, and physiology. Provides thorough coverage of both open and minimally invasive methods. Features more than 600 superb illustrations Maintains the strong influence of the University of Toronto approach to esophageal surgery. Contains significant updates related to video-assisted minimally invasive procedures. Details new surgical options in reflux disease Offers expanded coverage of diagnosis in esophageal cancer.

Life Before Birth

Hinrichsen , K.V. ( 1990 ) : Human embryologie . Lehrbuch und Atlas der
vorgeburtlichen Entwicklung des Menschen . Berlin , Springer . Jirasek , J.E. (
1983 ) Atlas of Human Prenatal Morphogenesis . The Hague , Martin Nijhoff .
Larsen , W.J. ...

Author: Marjorie A. England

Publisher: Mosby


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Presents a collection of colour photographs of normal embryonic and fetal development.

Potter s Pathology of the Fetus Infant and Child

Adverse pregnancy outcomes – potential endpoints of human toxicity in the Love
Canal . Preliminary results . ... Triploidy in 40 human spontaneous abortuses :
assessment of phenotype in embryos . ... Atlas of human prenatal morphogenesis

Author: Enid Gilbert-Barness


ISBN: 9789996003592

Category: Fetus

Page: 2245

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A world list of books in the English language.

Orban s Oral Histology and Embryology

Jirásek JE : Atlas of human prenatal morphogenesis , Hingham , Mass , 1983 ,
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers . Johnston MC : Embryology of the head and neck . In
McCarthy J , editor : Plastic surgery , Philadelphia , WB Saunders Co ( in press ) .

Author: Balint Joseph Orban

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated


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(10E 1986) Development/growth of face/teeth/oral cavity; structure & development of teeth pulp salivary glands etc

Atlas of Pediatric Urologic Surgery

Comparison of fetal , newborn and adult wound healing by histologic , enzyme -
histochemical , and hydroxyproline ... Adzick NS , Lonaker MT ( Eds ) : Fetal
Wound Healing . New York ... Jirásek JE : Atlas of Human Prenatal
Morphogenesis .

Author: Frank Hinman

Publisher: W B Saunders Company

ISBN: 9780721642314

Category: Medical

Page: 740

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Shows exactly how to perform the latest paediatric urologic procedures. The book discusses the structural and functional differences between adults and children and the principles involved in operating on neonates and children. The book is organized according to anatomical feature.

Diagnostic Dysmorphology

Oxford , Oxford Medical Publications , 1989 . Jirasek JE : Atlas of Human Prenatal
Morphogenesis . Boston , Martinus Nijhoff Publishers , 1983 . Jones KL ( ed ) :
Smith ' s Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformations ( ed 4 ) . Philadelphia ...

Author: J.M. Aase

Publisher: Springer


Category: Medical

Page: 299

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This text provides a systematic approach to the diagnosis of children with multiple birth defects. It outlines the embryologic origins of normal and abnormal physical development, describes the major and minor structural anomalies in each of 20 anatomic regions, and teaches techniques of observation and synthesis useful in dysmorphologic diagnosis. Medical specialists will find Dr. Aase's book invaluable both as an instructive tool and as a clinical reference guide.

Oral Embryology and Pathohistology

Hooker , D . : Evidence of Prenatal Function of the Central Nervous System in
Man . ... Exp . Morph . , 27 : 413 – 430 , 1972 . lizuka , T . : Stage of the closure of
the human palate . ... Jirasek , J . E . : Atlas of Human Prenatal Morphogenesis .

Author: Hironori Kitamura

Publisher: Medico Dental Media International


Category: Embryology, Human

Page: 483

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Symposium on Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

might bring the embryo to 9 . Jirásek , J . E . : Atlas of human prenatal
morphogenesis . the normal side of the threshold . Also , embryos Hingham ,
Massachusetts , Kluwer Martinus , 1983 . developing on the normal side of the
threshold 10 .

Author: William C. Trier



Category: Cleft lip

Page: 8

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Atlas of Human Prenatal Histology

Why is there a need for an atlas of human organ development ? ... actual
histologic findings because descriptions in the textbooks emphasize
morphogenesis rather than histogenesis and tissue maturation and remain
almost constantly those ...

Author: Hideo Nishimura

Publisher: Igaku-Shoin Medical Publishers


Category: Medical

Page: 316

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Folia Zoologica

JIRÁSEK , J . E . , 1983 : Atlas of human prenatal morphogenesis . Martinus
Nijhoff , Boston . KOIKE , K . , 1924 : Die Herausbildung der äußeren Körperform
und der Entwicklungsgrad bei einer javanischen Kleinfledermaus ( Scotophilus ...




Category: Zoology


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Infant Development

Atlas of human prenatal morphogenesis . Boston : Martinus Nijhoff . ... In D .
Pepler & K . Rubin ( Eds . ) , Contributions to human development : Vol . 5 . The
play of children ... Overview : Perspectives on human infancy . In J . Osofsky ( Ed .
) ...

Author: Charles W. Snow



Category: Infants

Page: 334

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This text covers infant development - from conception through the first years of life - from an interdisciplinary perspective. Following the same topical format of the first edition, the second edition features information on each area of importance in infant development.

Cell Transplantation

formed age determination in experimental and clinical transplantation of human
embryonic and fetal tissue . Acknowledgmenis — This research ... Jirasek , J . E .
Atlas of human prenatal morphogenesis . Boston : Martinus Nijuhoff Publishers ...




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The Malformed Fetus and Stillbirth

It is believed that ultimately this process may result in increased clotting , leading
to placental infarcts in pregnancy , and ... Human fetal development between 90
and 170 days post - menses . ... Atlas of Human Prenatal Morphogenesis .

Author: Robin M. Winter

Publisher: John Wiley & Son Limited


Category: Medical

Page: 317

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This working manual provides a systematic approach to the evaulation and study of malformations and abnormal development in the embryo, fetus, stillbirth, and deceased newborn. Also provides information on multiple congenital anomaly syndromes that are not necessarily lethal. The first section of the book discusses the causes and prevalence of stillbirths and fetuses. The second section describes how to approach the evaluation of the fetus or stillborn infant with multiple congenital anomalies. The assessment of specific anomalies, loosely classified by anatomical region or organ system is discussed in the third section, which also provides an extensive list of syndromes. The fourth section describes clinical features and references of multiple congenital anomaly syndromes. The book also features tables and graphs of normal values.

Acta Anatomica

Hogan , M.J. , J.A. Alvarado , J.E. Weddell ( 1971 ) Lens ; in Hogan , M.J. ( ed ) :
Histology of the Human Eye . Toronto , Saunders ... McAvoy , J.W. ( 1978 ) Cell
division , cell elongation and the co - ordination of crystallin gene expression
during lens morphogenesis in the rat . J Embryol Exp ... Nishimura , H. ( 1983 )
Introduction ; in Nishimura , H. ( ed ) : Atlas of Human Prenatal Histology . Tokyo ,
Igaku ...




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