High schooler Koyomi, now a vampire after his experiences during Wound Tale, hears rumours of other supernatural activity and offers to help.


Publisher: Vertical

ISBN: 9781942993896

Category: Fiction

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There's a girl at their school who is always ill. She routinely arrives late, leaves early, or doesn't show up at all, and skips gym as a matter of course. She's pretty, and the boys take to whispering that she's a cloistered princess. As the self-described worst loser in her class soon finds out, they just don't know what a monster she is. So begins a tale of mysterious maladies that are supernatural in origin yet deeply revealing of the human psyche, a set of case files as given to unexpected feeling as it is to irreverent humor. So begins the legendary novel that kicked off the MONOGATARI series, whose anime adaptations have enjoyed international popularity and critical acclaim. This first of three parts introduces Senjogahara and Hachikuji, and fans of the blockbuster prequel KIZUMONOGATARI will be delighted to meet their favorite crazies again: the weirdly reliable narrator Araragi, class president among class presidents Hanekawa, shady problem-solver Oshino, and a certain pale, blonde former vampire.


As with the first part, I wrote this book two hundred percent as a hobby, but
whether they form a pair or are two sides of the ... of BAKEMONOGATARI, and yet
, as to whether they wouldn't stand up without having read BAKEMONOGATARI
first, ...


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Originally planned to be the series’ conclusion, “final” chapter “Tsukihi Phoenix” invites us back to the seemingly eventless country burg where supernatural afflictions abound and characters change their trademark hairstyles at the drop of a hat. Rest assured, dear reader, that the story continued in Japanese and will do so in translation. In the first half of Fake Tale, lost soul Araragi helped resolve his bigger little sister Karen’s feverish run-in with a fraud. In this second half, he must attend to his littler little sister Tsukihi’s issues, but not before staging the Toothbrush Episode that the acclaimed anime adaptation’s viewers find quite memorable—whether they like to or not. As fraught with ominousness as a dark empty street, as unexpectedly full of feeling as an acid-tongued girlfriend, as sidesplittingly funny as a horny retired jock, and (maybe even) as educational as college in the best MONOGATARI tradition, this volume also introduces us to “ghostbusters” Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki.


... developed between the current story and the beginning of the series, way back
in BAKEMONOGATARI. I thus conceived the authorial desire to look back over
this year in the life of Koyomi Araragi and company and reaffirm the connection.


Publisher: Kodansha America LLC

ISBN: 1646590643

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 218

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In this latter half of Calendar Tale, a set of journeys into the past that have been revisiting the “case files” feel of the series’ origins starts to catch up to the present moment until we are violently spliced back into the overarching plot, just in time for the final quartet that is the End Tale (in three volumes) and End Tale (Cont.). Continuing with the motif of ways, paths, roads, and streets, and wrapping up sundry other topics and quasi-philosophical concerns, the vignettes for the months of October to March deal with six ladies who are either not quite human or older than titular narrator Koyomi Araragi, bless his bantering soul. In this installment, see how he handles—or is handled by—aberration of a little sister Tsukihi, enigma of a freshman or -woman Ogi, shadow of a legendary vampire Shinobu, corpse of a tween girl Ononoki, psychopath of a monster expert Kagenui, and know-it-all of a Machiavellian fixer Izuko Gaen.


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Author: Oh! Great

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Suruga Kanbaru, the biggest celebrity in school, lives in a completely different world from Koyomi Araragi, but their worlds collide when Koyomi finds that this campus star has been stalking him for some unknown reason. Koyomi soon connects the dots, but before he can land on the truth, Suruga tells all and reveals how she had a “hand” in another strange event in Koyomi’s life…

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[10] Anime TOC Previous Next Main article: List of Monogatari episodes The
anime adaptation of Bakemonogatari aired between July 3 and September 25,
2009 on Tokyo MX.[11][12] The series is part of Kodansha's Nisio Isin Anime
Project ...

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Japanese Aesthetics and Anime

This study addresses the relationship between Japanese aesthetics, a field steeped in philosophy and traditional knowledge, and anime, a prominent part of contemporary popular culture.

Author: Dani Cavallaro

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786471514

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 207

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This study addresses the relationship between Japanese aesthetics, a field steeped in philosophy and traditional knowledge, and anime, a prominent part of contemporary popular culture. There are three premises: (1) the abstract concepts promoted by Japanese aesthetics find concrete expression at the most disparate levels of everyday life; (2) the abstract and the concrete coalesce in the visual domain, attesting to the visual nature of Japanese culture at large; and (3) anime can help us appreciate many aspects of Japan’s aesthetic legacy, in terms of both its theoretical propositions and its visual, even tangible, aspects.