Shakespeare Beyond English

Ataur Rahman, 'Theatre Groups: Dhaka Theatre', National Encyclopedia ofBangladesh Banglapedia, www.banglapedia.orgl httplHT/T_0146.HTM, 16 June 2012. For background information, see Syeda Momtaz Sheren, 'The War ofLiberation', ...

Author: Susan Bennett

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107040558

Category: Drama

Page: 317

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Tackling vital issues of politics, identity and experience in performance, this book asks what Shakespeare's plays mean when extended beyond the English language. From April to June 2012 the Globe to Globe Festival offered the unprecedented opportunity to see all of Shakespeare's plays performed in many different world languages. Thirty-eight productions from around the globe were presented in six weeks as part of the World Shakespeare Festival, which formed a cornerstone of the Cultural Olympics. This book provides the only complete critical record of that event, drawing together an internationally renowned group of scholars of Shakespeare and world theatre with a selection of the UK's most celebrated Shakespearean actors. Featuring a foreword by Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole and an interview with the Festival Director Tom Bird, this volume highlights the energy and dedication that was necessary to mount this extraordinary cultural experiment.

Madras Matters




ISBN: 1435708873



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Encyclopedias about Muslim Civilisations

Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Bu nedenle, ansiklopedi bilimsel açıdan Azerbaycan Cumhuriyeti'nin çeşitli oluşum aşamalarını ayrıntılı ve nesnel biçimde betimÖZET Banglapedia: Bangladeş'in Ulusal lemeyi ...

Author: Aptin Khanbaghi

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 1474469825

Category: Reference

Page: 520

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This is an innovative reference catalogue of 200 annotated bibliographies and abstracts of encyclopaedias published during the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Material is presented in English, Arabic and Turkish.

An Economic Geography of Bangladesh

Banglapedia , Vol . 1. ASB , Dhaka . 2. Ahmed , Rafique . 2003a . “ Climate . ” Banglapedia , Volume 3. ASB , Dhaka . 3. Ahmed , Rafique . 2003b . “ Rainfall . ” Banglapedia , Vol . 8. ASB , Dhaka . 4. Ahmed , R. , Masud Hasan et al .

Author: Haroun Rashid


ISBN: 9789840517282

Category: Bangladesh

Page: 300

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Globalization and Urban Culture in Dhaka

British Amole Dhakai Khabar (Food chain during British regime). In H. Khatun & H. Khatun (Eds.), Dhakai Khabar (Dhakaiya Food). Ramna, Dhaka: Bangladesh Asiatic Society. Banglapedia. (2020a). Banglapedia: National encyclopaedia of ...

Author: Kazi Abusaleh

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1000584887

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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This book examines globalization and urban cultures in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, from a socio-cultural view. It focuses on the evolving nature of urbanity in the city due to globalization and the global flow of information while framing the changing patterns of everyday cultures and practices. The volume explores key linkages and factors in urban transformation: the history and heritage of Old Dhaka; globalization, diverse urban cultures and ethnic spaces; changes in food habits, clothing, health practices and recreation; changing forms of festivals, marriages and religious practices; situation of indigenous people in Old Dhaka; and the role played by NGOs, civil society and the local government. With its rich ethnographic case studies and field-based evidence, it discusses the relations between technology-driven economic activities and increasing cultural homogenization. It traces developments induced by cultural globalization and includes contemporary debates along with comparisons of Asian and global perspectives. This book will be a useful resource for scholars and researchers of urban studies, city studies, urban sociology, social anthropology, cultural anthropology, political sociology, development studies, South Asian studies and cultural studies, and to those interested in Bangladesh.

Cyber Law in Bangladesh

Ibid. title=Swadhin_Bangla_Betar_Kendra. 87. Atiqur Rahman & Habiba Rahman, Private FM Radio in Bangladesh, 39 Media Asia, 17–22 (2012). 88. BTRC, Annual Report, 2019–2020 [Bangla], p.

Author: Mohammad Ershadul Karim

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 940354550X

Category: Law

Page: 392

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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical guide to cyber law – the law affecting information and communication technology (ICT) – in the Bangladesh covers every aspect of the subject, including intellectual property rights in the ICT sector, relevant competition rules, drafting and negotiating ICT-related contracts, electronic transactions, privacy issues, and computer crime. Lawyers who handle transnational matters will appreciate the detailed explanation of specific characteristics of practice and procedure. Following a general introduction, the book assembles its information and guidance in seven main areas of practice: the regulatory framework of the electronic communications market; software protection, legal protection of databases or chips, and other intellectual property matters; contracts with regard to software licensing and network services, with special attention to case law in this area; rules with regard to electronic evidence, regulation of electronic signatures, electronic banking, and electronic commerce; specific laws and regulations with respect to the liability of network operators and service providers and related product liability; protection of individual persons in the context of the processing of personal data and confidentiality; and the application of substantive criminal law in the area of ICT. Its succinct yet scholarly nature, as well as the practical quality of the information it provides, make this book a valuable time-saving tool for business and legal professionals alike. Lawyers representing parties with interests in the Bangladesh will welcome this very useful guide, and academics and researchers will appreciate its value in the study of comparative law in this relatively new and challenging field.

Economics of Aquaculture Feeding Practices in Selected Asian Countries

Banglapedia . 2006. Banglapedia , national encyclopedia of Bangladesh . http : // banglapedia . org ( accessed on July 2006 ) BBS . 2002. Statistical year book of Bangladesh . Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics , Statistics Division ...

Author: Mohammad R. Hasan

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9789251058749

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 205

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After agreeing on the methodology and outline of the country reports, the authors of the case studies, for each feeding strategy and farming system, analyzed demographic factors (including age and marital status, education and ownership structure), physical characteristics (average number of ponds and average pond size), and other input features (stocking strategies, feeding practices, types of feed, frequency and intensity of feeding and labour utilization). The case studies also identified the principal input costs, assessed the economic rates of return (gross and net margins), returns to labour, land and capital, gross and net total factor productivity, break-even prices and production and returns on capital for each feeding strategy. Problem areas were identified for the different farming systems.

Event Tourism in Asian Countries

Banglapedia. (2014). Circus. Retrieved from Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Banglapedia. (2015a). Folk dances. Retrieved from Asiatic Society of Bangladesh ...

Author: Shruti Arora

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1000369439

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 428

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Events, including repeat annual events, have the unique ability to drive sustainable tourism to certain areas and regions and to generate economic benefits for local communities. The events industry has grown dramatically over the last several decades, and there has been increased participation from governments, local communities, and the private sector. This new volume offers a wide variety of research, experience, and examples of events in Asia, including business meetings and conferences, destination weddings, carnivals, food and art festivals, music festivals and concerts, cultural and traditional events, religious and spiritual gatherings, sports events, and others. The authors, from various parts of Asia, give illustrative examples of events tourism from their home countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The diverse perspectives are from stakeholders, travelers, researchers, academicians, professionals in the event and tourism industry, and the community. The chapters in the volume cover the changing trends in the event tourism industry, the influence and role of social media and other technology, the contribution of women in events and festivals, and the impact of event tourism in economic development on local communities. Addressing the issues, challenges, and future of event tourism and management, this new volume will be a valuable addition to the library of event professionals, hospitality and tourism researchers, community development managers, and others in Asia and elsewhere.

Islam and Politics in Bangladesh

... Mumbai: Lok Vangmaya Griha Faiquzzaman, Mohammad (2012) 'Mujibnagar Government', in Banglapedia: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh, php?title=Mujibnagar_Government (Accessed on 12/12/2019) Ghez, ...

Author: Mubashar Hasan

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9811511160

Category: Religion

Page: 215

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This book conceptualizes the politics of Bangladesh through an Islamic concept called ummah or the global brotherhood of Muslims. It demonstrates that, against the backdrop of geopolitics, capitalism and free flow of ideas, localization of this global religious concept at individual level, institutional level, major party platforms and state has cemented the current political condition in Bangladesh in which religiosity, religious intolerance, Islamization and extremism take place. By exploring the effects of ummah in Bangladeshi politics, this book shows how major political parties have mainstreamed political Islam in the country. The book rejects the long standing scholarly claim of religious-secular distinction in Bangladeshi politics and argues that with most Muslim-dominated states, there are no major secular parties in Bangladesh. There are only Islamic parties, which are more or less Islamic. The purely ‘rational’ domain of politics in Bangladesh is long lost, and political Islam sets the framework for politics in the country. The reason behind this logic of Bangladeshi politics is formed, contained and expanded by ummah.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

In: Islam S, Miah S (eds), Banglapedia: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh Online, http://en.banglapedia. org/index.php/River. May 13, 2021 Banglapedia (2012b) Shaista Khan.

Author: Walter Leal Filho

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030986179

Category: Science

Page: 587

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This book describes initiatives and concrete examples on sustainable food production worldwide. In the current world scenario, where nations all over the world are struggling to accomplish the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to ensure sustainable patterns for all, this book provides a contribution towards a more comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of the cross-cutting issues related to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security. This interdisciplinary book supports the efforts to engage a commitment from all fields of science, to work together to provide knowledge that could help to address SDG2 (No hunger) and lead to the promotion of quality of life, by means of a more sustainable food production, and improved food security. This book is expected to fill the gap of publications in this field. It gives a special emphasis to a state-of-the-art descriptions of approaches, methods, initiatives and projects from universities, stakeholders, organizations and civil society across the world, regarding cross-cutting issues in sustainable food production. It includes examples of policies and practices case studies, examples of projects, institutional policies, innovative methods and tools and research outputs, which highlight the interdependence between sustainable agriculture and food security issues. It is expected that the “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security” will make the many benefits of sustainable food production clearer and, inter alia, lead to an increase in the emphasis provided to this central theme.