Bare Feet and Tackety Boots

This is the story the gentry couldn't tell.

Author: Archie Cameron

Publisher: Luath Press

ISBN: 9780946487172

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 164

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A survivor's tale, this book presents a social history and personal anecdote of those born and raised on the island of Rhum before World War I. The largest of four small islands located off the west coast of Scotland, Rhum is home to several volcanic peaks and the impressive Kinloch Castle but very few inhabitants. This text rediscovers a way of life gone not long ago yet already almost forgotten.

On the Trail of Robert Service

THE SCOTSMAN Bare Feet Tackety Boots Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie
Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0 PBK £ 7.95 The island of Rum before the First
World War was the playground of its rich absentee landowner . A survivor of life a

Author: G. W. Lockhart

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9780946487240

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 164

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Service went from bank clerk to cowboy to become the first million-selling poet. The early forerunner of Kerouac's beat generation, Service wrote for those who wouldn't be caught dead reading poetry.

Dance Legacies of Scotland

Footwear ranged from slippers, to bare feet, to iron-shod tackety boots. Dancing
had a wide geographical reach, from the Highlands and Islands to central and
southern Scotland. While some dancing masters worked to assimilate and
smooth ...

Author: Mats Melin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000334333

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

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Dance Legacies of Scotland compiles a collage of references portraying percussive Scottish dancing and explains what influenced a wide disappearance of hard-shoe steps from contemporary Scottish practices. Mats Melin and Jennifer Schoonover explore the historical references describing percussive dancing to illustrate how widespread the practice was, giving some glimpses of what it looked and sounded like. The authors also explain what influenced a wide disappearance of hard-shoe steps from Scottish dancing practices. Their research draws together fieldwork, references from historical sources in English, Scots, and Scottish Gaelic, and insights drawn from the authors’ practical knowledge of dances. They portray the complex network of dance dialects that existed in parallel across Scotland, and share how remnants of this vibrant tradition have endured in Scotland and the Scottish diaspora to the present day. This book will be of interest to scholars and students of Dance and Music and its relationship to the history and culture of Scotland.

On the Trail of Mary Queen of Scots

... Mitchell ISBN 0 946487 39 1 PBK £9.99 BIOGRAPHY Tobermory Teuchter: A
first-hand account of life on Mull in the early years of the 20th century Peter
Macnab ISBN 0 946487 41 3 PBK £7.99 Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie
Cameron ...

Author: J. Keith Cheetham

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9780946487509

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 179

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Traces the tumultuous life of Mary Stuart, who became queen at the age of one week and was eventually beheaded for plotting against her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I

Silent Spring Revisited

Bare Feet and Tackety Boots. Luath Press Limited, Edinburgh. Carson, R. 1962.
Silent Spring. Houghton Mifflin, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Carson, R. 1999.
The Edge ofthe Sea. Penguin, London. Cocker, M. and Fanshawe, J. eds. 2011.

Author: Conor Mark Jameson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408194074

Category: Nature

Page: 352

View: 855

Fifty years after the publication of the seminal Silent Spring, Conor Mark Jameson reflects on Rachel Carson's legacy and asks the question - are we still silencing the spring?

Selim Aga

Not Bare Peer Tackety Boots Nebuchadnezzar : In Search of Identities Jenni
Calder ISBN 1 84282 060 5 PBK £9 . 99 Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie
Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0 PBK £7 . 95 of Nebuchadnezzar This is a
biography , of ...

Author: James McCarthy

Publisher: Luath Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 254

View: 999

Abducted from his home in the Nuba Mountain of Sudan, Selim Aba was bought and sold at least eight times before being released from slavery by Robert Thurburn, who took Selim to his home in Scotland in 1836. Selim would later become an author, lecturer, and explorer, accompanying Sir Richard Burton to West Africa.

Celtic Sea Stories

Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0 PBK £ 7.95
Rum : Nature's Island Magnus Magnusson ISBN O 946487 32 4 PBK £ 7.95 Rum
: Nature's Island is the fascinating story of a The last survivor of Bare Feet ...

Author: George W. Macpherson

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd


Category: Mythology, Celtic

Page: 185

View: 887

The Celtic belief that by recording a story the spirit of the story and its teller would die, has meant that generations worth of stories of have been lost. Celtic Sea Stories brings together myths and legends from the past, which the author has collected throughout his lifetime, along with others written specifically for the collection, to provide an enchanting vision of Scottish life by the sea. From kings and fairies to mermaids and witches every tale explores a different aspect of a forgotten way of life. Before schools and television storytelling was the only way to entertain, impart wisdom and explain the inexplicable. "Celtic Sea Stories" allows readers to share in the storytelling experience again and again, while learning about Scottish history and culture.

Scotland s Domestic Life

Feet were usually shod first with bootees , then shoes or tackety boots , with bare
feet common for summer until World War II . From the War , until trainers came
along in the 1980s , it was rubber boots , then shoes , sandals or sandshoes in ...

Author: Susan Storrier

Publisher: John Donald


Category: Science

Page: 592

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Examines the variety in Scottish 'home life', and considers what has shaped its society. This book in fourteen volumes, aims to examine the interlocking strands of history, language and traditional culture within an international context and their contribution to the making of a national identity.

Lightly Poached

Erchy's mother was 'Seventy past'; I knew from experience how bitingly cold the
water in the pool felt to bare feet even in ... pulling on a pair of thick black woollen
stockings to just above the knee and finally lacing up her sturdy 'tackety' boots ...

Author: Lillian Beckwith

Publisher: House of Stratus

ISBN: 0755102754

Category: Fiction

Page: 167

View: 229

'The Lord puts the salmon in the river like he puts the berries on the trees. They're there for all of us, not just for the laird.' The Bruach islanders don't consider poaching a crime, more like a natural right. Fishermen Erchy and Hector are experts, but they are not the only ones tempted. Even a visiting vicar succumbs. In this collection of tales about her eccentric island friends, Lillian Beckwith sees the funny side of many a strange situation.

Fodor s See It Scotland

Archie Cameron ' s Bare Feet and Tackety Boots ( 1988 ) is a humorous account
of an Edwardian boyhood on Rum . And the late poet George Mackay Brown ' s
autobiography , For the Islands / Sing ( 1997 ) , is a vivid memory of Orkney ...

Author: Ann F. Stonehouse

Publisher: Fodors Travel Publications

ISBN: 9781400017041

Category: Travel

Page: 342

View: 572

Fodor’s See It Scotland is perfect for travelers who want to understand Scotland's history and culture before they arrive, and experience the country like a native Scot while they’re there. Overflowing with brilliant color photography, this is the ONLY illustrated guide that provides the practical information that you need while traveling–complete restaurant and hotel reviews with exact prices for lodging and dining (not ranges), plus time-saving tips and how to avoid crowds, exact admission prices to key sights, great photo stops, and special notes on “kid-friendly” attractions throughout. Hotels Our detailed reviews represent the best accommodations in Scotland, in all price ranges. From five-star luxury hotels to low-budget hostels, we’ll tell you what to expect in terms of price and quality through extensive coverage of hotels and their surrounding neighborhoods, exact prices of double-occupancy rooms (including breakfast), plus pictures of hotel facilities and guestrooms. Restaurants If you want to experience the best that Scotland has to offer, pay particular attention to our outstanding restaurant coverage that will help you choose from the thousands of local eateries that cater to every budget and dining experience. From affordable, steak pies at local pubs to places where you can splurge on a romantic, candlelit dinner–like Glenskirlie House Restaurant in Banknock–you’ll find it in see it Scotland. Each review covers house signature dishes, ambiance, actual prices for a two-course lunch and a three-course dinner (for two people), hours of operation, and what transportation will get you there. The Sights Whether you want to climb up Calton Hill for a great view across Edinburgh, get lost in a museum, make your way to the Rhinns of Galloway or watch a sunset over the Western Isles, see it Scotland will take you there. Accessibly written to help you navigate throughout the country without missing a thing, each attraction includes exact admission prices, what galleries and museums not to miss, and where to stop for quick bites and refreshing drinks along the way. Sights are also rated for their “value”, “walkability”, “historic and cultural interest”, plus we suggest fantastic “photo stops” and entertaining and age-appropriate “kid-friendly” attractions throughout the book. What to Do? Our shopping walks will lead you to cutting-edge fashions to fit all budgets, from hip streetwear to expensive fashions for your feet. But, Scotland has much more to offer than just sight-seeing and shopping. Fodor’s see it Scotland provides insider information on classical, theatrical, and cinematic performances, Scotland’s music scene (live jazz to underground youth centres), nightlife, spectator and activity sports, and festivals and events. Atlas and Maps Detailed neighborhood maps are incorporated throughout the book to help you navigate on historic walks, shopping tours, or to find a restaurant. Plus, a 16-page atlas details each road and path with highlights of important landmarks, parks, metro stations, and car parking areas. Fodor’s see it™ A brand-new series that shows you before you go, guides you while you’re there, and makes the perfect keepsake on your return.

The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells



Category: Bibliography, National


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Reportage Scotland

99 NATURAL SCOTLAND Wild Scotland : The essential guide to finding the best
of natural Scotland James McCarthy Photography by Laurie Campbell ISBN O
946487 37 5 PBK £7 . 50 Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O ...

Author: Louise Yeoman

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd


Category: History

Page: 489

View: 164

Packed full of historical documentation, including some rarely-seen material, this text takes a close look at Scotland's history through the eyes of those that were there. The eye-witness accounts set out to bring both the great and small events to life.

Mountain Days Bothy Nights

The North West Highlands : Roads to the Isles Tom Atkinson ISBN O 946487 54
5 PBK £ 4.95 Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0
PBK £ 7.95 Come Dungeons Dark John Taylor Caldwell ISBN O 946487 19 7 ...

Author: Dave Brown

Publisher: Luath Press

ISBN: 9780946487158

Category: Travel

Page: 176

View: 204

A classic of mountain writing and still in demand over ten years after its first publication, this book takes you to the little places of big importance along one mountain-climber's trail. Fishgut Mac, Desperate Dan, Stumpy and the Big Yin stalk hill and pub, escaping from gamekeepers, staying awake sleeping in bothies (Scottish mountain cabins). Ideal for nostalgic climbers, this book is by two well-known experts who write in an easy philosophical style. A volume that will interest anyone who likes the outdoors and appreciates communal living in the elements.

An Inhabited Solitude

00 Bare Feet and Tackety Boots This personal collection of doggerel and Archie
Cameron verse ranging from the tear - jerking ISBN O 946487 17 0 PBK £7 . 95 '
Green Eye of the Yellow God to the The island of Rum before the First World ...

Author: James McCarthy

Publisher: Luath Press Limited


Category: Travel

Page: 155

View: 295

In this informed and thought-provoking profile of Scotland's unique landscapes and the impact of humans on what we see now and in the future, James McCarthy leads us through the many aspects of the land and the people who inhabit it: natural Scotland; the rocks beneath; land ownership; the use of resources; people and place; conserving Scotland's heritage and much more.

Books in Scotland

Alison McCleery Bare Feet and Tackety Boots ( A Boyhood on Rhum ) Archie
Cameron . £5 . 95 . 0946487 17 0 . ( Luath Press Ltd . ) Editorial Board Christine
Wilson , lan Campbell , Jack Firth , Douglas Gifford , Frank Thompson , Conrad ...




Category: Dialect literature, Scottish


View: 728

Into the Blue Wavelengths

99 BIOGRAPHY The Last Uighthouse Sharma Krauskopf ISBN O 946487 96 O
PB £7 . 99 Tobermory Teuchter Peter Macnab ISBN O 946487 41 3 PB £7 . 99
Bare Feet & Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0 PB £7 . 95
Come ...

Author: Roderick Watson

Publisher: Luath Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 84

View: 385

Roderick Watson is a poet of introspection and retrospection. In the rich distillation of his language, the images of a remembered picnic, a Tuscan encounter, an out-of-date postcard, a holiday cottage -all these assume an iconic intensity in the quiet deliberation of this verse. Roderick Watson is a poet who ponders rather than postures. Each one of these poems, in his accomplished Scots as well as in English, is a pleasure to read, to re-read and to remember. --Philip Hobsbaum

The Quest for the Celtic Key

99 BIOGRAPHY Tobermory Teuchter : A first hand account of life on Mull in the
early years of the 20th century Peter Macnab ISBN O 946487 41 3 PBK £7 . 99
Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0 PBK £7 .

Author: Karen Ralls

Publisher: Luath Press Limited


Category: History

Page: 411

View: 361

The authors argue strongly that the evidence they have uncovered within folklore, legends, the guilds, and the oral traditions of secret societies in Scotland, link together with striking similarities. They further suggest that these links are not coincidence but the last visible threads of belief systems that have been at the center of the Scottish psyche for centuries. The Celtic Key makes sense of the underlying beliefs that have contributed to, motivated, and shaped a nation through the ages.

Caledonian Cramboclink

99 POETRY The Last Lighthouse Sharma Kraustopf ISBN O 946487 96 0 PBK £7
. 99 The Luath Burns Companion John Cairney ISBN 1 84282 000 1 PBK £10 .
00 Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0 PBK £7 .

Author: William Neill

Publisher: Luath Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 169

View: 541

A selection of his best work plus some new poems. This powerful, new collection provides a rounded view of the poet in his various moods, modes, and languages (English, Gaelic and Scots). The poet's international reputation continues to grow and he offers a number of translations from various European languages. This eye-catching anthology is designed to introduce a wider readership to the work of a writer whose commentary on Scottish life and culture has never been more relevant.

The Quest for Charles Rennie Mackintosh

99 Bare Feet and Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 O PB £7 .
95 Come Dungeons Dark John Taylor Caldwell ISBN 0 - 946487 19 7 PB £6 . 95
GENEALOGY Scottish Roots : step - by - step gulde for ancestor hunters Alwyn ...

Author: John Cairney

Publisher: Luath Press Limited


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 302

View: 407

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is established in the Scottish iconography as an architect of originality, a designer of genius and a painter of exceptional quality. He is, however, an enigma as a man. This Victorian Glaswegian made his way through the art scene at the end of the nineteenth century to become a famous figure in his own time and a legend today. He managed to annoy, offend and enrage the architectural establishment of his day to such an extent that he turned his back on his own city and went willingly into exile to England, and finally to France. In all of this, he was unfailingly supported by a fellow-artist and co-worker, Margaret Macdonald. Their love story through challenging times is one of the great sagas of art history. This is the life of an ordinary Glasgow man with extraordinary talent, a great love story with personal complications, professional conflicts, triumphs and disasters, and an engulfing tragic ending.

Napiers History of Herbal Healing Ancient and Modern

99 Bare Feet & Tackety Boots Archie Cameron ISBN O 946487 17 0 PB £7 . 95
Come Dungeons Dark John Taylor Caldwell ISBN O 946487 19 7 PB £6 . 95
HISTORY Clvil Warrior [ Montrose ] Robin Bell ISBN 1 84282 013 3 HB £10 .

Author: Tom Atkinson

Publisher: Luath Press Limited


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

View: 916

- A concise history of herbal healing in the UK, and the world around, from ancient times to present day. - An account of Napiers Herbalists of Edinburgh, the famous herbalist clinic.