Create Your Own Magic

You've got to have faith in your entire being. Trust yourself. Trust your capabilities
, trust your own hands, and trust your own mind. Have faith that you are a divine
being. Write a letter to yourself. Daily Reflection Day 55 Whatever I write will ...

Author: Nikki Bryan

Publisher: Molding Messengers, LLC

ISBN: 0578682397

Category: Self-Help

Page: 60

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Take a 60-day journey to self-love, healing and manifesting your best life. The affirmations, penned by the modern day mompreneur, wife, and small business owner - Nikki B - are thought provoking, motivational and empowering. This book will encourage you to dig deep inside of yourself, teaching you to appreciate and nurture your soul and your life. Through the tools and guidance provided daily, you can tap into the divine being that exists within you as you are called into action to create and manifest the life that you deserve and desire.

Falling Together

Vanessa shares a raw and honest exploration of her heart as she traverses the most difficult time of her life.

Author: Vanessa Calimag Lin


ISBN: 9781952070020

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 216

View: 864

The author truly captures the reader with the details of her heartbreak at the end of her marriage while expecting her first child. Vanessa shares a raw and honest exploration of her heart as she traverses the most difficult time of her life. She shares with love, grace, and strength what being a mom is all about, and using her intuition and trust in a higher power, she is able to propel herself into a place of true healing and magic. She shares her struggles and her perseverance to give her unborn child her love, and taps into universal truths that we can all learn from. Through the turmoil, she rises like a phoenix from the ashes, recreating the vision of her life, and in the process, finds her true soul mate to build her family with. A beautiful ending to a difficult beginning!

Magic and Mayhem

just believe in your own magic." "How?" "I think you are a terrible magical." I
opened my mouth to ask why he'd say something so mean, but the stone at my
neck grew warm. I began blushing from embarrassment, and also from the feel of
his ...

Author: S. Usher Evans

Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing

ISBN: 1370221584



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At the start of her senior year of high school, Lexie Carrigan is focused on two things--getting accepted to the college of her dreams and keeping her sisters safe. But when Gavon's apprentice, James Riley, appears on the first day of school, all of Lexie's well-laid plans of having a normal senior year go out the window. James says he's there to learn, but Lexie doesn't trust him, and she refuses to make another colossal mistake like she did with Gavon. Despite her best efforts, an unlikely friendship blossoms in the sparring ring, and James proves an adversary unlike any she's faced before: one she understands. Magic and Mayhem is the sequel to Spells and Sorcery, a young adult contemporary fantasy from author S. Usher Evans.

Write Your Own Magic

In fact , the boundaries between science and magic are vague and undefined .
When we turn on a light , we know that electricity is involved , but we need not
know anything about power or electricity for it to happen . We have faith that
when ...

Author: Richard Webster

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738700014

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 254

View: 413

Write Your Own Magicshows you how you can use the incredible magical power of words to make your dreams a reality. This guidebook presents the three magic steps essential to manifesting exactly what you want, for dreams both big and small. There is no limit to what you can ask for as long as your requests hurt no one. For instance, you might want: ·vibrant health ·a fulfilling relationship ·greater happiness ·more money ·a better job ·stronger faith ·increased creativity and intuition All of this, and much more, can be brought into your life when you follow the step-by-step instructions in this magical guidebook. Write Your Own Magic will show you how to create original white magic spells that make your hopes and dreams come true. First, you'll learn how to determine your life's purpose. Next, you'll find out how to write magic that makes your dreams come true in six important areas-physical, spiritual, mental, financial, social, and intuitive. Finally, you'll discover how to use the hidden power of words-sacred names and secret writings, magic diaries and dissolving ink, along with other simple white magic techniques-to make your desires, hopes, and wishes come true!

Mind Your Own Magical Beesness A Cozy Magical Fantasy Adventure

“YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE asking.” I nodded. “You're right. I don't. I'm
sure you think you have every right to hate her. Hell, I hate her sometimes. But
she told me she didn't do anything to wrong you. And I believe her.” “Then why is

Author: JB Lynn

Publisher: Jennifer Baum


Category: Fiction


View: 989

Ravena has no idea what kind of sticky mess she’ll end up in when her witchy former mother-in-law, Mildred, insists she stop and buy some honey. Accompanied by her pal Marco, Ravena embarks on a short (but not so sweet) quest to right another of Mildred’s wrongs that involves a wonky spell, a swarm of angry bees and a new-found appreciation of the hex busting property of huckleberries.

Wild Girls

But even the most ordinary girl has the power to recognize those who want to hurt
her. That is magic, because to know your enemies is to read their hearts and
minds. But Finola did not believe in her own magic. She did not listen to her heart

Author: Patricia Monaghan

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited

ISBN: 9781567184426

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 218

View: 429

Maiden, Mother, Crone. She is the "Wild Girl". The stories in this book represent some of the many visions of the Wild Girl found throughout the world. Each story is followed by commentary and activities such as building an altar, creating healing rituals, and working with dreams. Readers can also learn how to start their own Wild Girl circle. Illustrations.

Tesseracts 3

It was a dark smudge against the white of her swimsuit , not one of Uncle
Dobbin's parrots , but a crow's head , with eyes like the pair she'd seen looking
back at her from the mirror . Her own magic , leaving her because she didn't
believe .

Author: Candas Jane Dorsey

Publisher: Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Pub

ISBN: 9780888782908

Category: Fiction

Page: 437

View: 452

In this third anthology of modern Canadian speculative fiction, explore new worlds of alternate realities in time and space by new and established Canadian authors. Travel to a planet where the five senses are not good enough ... watch a baseball game on Mars ... fly with Garuda, the king of birds, to see what kind of human folly he can find to amuse the gods ... visit a laundromat that can take you anywhere in space and time ... stroll through a holograph of the last forest on earth ... see if time will end with a jolt or a gradual slide. Tesseracts3 includes works from authors Dave Duncan, Charles de Lint, Hugo and Nebula award winner William Gibson, and Margaret Atwood, winner of the Giller Prize, the Governor Generals Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction.

Four Plays

That “ moment , one and infinite " might as easily have been the moment before
Porphyria ' s lover strangled her ... My alchemist is a low specimen of his kind ; he
would at least half believe in his own magic and supernatural communications .

Author: Allen Curnow

Publisher: Reed A H


Category: English drama

Page: 245

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Believe In Your Own Magic

A perfect gift for the magical girl in your life!

Author: Immortelle Heart Publishing

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781096892748


Page: 122

View: 570

A perfect gift for the magical girl in your life! This 120-page lined journal is great for: Writing daily diary entries or class notes. Jotting down plans, deadlines and reminders Dream journaling Or any other writing project she'd need a notebook for!

Look Back Harder

My alchemist is a low specimen of his kind ; he would at least half believe in his
own magic and supernatural communications . So would the Duke himself : the
tussle between his own powers and the alchemist is no pushover for the Duke .

Author: Allen Curnow



Category: Australian poetry

Page: 337

View: 344

The collected critical writings of one of New Zealand's major poets and critics, covering half a century of his work. Of the thirty-eight items (reviews, essays, lectures, interviews, and letters) included, his controversial introductions to his anthologies of New Zealand verse are the best known. There are also incisive essays on Curnow's New Zealand contemporaries, and on writers from further afield, such as Olson and Thomas.

We Moon 04 Layflat Binding

I did not grow up as my sisters of the mountains, forests and jungles; communing
with earth's wilderness, nature and ... I felt the vibrations of magic in the things
around me. ... Hermanas, Rise up and believe in the power of your own magic!

Author: Mother Tongue Ink


ISBN: 9781890931179


Page: 240

View: 818

With the theme this year of POWER, We'Moon '04 contains inspirational art and writing by women on the growing edge of international women's culture. We'Moon offers a kaleidoscopic view of earth and the divine feminine. We'Moon '04 is now available with two types of binding: durable layflat binding and spiral binding. We'Moon '04 Unbound is identical in every way to the We'Moon except for the binding and packaging--it is loose-leaved and shrink-wrapped. We'Moon '04 Unbound gives expanded options for the varied lives of We'Moon users. It can be customized at a local copy shop for those who want a We'Moon supplement to day-planners or a customized We'Moon personal journal.

Touching the Unseen World

Faith in your heart here on earth ascends to the invisible Kingdom of God in
heaven . ... palmreader or Christian fortune - teller who is seeking to build his
own magic kingdom instead of lifting up Jesus 46 TOUCHING THE UNSEEN

Author: Betty Malz

Publisher: Chosen Books Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780800791803

Category: Religion

Page: 159

View: 381

Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Magazine




Category: Science fiction, American


View: 612

Believe in Your Own Magic Cute Inspirational Blank Papaerback Notebook for Black Girls One Subject College Ruled 200 Pages

Encourage the magical black girl in your life to believe in herself with this 200-page notebook perfect for note-taking and/ or journaling. A great gift for girls aged 12 and up!

Author: Petals and Dreams Books

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781798045541

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 202

View: 678

Encourage the magical black girl in your life to believe in herself with this 200-page notebook perfect for note-taking and/ or journaling. A great gift for girls aged 12 and up!

Books in Brief

Remember that black magic is the other people's magic , and that if you believe
in any magic at all you believe as much in the other people's as in your own . In
fact , the priests are your enemies , they work evil against you with their magic
and ...






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Believe in Your Own Magic

This book is for children (ages 3-9) to learn how to regulate their own moods and to empower themselves in self care.

Author: Hahna Luna


ISBN: 9780464309956



View: 477

This book is for children (ages 3-9) to learn how to regulate their own moods and to empower themselves in self care. The Joy Incantation is a fun way to introduce affirmative positive statements to themselves with BREATHE.When children understand how to have mind body connection in a healthy way, they are able to self regulate. The movements, breaths, and statements can be incredibly powerful and useful to reset emotions.We believe Social Emotional Learning is ideally taught through practical examples, experiences and the arts. The content of this book is matched through our YouTube channel and a fun interactive live Magic Show through Fairy Magic Entertainment.

Isaac Asimov s Space of Her Own

Business Administration who spends her days keeping the largest manufacturing
firm in the state rolling along turning out ... We could both quit our jobs and tour
the country with our own magic act . ... You don ' t actually believe that — ” .

Author: Isaac Asimov


ISBN: 9780441778713

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

View: 563

A collection of stories by today's award-winning female science fiction writers

Connecticut Review

The attempt to dispel its demonic element leaves only a haunting presence that
prevents a return to a state of health . Unlike Merlin , the Yankee is shown to be a
magician who does not believe in his own magic . Without that belief , he proves






View: 184

Seeing is Believing

Lewiston was a constant promoter of his own greatness . Fiction or not , his story
was a good one . ... When his dad invited some of the magicians back to their
home , Jimmy got to see the magic tricks up close . From then on , he was hooked

Author: A. W. Stencell

Publisher: E C W Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 260

View: 674

A history of midway attractions and the showmen who presented them on American midways from the 1870s to World War II, this fantastic, fully illustrated book showcases the manufacturers of the Polly-Moo-Zuke, the Two-Headed Giant and the Devil Fish, as well as stories of hoochie coochie dancing bears, monkeys racing miniature racecars and the strange people who made a living eating snakes. See war criminals, wax out-laws and papier mache torture victims. Learn about illusion on the midway and tricks of the trade in a journey into an age of America's last real showmen.

Lost Magic

It is for you to discover your own magic , and you will do it more quickly without
me . But I can tell you that your gifts go ... Still a lack of faith ! But if you lack faith in
your name , then you must doubt not only all of my teaching but yourself as well .

Author: Berthe Amoss

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: 9780786810345

Category: Healers

Page: 184

View: 839

Focuses on an abandoned waif adopted by an old wise woman who discovers that the child is the descendant and namesake of the talented spellmaker.