Violence and Belonging

belonging. Analytical. reflections. Vigdis. Broch-Due. Violence enacted is but a
small part of violence lived. (Nordstrom and Martin 1992: 8) This volume brings
together a number of original chapters which collectively set out to chart the ...

Author: Vigdis Broch-Due

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415290067

Category: Social Science

Page: 261

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Violence and Belonging explores the formative role of violence in shaping people's identities in modern postcolonial Africa.

Performativity Belonging

The beauty of the term 'belonging' is that it affords those of us who were never
sure which discipline we were meant to reside within, the opportunity to address
both philosophical and sociological concerns. The term enables an escape from

Author: Vikki Bell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761965237

Category: Social Science

Page: 250

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This book explores belonging as a performative achievement. The contributors investigate how identities are embodied and effected, and how lines of allegiance and fracture are produced and reproduced. Questions of 'difference' are tackled from a perspective that attends to the complexities of history and politics. Drawing on sociology, philosophy and anthropology, this collection brings together leading commentators, including Judith Butler, Paul Gilroy and Arjun Appadurai, as well as a range of new scholars. It examines questions of visuality, political affiliation, ethics, mimesis, spatiality, passing, and diversity in modes of embodied difference. The volume advances conceptual and theoretical issues through testing va


Virginia M. Scott. Belonging VIRGINIA M. SCOTT This One 49RL - C5K - H1AR
KENDALL GREEN PUBLICATIONS Gallaudet University Press Washington ,
D.C. Special thanks to Gallaudet University's Laurent Clerc Cultural Book Fund.

Author: Virginia M. Scott

Publisher: Gallaudet University Press

ISBN: 9780930323332

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 171

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After contracting meningitis, a fifteen-year-old girl becomes deaf and must struggle with accepting her hearing loss and being accepted by her friends and family.


Belonging. The movie "ET" is about a person from another planet who wants to
go home to where he belongs. E.T. accidentally gets left on earth when his
people come here in a spaceship to explore. Separated from them, he begins to

Author: Dennis Linn

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809133659

Category: Religion

Page: 254

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Integrates contemporary spirituality and psychology with the 12 steps as it seeks to lead readers to new depths of personal resources for healing and recovery.

A Re definition of Belonging

Is the introduction of the language and integration tests the result of a redefinition
of belonging? This book is the outcome of the seminar, 'Language and
Integration Tests for Newcomers and Future Citizens', organised by the Centre for

Author: Ricky Van Oers

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004175067

Category: Law

Page: 338

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The introduction of language and integration tests as a condition for naturalisation and other types of legal residence permits reflects an important recent change in citizenship policies in European countries. In this book, experts from nine countries reflect on the redefinition of political belonging by examining the policies concerning immigrant integration.

Ethnicity Belonging and Biography

Accordingly, I propose that ethnicity is bio- graphically constructed as
transnational positionality, in the sense of transnational belonging and “
translocational positionality” (Anthias 2001, 2002). It is a biographical resource
as well as a strategy ...

Author: Gabriele Rosenthal

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825816117

Category: Social Science

Page: 405

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The subjects of ethnicity and collective belonging have enjoyed high priority on the agenda of social science research over the last 20 years. Nevertheless there is need (and considerable scope) for further mutual adjustment and refinement of theoretical concepts, substantive empirical discoveries and research techniques. This volume offers a contribution to such efforts by leading practitioners of qualitative research with backgrounds in diverse disciplines. Their research focuses on the perspectives and biographical experiences of concrete "historical" actors within the contexts of migration, cultural diversity and social conflicts.

The Situated Politics of Belonging

Belonging. By. Nira. Yuval-Davis,. Kalpana. Kannabiran. and. Ulrike. M. Vieten.
We are undoubtedly in a global crisis situation which encompasses a variety of
social, political, economic and moral dimensions, often enmeshed in ideological

Author: Nira Yuval-Davis

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 184787875X

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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This collection of essays examines the racialized and gendered effects of contemporary politics of belonging, issues which lie at the heart of contemporary political and social lives. It encompasses critical questions of identity and citizenship, inclusion and exclusion, emotional attachments, violent conflicts and local/global relationships. The range - geographically, thematically and theoretically - covered by the chapters reflects current concerns in the world today. A timely contribution to the ongoing debates in the field, it will be a valuable companion to scholars working in the areas of multiculturalism, globalisation and culture, race and ethnic studies, gender studies and studies of post-partition societies.

Locality and Belonging

Belonging in need of emplacement? Belonging to a particular locality evokes the
notion of loyalty to a place, a loyalty that may be expressed through oral or written
histories, narratives of origin as belonging, the focality of certain objects, myths ...

Author: Nadia Lovell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134739796

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Locality and Belonging provides an international overview of the close relationship between territory and cultural identity. The issue of 'belonging' has long been recognized as crucial to the study of identity within anthropology. Here, contributors from Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France and the UK present rigorous case studies of 'belonging' from the UK, South Africa, Argentina, Zanzibar, Amazonia, Indonesia and West Africa. Among the themes explored are: * space, memory and ethnicity * the mnemonic use of objects * mythologies of football and history * use of 'natural features' of the environment * nationhood and post-colonial identity making.


Belonging: An. Essential. Element. of. Citizenship. A. Franco-Ontarian.
Perspective. Our concept of citizenship is founded on political structures the
foundations of which are quickly becoming irrelevant. For example, the countries
of the ...

Author: William Kaplan

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773509856

Category: Political Science

Page: 387

View: 768

Essays presented in January 1992 at a Roundtable on Citizenship sponsored by the Faculty of Law at the U. of Ottawa discuss what it means to be a Canadian and how Canadian citizenship must evolve if it is to serve a unifying ideal. The essays are organized in four broad categories: history; regions; law, constitutionalism, and economics; and individuals and groups. No index. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Spaces of Belonging

In order to address rigorously the topic of space in Guibert's autofictional AIDS
writing, I will firstly seek to establish what could be characterised as spaces of
home and cultural belonging within Guibert's work. I will then move on to
investigate ...

Author: Elizabeth Houston Jones

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042022833

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 316

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Questions of space, place and identity have become increasingly prominent throughout the arts and humanities in recent times. This study begins by investigating the reasons for this growth in interest and analyses the underlying assumptions on which interdisciplinary discussions about space are often based. After tracing back the history of contact between Geography and Literary Studies from both disciplinary perspectives, it goes on to discuss recent academic work in the field and seeks to forge a new conceptual framework through which contemporary discussions of space and literature can operate. Having argued that the experience of contemporary space has rendered questions of home and belonging particularly pressing, it undertakes detailed analysis of how these phenomena are articulated in a selection of recent French life writing texts. Home is shown to be a deeply problematic, yet strongly desired, element of the contemporary world. The book concludes by addressing the underlying thesis that contemporary life writing might provide just the 'postmodern maps' that could help not only literary scholars, but also geographers, better understand the world today.

Citizenship Political Engagement and Belonging

THIS FIRST SECTION of the book deals with immigrant belonging, with examples
from the host nations of France, Italy, Ireland, and the United States. In the
chapters that follow, we can see that the particular history ofa country and its
historical ...

Author: Deborah Reed-Danahay

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813545110

Category: Social Science

Page: 302

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Immigration is continuously and rapidly changing the face of Western countries. While newcomers are harbingers of change, host nations also participate in how new populations are incorporated into their social and political fabric. Bringing together a transcontinental group of anthropologists, this book provides an in-depth look at the current processes of immigration, political behavior, and citizenship in both the United States and Europe. Essays draw on issues of race, national identity, religion, and more, while addressing questions, including: How should citizenship be defined? In what ways do immigrants use the political process to achieve group aims? And, how do adults and youth learn to become active participants in the public sphere? Among numerous case studies, examples include instances of racialized citizenship in “Algerian France,” Ireland’s new citizenship laws in response to asylum-seeking mothers, the role of Evangelical Christianity in creating a space for the construction of an identity that transcends state borders, and the Internet as one of the new public spheres for the expression of citizenship, be it local, national, or global.

Globalization and Belonging

Belonging,. and. the. State. Few terms have been more widely and frequently
used yet less clearly defined or understood than "globalization." Every year since
the mid-1980s the number of books and articles with the term globalization
central ...

Author: Sheila L. Croucher

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742516793

Category: Political Science

Page: 229

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This is a book that will get us all thinking about the implications of identities in rapidly evolving international and country-by-country politics.

Sexual Politics of Desire and Belonging

Belonging: An. Introduction. Nick. Rumens. 1. Introduction The Second Global
Conference on Critical Issues in Sex and Sexuality, held in Vienna, Austria, in
December 2005, from which these selected essays are drawn, is an important
marker ...

Author: Nick Rumens

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042022396

Category: Art

Page: 274

View: 885

Designed for students, academics and the general reader alike, Sexual Politics of Desire and Belonging provides theoretical and empirical insights into the linkages between sexualities and forms of desire, and ways of belonging and relating to others in specific contexts and moments in time. Opening with a substantial introduction by one of the editors, this collection of thirteen essays is organised into three parts, each section making important contributions to contemporary debates regarding the sexual politics of citizenship, marriage, friendship, pornography, intimacies, eroticism and desire. As such, the essays introduce fresh perspectives for thinking about how individuals construct senses of belonging and modes of relating to others in their everyday lives, within the disciplinary frameworks of sociology, organisational analysis and cultural studies. As well, the volume analyses representations of desire and eroticism in British Pop Art, trauma and feminist fiction, polyamory self-help literature, Hollywood films, and sociological and psychoanalytic theory. Analytical insights offered within these essays will do much to stimulate debate about aspects of the socially and historically constituted relationship between desire and sexuality. Because of the diverse approaches and conclusions it contains, the volume will be essential reading for anyone interested in engaging with inter- and multidisciplinary perspectives in order to understand the dynamics between constructions of desire and belonging, and discourses of gender, sex and sexuality.

Parish and Belonging

Chapter 8, which is on gravestones, belonging and local attachment, undertakes
surveys of church and chapel burial grounds to consider how people expressed
their senses of local attachment and belonging on their gravestones. It uses ...

Author: K. D. M. Snell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139460620

Category: History


View: 682

What role did the parish play in people's lives in England and Wales between 1700 and the mid-twentieth century? By comparison with globalisation and its dislocating effects, the book stresses how important parochial belonging once was. Professor Snell discusses themes such as settlement law and practice, marriage patterns, cultures of local xenophobia, the continuance of out-door relief in people's own parishes under the new poor law, the many new parishes of the period and their effects upon people's local attachments. The book highlights the continuing vitality of the parish as a unit in people's lives, and the administration associated with it. It employs a variety of historical methods, and makes important contributions to the history of welfare, community identity and belonging. It is highly relevant to the modern themes of globalisation, de-localisation, and the decline of community, helping to set such changes and their consequences into local historical perspective.

Trans nationalism and the Politics of Belonging

The politics of belonging Sex work , domestic work : transnational household
strategies Annie Phizacklea 1n the last chapter we looked at how the ' phoney
war ' between structural- and agency - driven accounts has been worked through
in ...

Author: Sallie Westwood

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415189804

Category: Political Science

Page: 183

View: 487

Migration is an increasingly prominent phenomenon in today's globalizing world and it has been perceived in very different ways. The poetics of exile, the pain of diasporic lives and the celebration of hybridity in popular cultures across the globe are curiously at odds with the ways in which sociologists and economists have tried to conceptualize and analyze migration.

A Sense of Belonging

... Schedule of New-Teacher Meeting • Sharing as a Group No reproduction
without written permission from publisher. 66 A Sense of Belonging Afternoons
with a Predictable Structure.

Author: Jennifer Allen

Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers

ISBN: 1571107851

Category: Education

Page: 148

View: 687

Too often, new teachers enter the profession excited to make a difference in the lives of children only to find themselves disillusioned and overwhelmed with the expectations of the classroom. In A Sense of Belonging, Jennifer Allen shares her stories and journey in creating an infrastructure of support for new teachers within her school district. A Sense of Belonging provides research-based, practical ideas on how to support new teachers while honoring the innovation, idealism, and optimistic enthusiasm that they bring to the classroom. From supporting new teachers early in the year with administering and analyzing literacy assessments, through using student work to guide instruction, to offering ongoing help with curriculum planning, Jennifer shares strategies on: * fostering relationships with new teachers, starting before school even begins; * creating learning environments for new teachers to be reflective practitioners; * coaching new teachers in their classrooms and providing opportunities for them to observe their peers in action; * supporting new teachers beyond their first year through gradual release of support over their first several years in the classroom; and * facilitating professional development opportunities where new and veteran teachers learn alongside one another. Jennifer believes, and her book demonstrates, that when schools embrace, encourage, and celebrate the work of new teachers, they establish a supportive environment that fosters excellence and improves retention.

Identity and Belonging

Author: B. Singh Bolaria

Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press

ISBN: 1551303124

Category: Social Science

Page: 278

View: 208

Canadian society is rapidly evolving. By 2017, persons belonging to a visible minority group will comprise 20 percent of the population. In Canada's major cities, the proportion of persons classified as visible minority is expected to exceed 50 percent. Canada is a country that is not very sure of its own identity. Many of our citizens do not know where they fit in the national fabric. As ethno-racial diversity increases, so will our uncertainty of our identity and role in the development of our nation. While Canada has always been culturally diverse, the continuing ethno-racial diversification will exercise a profound influence on Canadian culture, as well as on Canadian political and social institutions. As the ethno-racial composition becomes more complex, critical understandings of race, ethnicity, identity, and belonging are increasingly important goals for social justice, fairness, and inclusion. Provocative and ground-breaking, Identity and Belonging addresses these concerns, poses some essential questions about the nature of race and ethnicity, how they differ from one another, and how they might differ from other markers of identity, such as class, gender, or nationality.

The Perils of Belonging

the Cameroonian context it was to be expected that autochthony and belonging
would become hot issues in the South-West and the Mungo, densely populated
and economically developed regions where a constant influx of immigrants ...

Author: Peter Geschiere

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226289664

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 228

Despite being told that we now live in a cosmopolitan world, more and more people have begun to assert their identities in ways that are deeply rooted in the local. These claims of autochthony—meaning “born from the soil”—seek to establish an irrefutable, primordial right to belong and are often employed in politically charged attempts to exclude outsiders. In The Perils of Belonging, Peter Geschiere traces the concept of autochthony back to the classical period and incisively explores the idea in two very different contexts: Cameroon and the Netherlands. In both countries, the momentous economic and political changes following the end of the cold war fostered anxiety over migration. For Cameroonians, the question of who belongs where rises to the fore in political struggles between different tribes, while the Dutch invoke autochthony in fierce debates over the integration of immigrants. This fascinating comparative perspective allows Geschiere to examine the emotional appeal of autochthony—as well as its dubious historical basis—and to shed light on a range of important issues, such as multiculturalism, national citizenship, and migration.

Community Solidarity and Belonging

5 National community: the benefits of a sense of belonging together In this
chapter I shall consider a challenge which applies not only to the dominant
liberal conception of political community but to other liberal conceptions as well,
and which ...

Author: Andrew Mason

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521637282

Category: Philosophy

Page: 246

View: 790

Despite the frequency with which the term 'community' is used, it is hard to find any comprehensive exploration of the nature and value of community. This book tries to remedy this omission whilst taking seriously the idea that community can be of different kinds and can exist at different levels, and that these levels and kinds may come into conflict with one another. It focuses on the question of what kind of community is valuable at the level of the state. It then explores the limits that ideals of political community place upon cultural diversity within the state, and the limits that, in turn, ideals of global community place upon the self-determination of political communities. This book will be of interest to students of political theory, philosophy and international relations.

The Politics of Belonging in India

belonging. Daniel. J. Rycroft. and. Sangeeta. Dasgupta. Concept of Adivasi
Subjectivity is a central and commonplace analytical theme in the humanities and
the social sciences (see Werbner 2002). Studies of subjectivity enable the
grounds ...

Author: Daniel J. Rycroft

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136791159

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 315

Since the 1990s, the Indigenous movement worldwide has become increasingly relevant to research in India, re-shaping the terms of engagement with Adivasi (Indigenous/tribal) peoples and their pasts. This book responds to the growing need for an inter-disciplinary re-assessment of Tribal studies in postcolonial India and defines a new agenda for Adivasi studies. It considers the existing conceptual and historical parameters of Tribal studies, as a means of addressing new approaches to histories of de-colonization and patterns of identity-formation that have become visible since national independence. Contributors address a number of important concerns, including the meaning of Indigenous studies in the context of globalised academic and political imaginaries, and the possibilities and pitfalls of constructions of indigeneity as both a foundational and a relational concept. A series of short editorial essays provide theoretical clarity to issues of representation, resistance, agency, recognition and marginality. The book is an essential read for students and scholars of Indian Sociology, Anthropology, History, Cultural Studies and Indigenous studies.