Birth Skills

Her attitude to birth preparation includes seeing it as part of life in general,
incorporating our own individual life skills as well as the newly learnt birth skills
into one big whole. Juju writes as though she is speaking to you in her classes
and ...

Author: Juju Sundin

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448118077

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 335

The most anticipated part of pregnancy is giving birth; yet most pregnancy books devote only a chapter or two to this miraculous event and the physical discomfort that accompanies it. Uniquely, Birth Skills concentrates solely on helping you, and your partner, manage the pain of childbirth - from the first contraction, throughout the labour to the actual birth itself. Written by leading obstetric physiotherapist Juju Sundin, with Sarah Murdoch providing a mother's point of view, this wonderful book tells you exactly how your body works in labour and clearly explains how you can use movement, breathing, vocalisation, visualisation and many other easy-to-follow techniques to alleviate pain. Juju and Sarah's sound advice makes Birth Skills an invaluable guide for all expectant parents.

Evidence and Skills for Normal Labour and Birth

midwife's information about home birth. The fact that homebirth is such a
marginalised choicein current maternity services meansthat many midwives may
neverhave the opportunity toattend them andthishas clear implications
fortheirskills and ...

Author: Denis Walsh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136598413

Category: Medical

Page: 206

View: 144

Evidence-based care is a well established principle in contemporary healthcare and a worldwide health care movement. However, despite the emphasis on promoting evidence-based or effective care without the unnecessary use of technologies and drugs, intervention rates in childbirth continue to rise rapidly. This new edition emphasises the importance of translating evidence into skilful practice. It updates the evidence around what works best for normal birth, aspects of which still remain hidden and ignored by some maternity care professionals. Beginning with the decision about where to have a baby, through all the phases of labour to the immediate post-birth period, it systematically details research and other evidence sources that endorse a low intervention approach. The second edition: has been expanded with new chapters on Preparation for Childbirth and Waterbirth highlights where the evidence is compelling discusses its application where women question its relevance to them and where the practitioner's expertise leads them to challenge it gives background and context before discussing the research to date includes questions for reflection, skills sections and practice recommendations generated from the evidence. Using evidence drawn from a variety of sources, Evidence and Skills for Normal Labour and Birth critiques institutionalised, scientifically managed birth and endorses a more humane midwifery-led model. Packed with up-to-date and relevant information, this text will help all students, practising midwives and doulas keep abreast of the evidence surrounding normal birth and ensure their practice takes full advantage of it.

Juju Sundin s Birth Skills with Sarah Murdoch

In birth skills, obstetric physiotherapist and Australia's leading expert in advanced labour pain-management, Juju Sundin shares the techniques she has pioneered over her 30 year career.

Author: Juju Sundin

Publisher: Blake Education

ISBN: 9781741750973

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 271

View: 706

Every pregnant woman's essential, step-by-step guide to taking charge of their labour and birth by Australia's leading expert in advanced labour pain management with her best-known client, Sarah Murdoch.

Birth Emergency Skills Training

Retained Placenta Recent research shows that most placentas separate from the
uterine wall within 1 min after the birth of the infant and deliver within an average
of 8–9 min. The risk of PPH doubles if third stage lasts more than 10 min.

Author: Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg

Publisher: Synclitic Press

ISBN: 097900201X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 365

View: 306

"Birth Emergency Skills Training is the interface between the world of midwifery and the world of medicine. It carries the reader from the initial steps of intervention through definitive care, balancing a friendly tone and visual appeal with authoritative and clinically useful information. It is loaded with mnemonics and other aids to understanding and is richly illustrated by the author.

Evidence based Care for Normal Labour and Birth

The fact that home birth is such a marginalised choice in current maternity
services means that many midwives may never have the opportunity to attend a
home birth, and this has clear implications for their skills and experience. These
are ...

Author: Denis Walsh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113411267X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 200

View: 311

Evidence-based care is a well established principle in contemporary healthcare and a world wide health care movement. However, despite the emphasis on promoting evidence-based or effective care without the unnecessary use of technologies and drugs, intervention rates in childbirth are rising rapidly. Evidence-based Care for Normal Labour and Birth brings to light much of the evidence around what works best for normal birth which has, until now, remained largely hidden and ignored by maternity care professionals. Beginning with the decision about where to have a baby, through all the phases of labour to the immediate post-birth period, it systematically details research and other evidence sources that endorse a low intervention approach. The book: highlights where the evidence is compelling discusses its application where women question its relevance to them and where the practitioner's expertise leads them to challenge it gives background and context before discussing the research to date includes questions for reflection and practice recommendations generated from the evidence. Using research data, Evidence-based Care for Normal Labour and Birth critiques institutionalised, scientifically managed birth and endorses a more humane midwifery-led model. Packed with up-to-date and relevant information, this controversial book will help all students, practising midwives and doulas keep abreast of the evidence surrounding normal birth and ensure their practice takes full advantage of it.

Birthing Autonomy

Birth is also about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who
trust themselves and know their inner strength.1 I ... obstetric beliefs and
practices prevent women and midwives from developing their own knowledges
and skills.

Author: Nadine Edwards

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134258836

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 310

View: 203

Birthing Autonomy brings some balance to the difficult arguments that arise from debates about home births, and focuses on women’s views and their experiences of planning home births. It provides an in-depth exploration of how women make decisions about home births and what aspects matter most to them. Comparing how differently the pros and cons of home births are constructed and contemplated by mothers and by the medical profession, the book looks at how current obstetric thinking and practices can disempower and harm women emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. Written in an accessible style, this book is enlightening for student and practicing midwives and obstetricians, as well as researchers and students of nursing, medical sociology, health studies, gender studies, feminist practitioners and theorists. It will also be invaluable to expectant mothers who want to be more informed about the choices they are facing and the wider context within which their birth options are considered.

Advancing Skills in Midwifery Practice E Book

This includes being familiar with the current evidence and re-developing the
skills midwives once had to facilitate vaginal breech births at term where there
are no contraindications. However, it is imperative that such skills are seen as
part of ...

Author: Jayne E. Marshall

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702042625

Category: Medical

Page: 204

View: 667

Advancing Skills in Midwifery Practice provides a guide to continuing professional development needs and meeting the latest Post-Registration and Practice (PREP) requirements. Building on Skills for Midwifery Practice by Ruth Johnson and Wendy Taylor, this book follows a similar format already familiar to many midwives. Whilst aimed primarily at registered midwives, the principles and philosophy apply across interprofessional boundaries. Grounded in safe practice and on contemporary evidence, this book also ensures that the health and wellbeing of the mother, baby and family remain at the forefront of care. Lists underpinning practices and guidelines Rationale, including indications and contraindications of when the skill should be undertaken Procedure: how the skill is performed, evaluated and documented Professional responsibilities Key practice points References and further reading

Skills for Midwifery Practice

Born before arrival (BBA) When unplanned births occur at home the midwife may
be called after the ambulance service. ... A range of new and existing skills are
utilised; maintenance of skills such as resuscitation and emergency drills is ...

Author: Ruth Johnson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702044253

Category: Medical

Page: 432

View: 672

This title is now out of print. A new version with e-book is available under ISBN 9780702044809. This highly acclaimed step-by-step guide provides the relevant physiology, available evidence and rationale for each clinical skill. In a highly readable format, 'Skills for Midwifery Practice' offers self-assessment and short summaries, as well as detailed instruction on achieving a range of clinical skills. Tells you everything you need to know about: Abdominal examination Assessment of maternal and neonatal vital signs Infection control Hygiene needs Elimination management Drug administration Intrapartum and other related childbearing skills Assessment of the baby Infant nutrition Phlebotomy and intravenous therapy Moving and handling Perioperative skills Wound management Restricted mobility management Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the woman and baby An essential midwifery textbook that covers the fundamental practical tasks required of the student Clear layout ensures easy access to information Highly illustrated to aid understanding Designed to improve competency when delivering basic skills Expanded chapter on the skills used during the first stage of labour Application of national guideline for the management of care Postnatal examination Discussion of the use of infrared touch/non-touch thermometry techniques Specific information on locating pulse sites More on SATS monitoring Increased information on the skills for the second stage of labour, infant feeding and daily examination of the baby Greater reference to infection control protocols and the reduction of hospital-acquired infections.

Becoming a Midwife

I remember driving home after the birth, feeling proud and elated that I
hadfacilitated a birth that Iam surewould have ... resistance tothebiomedical
model andthe steady accumulation of physiological birth skills within the relative
privacy of the ...

Author: Rosemary Mander

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135107602

Category: Medical

Page: 192

View: 583

What is the reality of being a midwife in the twenty-first century? What is it like to help and support women throughout pregnancy and childbirth and into motherhood? What roles can midwives play in society? This new edition of the popular text, Becoming a Midwife, explores what it is to be a midwife, looking at the factors that make midwifery such a special profession, as well as some of the challenges. The fully updated chapters cover a variety of settings and several different stages in a woman’s pregnancy, including stories from midwives working in hospitals and in the community, as managers, supervisors and educators, and as men, women, mothers and birth activists. All chapters are narrated by contributors who introduce their own theme, recount a vignette that throws light on their understandings of midwifery and reasons for becoming (or not becoming) a midwife and any subsequent career moves. Backed up by commentaries and drawing together these insights, the editors show what it means to be a midwife today. Suitable for those contemplating a career in midwifery and providing an opportunity for reflection for more experienced midwives, this thought-provoking book is an invaluable contribution to midwifery.

Play from Birth to Twelve

She has been studying late adolescent girls' perceptions of gender discrimination
, and their coping skills with discrimination, with an emphasis on intersectionality.
Through it all, she has discovered that the key to stress reduction is one ...

Author: Doris Pronin Fromberg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136080023

Category: Education

Page: 480

View: 995

In light of recent standards-based and testing movements, the issue of play in childhood has taken on increased meaning for educational professionals and social scientists. This second edition of Play From Birth to Twelve offers comprehensive coverage of what we now know about play, its guiding principles, its dynamics and importance in early learning. These up-to-date essays, written by some of the most distinguished experts in the field, help students explore: all aspects of play, including new approaches not yet covered in the literature how teachers in various classroom situations set up and guide play to facilitate learning how play is affected by societal violence, media reportage, technological innovations and other contemporary issues which areas of play have been studied adequately and which require further research.

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Another important phenomenon has to do with the ignition of the system at birth.
As mentioned in Chapter Five, there is an ignition of the fluid system at birth.
When the umbilical cord ... the mid-tide, or even to the. 381 Trauma and Trauma
Skills ||

Author: Franklyn Sills

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1556433549

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 453

View: 541

Craniosacral therapy is based on the belief that functions of the human system are maintained and integrated by a biodynamic force known as 'primary respiration, ' or the breath of life. Found in the brain, spinal cord, and bodily fluids, this rhythmic pulse promotes healing and health. Written for students and practitioners but accessible to lay readers, this text presents the fundamental concepts and techniques of a method that redirects the cerebrospinal fluid to areas of imbalance, thus enhancing overall health. Volume One covers both the history and conceptual ideas fundamental to Craniosacral Biodynamics, as well as the more complex structural and tissue relationships.

Skills in Religious Studies

However , the teachings of Buddhism say that birth brings suffering and
imperfection - all life is suffering and imperfect . From this point of view birth is
therefore not really something to celebrate , although many Buddhists will hold a
family ...

Author: S. C. Mercier

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435302054

Category: Religion

Page: 96

View: 813

Dealing with rites of passage, this is one of three books which constitute an RE course for lower-secondary pupils. This revised edition matches the Locally Agreed Syllabuses and SCAA Models, and is designed to introduce the nature of religious belief and to encourage a greater knowledge and understanding of the six major religions. The three books are organized by religion, and non-specialist teachers are helped by the combination of detailed coverage and self-contained spreads.

Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E Book

... Children, and Adolescents Skills Performance Checklists Chapter 6 Skill 6-1
Assisting with an Emergency Birth Skill 6-2 Determining Fetal Heart Rate Skill 6-3
External Electronic Fetal Monitoring Skill6-4 Testing for the Presence of Amniotic

Author: Gloria Leifer

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323293581

Category: Medical

Page: 864

View: 786

Part of the popular LPN Threads series, Introduction to Maternity ; Pediatric Nursing provides a solid foundation in obstetrics and pediatric nursing. An easy-to-follow organization by developmental stages, discussion of disorders by body system from simple-to-complex and health-to-illness, and a focus on family health make it a complete guide to caring for maternity and pediatric patients. Written in a clear, concise style by Gloria Leifer, MA, RN, this edition reflects the current NCLEX test plan with additional material on safety, health promotion, nutrition, and related psychosocial care. "... provides clinical information and insights in a concise, structured and informative way that encourages critical thinking." Reviewed by Kim Shrieves on behalf of Nursing Times, April 2015 Concise, yet comprehensive, content is presented within the scope of practice for the LVN/LPN, but with sufficient depth to facilitate students in a ladder program allowing them to be successful with the ADN program requirements for the specialties. Step-by-step procedure lists throughout the text help you master important maternity and pediatric nursing processes with Skills Performance Checklists available on the Evolve website. Nursing Care Plans with Critical Thinking Questions reinforce the nursing process and strengthen problem-solving skills as applied to maternity nursing. Logical organization of content from simple-to-complex and health-to-illness makes locating and accessing information easy. Key terms with phonetic pronunciations and text page references help improve terminology and language skills of English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students and students with limited proficiency in English, before they enter clinical practice. Health Promotion boxes emphasize the importance of family-centered care, health promotion and illness prevention, women’s health issues, and growth and development of child and parent to help you understand and teach wellness and disease prevention to patients in your care. Nutrition content highlights the importance of proper nutrition for women before, during, and after pregnancy (for those who are breastfeeding), as well as critical information about the nutrition needs and problems of newborns, infants, and children. Nursing Tips throughout provide pertinent information applicable in the clinical setting that reinforces what you have just learned while building on previously learned information. NEW! Unfolding case studies with illustrations follow first-time parents Tess and Luis throughout the stages of pregnancy and birth of their twins, with a series of critical thinking questions. NEW! Updated NCLEX exam-style review questions have been revised to a higher cognitive level to better reflect the NCLEX examination. NEW! Expanded coverage of bioterrorism and natural disasters better reflects the evolving role of the nurse in disaster situations. NEW! Enhanced appendix includes Pediatric Lab Values for quick and easy reference.

Understanding Human Behavior

port them during labor and birth , such as the father of the baby , the woman's
mother , a sister , a close friend , or a partner . ... in hospitals , but simply routine
prenatal care and the presence , at the birth , of an attendant with birthing skills .

Author: Tessie J. Rodriquez

Publisher: Rex Bookstore, Inc.

ISBN: 9789712352447


Page: 298

View: 206

Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants E Book

Birth to 3 mo Interferes with exploration of objects and head control Sucking/
swallowing P: Supine S: Light touch on oral cavity Closes mouth, sucks, and
swallows. Birth to 2–5 mo Interferes with development of coordination of sucking,

Author: Jean W. Solomon

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323291635

Category: Medical

Page: 644

View: 151

Utilizes a family-centered perspective, using the terminology of the AOTA Practice Framework, which focuses on tailoring the OT approach to meet the needs of children within the context of their own environments. Includes evidence-based content such as clinical trials and outcome studies that demonstrate the basis for OTA best practices. Presents case examples that show how key concepts apply to real-life situations. UNIQUE! Features expert advice and tips from the authors and contributors in highlighted Clinical Pearls boxes. Addresses cultural diversity and sensitivity to introduce you to the wide groups of people that OTAs treat. Incorporates prevention as a role OTA’s have in addition to intervention and treatment. Contains suggested activities in each chapter that help bridge the gap between the classroom and the clinic. Prepares you for the information you’re expected to learn from the chapter with key terms, chapter outlines, and chapter objectives at the beginning of each chapter. Helps you assess and evaluate what you’ve learned with review questions and summaries at the end of each chapter. UNIQUE! Evolve website offers a variety of video clips and learning activities to help reinforce the material you learn in the text. UNIQUE! Demonstrates how concepts apply to practice with video clips on the Evolve website that exhibit pediatric clients involved in a variety of occupational therapy interventions. UNIQUE! Prepares you for new career opportunities with content on emerging practice areas such as community systems. UNIQUE! Offers new assessment and intervention strategies with the addition of content on Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) assessments and physical agent modalities (PAMS). Provides the latest information on current trends and issues such as childhood obesity, documentation, neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), and concepts of elongation.


Midwifery skills with physiological birth might develop best with practice in small
maternity units, whereas a different type of practice is apparent in a consultant
obstetric unit. It seems likely that the midwives' personal beliefs influence their ...

Author: Sally K. Tracy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 072957928X

Category: Medical

Page: 976

View: 882

Midwifery Preparation for Practice 2e is the only text which reflects the historical and socio – political environment in which midwives in Australia and New Zealand practice. In addition, it is the only text which incorporates the philosophy and standards endorsed by New Zealand and Australian Colleges of Midwives while also focusing on the partnership between midwives with women and the woman- centred model of midwifery care. The second edition has built on the existing philosophy and structure of Midwifery: Preparation for Practice, though with a greater emphasis on the development of critical thinking and researching skills. Key chapters have been re-written to reflect recent changes in government legislation while current research and pertinent examples are included throughout the text. This new edition is supported by a comprehensive suite of resources for both Instructors and Students using the Evolve website as a platform. These ancillaries will re-enforce the critical thinking elements for students with interactive case studies and scenario based learning exercises as well as the multiple choice questions. Presents unique philosophy and woman-centered approach in line with the standards set by the ACNM and NZCM Key contributors from Australia and New Zealand Key terms, Chapter Overview, Learning Outcomes and Review Questions included in every chapter. Reflective exercises, Critical thinking exercises and Clinical Scenarios to encourage active student learning 2 new Indigenous chapters highlight key health aspects relevant for Midwives working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and Maori women New chapter on Perineal care and repair Increased coverage of anatomy and physiology Instructor and Student resources on Evolve with a focus on critical thinking – Weblinks, interactive case studies, PowerPoints, additional exercises with questions and answers

Nevirapine and the Quest to End Pediatric AIDS

... birthing skills, they needed drugs she did not have. Then, one day, Hauwa
learned that doctors at the Faith Alive Foundation Clinic in Jos were offering an
AIDS training workshop for traditional birth attendants.2 Nothing was going to
stop ...

Author: Rebecca J. Anderson

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476613842

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 328

View: 136

In 1999, investigators announced that a single dose of nevirapine, a new antiviral drug, could stop the spread of the AIDS virus from infected mothers to their newborn babies. It was a discovery that “changed the face of AIDS globally” but it came at a high price, after years of scientific research, political conflict, social unrest and the loss of many thousands of lives. This book is the historical account of pediatric AIDS from the first reported cases in the early 1980s to the first effective treatments in the 1990s and then to the prevention of HIV infections altogether. It also includes the firsthand accounts and experiences of children infected with HIV, their families and the physicians who treated them, as well as the scientists who sought to understand the virus, discovered nevirapine’s unique properties, and worked tirelessly to get it to the patients who needed it.

Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology E Book

A skilled birth attendant (SBA) is someone with the midwifery skills necessary to
manage normal delivery and ... Skilled birth attendance is the term used for a
skilled birth attendant plus the enabling environment, i.e. the necessary drugs, ...

Author: Andrew Thomson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702054100

Category: Medical

Page: 464

View: 846

Wherever you study or practise obstetrics and gynaecology, a sound knowledge of the clinical aspects will underpin your understanding of the specialty and maximise your ability to make a difference to the care of women and babies. A perfect companion to Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, this new edition continues to provide an excellent grounding and framework for handling clinical problems in obstetrics and gynaecology. Highly illustrated with clear, full-colour line drawings and colour photos. Summary boxes and tables throughout. Key-points boxes at the end of each chapter. The latest information for statistics and genetics. Forward-looking approach to obstetrics and gynaecology. History and ethics boxes throughout. Organized into three sections: Fundamentals, Gynaecology, and Pregnancy and the puerperium. New section on sexual and reproductive health New chapter on surgery to aligned with the RCOG undergrad curriculum Anaesthesia chapter totally reworked. Increased coverage of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. Fully revised and updated throughout.

Joints and Connective Tissues

BIRTH. IN. ANY. SETTING? A historical survey of midwives working in large
hospitals in the United Kingdom asked if the ... (Symon, 1998, p 45) Midwifery
skills with physiological birth might develop best with practice in small maternity
units, ...

Author: Kerryn Phelps

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729582175

Category: Medical

Page: 1280

View: 469

Joints and Connective Tissues - General Practice: The Integrative Approach Series. In order to diagnose and manage the patient presenting with musculoskeletal symptoms, it is important to distinguish whether the pathology is arising primarily in the so-called hard tissues (such as bone) or the soft tissues (such as cartilage, disc, synovium, capsule, muscle, tendon, tendon sheath). It is also important to distinguish between the two most common causes of musculoskeletal symptoms, namely inflammatory and degenerative.

Children s Communication Skills

From Birth to Five Years Belinda Buckley. Summary of Chapter 5 Bilingualism 1
Several definitions of bilingualism have been proposed - a useful one is
Madhani's ( 1994 ) , “ understanding and using two or more languages to varying
degrees ...

Author: Belinda Buckley

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415259941

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 255

View: 277

This book uses a clear format to set out the key stages of communication development in babies and young children.