Breaking and Riding

To ride a difficult horse. 2. To ride in a steeplechase. 3. To ride a trotting match. 4.
To ride a flat race. 5. To be able to break and ride a school horse. Riding a
difficult horse, when it is only a question of remaining on his back, is simply an
affair ...

Author: James Fillis

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803269156

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One of the most important works ever written on dressage, Breaking and Riding is essential reading for the serious dressage enthusiast. In this work, the result of a lifetime spent training horses, James Fillis (1834?1913) clearly explains his theories and methods, starting with the basics of breaking?lungeing, work in hand, and first mounting?and progressing to advanced work, including canter pirouette, tempi changes, piaffe, and passage. Throughout the work, Fillis always returns to his basic principle: The horse must be ?correctly balanced and light in forward movements and propulsion, in order that the rider may obtain the most powerful effects with the least exertion.? Fillis was an apprentice to a student of the legendary trainer Franöois Baucher. In this book, while expressing admiration for Baucher, Fillis also explains in detail the ways in which he believed Baucher was mistaken in some of his methods.

Horsemanship teaching the Art of Manage Riding and Breaking Horses systematically etc

HORSE - BREAKING . The breaking of colts , or young horses , is a task of
importance , and requires great mildness and skill in the Breaker . But too
frequently it is entrusted to those who conceive that the art of breaking consists in
little else ...

Author: Thomas GIBBONS (Miscellaneous Writer.)





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An Everyday Rider s Guide to Practical Breaking

An Everyday Rider's Guide To PRACTICAL BREAKING by "Robbie" Robinson
MA BHSAI Late Yorkshire Riding Centre, Kilmadinny, Pennwood, Priory EC,
Summerdale Racing et al © 2005 R. C. B. Robinson ISBN 978-1-326-06511-9 By
the ...

Author: Robbie Robinson


ISBN: 1326065114

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A down-to-earth guide explaining how to break in a riding horse.

A Method of Breaking Horses and Teaching Soldiers to Ride

vided that the rider's hand correfponds with it ; if it does not , the more the horse is
properly prepared , so much the worse . Instances of this inconvenience of the
best of appui's , when the rider is not equally taught with the horse , may be seen

Author: Henry Herbert Earl of Pembroke



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1596 How to chuse , ride , traine and dyet both hunting and running Horses . ...
1620 The Horsemans Honour , or the beautie of Horsemanship , as the Choise ,
Natures , Breeding , Breaking , Riding , and Dieting , whether outlandish or ...

Author: Robert Weir



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FD Breaking Limits

Acouple of friends and I birthed the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club (ERMC) that
year, and the club has grown to be one of the most outstanding clubs in Nigeria.
We also launched the Riding School, an armofthe club with theaim of bringing ...

Author: Ogbonnaya Kanu

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1504934970

Category: Travel

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In 2012, prompted by the spirit of adventure, Ogbonnaya Kanu set off on his first unaccompanied and longest biking tour, with his faithful 2010 BMW R1200GS, codenamed Blanks, to ride from Lagos, Africa, to Europe and back. Characterized by interesting food stops, peculiar border crossings, different degrees of culture shock, relationships with nature and her elements, and a rather unusual road obstruction, FD, Breaking Limits: Europe is more than just a guide for the adventurous biker. Beautifully written, FD, Breaking Limits: Europe will take readers into the heart and mind of a man as he travels alone on a road less travelled but with his goal always in sight.

Breaking and Dissipation of Ocean Surface Waves

wave field, but unless the waves are swell or forced by very light winds, they
normally do exhibit some breaking (e.g. Rogers et ... A riding wave removal (
RWR) procedure (Schulz, 2009) was used to identify the periods of the breaking

Author: Alexander Babanin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139502727

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Wave breaking represents one of the most interesting and challenging problems for fluid mechanics and physical oceanography. Over the last 15 years our understanding has undergone a dramatic leap forward, and wave breaking has emerged as a process whose physics is clarified and quantified. Ocean wave breaking plays the primary role in the air-sea exchange of momentum, mass and heat, and it is of significant importance for ocean remote sensing, coastal and ocean engineering, navigation and other practical applications. This book outlines the state of the art in our understanding of wave breaking and presents the main outstanding problems. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in this topic: researchers, modellers, forecasters, engineers and graduate students in physical oceanography, meteorology and ocean engineering.

Breaking Wind

y older brother regained an interest in bicycles in his forties, and often talked
about riding across the country. This came from a guy who never rode a bike
more than 50 miles in one day until he rode down the Oregon coast at the age of

Author: Don Ellington


ISBN: 0557054214


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An average guy takes up cycling. As the miles accumulate, he decides to ride from Mexico to Canada for the adventure. Ironically, it was a year after I started my ride that I realized I was riding across the country. I found a way to accomplish the trip while balancing my time away from work and family, as well as riding with the wind at my back more times than not.

A Grammar of the Dialect of Windhill in the West Riding of Yorkshire

3. a brek am brekin av brokn av bin brekin Present I break I am breaking I have
broken I have been break&ng a brak a we brekin ad brokn ad bin brekin Preterite
| I broke I was breaking I had broken I had been breaking as brek as bí brekin as

Author: Joseph Wright



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Ring riding

Being a Collection of Movements and Commands Designed for the Use of Riding
-schools and Riding-clubs Henry W. Struss. As soon as all are in file , the lead
will resume the regular gait . Plate 27 . — To break off from the inside flank ...

Author: Henry W. Struss



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Journal of the United States Cavalry Association

You must not , therefore , consider it a stricture upon the riding instructions if I
point out one more error into which one is apt to ... Why should a rider , wbo later
on is to break horses , practice on a trained horse things which he has to teach
an ...




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Horsemanship or the art of riding and managing a horse With instructions for breaking in colts and young horses


Author: Mervyn Richardson





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Breaking the Playboy s Rules

Harry came to collect her, instructed her to change into jeans and borrow
Sophie's riding boots and drove her to some stables on the edge of town. He led
her to the saddling yard where two horses were standing, waiting for riders. 'We'
re not ...

Author: Emily Forbes

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460307453

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The emptiness of the Outback couldn’t be more different to London, yet isolation and solitude is just what heartbroken nurse Emma Matheson needs from her Australian escape. But flying medic (and notorious ladies’ man!) Harry Connor can’t put his undeniable attraction to Emma on autopilot. The chemistry between them is hotter than the Australian sun, and as their feelings grow stronger, Harry finds that he’s not following procedures….

The Queen s King s regulations and orders for the army With Amendments

At inspections officers are to ride as a class . 89 . The following fees to riding -
masters in the cavalry , Ridingfor instruction in riding , and for the breaking - in of
horses , masters ? are to be paid by officers ( the Household troops excepted )
fees ...

Author: War office





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Illustrated Horse Breaking

A most useful and practical book on side-saddle riding, which may be read with
real interest by all lady riders. ... she wrote in our columns about riding without
reins, even over stiff jumps, on a mount only broken for a lady ten minutes before.

Author: Matthew Horace Hayes



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This manual contains illustrations and directions on how to jump, properly mount and condition your horse.

Breaking Free

As Jesus entered into Jerusalem, riding on that donkey the city was moved,
saying who is this? Traditionally riding on the donkey marked the official entry of
Israel's Kings. I loved the fact that he came riding on a donkey on which no one
had ...

Author: Latina Teele

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490837957

Category: Religion


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“If the Son therefore shall make ye free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). Unfortunately, many of the emancipated people of God live well beneath their freedom and privileges, because they do not understand how to walk in the liberty to which they have been called. Can you imagine being totally free? Just begin to really imagine all the hurt and bondage gone—free from doubt, fear, and shame. God’s will for his people is to be free. Today’s church is filled with people professing that they are free, but the truth of the matter is that they are bound. It is high time to break free from every captivity: to be loosed even from yourself. Roman 6:22 reveals that, having been set free from sin and having become slaves of God, you have your fruit to holiness and everlasting life. This book will lead you into everlasting life and a free life here on earth. It is time to walk in your freedom. You will discover in this book who or what controls you and enslaves you to the point that you are living in bondage and not freedom in Christ Jesus. Once you identify it, then take action and deal with your pharaoh!

Riding and Driving

I once had a most inveterate kicker in single harness , which would go as quietly
as possible in double ; and I have had several bad jibbers which never showed
that tendency for some time after breaking . When the horse is first put in single ...

Author: John Henry Walsh



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The Queen s King s regulations and orders for the army 1868 2 eds 73 81 2 issues

The following fees to riding - masters in the cavalry , Riding - masters for
instruction in riding , and for the breaking - in of horses , are fees . to be paid by
officers on joining ( the Household troops excepted ) , viz . :£ 8 . d . For instruction
in riding ...

Author: War office





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Oscar R Gleason s Practical Treatise on the Breaking and Taming of Wild and Vicious Horses

How do you make your single riding bridle ? Answer . Take strap eight feet long ;
place the ... This bridle is simple and useful , handy to ride a horse to pasture , or
to exercise horses with . Question . How do you teach a horse to lie down at the ...

Author: Oscar Rudolph Gleason



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The Queen s Regulations and Orders for the Army First of December 1859 Pocket Edition By Authority

During the above period regiments are to be broken up into riding squads ;
trained officers attending all riding drills with their troops , and the young officers ,
not dismissed drill , attending with the recruit squads of their respective troops .

Author: Great Britain. Army




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