Why Keep Them Alive

At the same time , absolutely not trying to figure in the sorrow or heartbreak
because it has no value , there is a formidable dollar loss in human lives . You
have to bury folks and you know those morticians . You have to take care of their

Author: Paul De Kruif



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This book is the author's appeal for free sharing of scientific discoveries to combat childhood mortality, which the author views as a direct result of poverty.

Contemporary China

His interrogators told him, “If the leaders give us the order, it will take us only one
night to arrest the two hundred intellectuals who represent a threat and half an
hour to bury them alive.” Every literate Chinese is familiar with the story of Qin Shi

Author: François Godement

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442225394

Category: Political Science

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This overview of Chinese politics, economy, and society by a respected international scholar provides a thoughtful synthesis and brilliant analysis of today’s China.

Strange Survivals

King Siggeir called together his men, and they closed round Sigmund and his
son and took them alive. Then the King of Gothland declared he would bury them
alive. Accordingly he ordered his men to erect large stones set on end, and to ...

Author: S. Baring-Gould

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3752348275

Category: Fiction

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Reproduction of the original: Strange Survivals by S. Baring-Gould

Spirituality in Recovery

When we bury our feelings with mood - altering chemicals , we do not bury them
dead ; rather , we bury them alive and they continue to exist inside us , gnawing
away at our self - esteem . When we bury our feelings with mood altering ...

Author: Paul Barton Doyle


ISBN: 9780939298372

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Geomancer s Mysterious Tales

are considered to have ended, but how should I deal with him? The little slut
noticed that there were many deep and shallow pits in the forest, so he fiercely
said, "If that doesn't work, then bury him alive. Keeping him alive is also a disaster

Author: Niu ZaiXiBu

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 1649759908

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My master is a Daoist, but he has the benevolence of a Buddha. I caught demons, but I cannot go through evil and evil. For the rest of my life, I have struggled with the heavens and earth, with the spirits of men. Terrifying wax boy, evil serpent rat dragon head, strange blood enemy twin fiends. They sprinkled darkness and nightmares over this land, I want to fight against them, because I'm Chen Xiliang, the disciple of the old smoke ghost, I'm the absolute Yin and Yang feng water master!

Ground Path and Fruition

My father passed away a long time ago, and after he passed away it was okay to
bury him: while he was alive, though, I had to do everything in my capacity to
keep him alive. I have the same approach to our lineage: while it is alive we must
do ...

Author: Tai Situpa

Publisher: Palpung Publications

ISBN: 1877294357



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It s Alive

I read that the Egyptians used to bind some criminals hand and foot and bury
them alive . When their blood turned to water after death , it flowed into their
extremities , stretched their arms to gorilla length and swelled their hands , feet ,
and ...

Author: Gregory W. Mank

Publisher: Oak Tree Publications


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Celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Frankenstein film by examining Universal Studios' series of Frankenstein movies, the horror films, the series spawned, and the actors who portrayed the monster

The Edinburgh Encyclop dia Conducted by David Brewster with the Assistance of Gentlemen Eminent in Science and Literature

They do the desert , or bury them alive . ” Should there be no exagso , and he
merely enjoins them to act as is customary , and geration here , the barbarity of
these savages is greater so to inform the mother . On their return , she is told to
than ...




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Bury Them Alive

When James "Reggie" and Carol Sumner moved to Jacksonville, Florida for their retirement, they had visions of good health and happiness.

Author: Jessica Winston

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781536962505


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When James "Reggie" and Carol Sumner moved to Jacksonville, Florida for their retirement, they had visions of good health and happiness. They never thought that their overnight invitation to long-time South Carolina neighbor, Tiffany Cole, would end up the way it did; With the Sumner couple being buried alive.

Christian Crusade

That's easy to answer - it was made for a dead man . " " You're wrong , " he
replied . " That casket was made for a living man ! " I paused by the door . " You
mean you bury them alive around here ? ” I said sarcastically . " Not at all , ”
Johnny ...




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Indian Literature

The witchdoctor asked his brother to bury him too , and not daring to defy him ,
the younger brother again put the child in a pot and buried him alive at the
riverbank . Thus , bowing to the witchdoctor ' s will , when the third baby boy was
buried ...




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Chinese Sociology and Anthropology

Shall I tell him of the bad news ? Maybe they will collapse when I tell them the
bad news . " Finally , she made up her mind and told Wu - ch'ou and his family
about Feng Shou - heng's plan to bury them alive . Upon hearing the news , Wu ...




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Animals in the Service of Man 10 000 Years of Domestication

Throughout a large part of Central Europe , Germany and Flanders it was
customary during Lent to kill and bury as many cats as possible , or to bury them
alive . During the festival of Easter , in the Vosges mountains and in Alsace
generally ...

Author: Edward Hyams

Publisher: J.M. Dent & Sons


Category: Domestic animals

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"This book is a fascinating history of association of animals with man. It discusses various theories of how, from being a mere hunter of animals for meat and hides, bone and horn, man became a stock-breeder and herdsman controlling, using and slowly transforming a number of species. The use of insects, fur animals, fish and snails in the human economy is also discussed"--Taken from CAB Direct website.

Asian Culture Quarterly

Workers : Some of them are still alive ! Physician : Then you are a necromancer .
Physician : ( hestitates for a while ) What can I do ? I have no medicine . . . not
even enough clean water to wash their wounds . It is more merciful to bury them ...




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A Day in Spring

with it . But , because I hadn ' t , I just hissed at him : " You dead man ' s croaker ,
have you taken to burying folks alive ? ' Martin looked at me from under his brow ,
spat , and then he said , cold as ice : ' Over there they do bury them alive , too .

Author: Ciril Kosmac



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Alive and Well

SELF - CARE Exercise Tips 1 Select activities you enjoy ( see chart for choices ) ,
and do them with someone else if you like . ... up at the doctor , Tripp came to the
macabre conclusion that the doctor was an undertaker about to bury him alive .

Author: Arlene Eisenberg

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages


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American Opinion

The President announced , “ If the people say we should burn them alive , we
shall burn demanding money . Presumably it kept them alive . If the people say
they should them out of worse mischief . be buried alive , we shall bury them alive




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Envoy to New Worlds

Miss Meubl opened her mouth , then closed it . " How did they die ? " Retief
snapped . “ Did you cut their throats , shoot them , bury them alive ? What
amusing end did you figure out for them ? Research , maybe . Cut them open to
see what ...

Author: Keith Laumer



Category: Science fiction

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With two young men , both high - school graduates and one of them ( N ) a
teacher , I was discussing a report from the official in charge of ... They get a dog ,
bury it alive except for the head , and after two or three days put meat near it .




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Flight from Yesterday

Tell me , Shluh , what happened to those six Terrestrials after the parade was
over ? ” Fith made ... Miss Meuhl opened her mouth , then closed it . “ How did
they die ? ” Retief snapped . “ Did you cut their throats , shoot them , bury them
alive ?

Author: Robert Moore Williams



Category: Science fiction, American

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