Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World

This collaborative volume is concerned with long-term social change.

Author: Michael J. Rowlands

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521251037

Category: History

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This collaborative volume is concerned with long-term social change. Envisaging individual societies as interlinked and interdependent parts of a global social system, the aim of the contributors is to determine the extent to which ancient societies were shaped over time by their incorporation in - or resistance to - the larger system. Their particular concern is the dependent relationship between technically and socially more developed societies with a strong state ideology at the centre and the simpler societies that functioned principally as sources of raw materials and manpower on the periphery of the system. The papers in the first part of the book are all concerned with political developments in the Ancient Near East and the notion of a regional system as a framework for analysis. Part 2 examines the problems of conceptualising local societies as discrete centres of development in the context of both the Near East and prehistoric Europe during the second millennium BC. Part 3 then presents a comprehensive analytical study of the Roman Empire as a single system showing how its component parts often relate to each other in uneven, even contradictory, ways.

Centre and Periphery

In Centre and periphery in the ancient world, M.Rowlands, M.Larsen & K.
Kristiansen (eds), 47–56. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Mann, M.
1986. The sources ofsocial power: a history ofpowerfrom the beginning to AD

Author: Tim Champion

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134806795

Category: Social Science

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There has recently been much interest among geographers, historians and political theorists in concepts of centre and periphery. In this book a wide range of studies consider how such concepts can be used to clarify our understanding of pre-capitalist societies.

The World System

... across ancient Eurasia and their effects “within” all the ancient empires.
Nonetheless, much of the work so far remains either civilizational or comparative
civilizational in scope and conception. The leap to applying center-periphery and
world ...

Author: Barry Gills

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136187960

Category: History

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The historic long term economic interconnections of the world are now universally accepted. The idea of the economic 'world system' advanced by Immanuel Wallerstein has set the period of linkage in the early modern period but Andre Gunder Frank and Barry K. Gills think that this date is much too late. They argue an interconnection going back as much as 5000 years. In The World System, leading academics examine this issue, in a debate contributed to by William H. McNeill and Immanuel Wallerstein among others.

Centre and Periphery in the Hellenistic World

Centre & Periphery in the Hellenistic World

Author: Per Bilde

Publisher: Studies in Hellenistic Civilisation Series


Category: History

Page: 357

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Centre & Periphery in the Hellenistic World

Archaeologies of Colonialism

Consumption, Entanglement, and Violence in Ancient Mediterranean France
Michael Dietler. Rowlands, M. J., M. T. Larsen, and K. Kristiansen (editors) 1987
Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World. Cambridge University Press,

Author: Michael Dietler

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520947940

Category: Social Science

Page: 480

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This book presents a theoretically informed, up-to-date study of interactions between indigenous peoples of Mediterranean France and Etruscan, Greek, and Roman colonists during the first millennium BC. Analyzing archaeological data and ancient texts, Michael Dietler explores these colonial encounters over six centuries, focusing on material culture, urban landscapes, economic practices, and forms of violence. He shows how selective consumption linked native societies and colonists and created transformative relationships for each. Archaeologies of Colonialism also examines the role these ancient encounters played in the formation of modern European identity, colonial ideology, and practices, enumerating the problems for archaeologists attempting to re-examine these past societies.

Profumi d Arabia

... The Ancient Economy , Transferable Technologies and the Bronze Age World -
System : a View from the Northeastern Frontier of the Ancient Near East , in M .
ROWLANDS , M . LARSEN and K . KRISTIANSEN , Centre and Periphery in the ...

Author: Alessandra Avanzini


ISBN: 9788870629750

Category: History

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English summary: The names, origins, and by ways in the west, and the uses and 'imaginary' symbolism that has for centuries distinguished the commerce in incense, cinnamon, and myrrh from the far away regions of the orient to the merchant's stalls of the Greeks and Romans. This is an ideal journey through the centuries of classical antiquity following the caravan routes, legends and the Levantine enchantment that instill an atmosphere of dreams around the commercial and cultural exchanges between the Orient and Occident, prior to the advent of the great Islamic civilization. Italian description: I nomi, le origini, le vie di penetrazione in Occidente, gli usi e il simbolismo immaginario che ha contraddistinto per secoli il commercio di incenso, cinnamomo, mirra dalle lontane plaghe d'Oriente ai banchi dei mercati greci e romani. Un viaggio ideale nei secoli dell'antichita classica al seguito di vie carovaniere, di leggende e magie levantine che infondono un'atmosfera di sogno agli scambi commerciali e culturali tra Oriente ed Occidente, prima dell'avvento della grande civilta islamica.

The Mediterranean Context of Early Greek History

Paris: Klincksieck. Larsen, M. 1987. “Commercial Networks in the Ancient Near
East.” In Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World, edited by M. Rowlands, M.
Larsen, and K. Kristiansen. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press,

Author: Nancy H. Demand

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444342347

Category: History

Page: 328

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The Mediterranean Context of Early Greek History reveals the role of the complex interaction of Mediterranean seafaring and maritime connections in the development of the ancient Greek city-states. Offers fascinating insights into the origins of urbanization in the ancient Mediterranean, including the Greek city-state Based on the most recent research on the ancient Mediterranean Features a novel approach to theories of civilization change - foregoing the traditional isolationists model of development in favor of a maritime based network Argues for cultural interactions set in motion by exchange and trade by sea


Hedeager, L. 'Empire, Frontier and the Barbarian Hinterland: Rome and Northern
Europe from A.D. 1–400', in Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World, edited by
Michael Rowlands, Møgens Trolle Larsen, and Kristian Kristiansen, 125–40.

Author: Greg Woolf

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199972176

Category: History

Page: 384

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The very idea of empire was created in ancient Rome and even today traces of its monuments, literature, and institutions can be found across Europe, the Near East, and North Africa--and sometimes even further afield. In Rome, historian Greg Woolf expertly recounts how this mammoth empire was created, how it was sustained in crisis, and how it shaped the world of its rulers and subjects--a story spanning a millennium and a half of history. The personalities and events of Roman history have become part of the West's cultural lexicon, and Woolf provides brilliant retellings of each of these, from the war with Carthage to Octavian's victory over Cleopatra, from the height of territorial expansion under the emperors Trajan and Hadrian to the founding of Constantinople and the barbarian invasions which resulted in Rome's ultimate collapse. Throughout, Woolf carefully considers the conditions that made Rome's success possible and so durable, covering topics as diverse as ecology, slavery, and religion. Woolf also compares Rome to other ancient empires and to its many later imitators, bringing into vivid relief the Empire's most distinctive and enduring features. As Woolf demonstrates, nobody ever planned to create a state that would last more than a millennium and a half, yet Rome was able, in the end, to survive barbarian migrations, economic collapse and even the conflicts between a series of world religions that had grown up within its borders, in the process generating an image and a myth of empire that is apparently indestructible. Based on new research and compellingly told, this sweeping account promises to eclipse all previously published histories of the empire.

The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity

“Empire, Frontier, and the Barbarian Hinterland: Rome and Northern Europe from
A.D. 1–400.” In Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World, ed. M. Rowlands, K.
Larsen, and K. Kristiansen, 125–140. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Author: Scott Fitzgerald Johnson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199996334

Category: History

Page: 1296

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The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity offers an innovative overview of a period (c. 300-700 CE) that has become increasingly central to scholarly debates over the history of western and Middle Eastern civilizations. This volume covers such pivotal events as the fall of Rome, the rise of Christianity, the origins of Islam, and the early formation of Byzantium and the European Middle Ages. These events are set in the context of widespread literary, artistic, cultural, and religious change during the period. The geographical scope of this Handbook is unparalleled among comparable surveys of Late Antiquity; Arabia, Egypt, Central Asia, and the Balkans all receive dedicated treatments, while the scope extends to the western kingdoms, and North Africa in the West. Furthermore, from economic theory and slavery to Greek and Latin poetry, Syriac and Coptic literature, sites of religious devotion, and many others, this Handbook covers a wide range of topics that will appeal to scholars from a diverse array of disciplines. The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity engages the perennially valuable questions about the end of the ancient world and the beginning of the medieval, while providing a much-needed touchstone for the study of Late Antiquity itself.

Exploring the Longue Dur e

1975 Kohl , P . 1987 The Ancient Economy , Transferable Technologies and the
Bronze Age World - system : A View from the Northeastern Frontier of the Ancient
Near East . In Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World , ed . M . Rowlands , M ...

Author: J. David Schloen



Category: Religion

Page: 538

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Commerce and Colonization in the Ancient Near East

Wallerstein's centre-periphery concept demonstrates that social exploitation is
not exclusive to modern States. The underdevelopment of the peripheral or
satellite areas of the ancient world would not be the result of certain archaic
social ...

Author: Maria Eugenia Aubet

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521514177

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 414

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"In this analysis, the roots of the Phoenician colonial system are traced and the metropolis of Tyre is established as the final link in a chain of experiences in the ancient Near East"--

Globalization and Economy

Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World . Cambridge : Cambridge Univ . Press
, 13–24 . Kohl , Philip L. ( 1989 ) . " The Use and Abuse of World Systems Theory
: The Case of the ' Pristine ' West Asian State , ' In . C. C. Lamberg - Karlovsky ...

Author: Paul James

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

ISBN: 9781412919524

Category: Political Science

Page: 1832

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Central Currents in Globalization is an integrated collection of four multi-volume sets that represent the systematic mapping of globalization studies. The series sets out the contours of a field that now crosses the boundaries of all the older disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. The result is a gold-standard collection of over 320 of the most important writings on globalization, structured around four interrelated themes: Violence; Economy; Culture; and Politics. The series editor, Paul James (RMIT, Australia), is joined by sixteen internationally-renowned co-editors from around the globe who bring their subject expertise to each volume, including Jonathan Friedman, Tom Nairn, R.R. Sharma, Manfred Steger, Ronen Palan and Micheline Ishay. Together the four sets provide an unparalleled resource on globalization, providing both broad coverage of the subject, historical depth and contemporary relevance.

The Sixth Century

... the changes are equally significant, though here one is looking not at a world
suddenly made subject to barbarian rule, ... M. Rowlands, M.T. Larsen and K.
Krisdansen, eds., Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World (Cambridge, 1987),

Author: Richard Hodges

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004109803

Category: History

Page: 302

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In his assessment of the transformation of the Roman World Henri Pirenne assigned little significance to the sixth century, seeing it primarily as a period of continuity. In this volume twelve scholars assess the period in the light of new evidence and new perspectives. The result is an infinitely complex picture, covering Scandinavia and Central Europe as well as the western Mediterranean, in which continuity and change exist side by side.

Luhmann Explained

Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World. Cambridge, New York: Cambridge
University Press. Spencer Brown, G. 1969. Laws of Form. London: Allen & Unwin.
Varela, F. 1997. “Autopoiese, strukturelle Kopplung und Therapie. Fragen an ...

Author: Hans-Georg Moeller

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 0812697510

Category: Philosophy

Page: 312

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What are systems? What is society? What happens to human beings in a hypermodern world? This book is an introduction to Niklas Luhmann's social system theory which explains specific functions like economy and mass media from a cybernetic perspective. Integrating various schools of thought including sociology, philosophy and biology Luhmann Explained results in an overall analysis of "world society". Special attention is given to the present-day relevance of Luhmann's theory with respect to globalization, electronic mass media, ethics, and new forms of protest.

Anthropology and Archaeology

Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World. Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press. Sackett, J. R. 1977. 'The meaning of style in archeology: a general model',
American Antiquity 42: 369–80. Sackett, J. R. 1985. 'Style and ethnicity in the ...

Author: Chris Gosden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134716206

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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Anthropolgy and Archaeology provides a valuable and much-needed introduction to the theories and methods of these two inter-related subjects. This volume covers the historical relationship and contemporary interests of archaeology and anthropology. It takes a broad historical approach, setting the early history of the disciplines with the colonial period during which the Europeans encountered and attempted to make sense of many other peoples. It shows how the subjects are linked through their interest in kinship, economics and symbolism, and discusses what each contribute to debates about gender, material culture and globalism in the post-colonial world.

Annual Review of Anthropology

The Ancient economy , transferable technologies and the Bronze Age world -
system . In Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World , ed . M. J. Rowlands , M.
Larsen , K. Kristiansen , pp . 13–24 . Cambridge : Cambridge Univ . Press 153.




Category: Anthropology


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Annual compilation of critical articles from all areas of the discipline of anthropology.

A World systems Reader

Centre and Periphery in Bronze Age Scandinavia . ” Pp . 75 – 85 in Centre and
Periphery in the Ancient World , edited by M . Rowlands , M . Larsen , and K .
Kristiansen . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . McGuire , Randall . 1987

Author: Thomas D. Hall

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 339

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This book brings together some of the most influential research from the world-systems perspective. The authors survey and analyze new and emerging topics from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, from political science to archaeology. Each analytical essay is written in accessible language so that the volume serves as a lucid introduction both to the tradition of world-systems thought and the new debates that are sparking further research today. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Pre Columbian World Systems

Kristiansen , Kristian 1987 Centre and Periphery in Bronze Age Scandinavia . In
Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World , edited by M . Rowlands , M . Larsen ,
and K . Kristiansen , pp . 74 - 85 . Cambridge University Press , Cambridge .

Author: Peter Neal Peregrine



Category: Social Science

Page: 122

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Between the Rivers and Over the Mountains

Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World , pp . 47 - 56 . Cambridge . Marfoe L . ,
1987 . Cedar Forest to Silver Mountain : Social Change and the Development of
Long - Distance Trade . In M . Rowlands , M . Larsen and K . Kristiansen ( eds . ) ...

Author: Alba Palmieri



Category: Archaeological surveying

Page: 625

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Archaeological Review from Cambridge

Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World . New Directions in Archaeology .
Cambridge University Press . Cambridge . 1987 . ISBN 0 - 521 - 25103 - 6 . T .
CHAMPION ( ED . ) Centre and Periphery : Comparative Studies in Archaeology .




Category: Archaeology


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