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Population : 52,771,000 Largest City : Kinshasa Language : French Monetary
Unit : Congolese franc Ubangi Congo Aruwimi 7802 Tshuapa ' Ikela ... Moba m
ba Kigali A2 Democratic Republic of the Congo : Map Index Regions Bandundu .

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Provides statistics and political and physiographic maps for the world, each continent, and the United States, with political maps, flags, and statistics for each country, Canadian province, and state of the United States.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

-WBANGLA ORIENTALE Aru 27 wamba Congo 5 MONGOLA 8 Isang Kisangani
we YLENGE Map 1 . ... KatakoKindu 1 BUKAVU , Kombe Bandundu Dekese
KIVU ...

Author: United Nations

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This report presents the findings of the Post-conflict Environmental Assessment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and provides detailed recommendations for follow-up action. The sectors investigated include natural disasters and desertification, linkages between conflict and environment, the impacts of population displacement, urban environment and environmental health, industry, agriculture, forest resources, freshwater resources, wildlife and protected areas, marine environments, environmental governance and international aid.

Guide to Places of the World

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Map Use and Analysis

Author: John Campbell

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Collier s Encyclopedia with Bibliography and Index




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Understanding the Democratic Republic of the Congo s agricultural paradox Based on the eAtlas data platform

Yield estimates by the country's national agricultural research institute (
République Démocratique du Congo, Ministère de ... Note that the agricultural
potential map is primarily green, whereas the map of child malnutrition largely
indicates orange or red warnings signs. ... stretching from the city of Bandundu to
Uvira and in provinces bordering the Central African Republic and South Sudan)
and very low ...

Author: Marivoet, Wim

Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst


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The huge agricultural potential of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is well Documented. The country is endowed with well over two million square kilometers (km2) of land, 800 thousand of which is arable, yet only 10 percent is currently under cultivation. DRC also has favorable climatic and ecological conditions, allowing several harvests of numerous crops per year. Nevertheless, few studies have looked at the country’s spatial heterogeneity in terms of economic activity, public goods, or the livelihood strategies of smallholder farmers. As a result, policymakers have little evidence to guide their decisions in planning and implementing interventions to improve the nation’s food and nutrition security status. To fill in this knowledge deficit, the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (ReSAKSS), which is facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), provides knowledge products and analytical tools in support of African countries. Among the tools developed, country eAtlas—which is freely available online (http://eatlas.—is a highly interactive, geographic information systems–based mapping tool designed to provide policymakers and analysts with access to high-quality, highly disaggregated data on agricultural, socioeconomic, and biophysical indicators.

Chief of Station Congo

10° CENTRAL AFRICAN Ubangi Bangulo Zongo Gbad DEMOCRATIC
REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO ab Libenge Gemena ... olmese O Congo Lopori
Ouesso CONGO Tongao Basanku Tuloso National capital District capital City ,
town Major ... 100 200 300 km Lac OLO Kutu Mai - Ndombe Bandundu
mkukeniem 100 200 mi 50 nda °C Brazzaville a Leopoldville ... OF THE BY
CONGO Saurimo Luena Lobito The boundaries and names shown and the
designations u on this map do not ...

Author: Larry Devlin

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Describes Larry Devlin's life during his time as CIA Chief of Station in Congo and the key role he played in the cold war there, including all the twists and turns of both Congolese politics and American policies.

21st Century Atlas of the United States Canada and the World

Population : 50 , 481 , 305 Largest City : Kinshasa Language : French Monetary
Unit : Congolese franc Ubangt 1 L . Aruwimi Congo N 70 ... Moba Mwene - Ditu
Tshikapa Democratic Republic of the Congo : Map Index Regions Bandundu .

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Provides detailed maps and statistical information for countries, islands, Canadian provinces, and individual states within the United States.

Democratic Republic of Congo Urbanization Review

Map 1.4 The Uneven Distribution of Global Economic Activity Source: World Bank
2009. China and the ... China is aggressively urbanizing, but economic activity is
concentrated in the eastern part of the country. The Republic of ... The Congo
Basin region is formed by the Bandundu-Mbandaka-Kisangani economic zone.

Author: The World Bank

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The Democratic Republic of Congo has the third largest urban population in sub-Saharan Africa (estimated at 43% in 2016) after South Africa and Nigeria. It is expected to grow at a rate of 4.1% per year, which corresponds to an additional 1 million residents moving to cities every year. If this trend continues, the urban population could double in just 15 years. Thus, with a population of 12 million and a growth rate of 5.1% per year, Kinshasa is poised to become the most populous city in Africa by 2030. Such strong urban growth comes with two main challenges †“ the need to make cities livable and inclusive by meeting the high demand for social services, infrastructure, education, health, and other basic services; and the need to make cities more productive by addressing the lack of concentrated economic activity. The Urbanization Review of the Democratic Republic of Congo argues that the country is urbanizing at different rates and identifies five regions (East, South, Central, West and Congo Basin) that present specific challenges and opportunities. The Urbanization Review proposes policy options based on three sets of instruments, known as the three 'I's †“ Institutions, Infrastructures and Interventions †“ to help each region respond to its specific needs while reaping the benefits of economic agglomeration The Democratic Republic of the Congo is at a crossroads. The recent decline in commodity prices could constitute an opportunity for the country to diversify its economy and invest in the manufacturing sector. Now is an opportune time for Congolese decision-makers to invest in cities that can lead the country's structural transformation and facilitate greater integration with African and global markets. Such action would position the country well on the path to emergence.

World Radio TV Handbook

... Mayotte ( France ) Nampula Lusaka ITUC SOUTH AFRICA INDIAN OCEAN
Africa RO o capital city SW transmitter site ... Mbandaka MAPS Langata
Bandundu Kampala Kigali RWANDA Koma Rock Bujumburacos CONGO
BURUNDI Gitega ...




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1952-54 include world-wide radio who's who.

The New Millennium Atlas of the United States Canada the World

Population : 50,481,305 Largest City : Kinshasa Language : French Monetary
Unit : Congolese franc Ubang Congo Aruwimi RUWANZORI Tshuapa
Democratic Republic of the Congo : Map Index Lomami Lualada Kwa Regions
Bandundu .

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Provides detailed maps and statistical information for countries, islands, Canadian provinces, and individual states within the United States.

The Trouble with the Congo

National capital Provincial capital City/town International boundary Provincial
boundary Lake, river R E P U B L I C O F C O N G O Lake Tanganyika ... This
figure is based on the United Nations' map entitled Democratic Republic of the
Congo (no.

Author: Séverine Autesserre

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521156017

Category: History

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"Trouble with the Congo is a magnificent accomplishment and is must-reading for anyone interested in whether, why, and how the international community might be able to reduce the cases of violence around the world. Scholars will admire how Autesserre uses a combination of theoretical analysis and ethnography to show us how two different worlds collide, and how peacebuilders do not see the collision even on impact. My hope is that practitioners will take to heart the book's call for critical self-reflection and use its insights for more effective policy prescriptions. Wonderfully written, the book delivers a cool but passionate analysis, born from Autesserre's courage, commitment to Congolese, and sincere desire not to simply identify criticisms of peacebuilding but to suggest ways in which it can improve its craft to help the people on the ground."-Michael Barnett, University of Minnesota "What happens when international peacebuilding is culturally focused at the national level, yet most conflict takes place at the local level? Using extensive, painstakingly collected evidence, Autesserre shows that the macro-micro mismatch is not only a methodological shortcoming but also a grave policy failure. By helping to frame a nasty concatenation of local conflicts as a 'postconflict situation,' this policy focus ended up exacerbating the war and its attendant human suffering. At once a gripping account of war and failed peace in the Congo and a strikingly lucid and original examination of the causes of peacebuilding failure in civil war, this book demonstrates why deep contextual knowledge remains an essential precondition of theoretical innovation."-Stathis N. Kalyvas, Yale University "Autesserre's book stands as a major contribution to our understanding of the roots of conflict in eastern Congo and the failure of the UN Mission in the Congo (MONUC) to effectively restore peace. She develops a highly original and theoretically innovative framework for reconceptualizing both the nature of conflict in eastern Congo and how to deal with it. This book will be read with considerable interest, and no little trepidation, by UN officials and international peacemakers in general, as well as by students of international relations and African politics."-RenT Lemarchand, University of Florida "This is a disturbing book about a failure that is not acknowledged as a failure, about intervention strategies that do not address key sources of deadly violence, and about the trained incapacity of diplomats who look solely to national agreements and processes to end longstanding wars. This is a book that aims to challenge and change peacebuilding orthodoxy."-Stepen John Stedman, Ford-Dorsey Program for International Policy Studies, Stanford University

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Includes entries for maps and atlases.

Working effectively in fragile and conflict affected states

Ulindi Map 1 : Map of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Opunia ( Congo
Kutu o Mai - Ndombe Bukavuo 10 ° 15 ... City , town Beni Major airport
EQUATEUR Yangambi o Kisangani Kampala Jinja Bolomba Butemboos Kasese
International boundary Ekoli CONGO 0 ° Boende ! ... 5 ° BAS - CONGO Cabinda
OCCIDENTAL Kikwit MbanzaLubao Kongolo Ngungu BANDUNDU UNITED
Kananga o Mbuji ...

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: International Development Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780215040251

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The International Development Committee believes the Government is right to increase aid to fragile and conflict-affected states, such as Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) , but it must prepared suspend or even cancel a programme if a Government flouts agreements or refuses to engage in efforts to increase transparency and accountability. The MPs urge DFID to set out specific governance conditions under which it will provide direct budget support to fragile states, and any under which it will be withdrawn and apply these consistently. They also recommend that DFID invest more in community-led local initiatives which respond to community priorities and give communities more confidence to hold their governments to account. Two case studies of Rwanda and the DRC highlight areas of concern. Rwanda is heavily dependent on aid which provides 45% of government expenditure. The UK will provide £90 million to Rwanda in 2014-15. While Rwanda has made progress in reducing poverty, concerns have been expressed about its human rights record and the lack of political pluralism. The Committee urges the UK Government to use its position as the largest bilateral donor to Rwanda to insist on improvements to the country's governance. In the DRC there is concern about high levels of violence against women and girls. DFID should give greater priority to tackling this in its programme and include the reduction of violence against women in its results framework for the DRC.


On the planning see M.H. Buttgenbach , ' Un atlas général du Congo belge ' ,
Bulletin de la Société belge d'études ... 7 city plans , index of 5,972 names ) 1664
[ Atlas provincial du Congo belge ) . ... Maps at 1 : 3M ) See also 1601 EARTH
SCIENCES 1668 Atlas de l'agriculture des régions du Bandundu CONGO ...

Author: John McIlwaine

Publisher: Hans Zell Publishers


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First published in 1993, this is a new revised and substantially expanded edition of a highly acclaimed reference resource that evaluates the leading sources of information (other than bibliographies) on Africa South of the Sahara.

The World Almanac Atlas of the World

Population : 50 , 481 , 305 Largest City : Kinshasa Language : French Monetary
Unit : Congolese franc SUDG Col89 Arunimi WENZORI RANGE 0 Equutor
RUWEN Tshiuapa Democratic Republic of the Congo : Map Index 11MIO al
TICIA O KIVU , Goma Kigali ... OF S SUDORIENTAL Kindu Bandundu KIVU
BURUNDI THE CONGO Lodja Uvira 2 Sunkuru MANIEMA Brazzavillea
Bujumbura2 KINSHASA ...

Author:, Inc


ISBN: 9780886878559

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Featuring a new millennium section, this atlas presents easy-to-use maps and comprehensive facts and statistics for every continent, nation or dependency. Every state, province, territory or possession of the United States and Canada is included.

Earth Map Book

2460 Guidiiba Owo Enuga Ezike Nsukka CENTRAL AFRICAN Baryo Bossangoa
Mbakajid Meiganga n City Bouar REPUBLIC Bamenda ... Cap Lopez WONGUE
Lambaréné Bokungu CONGO Bokatola Port Gentil G A Β Ο Ν Lukolela
SALONGA Lagune Alcieni ... Mai - Ndombe Lékana Kindu Gamba Mossendje
Bandundu Lodja Katako Kombe Katako Kombe Mayumba Pool Sibiti Bolombo
bangou Bena ...

Author: Interarts, Ltd

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ISBN: 9781879856257

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Bibliographic Guide to Maps and Atlases




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Cities Towns and Villages in Mai Ndombe Province

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 19. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge.

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Chapters: Bandundu, Inongo, Bolobo, Mushie, Yumbi, Kutu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 19. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Bandundu, formerly known as Banningville or Banningstad, is a city in Mai-Ndombe Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, located around 260 kilometres from Kinshasa. As of 2009 it had an estimated population of 133,080. ...More: http: //

Library Catalogue Author catalogue

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