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YOUR ANCESTOR DURING THE CIVIL WAR An initial survey of Official Records
Provide Name of Civil War Soldier , State with a brief report and Official Records
forces served with , Branch of Service , extracts provided . Report enclosed in ...




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The History of North America The Civil War from a southern standpoint by W R Garrett and R A Halley

This volume is no exception to the general rule , and , like all its fellow volumes
upon the late War between the States , it is biased . According to its title , it is a
history of the Civil War from a Southern standpoint . It is a history of the Civil War

Author: Guy Carleton Lee



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One Day of the Civil War

The Civil War . 3 vols . New York : Random House , 1963 . Freeman , Douglas
Southall . Lee . New York : Charles Scribner and Sons , 1961 . Henry , Robert
Selph . First with the Most Forrest . New York : Bobbs - Merrill , 1944 . Hill , Lois ,
ed .

Author: Robert L. Willett

Publisher: Potomac Books Incorporated


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Describes events on a typical day virtually at the midpoint of the American Civil War.

Civil War Veteran s sic Obituaries Articles Letters and Photographs

10.50 Altoona Tribune Coverage of the Civil War 1862 ( P # 94 ) $ 13.50 Altoona
Tribune Coverage of the Civil War 1863 ( P ... 10.50 Chronicles of Dr. James C.
Mckee U. S. Army Surgeon Civil War ( P # 131 ) $ 5.00 Civil War Veterans ' Obits

Author: June L. H. Weston



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Russell s Civil War Photographs

Even Civil War enthusiasts of long standing are assured of fresh treats in the
present volume , which contains numerous images that the writers have never
seen published , even in such books as Mr . Lincoln ' s Camera Man , by Roy
Meredith ...

Author: Andrew J. Russell

Publisher: Dover Photography Collections


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Gathers photos of arsenals, barracks, stables, railroad depots, prisons, forts, pontoon bridges, blockhouses and Alexandria, Richmond, and Washington

The Economic Effects of the American Civil War

4 The Long - run Costs of Civil War for the South For those who resided in the
South the immediate costs and longterm burdens of the Civil War remained way
above anything experienced by their Yankee enemies . Thus the Confederacy ...

Author: Patrick Karl O'Brien

Publisher: Humanities Press


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Nigerian Writers on the Nigerian Civil War

The creative works produced as a result of the civil war allow us to appraise the
temper of Nigerians during the war events by helping us to grasp the emotional
quality and sensibility of the nation during the war . As Hans Reiss once
remarked ...

Author: Olu Obafemi



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The British Government and the Spanish Civil War 1936 1939

Traina , Richard , American Diplomacy and the Spanish Civil War ( Indiana
University Press , 1968 ) . Trotsky , Leon , The Spanish Revolution , 1931 - 1939 (
New York : Pathfinder Press , 1973 ) . Viñas , Angel , La Alemania Nazi y el 18 de

Author: Jill Edwards

Publisher: MacMillan


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The English Civil War 1625 1639

EDITORS ' PREFACE In selecting excerpts from the Venetian ambassadors '
correspondence , we have chosen those letters or parts of letters which in any
way have a bearing on the causes or consequences of the English Civil War .

Author: Edward Razzell



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Civil War Stories

Author: Webb Garrison

Publisher: Galahad Books


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Explores uncommon events experienced by soldiers, officers, and families during the war

Civil War Blunders

Author: Clint Johnson

Publisher: Blair


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A look at human errors, foibles, and shortcomings that caused blunders and comical mistakes during the war.

The Civil War and the American System

The Civil War and the American System America ' s Battle With Britain , 1860 -
1876 by Allen Salisbury It would be slightly simplified , but essentially correct to
say that there never was such a thing as a Civil War in the United States . The
War ...

Author: W. Allen Salisbury


ISBN: 9780943235066

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Civil War Photographs 1861 1865

CIVIL WAR PHOTOGRAPHS , 1861-1865 Photographic prints from negatives
listed in the catalog Civil War Photographs , 1861-1865 may be obtained from the
Photoduplication Service , Library of Congress . The price per print ( paper size ...

Author: Library of Congress. Prints and Photographs Division



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Civil War Veterans in Politics

... the celebration received testimony from superintendants and teachers that the
movement " left a profound impression upon the public schools , " and that no
such intensity of feeling had 73 been experienced since the close of the civil war .

Author: Marie Lydia Rulkotter



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The Many Faces of the Civil War

Suggestions for further reading about the Civil War There are dozens of good
books on the Civil War or phases of it . I do not claim that this list is complete or all
- inclusive ; it is merely a compilation of books I have found both useful and ...

Author: Irving Werstein

Publisher: Julian Messner


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History of the war showing the causes, the conduct of the campaigns, and the aftermath.

The School of Medicine and the Civil War

A special word of thanks goes to Dr . Roy F . Nichols , professor of History at the
University of Pennsylvania , and Civil War authority , for his guidance . For those
whose interest in the American Civil War is whetted by this issue of MEDICAL ...

Author: University of Pennsylvania. Graduate School of Medicine



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For Cause and Comrades

" For Cause and Comrades deserves similar accolades, as McPherson's masterful prose and the soldiers' own words combine to create both an important book on an often-overlooked aspect of our bloody Civil War, and a powerfully moving account ...

Author: James M. McPherson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199741052

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General John A. Wickham, commander of the famous 101st Airborne Division in the 1970s and subsequently Army Chief of Staff, once visited Antietam battlefield. Gazing at Bloody Lane where, in 1862, several Union assaults were brutally repulsed before they finally broke through, he marveled, "You couldn't get American soldiers today to make an attack like that." Why did those men risk certain death, over and over again, through countless bloody battles and four long, awful years ? Why did the conventional wisdom -- that soldiers become increasingly cynical and disillusioned as war progresses -- not hold true in the Civil War? It is to this question--why did they fight--that James McPherson, America's preeminent Civil War historian, now turns his attention. He shows that, contrary to what many scholars believe, the soldiers of the Civil War remained powerfully convinced of the ideals for which they fought throughout the conflict. Motivated by duty and honor, and often by religious faith, these men wrote frequently of their firm belief in the cause for which they fought: the principles of liberty, freedom, justice, and patriotism. Soldiers on both sides harkened back to the Founding Fathers, and the ideals of the American Revolution. They fought to defend their country, either the Union--"the best Government ever made"--or the Confederate states, where their very homes and families were under siege. And they fought to defend their honor and manhood. "I should not lik to go home with the name of a couhard," one Massachusetts private wrote, and another private from Ohio said, "My wife would sooner hear of my death than my disgrace." Even after three years of bloody battles, more than half of the Union soldiers reenlisted voluntarily. "While duty calls me here and my country demands my services I should be willing to make the sacrifice," one man wrote to his protesting parents. And another soldier said simply, "I still love my country." McPherson draws on more than 25,000 letters and nearly 250 private diaries from men on both sides. Civil War soldiers were among the most literate soldiers in history, and most of them wrote home frequently, as it was the only way for them to keep in touch with homes that many of them had left for the first time in their lives. Significantly, their letters were also uncensored by military authorities, and are uniquely frank in their criticism and detailed in their reports of marches and battles, relations between officers and men, political debates, and morale. For Cause and Comrades lets these soldiers tell their own stories in their own words to create an account that is both deeply moving and far truer than most books on war. Battle Cry of Freedom, McPherson's Pulitzer Prize-winning account of the Civil War, was a national bestseller that Hugh Brogan, in The New York Times, called "history writing of the highest order." For Cause and Comrades deserves similar accolades, as McPherson's masterful prose and the soldiers' own words combine to create both an important book on an often-overlooked aspect of our bloody Civil War, and a powerfully moving account of the men who fought it.

Civil War



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Captain America has fallen into a clash with his government and his friends, and the people close to him are paying the price. Sharon Carter's life is torn apart as her superiors use her divided loyalties against her. The Winter Soldier comes face-to-face with Cap, but which side will he choose? Then, get inside Tony Stark's mind, and learn why he feels that only he can lead the charge for superhuman registration! In the midst of the war, Captain America and Iron Man meet secretly. COLLECTING: CAPTAIN AMERICA 22-24, WINTER SOLDIER: WINTER KILLS, IRON MAN 13-14, IRON MAN/CAPTAIN AMERICA: CASUALTIES OF WAR, CIVIL WAR: THE CONFESSION

The Civil War Letters and Diaries of Henry C Gilbert

Colonel of the 19th Michigan Regiment, 1862-1864 Henry C. Gilbert.
Bibliography Anderson , William M . , 1980 , They Died to Make Men Free , A
history of The 19th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War . Hardscrabble Books ,
Berrien Springs , MI ...

Author: Henry C. Gilbert



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The Official Virginia Civil War Battlefield Guide

T. he first Civil War battlefield tourists showed up too early . They found the
battlefield easily enough but had barely unpacked their picnic lunches before
they had to grab the kids and flee . The date was July 21 , 1861 , and the place
was the ...

Author: John S. Salmon

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811728683

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142 two-color maps vividly depict battlefield action Detailed local driving directions guide visitors to each battlefield site Of the 384 Civil War battlefields cited as critical to preserve by the congressionally appointed Civil War Sites Advisory Commission, 123-fully one-third-are located in Virginia. The Official Virginia Civil War Battlefield Guide is the comprehensive guidebook to the most significant battles of the Civil War. Reviewed by Edwin C. Bearss and other noted Civil War authorities and sanctioned by the National Park Service and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, no other guidebook on the market today rivals it for historical detail, accuracy, and credibility.