Connected Sociologies

As such, Connected Sociologies continues the deconstruction of sociology's
narratives of its past, that I began in Rethinking Modernity, in order to highlight
broader, more extensive connections than are typically addressed and to argue
for a ...

Author: Gurminder K. Bhambra

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1780931581

Category: Political Science

Page: 192

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This book outlines what theory for a global age might look like, positing an agenda for consideration, contestation and discussion, and a framework for the research-led volumes that follow in the series. Gurminder K. Bhambra takes up the classical concerns of sociology and social theory and shows how they can be rethought through an engagement with postcolonial studies and decoloniality, two of the most distinctive critical approaches of the past decades.

Sociology in the Twenty first Century

of bringing together 'connected sociologies'.81 From such a connectivist point of
view, mainstream social science in general and conventional sociology in
particular remain trapped in Eurocentric versions 'of “civilizational” analysis
organized ...

Author: Simon Susen

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030384241

Category: Sociology


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Imagining Society

I argue for a 'connected sociologies' approach built on postcolonial and
decolonial critiques of Eurocentrism, as a better way of understanding a shared
global present. The central concern of 'connected sociologies' is to rethink
sociology, ...

Author: Nehring, Daniel

Publisher: Bristol University Press

ISBN: 1529204909

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Re-examining C.Wright Mills’ legacy as a jumping off point, this original introduction to sociology illuminates global concepts, themes and practices that are fundamental to the discipline. It makes a case for the importance of developing a sociological imagination and provides the steps for how readers can do that. The unique text: • Offers succinct and wide-ranging coverage of many of the most important themes and concepts taught in first year sociology courses; • Has a global framework and case material which engages with decoloniality and critiques an overly white, western and developed world view of sociology; • Is woven through with contemporary examples, from social media to social inequality, big data to the self-help industry; • Rethinks and re-imagines what a critically committed, politically engaged and publicly relevant sociology should look like in the 21st century. This is a lively, engaging and accessible overview of sociology for all its students, teachers and people who want to learn more about sociology today. It is a welcome clarion call for sociology’s importance in public life.

Postcolonial Piracy

Also in the series: Forthcoming titles: Connected Sociologies Gurminder K.
Bhambra The Black Pacific: Anticolonial Struggles and Oceanic Connections
Robbie Shilliam On Sovereignty and Other Political Delusions Joan Cocks John
Dewey: ...

Author: Lars Eckstein

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472519434

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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Across the global South, new media technologies have brought about new forms of cultural production, distribution and reception. The spread of cassette recorders in the 1970s; the introduction of analogue and digital video formats in the 80s and 90s; the pervasive availability of recycled computer hardware; the global dissemination of the internet and mobile phones in the new millennium: all these have revolutionised the access of previously marginalised populations to the cultural flows of global modernity. Yet this access also engenders a pirate occupation of the modern: it ducks and deranges the globalised designs of property, capitalism and personhood set by the North. Positioning itself against Eurocentric critiques by corporate lobbies, libertarian readings or classical Marxist interventions, this volume offers a profound postcolonial revaluation of the social, epistemic and aesthetic workings of piracy. It projects how postcolonial piracy persistently negotiates different trajectories of property and self at the crossroads of the global and the local.

Public Sociologies Reader

This leads into a definition of citizenship, and in the third section some of the
main developments relating to the transformation of citizenship will be discussed.
The thesis of the erosion of nationality will be developed in the fourth section ...

Author: Judith Blau

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1461641519

Category: Social Science

Page: 378

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At an earlier time, sociologists C. Wright Mills, W. E. Du Bois, and Jane Addams loudly protested injustices and inequities in American society, provided critiques and analyses of systems of oppression, and challenged sociologists to be responsible critics and constructive commentators. These giants of American sociology would have applauded the 2004 meetings of the American Sociological Association. The theme of the meetings, Public Sociology, presided over by President Michael Burawoy, sparked lively debate and continues to be a spur for research and theory, and a focal point of ongoing discussions about what sociology is and should be. This volume advances these discussions and debates, and proposes how they can be further sharpened and developed. Some authors in this volume clarify the distinctive roles that Public Sociologists can play in the discipline, in the classroom, and in larger society. Others provide critical analyses, focusing, for example, on aspects of American society and institutions, global corporate actors, sweatshop practices, international neoliberal organizations, migration policies, and U.S. environmental policies. Others advance new ways of thinking about global interdependencies that include indigenous groups, peasants, as well as societies in industrialized and developing states, and international organizations. Still others propose visions of transformative processes and practices that are progressively affirmative, even activist —- in the spirit of 'A Better World is Possible!!' This volume provides an overview of some of the major debates in sociology today and places emphasis on the importance of human rights in the 'One (globalized) World' we live in today. Authors engage these debates with spirited enthusiasm and write exceptionally clearly about those topics that may be new to American readers.


Finally, sociology has always been concerned with the shared ways in which
human beings interpret their lives, with meaning. What connects all of these is
that sociology is the study of the recurrent or regular aspects of human behaviour.

Author: Anthony Giddens

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745648843

Category: Social Science

Page: 347

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A strong emphasis has been placed on creating a productive mixture of classic and contemporary readings which is highly readable and lively, yet remains challenging. Whilst particularly useful as a companion to the sixth edition of Giddensʹs Sociology, the reader is designed for use independently or alongside other textbooks. The reader maintains the distinctive approach which Sociology pioneered: strongly comparative and historically informed, it stresses the influence of globalizing trends in social life. The carefully selected readings range from studies of face-to-face interaction through to the analysis of large-scale global systems, and cover sociological theories of society as well as research methods. Amongst the new selections in this volume are readings on the Internet and virtual communities, the impact of ecological thinking and climate change on social science, offshoring and the future of work, global cities, patriarchy and shifting gender relations, intersecting social inequalities, the idea and practice of restorative justice, new forms of cybercrime, war, terrorism and the prospects for a global cosmopolitan democracy. The readings are arranged in ten thematic sections and each section is preceded by a summary in order to facilitate studentsʹ comprehension and critical reflection. The result is an exciting new text that encompasses the major themes and debates in both classical and contemporary sociology. Sociology: Introductory Readings will be an essential resource for anyone who wishes to engage with the scope of sociological thought today. -- Back cover.

Talcott Parsons Today

His Theory and Legacy in Contemporary Sociology A. Javier Treviño ... Early
social systems theory was connected with the growth of social Darwinism and
with the notion that the law- like progress of societies could be mapped out by
notions ...

Author: A. Javier Treviño

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742509580

Category: Social Science

Page: 259

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Talcott Parsons Today offers a reappraisal—and extension—of the work of the most significant and influential twentieth-century sociologist. The volume consists of original essays by prominent Parsons scholars from around the world. It contributes to the current controversy surrounding an important sociological figure.

Outline of Practical Sociology

The attempt to account for human environment has ever been an attractive study ,
and many theories have been put forward as a basis for establishing a connected
and logical system . Sociology embraces the study of society in the entire ...

Author: Carroll Davidson Wright



Category: Sociology

Page: 431

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Sociology in Europe

The advantages Mongardini sees in this conceptual change are connected to his
hope that European sociology could reassume its critical consciousness of
modernity, a characteristic it has lost, following Mongardini, in the last decades.

Author: Birgitta Nedelmann

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110887444

Category: Social Science

Page: 244

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The Making of Symbolic Interactionism

Like every other sociology , it offers one strategy for confronting the
epistemological problems posed by the ... the history of the perspective , making
it resemble a chain of loosely connected sociologies which have straggled
together over time .

Author: Paul Elliott Rock



Category: Interactionnisme symbolique

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The ISA Handbook of Diverse Sociological Traditions

In the United States of America sociology was connected to a religiously
motivated meliorism. In Great Britain, sociology intervened through practical
reformism and was related to philanthropy, and later to the workers movement. In
Germany ...

Author: Sujata Patel

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1849204500

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

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"A brilliant treasury of wisdom and insight drawn from leading sociologists throughout the world...It is a striking achievement, of which the International Sociological Association can be very proud, to have brought so many independent-minded scholars into so productive a dialogue." - Dennis Smith, Professor of Sociology, Loughborough University Twenty-nine chapters from prominent international contributors discuss, challenge and re-conceptualise the global discipline of sociology, evaluating the diversities within and between sociological traditions of many regions and nation-states. They assess all aspects of the discipline: ideas and theories; scholars and scholarship; practices and traditions; and ruptures and continuities through an international perspective. The Handbook argues that diversities in sociological traditions can be studied at three levels. First, they need to be studied from multiple spatial locations: within localities, within nation-states, within regions and the globe. Second, they need to be discussed in terms of their sociological moorings in distinct philosophies, epistemologies and theoretical frames, cultures of science and languages of reflection. Third, the intellectual moorings of sociological practices are extensive. The papers discuss the diverse and comparative sites of knowledge production and its transmission.

Outline of Practical Sociology

Author: Carroll Davidson Wright



Category: Sociology

Page: 431

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A Quest for East Asian Sociologies

There must be no specific goal . We believe that being connected and being a
collective itself were and have been the raison d'être of EASN . To be connected ,
to be a collective without any specific purpose is the most important characteristic

Author: Sŏng-guk Kim

Publisher: SNUPRESS


Category: East Asia

Page: 594

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Transformations of Normative Foundations and Empirical Sociologies

The connection between civil society and political society is relatively well made ,
especially in the direction from political society ... Indeed , it seems also that the
public sphere is much better connected to both civil society and political society ...

Author: Michael D. Kennedy



Category: Democracy

Page: 39

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The Sociology of Sport

They were associated with a set of autonomously working - class values , values
born of struggles and isolation , victories and defeats . From the set of values
familiar in this history — and in the sociologies of Brian Jackson , Richard
Hoggart ...

Author: Eric Dunning

Publisher: London : Cass


Category: Sport

Page: 382

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Sportsoziologie, Fussball, Geschichte, Baseball, Soziologie, Gruppendynamik, Grossbritannien, Deutschland, USA, Gesellschaft, Konflikt.

Culture and Science

professor – and they were in favor of the normative candidate , because at this
time normative sociology was connected , especially in Germany , with some
types of Marxism which was in fashion at this time . The candidate in this field
was a ...

Author: Friedrich Wallner



Category: Science

Page: 132

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The series, Austrian Studies in English, founded in 1895 and comprising some 250 volumes since its inception, offers a platform for the publication of important studies concerned with the languages, the literatures and cultures of anglo-phone countries.

A Theory of Methodology for the Sociology of School Knowledge

Author: James G. Ladwig




Page: 844

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Social Sciences

The branch sociologies , as we can see , differ from the middle - range theories in
their subject . As a rule , the latter are connected with the study of one
phenomenon or concept , culminating in a theory that aspires to explain societal




Category: Electronic journals


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The Politics of Proximity

... is one that, above all, readily accepts the conceptual and theoretical challenge
posed by the sociology of mobility and associated ... Whereas several new
sociologies of movement, communication and space are in the process of '
recoding' ...

Author: Ms Giuseppina Pellegrino

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409490033

Category: Social Science

Page: 178

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Increasingly, everyday living and practices depend on how mobility (and immobility) is articulated through the ever-present influence of a range of physical and virtual infrastructures. This book focuses in particular on the 'political' dimension of mobility and immobility, which plays a key role in establishing patterns of proximity in real and virtual co-presence. Proximity is seen as the result of choices, negotiations and practices carried out in different settings. Drawing from different literature streams (Sociology, Organization Studies and Science and Technology Studies), this book analyses patterns of mobility in relation to new possibilities of organizing space, time, and proximity to others. Different phenomena - from memorial sites to migration, from urban mobility to mobile work - are analysed, illustrating different types of proximity through mobility and immobility. In doing so, this book offers a cross-cultural and innovative theoretical framing of issues linked to mobility, through the link with immobility and proximity.

Sociology and Social Research

This work demonstrates that problems connected with strictly conceptual issues
have unfortunately received less systematic attention in sociology than have
those associated with considerations of a more empirical or of a primarily
theoretical ...




Category: Social problem


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Includes the section "Book notes".