The Contagious Commandments

And in The Contagious Commandments, Paul Kemp-Robertson and Chris Barth condense this valuable research into ten strategic takeaways for your own marketing revolution.

Author: Paul Kemp-Robertson

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241328985

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Contagion may alarm doctors but marketers thrive on it. Some concepts are so compelling you have to share them. But what makes an idea so infectious you can't keep it to yourself? And how can brands produce these kinds of ideas intentionally rather than by chance? Contagious, the globally renowned intelligence resource for the marketing industry, is dedicated to identifying and interrogating the world's most exceptional creative trends. And in The Contagious Commandments, Paul Kemp-Robertson and Chris Barth condense this valuable research into ten strategic takeaways for your own marketing revolution. Taking inspiration from disruptive campaigns from the likes of Patagonia, Nike, Safaricom, BrewDog, LEGO, Kenco, and dozens more, The Contagious Commandments explores how companies fuse creativity, technology and behavioural psychology to achieve truly original marketing ideas that have a positive impact on society and profits - and how your brand can too.

Contagious Agalactia and Other Mycoplasmal Diseases of Small Ruminants

Preface List of Participants Contagious agalactia and other mycoplasmal
diseases of small ruminants in Europe . - Contagious agalactia in Spain F .
GARRIDO , L . LEÓN , J . L . LADERO , L . CUELLAR , M . A . DIAZ - Notes on the
contagious ...

Author: G. E. Jones

Publisher: European Communities


Category: Mycoplasma diseases in animals

Page: 118

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Contagious Generosity

Barry Cameron has been anointed by God in a wonderful and unique ministry :
teaching Christians and churches the Scriptural principles of finance . Barry ' s
new book , Contagious Generosity , has the potential to be a best seller . As I
read it ...

Author: Barry L. Cameron

Publisher: College Press

ISBN: 9780899009445

Category: Religion

Page: 194

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The Contagious Congregation

That is , the church is called ( 1 ) to proclaim and teach and dramatize ( through
the sacraments ) the gospel , ( 2 ) to offer opportunities for contagious Christian
fellowship , and ( 3 ) to serve people and the world while providing opportunities

Author: George G. Hunter

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9780687094905

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Contagious Quotations

Leaders continuously improve . What are you doing to continuously become a
better leader and a better person ? Invest In Yourself and Those You Manage ...

Author: Monica L. Wofford

Publisher: PresentersPlus, Inc

ISBN: 9780975272237

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 108

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Contagious Quotations is the little black book that will make you think and that you won't want to be without. Enjoy new insights and quotations around relationships, leadership, customer service, attitude (yours or someone else's) and many others! Use Contagious Quotations as a reference tool or as a template to help you figure out what to say when you are at a loss for words! Stay Contagious!


Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Creative Homeowner,

Author: Jonah Berger

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451686587

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Creative Homeowner,

Immunization of Sheep and Goats Against Soremouth contagious Ecthyma

SOREMOUTH ( Contagious Ecthyma ) I. B. BOUGHTON AND W. T. HARDY
Contagious ecthyma is an infectious disease of sheep and goats caused by a
filterable ...

Author: Ivan Bertrand Boughton



Category: Agriculture

Page: 16

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Contagious Chaos

... The Contagium Series: Contagious Deathly Contagious Contagious Chaos
The Truth is Contagious Emily Goodwin is the international bestselling author of
the standalone novel STAY, The Guardian Legacies Series: UNBOUND,

Author: Emily Goodwin

Publisher: Permuted Press

ISBN: 1618683640

Category: Fiction


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Contagious Chaos, the highly anticipated third book in the Contagium Series, winner of the Contagious Reads Horror Con’s 2014 best horror series, follows Orissa and her friends as they struggle through a zombie filled world. When the compound starts to fill and food supplies dwindle, Fuller’s soldiers and Marines have no choice but to venture out into the lawless wastelands of America where they discover a new kind of enemy. What foe could be more frightening than zombies? A fortress for the criminally insane--unhinged survivors who will stop at nothing to take Orissa and her friends down for good. In order serve and protect their compound, will the gang have to abandon their own moral code and engage in a war against the uninfected? How far is Orissa willing to go?

Contagious Metaphor

contagious. crowd. and. the. popularization. of. crowd. psychology. As van
Ginneken points out, the medically trained amateur sociologist Gustave Le Bon is
often erroneously represented within histories of social psychology as the lone ...

Author: Peta Mitchell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441197435

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

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The metaphor of contagion pervades critical discourse across the humanities, the medical sciences, and the social sciences. It appears in such terms as 'social contagion' in psychology, 'financial contagion' in economics, 'viral marketing' in business, and even 'cultural contagion' in anthropology. In the twenty-first century, contagion, or 'thought contagion' has become a byword for creativity and a fundamental process by which knowledge and ideas are communicated and taken up, and resonates with André Siegfried's observation that 'there is a striking parallel between the spreading of germs and the spreading of ideas'. In Contagious Metaphor, Peta Mitchell offers an innovative, interdisciplinary study of the metaphor of contagion and its relationship to the workings of language. Examining both metaphors of contagion and metaphor as contagion, Contagious Metaphor suggests a framework through which the emergence and often epidemic-like reproduction of metaphor can be better understood.

Are Financial Crises Becoming Increasingly More Contagious

These recent crises have led to the view that financial crises can spread across
international borders like a contagious disease , unless curtailed by heavy
lending by the international financial institutions . Indeed the scope and severity
of the ...

Author: Michael D. Bordo



Category: Contagion (Social psychology)

Page: 70

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We examine the evidence of contagion during the pre World War I era and the interwar and contrast our findings with the evidence of contagion from the recent crises in Asia and Latin America. Using weekly data on bond prices and interest rates, we investigate the extent to which bilateral cross-market correlations rise following the onset of a crisis. After correcting for heteroscedasticity, ala Forbes and Rigobon (1998, 1999), we find little evidence of significant increases in cross-market correlations in either the earlier regimes or in the more recent period. We use principle components analysis to assess the extent of comovement across all markets as well as within various groups of markets, prior to, and after the onset of a crisis. Countries are grouped into regions, as well as along the lines of advanced and emerging. There is little evidence to suggest that cross-country linkages are tighter in the aftermath of a financial crisis for the recent period. There is, however, some evidence of stronger comovement during periods of instability in earlier regimes.

Contagionism and Contagious Diseases

minican friar and theologian, considered homosexuality a contagious disease,
especially common among wealthy classes, and difficult to cure. In what sense
contagious? Contagious, Magnus writes, within, or to, the individual body itself: If

Author: Thomas Rütten

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110306115

Category: Medical

Page: 248

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The idea of contagious transmission, either by material particles or by infectious ideas, has played a powerful role in the development of the Western World since antiquity. Yet it acquired quite a precise signature during the process of scientific and cultural differentiation in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This volume explores the significance and cultural functions of contagionism in this period, from notions of infectious homosexuality and the concept of social contagion to the political implications of bacteriological fieldwork. The history of the concept ‘microbe’ in aesthetic modernism is adressed as well as bacteriological metaphors in American literary historiography. Within this broad framework, contagionism as a literary narrative is approached in more focussed contributions: from its emotional impact in literary modernism to the idea of physical or psychic contagion in authors such as H.G. Wells, Kurt Lasswitz, Gustav Meyrinck, Ernst Weiss, Thomas Mann and Max Frisch. This twofold approach of general topics and individual literary case studies produces a deeper understanding of the symbolic implications of contagionism marking the boundaries between sick and healthy, familiar and alien, morally pure and impure.

Analysis with Standard Contagious Distributions

Author: J. B. Douglas

Publisher: International Cooperative Publishing House


Category: Contagious distributions

Page: 520

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Formal derivations and general properties; Clustering and aggregation; The neyman distribution; Other distributions.

The Animal Contagious Diseases Act and the Regulations Made Thereunder

Author: Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Health of Animals Division



Category: Animal industry


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Economic Aspects of Contagious Abortion in a Dairy Herd

Author: H. P. Davis



Category: Brucellosis in cattle

Page: 54

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The Contagious Diseases Acts Speech Delivered in the House of Commons July 20 1870 Etc

CLOSED DOORS ) JULY 20 , 1870 , On the motion by W. Fowler , Esq . , M.P. ,
for ...

Author: Jacob BRIGHT (Right Hon.)




Page: 15

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Reports Upon Epidemic Fever of a Contagious Type in Some of the Jails of the N W Provinces

With the exception of those cases in which typhoid symptoms came on , there
was nothing in the appearance of the disease to lead to the belief that the fever
was of a contagious nature . I omitted to mention above , that I frequently looked
for ...

Author: North-Western Provinces (India). Inspector General of Prisons



Category: Prisoners

Page: 48

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The government and the Contagious diseases acts report of a speech

George Augustus Frederick Cavendish Bentinck (Rt. Hon.) THE GOVERNMENT
he should be sorry to allow one word to fall from him which might be in the least ...

Author: George Augustus Frederick Cavendish Bentinck (Rt. Hon.)





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State pure food law and ordinances concerning contagious diseases in animals and regulating the private inspection of the same

Author: Santa Clara County (Calif.).




Page: 38

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Efforts on the part of the FBI's Clarence Otto, CIA agent Dew Phillips and former football star Perry Dawsey to eliminate the people whose minds have been taken over by the mysterious disease are threatened by the infection's new ability to ...

Author: Scott Sigler

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0307406326

Category: Fiction

Page: 438

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Efforts on the part of the FBI's Clarence Otto, CIA agent Dew Phillips and former football star Perry Dawsey to eliminate the people whose minds have been taken over by the mysterious disease are threatened by the infection's new ability to become contagious, unless Dr. Margaret Montoya can come up with a solution. Reprint. A best-selling novel.

Creating Contagious Commitment

Andrea understands this and clearly maps out how new cultural norms can be systematically embedded into any organization. This book is a must have in any change agent's toolbox.

Author: Andrea Shapiro

Publisher: Strategy Perspective

ISBN: 0974102814

Category: Contagion (Social psychology)

Page: 216

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Too often, necessary and technically appropriate change initiatives fall short of expected gains because leaders fail to involve employees and leverage their perspectives. This deprives leaders of valuable input, and causes the very people who are expected to modify the way they work to feel discounted and disconnected. Creating Contagious Commitment: Applying the Tipping Point to Organizational Change presents a proven approach to turn this all too common situation around. It goes to the heart of effective change implementation and shows how to move employees from being apathetic or resistant to becoming committed advocates of a change. Creating Contagious Commitment demonstrates why many of the traditional approaches to change implementation (such as focusing on the easily measurable technical aspects or relying on mass awareness campaigns) don't work very well especially on their own. It explains the dynamics that contribute to successful change initiatives and how to use them, right now, in your own initiatives. The accessibility of the concepts and the practical strategies they provide make Creating Contagious Commitment a unique and powerful guide for change agents in any organization. Andrea Shapiro s clear and skillful blending of theory with useful examples brings these concepts to life in a way that appeals to anyone who is involved in change. Solidly grounded in organizational theory, systems thinking and real-world experience, Creating Contagious Commitment can be used as a stand-alone resource or in combination with the companion Change, Dialogue, and Action workshop with its interactive computer simulation, called the Tipping Point. It has been applied by hundreds of change leaders around the world in a wide range of organizations, from banks and hospitals to high-tech corporations, to make organizational change both contagious and sustainable. It is packed with diagrams, illustrations, and stories from the field many of them first-person accounts of applying its lessons. Visit to learn more. Praise for Creating Contagious Commitment It is very easy to have good intentions, and even easier to get advice from someone who has good intentions. What is hard is to recognize the landmines on the path to successful change. Creating Contagious Commitment helps identify and think about such obstacles before we encounter them, making the path to change more thoughtful and ultimately more successful. Dan Ariely, Ph.D., James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics, author Predictably Irrational It is only by effectively influencing people's beliefs, values and changing social norms that we can change behaviors that get us all to yes. Andrea understands this and clearly maps out how new cultural norms can be systematically embedded into any organization. This book is a must have in any change agent's toolbox. Peter Faill, M.Sc., Corporate Procurement Manager, Durham County Council, UK The Tipping Point is a brilliant computer model of change initiatives as they unfold in large, complex organizations. Change agents need to be informal, keenly aware of the different needs of different types of people, and committed to their purpose. This book shows what to do and what happens along the way, both in the model and in real life. Art Kleiner, author, Who Really Matters and The Age of Heretics