Contemporary Kidney Transplantation

This book provides a comprehensive guide to successful kidney transplantation in the highly regulated environment of today.

Author: Carlo Gerardo B. Ramirez

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319196169

Category: Medical

Page: 429

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This book provides a comprehensive guide to successful kidney transplantation in the highly regulated environment of today. It covers the history of kidney transplant to highlight innovations that have made kidney transplantation so successful as well as the new deceased donor kidney allocation strategy and postulates what types of changes might occur with this new policy. The book highlights special areas of nephrology concern in kidney transplantation, especially diseases likely to recur following transplant. It deals with many of the medications used in kidney transplantation including different commonly used antirejection protocols. It also provides a complete reference on the various operations involved in kidney transplantation. The text includes detailed pictures and surgical technique sections on cadaveric kidney transplantation and living kidney transplantation. It includes information on living kidney donation surgery with a chapter dedicated to the minimally invasive techniques that have been popularized in the last fifteen years. Some coverage on open living kidney donation is presented. Included in this section is discussions of how to handle certain operative challenges like severe atherosclerosis, venous sclerosis and various urinary system aberrancies. Comprehensive coverage of common surgical complications is presented including management of urinary strictures, urinary leaks, lymphoceles, vascular probl ems following transplant, and what steps should be taken when an early kidney transplant biopsy is necessary. It also covers in detail what is required for maintenance of health after kidney transplantation including the major risks for graft loss as well as what disease processes kidney transplant patients are particularly vulnerable to.

Renal Transplantation





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Contemporary Liver Transplantation

Dedicated chapters on HCV, HCC, FHF and NASH will make this book a unique resource for any health care provider part of the multidisciplinary liver transplant team.

Author: Cataldo Doria

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319072081

Category: Medical

Page: 1200

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Contemporary Liver Transplantation provides a comprehensive review of the most crucial and provocative aspects of liver transplantation. It represents a unique source of information and guidance for the current generation of transplant surgeons that evolved from being pure clinicians into savvy administrators knowledgeable in every regulatory aspect governing transplantation. The book contains 35 chapters covering every single aspect of the surgical operation in the donors as well as the recipients of liver transplants. The pre-operative work-up, as well as the post-operative immunosuppression management and the treatment of recurrent diseases are addressed in detail. Single chapters are dedicated to controversial issues like transplantation in patients diagnosed with NASH, transplantation for patients diagnosed with HCC beyond Milan criteria and usage of HIV positive donors. Dedicated chapters on HCV, HCC, FHF and NASH will make this book a unique resource for any health care provider part of the multidisciplinary liver transplant team. The book goes beyond the analysis of the formal medical and surgical aspects of liver transplantation and introduces deep knowledge on key aspects of contemporary transplant programs, such as: physical rehabilitation, palliative care, pregnancy, the multiple requirements of regulatory agencies ruling transplantation, quality measurements for transplant programs, finance and liability. The book is organized in 9 sections focusing on each key aspect of liver transplantation. Contemporary Liver Transplantation addresses the need and the questions of the multidisciplinary group involved including surgeons, Hepatologists, anesthesiologists, infectious disease specialists, radiologists, transplant coordinators, financial specialists, epidemiologists and administrators.

Handbook of Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation

This book is designed to fill the need for a contemporary handbook for the practice of renal and pancreatic transplantation that is focussed on a European rather than North American approach.

Author: Iain MacPhee

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118305329

Category: Medical

Page: 512

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This book is designed to fill the need for a contemporary handbook for the practice of renal and pancreatic transplantation that is focussed on a European rather than North American approach. There are significant differences in transplant practice internationally and there is a need for a practical guide to application of the current evidence base.

A Social History of Science and Technology in Contemporary Japan Transformation period 1970 1979

The Ministry of Health and Welfare incorporated kidney transplantations as a
countermeasure expense in the budget and carried out various kidney transplant
promotion measures . To begin with , in 1977 the National Sakura Hospital was ...

Author: Shigeru Nakayama


ISBN: 9781876843465

Category: History

Page: 580

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This study is the fourth and final volume of a comprehensive survey that documents the miraculous growth of Japanese science and technology from post-war devastation to its rise as a global leader. A team of more than fifty Japanese experts labored for ten years to assemble unique materials into this monumental work of careful scholarship. The fourth volume deals with the decade from 1970 to 1979. It includes numerous tables and figures, has a bibliographic guide and notes at the end of each chapter, as well as a consolidated bibliography. ~ An indispensable resource...Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals; two-year technical program students. - CHOICE on Volume 1

Chronic Kidney Disease Dialysis and Transplantation E Book

Lentine KL, Gheorghian A, Axelrod D, Kalsekar A, L'Italien G, Schnitzler MA. The
implications of acute rejection for allograft survival in contemporary U.S. kidney
transplantation. Transplantation. 2012;94:369–376. Ekberg H, Tedesco-Silva H, ...

Author: Jonathan Himmelfarb

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323531725

Category: Medical

Page: 768

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Contains expanded content on economics and outcomes of treatment, as well as acute kidney injury. Covers hot topics such as the genetic causes of chronic kidney disease, ethical challenges and palliative care, and home hemodialysis. Discusses the latest advances in hypertensive kidney disease, vitamin D deficiency, diabetes management, transplantation, and more. Provides a clear visual understanding of complex information with high-quality line drawings, photographs, and diagnostic and treatment algorithms.

Kidney Transplantation Bioengineering and Regeneration

Kidney Transplantation in the Regenerative Medicine Era Giuseppe Orlando,
Giuseppe Remuzzi, David F. Williams ... Alemtuzumab as compared to
alternative contemporary induction regimens. Transplant Int 2012;25(5):518À26.

Author: Giuseppe Orlando

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128018364

Category: Science

Page: 1252

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Kidney Transplantation, Bioengineering, and Regeneration: Kidney Transplantation in the Regenerative Medicine Era investigates how the field of regenerative medicine is changing the traditional premises of solid organ transplantation, specifically within the field of kidney transplantation. In Section 1, chapters illustrate the state of the art in kidney transplantation as well as the research behind the bioengineering and regeneration of kidney organoids for therapeutic renal replacement. In Section II, chapters catalog the technologies that are being developed and the methods that are being implemented to bioengineer or regenerate kidneys in order to restore function, while critically highlighting those technological advances which hold the most promise. The book thus encompasses clinical renal transplantation, tissue engineering, biomaterial sciences, stem cell biology, and developmental biology, as they are all applied to the kidney. Focuses on the synergy between renal organ transplantation and regenerative medicine, highlighting the advances within transplantation, bioengineering, regeneration, and repair Educates the transplant community on important regenerative medicine research pertinent to kidney transplantation Develops a shared language for clinicians, surgeons, and basic researchers to reach across the fields of transplantation and regenerative medicine, and facilitate more productive investigation and research Catalogs the technologies being developed and methods being implemented to bioengineer or regenerate kidneys to restore function

Renal Transplantation

Author: Edgar L. Milford



Category: Medical

Page: 313

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Contemporary Classics in Clinical Medicine

3. Terasaki P I , Thrasher D L & Hauber T H. Serotyping for homotransplantation .
XIII . Immediate kidney transplant rejection and associated preformed antibodies .
( Dausset J , Hamburger J & Mathe G , eds . ) Advances in transplantation .

Author: James T. Barrett



Category: Clinical medicine

Page: 390

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Organ Donation and Transplantation

Kidney transplantation in Ghana; Is the public ready? Clin Transplant 2017; 31(
10). doi: 10.1111/ctr.13061. [78] Chevrollier GS, McCune K, Sha AP, Live Donor
Nephrectomy; Contemporary Kidney Transplantation pp1-21, Organ and Tissue ...

Author: Vassil Mihaylov

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 1839625317

Category: Medical

Page: 170

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This book brings together knowledge from different fields of science and presents advances in organ transplantation and donation. It uses a multidisciplinary approach to examine the complex issues of the transplant process. Written by experts in the field, this volume is suitable for medical specialists and medical students alike.

Living Kidney Donation

This book provides a complete guide to the evaluation, care, and follow-up of living kidney donors. Living donor kidney transplantation is established as the best treatment option for kidney failure.

Author: Krista Lentine

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030536176

Category: Medical

Page: 364

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This book provides a complete guide to the evaluation, care, and follow-up of living kidney donors. Living donor kidney transplantation is established as the best treatment option for kidney failure. However, despite the tremendous benefits of living donation to recipients and society, the outcomes and optimal care of donors themselves have received relatively less attention. Fortunately, things are changing – including recent landmark developments in living donor risk assessment, policy and guidance. This volume offers authoritative, evidence-based guidance on the full range of clinical scenarios encountered in the evaluation and care of living kidney donors. The approach to key elements of risk assessment, ethical considerations and informed consent is accompanied by recommendations for patient-centered care before, during, and after donation. Advocacy initiatives and policies to remove disincentives to donation and advance a defensible system of practice are also discussed. General and transplant nephrologists, as well as related allied health professionals, can look to this book as a comprehensive resource addressing contemporary clinical topics in the practice of living kidney donation.

Contemporary Pediatric Nursing

The main renal artery and vein are connected to the iliac vessels , and the ureter
is implanted into the child's bladder . The major difficulty encountered in
transplantation is the body's own immunologic response that initiates a natural
rejection ...

Author: Judith M. McFarlane

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Pediatric nursing

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Contemporary Nephrology

We are grateful to them for the outstand ing contributions they have made to this first volume of Contemporary Nephrology. This volume has fifteen chapters.

Author: Saulo Klahr

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 146156722X

Category: Medical

Page: 794

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This volume is the first of a biannual series entitled Contemporary Nephrology. The series intends to provide the reader with a broad, authoritative review of the important developments that have occurred during the previous two years in the major areas of both basic and clinical nephrology. We have been fortunate to enlist a distinguished group of scientists, teachers, and clinicians to serve as members of the Editorial Board of this series. We are grateful to them for the outstand ing contributions they have made to this first volume of Contemporary Nephrology. This volume has fifteen chapters. The first four chapters deal with more basic aspects of nephrology: Membrane Transport (Schafer); Renal Physiology (Knox and Spielman); Renal Metabolism (School werth); and Renal Prostaglandins (Dunn). Chapters 5-10 are more pathophysiologically oriented, and each contains an "appropriate mix" of basic and clinical information. This group of chapters includes Acid-Base Physiology and Pathophysiology (Arruda and Kurtzman); Mineral Metabolism in Health and Disease (Agus, Goldfarb, and Was serstein); Hypertension and the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Axis (Williams and Hollenberg); Immunologically Mediated Renal Disease (Glassock); Acute Renal Failure and Toxic Nephropathy (Anderson and Gross); and the Kidney in Systemic Disease (Martinez-Maldonado). The last five chapters, which are more clinically oriented, include Uremia (Friedman and Lundin); Nutrition in Renal Disease (Mitch); Dialysis (Maher); Renal Transplantation (Strom); and, finally, Drugs and the Kidney (Bennett).

Contemporary Geriatric Medicine

Neurologic Manifestations of Renal Failure Uremia may be associated with
dysarthria , asterixis , tremors , myoclonus , and ... Renal transplantation is the
preferred method of treatment for younger patients with approximately 3000
transplants ...

Author: Steven Gambert

Publisher: Springer


Category: Medical

Page: 412

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This volume marks the first of a new series, Contemporary Geriatric Medicine, joining the ever growing "Contemporary" family. As with the other "Contem porary" volumes, our goal is to assist the reader in maintaining currency in a rapidly changing field. Perhaps no field has shown such major advances in such a short time as geriatrics. Over the last several years, the "demographic impera tive" has become a source of concern for many, including clinicians, scientists, econ omists, and health planners. Our geriatric knowledge base continues to grow, often making it difficult to keep abreast of advances and current therapeutic modalities. Contemporary Ger iatric Medicine presents the state-of-the-art thinking regarding a variety of topics all of major concern to the health practitioner caring for the elderly person. The authors, for the most part serving as members of a stable editorial board, have chosen topics that should have immediate interest to the readership. By having a stable editorial board, continuity is ensured in successive volumes. Every two years, a subsequent issue will either address new thoughts on already presented topics or focus on new topics of current interest. As with the other "Contempo rary" series volumes, the every other year interval is intended to allow new find ings to develop and be tested. It also provides the authors with time to provide the highest quality of work.

Living Kidney Donation

An economic assessment of contemporary kidney transplant practice. Am J
Transplant. 2018;18(5):1168–76. 17. Russell
JD, Beecroft ML, Ludwin D, Churchill DN. The quality of life in renal
transplantation - a ...

Author: Krista L. Lentine

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030536181



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Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology

In subsequent studies ( Bernier and Post , 1973 ) of patients with terminal renal
failure who underwent renal transplantation , the serum levels of B2-4 were
greatly increased prior to surgery . Afterward , the levels of B2-4 reverted to
normal at ...

Author: F. P. Inman



Category: Immunochemistry


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Review of Contemporary Law

gressive introduction of kidney transplants , which now have their regular place in
the socialist conception of the protection of health . Where the kidney functions
have Irrevocably ceased and a kidney is available , the transplant is today a ...




Category: International law


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Contemporary Ob gyn

Pregacute rejection of the organ . nancy is often associated with a Liver
transplantation does not worsening of ... only when renal funcfluoroscopy : 29,30
tion is preserved and stabilized with dialysis or transplantation.350
Contraindications to ...




Category: Electronic journals


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Contemporary Issues in Science Technology and Mathematics Education STME

Organ Transplants Organ transplantation has become a reality . Heart , lung , and
kidney transplants are now common . Hundreds of people have had their lives
prolonged because of this collective technology . Transplantation is in ...

Author: College of Education, Gindiri (Nigeria). School of Sciences. National Conference



Category: Education

Page: 292

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Contemporary Authors

Blood transfusion and organ transplantation seemed within reach to Carrel , now
that he had mastered the ability to suture blood vessels . In experiments with
dogs , he performed successful kidney transplants . His bold investigations
began to ...

Author: Terri M. Rooney

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787611835

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 500

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Your students and users will find biographical information on approximately 300 modern writers in this volume of Contemporary Authors®. Authors in this volume include: Lucian Blaga Wyndham Lewis Kristine Kathryn Rusch Andrei Sakharov