The Darker

It focuses on the darker side of humanity--the life of a generation Xer growing up too fast in a hostile world where the only salvation is self-forgiveness.

Author: Angelo Jaramillo


ISBN: 9780865345355

Category: Fiction

Page: 267

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This young Latino writer's first collection of fictional short stories embodies original tales revolving around the experience of growing up in a place called The City Different. It focuses on the darker side of humanity--the life of a generation Xer growing up too fast in a hostile world where the only salvation is self-forgiveness.

The Darker Nations

The periphery needed its own political strategy, and this would have to be in the
realm of interstate trade. The darker world contributed greatly to the development
of Europe, and based on this evidence, it is clear that the invisible hand is white.

Author: Vijay Prashad

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 159558563X

Category: History

Page: 384

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Here, from a brilliant young writer, is a paradigm-shifting history of both a utopian concept and global movement—the idea of the Third World. The Darker Nations traces the intellectual origins and the political history of the twentieth century attempt to knit together the world’s impoverished countries in opposition to the United States and Soviet spheres of influence in the decades following World War II. Spanning every continent of the global South, Vijay Prashad’s fascinating narrative takes us from the birth of postcolonial nations after World War II to the downfall and corruption of nationalist regimes. A breakthrough book of cutting-edge scholarship, it includes vivid portraits of Third World giants like India’s Nehru, Egypt’s Nasser, and Indonesia’s Sukarno—as well as scores of extraordinary but now-forgotten intellectuals, artists, and freedom fighters. The Darker Nations restores to memory the vibrant though flawed idea of the Third World, whose demise, Prashad ultimately argues, has produced a much impoverished international political arena.

The Darker Side of Samuel Saul and David

The Title First, why have I entitled these volumes The Darker Side of Samuel,
Saul and David! Reasons are myriad, but foremost among them is that I am not
under the influence of pietistic literature, the Puritans, or devotional
commentaries ...

Author: G. D. Vreeland

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1606473298

Category: Religion

Page: 392

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Now the sequel! Here we watch David become king over Israel. But the table is set for a rather unappetizing meal where brutality, intrigue and questionable morality and ethics are served. We see the turning point and the decline of David's power and possibly his virtue. Like so many in biblical narrative, he does not end well. Leaders take warning: integrity matters. How we respond to God's rules of engagement and how we treat others - especially the disenfranchised - will determine the difference between greatness and mediocrity and how our lives will be evaluated. As with the previous volume, this book can be utilized as a commentary and an aid to the student of Second Samuel, or each section can be read and reflected upon in isolation. I will continue my efforts to be personable but professional, playful but pointed, impassioned at times but always thought provoking. Dr. Vreeland received his Ph.D. from Trinity International University in Theological Studies (Old Testament) in 1994. He served for four academic years at the Nairobi International School of Theology. He then joined the faculty of Northwest Baptist Seminary (Tacoma, Washington) and has concluded eight years there (July '08) as Associate Professor of Semitic Languages and Biblical Literature. He teaches Hebrew, Aramaic and English Bible and related topics. So far as the Church is concerned, his love is serious biblical study as related to integrity and leadership - hence this work on Second Samuel and its prequel on First Samuel. Dr. Vreeland has been married for 27 years to the love of his life, Donna - who is still the finest English Bible scholar on the planet and to whom this volume is gratefully dedicated. They have three grown children.

Darker Than Blue

In Darker than Blue, Gilroy brilliantly examines some basic tensions within
African American culture — in particular the changing relation, over the past half-
century especially, between expressions of group consciousness and atomistic ...

Author: Paul Gilroy

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674035706

Category: Music

Page: 207

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Introduction Get Free or Die Tryin' Declaration of Rights Troubadours, Warriors, and Diplomats Notes Acknowledgements Index.

I Am the Darker Brother

Am the Darker Brother, then, was anextraordinary andtime- ly gift to young
American readers. I thought it was also a gift to me, personally. I became
acquainted with the anthology as a graduate student and instructor-intern at
Wayne State ...

Author: Arnold Adoff

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0689808690

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 207

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Collects verse by African American poets of the twentieth century

Robert Lacoste s The Darker Side

... SAN FRANCISCO • SINGAPORE • SYDNEY • TOKYO Newnes is an imprint of
Elsevier Newnes is an imprint of Elsevier 30 Corporate Drive, Suite. Robert
Lacoste's the Darker Side Robert Lacoste's the Darker Side Practical
Applications for ...

Author: Robert Lacoste

Publisher: Newnes

ISBN: 9780080962054

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 368

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Robert Lacoste's The Darker Side column has quickly become a must read among Circuit Cellar devotees. His column provides readers with succinct theoretical concepts and practical applications on topics as far reaching as digital modulation to antenna basics. Difficult concepts are demystified as Robert shines a light on complex topics within electronic design. This book collects sixteen Darker Side articles that have been enriched with new, exclusive content from the author. An intro into The Darker Side will give examples of material that can enhance and optimize the way you design. A Scilab tutorial along with Scilab software and all project material will be included with this package so that all projects can be tackled hands-on. It's time to stop being afraid of the dark, let this book easily guide you through the time-draining, problematic elements of your application design. Tips and tricks to enhance design performance Practical advice on topics from digital signal design to electromagnetic interference

The Darker Vision of the Renaissance

Author: Robert S. Kinsman

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520022591

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 373

The Darker the Night the Brighter the Stars

Author: Friedrich Schlotterbeck



Category: Anti-Nazi movement

Page: 250

View: 988

The Darker Side of Travel

Author: Prof. Richard Sharpley

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 9781845412470

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

View: 462

Over the last decade, the concept of dark tourism has attracted growing academic interest and media attention. Nevertheless, perspectives on and understanding of dark tourism remain varied and theoretically fragile whilst, to date, no single book has attempted to draw together the conceptual themes and debates surrounding dark tourism, to explore it within wider disciplinary contexts and to establish a more informed relationship between the theory and practice of dark tourism. This book meets the undoubted need for such a volume by providing a contemporary and comprehensive analysis of dark tourism.


... honor of the stars and stripes in that flag . Am I scared ? Yes . I'd be a fool not to
be . But deep down , I also believe that we stand for something . I will fight to
protect that as will millions of other Americans . We will take root in 277 DARKER

Author: Stefan Bourque

Publisher: Wicked Pages Press

ISBN: 9780972625814

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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From the dark, gothic atmosphere of the Broken Wit Coffeehouse to the rural mountains of Pennsylvania, Bourque's collection of short stories will keep readers speeding along roads that grow ever darker. . . Stefan Bourque's writing gives me the creeps --Doris Lane, author of Asbury Park Medusa.


Author: Simon Clark

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 144821470X

Category: Fiction

Page: 411

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Video scriptwriter Richard Young is looking forward to a week at home with his wife and their little daughter. He thinks it's going to be a pleasant time of barbecues and lazy summer days. It isn't. It is going to be hell. Because the stranger who arrives at their home, begging to be driven to the nearest police station, is being hunted. Hunted by something that cannot be seen, cannot be heard – yet which has the power to move across the land crushing flat everything in its path. Stalking and killing remorselessly. Within minutes, Richard Young, his family and the stranger (who is not the innocent victim he seems) are being pursued relentlessly by a malignant occult force that pounds and pulps its victims like the Hammer of God itself... Darker, first published in 1996, is another gripping horror from Simon Clark.

John Darker

John Darker killed my father , ' I said , too much startled by the first accusation to
be shocked by the second . ' Yes , ' said Pepper Smith in the unexcited voice of a
perfectly sane man . ' Yes , Rosamund Smith Plunkett , John Darker killed your ...

Author: Aubrey Lee



Category: English fiction

Page: 466

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A Darker Past

Thebottom ofmy stomach dropped out. “Samuel Darker? You have another oneof
my relatives dunked? Whatare we,like Matchbox collectables to you?”
Hecontinued asif I hadn't spoken. “You are not to communicate with the soul
inany way.

Author: Jus Accardo

Publisher: Entangled: Teen

ISBN: 1622664728

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

View: 491

The past is Darker than they thought... Between helping her mother with the Darker Agency and laying the smack down on monster baddies, Jessie Darker puts the "normal" in paranormal. But lately, things have gotten a little crazy...even for a smart-assed half-demon teenage girl. For starters, Jessie's been contracted into fifty-five years of annoying servitude. To a demon. Then there's Lukas Scott, her sexy new boyfriend. Once the former incarnation of Wrath, he's been going through some...uh, changes. Like residual anger. And trading chaste hangouts for lusty make-out sessions. But it's when Lukas and Jessie accidentally release a Very Nasty Demon that things get really bad, setting into motion a chain of death and mayhem that threatens both Earth and the Shadow Realm. Jessie has exactly four days to fix it...before all of Hell breaks loose.

Darker Shores

Michael Punter. Michael Punter Darker Shores Methuen Drama Published by
Methuen Drama 2009 1 3 5 7 9 Michael Punter Darker Shores.

Author: Michael Punter

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408135884

Category: Drama

Page: 80

View: 334

Darker Shores is a Victorian ghost story which manages to be playfully intelligent, emotionally resonant and also quite scary. Its ghoulish atmosphere, biblical fanaticism and dark, knowing wit results in a piece which is both menacing and funny. The plot is as follows: it is Christmas 1875 and Professor Gabriel Stokes takes lodgings at The Sea House, on a desolate stretch of the East Sussex coast. No sooner has he arrived than the troubled history of the house comes to the fore with unexplained and mysterious happenings. Having enlisted the help of Tom Beauregard, an American spiritualist, the two embark on a terrifying journey to discover the truth. Following the traditions of the finest ghost stories, Darker Shores is a gripping and shadowy tale of suspense. Published to coincide with its world premiere at Hampstead Theatre, London 3 Dec 2009 -16 Jan 2010.

The Darker Mask

Do us a favor. Try on the mask. Our darker mask. Oh, this isn't just customfit for
some ... it's for us all. Try it. You're ordinary, you say? Ignored? Even shunned,
reviled? You're marginalized, patronized? People see you as a novelty or a

Author: Gary Phillips

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 9781429984003

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 134

Expanding on the concept behind Byron Preiss's Weird Heroes from the 1970s, George R. R. Martin's Wild Card series, and Michael Chabon's McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales, The Darker Mask is a collection of original prose stories recalling the derring-do of the beings we call Superheroes and the worlds they fight to save. But unique to The Darker Mask stories is that these plots and characters color a literary universe outside of what has been predominantly white, idiosyncratic, and male in previous homages to pulp. This is the stuff of urban legends, new mythos, and extraordinary folks who might live in a soon-to-be-gentrified ghetto, the dreary rust-belt of the city, or in another dimension. The Darker Mask offers an eclectic mix of popular fiction writers exploring worlds gritty, visceral, and fantastic. Including stories by: Walter Mosley, L. A. Banks, Naomi Hirahara, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Tananarive Due and Stephen Barnes, Mike Gonzales, Gar Anthony Haywood, Ann Nocenti, Jerry Rodriguez, Reed Farrell Coleman, Doselle Young, Mat Johnson, Peter Spiegelman, Alexandra Sokoloff, Christopher Chambers, Gary Phillips, Victor LaValle, and Wayne Wilson. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Darker Days

Nicholas felt the jolt, and he knew that everyone on the plane and hundreds of
people on those floors were now dead. People would report seeing balls of
flames exploding through windows, and then desks, file cabinets, office 322
Darker ...

Author: David Goldwasser

Publisher: IndieGo Publishing

ISBN: 0991630750

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 822

In book two of the historical fantasy Portals Series, the child of the scroll has defeated the supreme dark wizard Verdex, a battle that has left her in a coma for six months. As she awakens, Lissa’s ears ring with the voices of the portals. She has one last chance to bring balance to light and dark, or she will be overtaken by death. As Lissa and the wizards of light confront dark forces in Central Park and the dangerous Five Points region at key events in Manhattan’s history, a great threat is reawakening—the banished.

Darker Angels

Author: M. L. N. Hanover

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 074813333X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 710

Reining in demons and other supernatural foes is a formidable task, but thankfully Jayné has a team of loyal allies as well as seemingly limitless wealth. She'll need both to tackle a bodyswitching serial killer who's taken up residence in New Orleans, a city rich in voodoo lore and dark magic. Working alongside ex-FBI agent Karen Black, Jayné races to track down the demon's next intended host before they become yet another victim. But the closer she gets, the more convinced she becomes that nothing in this beautiful, wounded city is exactly as it seems . . .

The Darker Side of Western Modernity

Darker. Side. of. Western. Modernity. I was intrigued, many years ago (around
1991), when I saw on the “news” stand in a bookstore the title of Stephen
Toulmin's latest book: Cosmopolis: The Hidden Agenda of Modernity (1990). I
went to a ...

Author: Walter Mignolo

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822350785

Category: History

Page: 408

View: 552

DIVA new and more concrete understanding of the inseparability of colonialism and modernity that also explores how the rhetoric of modernity disguises the logic of coloniality and how this rhetoric has been instrumental in establishing capitalism as the econ/div

The Darker Side

A.o THE DARKER side A Bantam Book/ October 2008 Published by Bantam Dell
A Division of Random House, Inc. New York, New York This is a work offiction.
Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's ...

Author: Cody McFadyen

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780553905670

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 767

Everyone has a secret they don’t dare tell anyone. He’ll kill you for yours. Cody McFadyen has shocked even the most jaded suspense fans with Shadow Man and The Face of Death. Now comes a thriller that outdoes them all, featuring a psychopath on a perverse crusade of murder. And the one woman who can stop him has a secret that will change her from the hunter to the hunted.… A lie, a long-ago affair, a dark desire—everyone has secrets they take to the grave. No one knew that better than FBI special agent Smoky Barrett. But what secret was a very private young woman keeping that led to her very public murder? And what kind of killer was so driven and so brazenly daring that he’d take her life on a commercial airliner thirty thousand feet in midair, a killer so accomplished that he’d leave only a small souvenir behind? These are the questions that bring Smoky and her hand-picked team of experienced manhunters from L.A. to the autumn chill of Washington, D.C., by order of the FBI director himself—and at the special request of a high-powered grieving D.C. mother. As a mother, Smoky knows the pain of losing a child—it nearly killed her once before. As a cop with her own twisted past, she takes every murder personally, which is both her greatest strength and her only weakness. Brilliant, merciless, righteous, the killer Smoky is hunting this time is on his own personal mission, whose cost in innocent human lives he’s only begun to collect. For in his eyes no one is innocent; everyone harbors a secret sin, including Smoky Barrett. Soon Smoky will have to face what she’s so carefully hidden even from her own team—and confront a flawless killer who knows her flaws with murderous intimacy. From the Hardcover edition.

A Darker Side

Shirley Wells. A Darker Side Also by Shirley Wells Into the Shadows A DARKER

Author: Shirley Wells

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780336209

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 730

Forensic psychologist, Jill Kennedy, has given up police work to enjoy a quiet life in the Lancashire village of Kelton Bridge, but when Martin Hayden, a seventeen-year-old schoolboy, is murdered, DCI Max Trentham, Jill's ex-colleague and ex-lover, wants her back at work. As they hunt Martin's killer, they discover that nothing is as it seems. For a start, it seems likely that Martin, not the innocent child his parents claim, wasn't above a spot of blackmail. On top of that, Martin's father isn't the distraught parent one would expect, and his mother is determined to take her own secrets to the grave. When the killer strikes again, Jill and Max find themselves in a desperate race against time...