Delivering Educational Change in Higher Education

In Chapter 13 by Fredricks, James, and Maclean, the Academic Journey Project
is described reflectively as a place where leaders enabled emergent principles to
be devised and used purposeful inquiry to deliver change. This courageous ...

Author: Jackie Potter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 042962087X

Category: Education

Page: 199

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Presenting leadership of educational change in higher education as a dynamic, collaborative, and evolving area, Delivering Educational Change in Higher Education provides rich examples of how new ways of working are being adopted and adapted. It brings together leaders and practitioners, as authors and readers, to share their experiences of whole organisational change. Across the chapters, common threads highlight the importance of organisational context, of shared or distributed leadership, and the critical need for continuous learning in and on action by reflective readers. Linking case studies to a range of practical models and theories, this book: Explores established paradigms and models of change management and leadership. Offers examples from a diverse range of institutional contexts. Models critical reflective practice in the leadership of educational change. Addresses the future of educational developers working collaboratively with an increasingly diverse higher education workforce. Providing rare insights into ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ of change management and leadership, this book will be of interest to senior managers, educators, programme leaders, and educational developers who are all working in collaborative ways to enact positive change for student learning and experience.

Delivering Successful IT enabled Business Change

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NAO National Audit Office Delivering successful IT-enablecl business change:
Case ...

Author: Great Britain. National Audit Office

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 0102943710

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 80

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This is a companion volume to the main NAO report (HCP 33-I, session 2006-07, ISBN 0102942323) and it contains details of 24 case studies which form the basis of the NAOs analysis of factors that contribute to successful delivery of IT-enabled programmes and projects which have achieved tangible benefits for citizens and taxpayers. Drawn from the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas, these case studies include: i) the Department for Work and Pensions Payment Modernisation Programme which cost £824 million and has transformed the payment of benefits and pensions through direct bank payments; ii) the Oyster electronic smartcard introduced by Transport for London in 2003 and a capital cost of £40 million; and iii) from the private sector, the UK trade associations chip and PIN programme at a cost of £1.1 billion.

Delivering Human Services

16 What does all of this suggest for understanding and delivering human
services ? If managing change is both a critical human need and a characteristic
of the problems that we will be addressing in the human services , it will affect our

Author: Alexis A. Halley

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group


Category: Social work education

Page: 622

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This unique self-instructional text involves students in the learning process and helps them develop and apply the skills needed for working with people. It presents comprehensive coverage of major practice areas - brokering, consumer advocacy, mobilizing, interviewing, case management, relationship building, and assessment. Encouraging students to view people in a positive way with the ability to change, the fourth edition contains a new chapter on managing the transition to new service delivery systems, updated material on clinical methods, revised material on policy practice, and updated cases that reflect a stronger emphasis on diversity.

Building Capacity and Delivering Results

Through Arctic Eyes Athabaskan Observations of Climate Change DVD Through
Arctic Eyes Athabaskan Observations of Climate Change DVD Lead : Council of
Yukon First Nations ( CYFN ) Partners : Environment Canada's Northern ...

Author: Northern Ecosystem Initiative (Canada)



Category: Biodiversity conservation

Page: 170

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Delivering Quality in Vocational Education

It is through the empowering of individuals that organizations change ; but it is
through the leadership qualities of individuals that the culture for change is
created . Delivering quality entails a radical and positive review of an
organization's ...

Author: Dave J. Müller



Category: Enseignement professionnel

Page: 180

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Big Change

... of employees and is attuned to problem solving and therefore commitment
building , not conflict suppression . Success in delivering change at speed is also
directly dependent on the sense of change overload experienced by employees .

Author: Paul Taffinder

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Every year corporations spend billions in pursuit of change. Some are successful. Many are not. In this winner of the prestigious 1999 Management Consultancy Association Prize, Paul Taffinder casts a critical eye over the big change efforts of more than 30 organizations worldwide, and offers conclusions as unsettling as they are insightful and firmly supported by real-world business sense. "Paul Taffinder achieves what in many other books remains an empty promise. Brilliant insight...inspiring...A real eye-opener."--Dr. Siegfried Hoenle, Director, Warburg Dillon Read.

Change Here

KEY POINTS Effective leadership is key to delivering change Leadership is
increasingly a team as well as an individual responsibility Leaders must
understand the process of change in order to guide their organisations through
the change ...

Author: Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England and Wales



Category: Local government

Page: 107

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This paper is intended as a guide to change for top managers of local government and NHS bodies who are responsible for delivering services to their communities.

Leadership and Institutional Change in Higher Education

Programme leadership Programme leadership is based on a core concept of
managing multiple higher education change initiatives within the context of the
legislative framework . It is geared to delivering changes and results in a
environment ...

Author: Nico Cloete



Category: Education, Higher

Page: 136

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Delivering Climate Security

catastrophic and runaway climate change will require a global mobilisation of
effort and co - operation seldom seen in peacetime . In the next decades , climate
change will drive as significant a change in the strategic security environment as

Author: Nick Mabey



Category: Climatic changes

Page: 137

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"In the next decades, climate change will drive as significant a change in the strategic security environment as the end of the Cold War. If uncontrolled, climate change will have security implications of similar magnitude to the World Wars, but which will last for centuries. The past will provide no guide to this coming future; a robust response will require clear assessments based on the best scientific projections. Security sector actors must not just prepare to respond to the security challenges of climate change; they must also be part of the solution. This Whitehall Paper outlines a framework for climate security analysis and some of its implications for security policy, practice and institutional change." -- RUSI.

California Management Review

Aborting ill - conceived change programs during execution " 7 2. Managing
adverse impacts on operational business when delivering change programs
Stratetic change portfolio alignment 3. Increasing confidence in management's
ability to ...




Category: Industrial management


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Consultancy Organizational Development and Change

Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change is a guide for students and internal and external consultants needing to develop the necessary skills to consult in organizational settings where there is a great deal of complexity.

Author: Julie Hodges

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749478640

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 328

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Organizations are increasingly investing in consulting capabilities to understand what changes they need to make to keep up the pace with the competition and future-proof their business. Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change is a guide for students and internal and external consultants needing to develop the necessary skills to consult in organizational settings where there is a great deal of complexity. It tackles the issues posing the greatest threat to the success of the change programme, including how to adapt to rapidly shifting needs, deal with the emotional and ethical issues that arise and ensure that the managers take full ownership for the change so that 'business as usual' is established. Complete with case studies from the 'Big Four' consultancy groups as well as boutique firms, Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change shows how to identify and execute interventions in a variety of organizational settings to deliver value. It provides guidance on how to develop a value proposition; define, write and present the business case for the proposed interventions; establish credibility and report on the results.

Delivering Lifelong Continuing Professional Education Across Space and Time

Author: World Conference on Continuing Professional Education for the Library and Information Science Professions (4, 2001, Chester, Vt. u.a.)

Publisher: De Gruyter Saur


Category: Bibliothéconomie - Étude et enseignement (Éducation permanente) - Congrès

Page: 283

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The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the global voice of the information profession. The series IFLA Publications deals with many of the means through which libraries, information centres, and information professionals worldwide can formulate their goals, exert their influence as a group, protect their interests, and find solutions to global problems.

Delivering Arable Biodiversity

These studies aim to : a ) Identify key forage plants for bumblebees and
document 20th Century changes in availability of these using national - scale
plant species datasets ; b ) Assess the effects of different AE options for field
margins on ...

Author: Association of Applied Biologists. Meeting



Category: Biodiversity

Page: 342

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Delivering Dynamic Presentations

vowel sounds . For consonants , it is quite a different story . Changes in the
positioning of the lips , the tongue , and the soft palate are required . Enunciation
concerns an individual's decision about how to use the articulators to produce
sound .

Author: Ralph Hillman

Publisher: Pearson P T R


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 202

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Explains how to maximize one's public speaking impact visually and audibly through quality of voice, speaking habits, and body motion and gesture

Delivering Instruction to Adult Learners

Therefore the legacy must be as constructive and positive as possible . A Change
Agent All instructors share a unique opportunity to act as “ change agents . ” The
concept of change agent is very important in the field of adult education and ...

Author: Jeffrey A. Cantor



Category: Education

Page: 212

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The Canadian Patent Office Record and Register of Copyrights and Trade Marks

3 change the grain structure of the sand , thereafter delivering the heated sand to
a restricted cooling area and maintaining it in said area , delivering through the
sand while in said cooling area , a volume of cooling air at sufficient velocity to ...




Category: Copyright


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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

The third type of projects is the change detection over wrapped Web pages , such
as the C3 ( 3 ) project at Stanford and OpenCQ ( 9 ] . In contrast , WebCQ can
monitor arbitrary web pages and track and deliver interesting changes to the
users ...




Category: Database management


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Our Energy Future

9.5 We have set out a challenging , long - term , agenda for change . We need to
make sure we have the institutions in Government to deliver it . 9.2 We have set a
lead in this white paper . We have set out new objectives for energy policy ...

Author: Great Britain. Department of Trade and Industry

Publisher: Stationery Office/Tso


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 138

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The White Paper sets out the Government's programme for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and increasing the amount of energy generated from renewable resources. There are four policy goals: to work towards cutting emissions of carbon dioxide by 60% by 2050; to maintain the reliability of energy supplies; to promote competitive energy markets in the UK and beyond; and to ensure that homes are adequately and affordably heated. There is an ambition to produce 20% of electricity from renewables by; 2020. This will involve spending £348m on renewable over the four years and reforming planning rules to unblock hurdles to renewable energy. A new carbon trading system will come into effect from around 2005 that will give energy suppliers and consumers incentives to switch to cleaner energy; and there will also be tougher standards for energy efficiency in new homes. The White paper is in four parts. The first is an overview of the current situation and the need for change; the second is about a low carbon economy, the environmental imperatives and ways it can be achieved. The third part deals with the reliability of supply, competitiveness and affordability, whilst the last part is entitled "Delivery through Partnership".

SEC Docket

Under the proposed rule change , the delivering and receiving broker - dealers
for annuities or life insurance products would be able to communicate information
regarding the change of broker - dealer of record through the ACAT Service .

Author: United States. Securities and Exchange Commission



Category: Securities


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The Parliamentary Monitor

Moreover , early indications are that these models are beginning to deliver
positive results . ... a duty to promote equality ensures em - ployers work with
employees in diagnos - ing the problem , identifying solutions and monitoring
change .




Category: Great Britain


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