Modern Diplomatic Law

Sources of diplomatic law Diplomatic relations are regulated by law for the same
reason as many other branches of human activity , namely from a general
recognition that only by so doing can affairs be conducted smoothly . The
foundation of ...

Author: Michael James Langley Hardy

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719003097

Category: Consular law

Page: 150

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Islamic Law and Transnational Diplomatic Law

The historical and universal nature of diplomatic law brings it within the special
ambit of customary international law, which now makes it an integral branch of
contemporary international law, particularly with the famous codifications of ...

Author: Muhammad-Basheer .A. Ismail

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137558776

Category: Political Science

Page: 280

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This book, in its effort to formulate compatibility between Islamic law and the principles of international diplomatic law, argues that the need to harmonize the two legal systems and have a thorough cross-cultural understanding amongst nations generally with a view to enhancing unfettered diplomatic cooperation should be of paramount priority.

Diplomatic Law in a New Millennium

Tamás Adány, PhD, is Associate Professor at the Péter Pázmány Catholic
University, Budapest, and has been teaching International Law, International
Criminal Law, Human Rights, and the Law of Diplomatic Relations for more than
a decade.

Author: Paul Behrens

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192515667

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The granting of diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange, the dangers faced by diplomats in troublespots around the world, WikiLeaks and the publication of thousands of embassy cable - situations like these place diplomatic agents and diplomatic law at the very centre of contemporary debate on current affairs. Diplomatic Law in a New Millennium brings together 20 experts to provide insight into some of the most controversial and important matters which characterise modern diplomatic law. They include diplomatic asylum, the treatment (and rights) of domestic staff of diplomatic agents, the inviolability of correspondence, of the diplomatic bag and of the diplomatic mission, the immunity to be given to members of the diplomatic family, diplomatic duties (including the duty of non-interference), but also the rise of diplomatic actors which are not sent by States (including members of the EU diplomatic service). This book explores these matters in a critical, yet accessible manner, and is therefore an invaluable resource for practitioners, scholars and students with an interest in diplomatic relations. The authors of the book include some of the leading authorities on diplomatic law (including a delegate to the 1961 conference which codified modern diplomatic law) as well as serving and former members of the diplomatic corps.

International Law

Although the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations does not provide for
any exceptions from the rule of inviolability, in emergency situations, when
caught committing a violent act, a diplomat may be restrained and briefly
detained by the ...

Author: Boleslaw Adam Boczek

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810850781

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International Law: A Dictionary is a pathbreaking study of the development of international law from the earliest times to the present for students, scholars, legal professionals, and other interested readers. Combining the features of a brief encyclopedic dictionary and a textbook, readers are acquainted with the basic tenets of public international law. Preceding the main text are a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a glossary of Latin phrases, a chronology of major developments, a table of cases with references to entries and a list of the 373 entries. Numerous cross-references lead the reader to relevant entries, and the abundant references to primary sources, mostly treaties and court cases, enable the reader to locate research materials. The selected bibliography includes books, research aids, textbooks, and casebooks as well as recent books on special international law topics.

Q A Revision Guide International Law 2013 and 2014

STATE AND DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY Commentary Another issue frequently
canvassed is the issue of diplomatic immunity, one of the oldest and accepted
doctrines of public international law. There are two relevant conventions that
must be ...

Author: Susan Breau

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199661960

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Q&A International Law offers a lifeline to students revising for exams. It provides clear guidance from an experienced examiner on how best to tackle exam questions, and gives students the opportunity to practise their exam technique and assess their progress.

International Law Reports

This is the power which every receiving State has , at its own discretion , to break
off diplomatic relations with a sending State and to call for the immediate closure
of the offending mission . 86 . The rules of diplomatic law , in short , constitute a ...

Author: Christopher J. Greenwood

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521464062

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International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of courts and arbitrators, as well as judgements of national courts.

Handbook of International Law

It may therefore require as a condition of carriage that a diplomatic bag be
submitted to scanning by the airline or airport security ... The protection given by
international law to the diplomatic bag applies whether or not it is accompanied
by a ...

Author: Anthony Aust

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139447461

Category: Law


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A concise account of international law by an experienced practitioner, this book explains how states and international organisations, especially the United Nations, make and use international law. The nature of international law and its fundamental concepts and principles are described. The difference and relationship between various areas of international law which are often misunderstood (such as diplomatic and state immunity, and human rights and international humanitarian law) are clearly explained. The essence of new specialist areas of international law, relating to the environment, human rights and terrorism are discussed. Aust's clear and accessible style makes the subject understandable to non-international lawyers, non-lawyers and students. Abundant references are provided to sources and other materials, including authoritative and useful websites.

Multiple Nationality And International Law

relate both to international law and to the general international context of
nationality. For our purposes here, it is important to examine these areas in terms
of whether they constitute consequences or functions of nationality in
international or ...

Author: Alfred Michael Boll

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9004148388

Category: Law

Page: 626

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This book is a comprehensive overview of multiple nationality in international law, and contains a survey of current State practice covering over 75 countries. It examines the topic in light of the historical treatment of multiple nationality by States, international bodies and commentators, setting out the general trends in international law and relations that have influenced nationality. While the book's purpose is not to debate the merits of multiple nationality, but to present actual state practice, it does survey arguments for and against multiple nationality, and considers States' motivations in adopting a particular attitude toward the topic. As a reference work, the volume includes a detailed examination of the nature of nationality under international law and the concepts of nationality and citizenship under municipal law. The survey of State practice also constitutes a valuable resource for practitioners.

The International Law of Diplomacy

7.2D Claims of the Receiving Government Against the Diplomatic Mission The
receiving government is required to act in several ways to facilitate the free and
efficient functioning of the mission . But it cannot be expected to act thus if the ...

Author: Bhagevatula Satyanarayana Murty

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9780792300830

Category: Political Science

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Public International Law and the Regulation of Diplomatic Immunity in the Fight Against Corruption

This book has examined the fight against corruption through the lens of public
international law. A specific thesis was pursued that while the fight against
corruption internationally does not necessarily entail that such established norms
of ...


Publisher: PULP

ISBN: 0986985791

Category: Corruption

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The Sources of International Law

As a startingpoint for discussion of sources, it has been assumed (Ch. I) that
international law is in this respect a homogenous system, and specialized fields
of international law draw upon the same sources for their content.1 It is now time
to ...

Author: Hugh Thirlway

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191508608

Category: Law

Page: 304

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In recent years States have made more and more extensive use of the International Court of Justice for the judicial settlement of disputes. Despite being declared by the Courts Statute to have no binding force for States other than the parties to the case, its decisions have come to constitute a body of jurisprudence that is frequently invoked in other disputes, in international negotiation, and in academic writing. This jurisprudence, covering a wide range of aspects of international law, is the subject of considerable ongoing academic examination; it needs however to be seen against the background, and in the light, of the Courts structure, jurisdiction and operation, and the principles applied in these domains. The purpose of this book is thus to provide an accessible and comprehensive study of this aspect of the Court, and in particular of its procedure, written by a scholar who has had unique opportunities of close observation of the Court in action. This distillation of direct experience and expertise makes it essential reading for all those who study, teach or practise international law.

International Law

VII POSITION OP DIPLOMATIC ENVOYS § 384. Diplomatic envoys are just as
little subjects Dipio- of International Law as are heads of States ; and the E^ys
arguments used regarding the position of such heads 1 ^jfrots o£ must also be ...

Author: Lassa Oppenheim

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 1584776099

Category: Law

Page: 799

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Akehurst s Modern Introduction to International Law

Many of the cases applying the act of state doctrine in this situation are American,
and the leading US case regards the doctrine, not as a rule of public international
law, but as a rule of US constitutional law, derived from the principle of the ...

Author: Peter Malanczuk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134833873

Category: Political Science

Page: 472

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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Corporations in and Under International Law

As corporations have rights and duties of their own , the corporation as such and
not its members are in need of diplomatic protection . As international law grants
to each State the right to proffer diplomatic protection to its nationals , a ...

Author: Ignaz Seidl-Hohenveldern

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521463249

Category: Law

Page: 158

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This book deals with two important aspects of the place of corporate bodies in international law. The author examines, first, in relation to both private and State-owned corporations, the problems of diplomatic protection, nationalization and State responsibility. Second, he discusses some problems of those corporate entities which owe their existence to international law, whether international organizations proper or common inter-State enterprises. These questions are all ones of continuing practical interest.

Multilingualism in International Law and Institutions

Early Diplomatic Languages Among the early centers of civilization in Africa ,
Asia and Asia Minor , Sumerian ... language of diplomacy.2 Latin , the official
language of the Holy Roman Empire and the language of its law , was formerly
the only ...

Author: Mala Tabory

Publisher: Brill Archive

ISBN: 9789028602106

Category: Law

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NAFTA: Law & Business Review of the Americas provides a medium for understanding & implementing NAFTA. It emphasizes the legal aspects of NAFTA & doing business in the Americas. Coverage also includes the expansion & growth of NAFTA, & the overall impact (business, financial, economic, legal) upon the current three signatories & upon other interested countries in Latin America & elsewhere in the world. The journal is divided into three main sections: (I) Articles; (II) Implementation, covering the way that the United States, Canada, & Mexico are implementing NAFTA; & (III) Beyond NAFTA, which considers the developments occurring elsewhere in Latin & Central America, the Caribbean, & Europe. Topics of particular concern to this journal include free trade, direct investment, licensing, finance, taxation, litigation & dispute resolution, & organizational aspects of NAFTA. Besides the technical, legal pieces, the journal includes various policy oriented articles, economic pieces, & business strategy articles. NAFTA: Law & Business Review of the Americas achieves a unique balance in its coverage between practical & policy implications of NAFTA, covering both matters of immediate interest as well as those relating to reform of legal, business, economic, social, & political structures in the Western world. This approach makes it a valuable resource for both practitioners & academics in the field.

The Italian Yearbook of International Law 1999

The well - known judgement rendered by the International Court of Justice in
1970 in the Barcelona Traction case ... s only protection at the level of
international law and has provided a means of engaging the host State ' s
responsibility for ...

Author: Benedetto Conforti

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789041114709

Category: Law

Page: 432

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In a world where diversity and pluralism are indispensable values for the balanced progress of international law, knowledge of the contribution that each State makes to the formation and development of international norms is increasingly important for both scholars and practitioners. "The Italian Yearbook of International Law" aims at making accessible to the English-speaking public the Italian contribution to the practice and literature of international law. "The" "Yearbook" is organised into three main sections. The first contains doctrinal contributions featuring articles on the European human rights system and its relation to customary international law, on international control of bribery and mergers, and on the problem of accountability for gross violations of human rights. The second section covers the Italian practice in the areas of 1) judicial decisions (including the important decisions in the "Ocalan" and "Cermis" cases), 2) diplomatic and parliamentary practice, 3) treaty practice, and 4) national legislation. Relevant materials are presented by way of introductory notes and concise legal analysis. The third part of the volume contains a systematic bibliographical index of Italian literature in the field of international law. The volume ends with an analytical index for ready consultation.

A Diplomat s Handbook of International Law and Practice

Non-diplomatic staff The treatises on international law do not appear to deal with
the position of the members of non-diplomatic staff in the territories of third states,
nor are there any judicial decisions on the point. It would be recalled that there ...

Author: Biswanath Sen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9401187924

Category: Law

Page: 522

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It gives me great pleasure to write a foreword to :\1r. Sen's excellent book, and for two reasons in particular. In the first place, in producing it, Mr. Sen has done something vvhich I have long felt needed to be done, and which I at one time had am bitions to do myself. \Vhen, over thirty years ago, and after some years of practice at the Bar, I first entered the legal side of the British Foreign Service, I had not been working for long in the Foreign Office before I conceived the idea of writing - or at any rate compiling - a book to which (in my own mind) I gave the title of "A ~fanual of Foreign Office Law. " This work, had I ever produced it in the form in which I visualised it, could probably not have been published con sistently with the requirements of official discretion. But this did not worry me as I was only contemplating something for private circulation within the Service and in Government circles. :Mr. Sen's aim has been broader and more public-spirited than mine was; but its basis is essentially the same.

International Law Documents Relating to Terrorism

The frequency with which at the present time the principles of international law
governing diplomatic and consular relations are set at naught by individuals or
groups of individuals is already deplorable. But this case is unique and of very ...

Author: Elagab

Publisher: Cavendish Publishing

ISBN: 1843142996

Category: Political Science

Page: 892

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Brings together the basic documents in international law relating to terrorism, extracts from judicial decisions and the relevant UK material. The text covers such areas as terrorism and hostage-taking, maritime terrorism, the control of State terrorism, and extradition. Each document is selectively reproduced and introduced with a brief comment on its history and current normative value.

International Law and Diplomacy

The term “diplomatic mission” is significant in that it is an institution which is more
than an office; it is an institution to which delegates are sent by the sending State
to be stationed in a receiving State for the purpose of achieving its objectives, ...

Author: Charles Chatterjee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136823832

Category: Law

Page: 440

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In this work the author explores the subjects of sovereignty, diplomacy and the function of diplomats, diplomatic missions, protocol, ethics in diplomacy, the role of Ministries of Foreign Affairs, intergovernmental conferences and the United Nations. It: includes a useful glossary of over sixty essential terms (such as Calvo Doctrine, Extradition, Rapporteur and Uti Possidetis Juris) clearly relates the conduct of diplomacy to the principles of international law. This volume will appeal to graduate and undergraduate students studying diplomacy, public administration and international relations courses as well as practising diplomats, international organization and foreign ministry officials and those who have regular dealings with them.

International Law Reports

Diplomatic premises Diplomatic privileges and immunities—Residences of
diplomatic agent—Duty to protect against ... on Diplomatic Relations, 1961,
Articles 22, 30 and 31—Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964—The law of England

Author: E. Lauterpacht

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521463973

Category: Law

Page: 575

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International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of courts and arbitrators, as well as judgements of national courts.