Disasters of Ohio s Lake Erie Islands

At the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, one light keeper was frozen in for days with his deceased colleague until he could make a desperate escape. Wendy Koile chronicles the fiercest calamities to shatter the tranquility of these solitary shores.

Author: Wendy Koile

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1626198195

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Beautiful and deadly, the Lake Erie islands off the coast of Ohio have seen their fair share of disasters. The Victory Hotel on South Bass Island at Put-in-Bay was once the largest hotel in the nation. But the grand residence was reduced to ashes after a spark quickly became a raging, uncontrollable inferno. Reports of smallpox on Pelee Island resulted in mass hysteria and the quarantine of an entire island. At the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, one light keeper was frozen in for days with his deceased colleague until he could make a desperate escape. Wendy Koile chronicles the fiercest calamities to shatter the tranquility of these solitary shores.

The November 1972 Storm on Lake Erie

Northern Ohio was declared a major disaster area by the President , and the U.S.
Small Business Administration declared Lucas , Ottawa , Sandusky , Erie , Lorain
, Cuyahoga , and Lake Counties disaster areas . 1 LAKE ERIE Pelee Island o ...

Author: Charles Henry Carter



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Information Circular

Ohio. Division of Geological Survey. THE NOVEMBER 1972 STORM ON LAKE
ERIE ABSTRACT The Lake Erie area was ... Lorain , Cuyahoga , and Lake
Counties disaster areas , LAKE ERIE Pelee Island Toledo 0 Bass Islands Niles

Author: Ohio. Division of Geological Survey



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Annual Report of the United States Life Saving Service

Date of disaster . ... 6 11 Buffalo , N. Y 34 Lying at anchor 2 , 392 Cleveland ,
Ohio . ... ..do .do Fish Lumber Coal 2 5 21 10 7 17 1 1 26 1 7 17 Lake Erie . New
York Harbor . Lake Superior . Near Fire Island , N.Y. Lake Michigan . Do. 1892 .

Author: United States. Life-Saving Service





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Annual Report of the United States Life saving Service for the Years 1880

Date of disaster . Namo of vessel . ... July 1 Monitor Am . barge Toledo , Ohio ,
Lake Erie . ... Wilmington , Del July July ... do ... do .do 4 Brandywine Br . sc .... do
July 7 Wabasheen 457 Manitou Island , Chicago , Ill . do Lumber Mich .

Author: United States. Life-Saving Service



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Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the State of the Finances

Date of disaster . Name of vessel . Official number . Description ... 95 Turk's Island
. Baltimore .. Partial Guano 88. 68 Malden ... 3 Scarborough Beach , Me . 9
Sleeping Bear Bluff , Lake Michigan , 3 Off Geneva , Ohio , Lake Erie . 4 Entrance
to ...

Author: United States. Department of the Treasury



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Wrecks and Disasters

... 7 Cleveland , Ohio , 10 , 28 , 48 , 51 Collingwood , Ontario , 2 , 26 Collingwood
, 16 Conductor , 57 Conneaut , Ohio , 44 Courtlandt , 39 ... Erie ( 2 ) , 31
Fitzgerald , Edmund , 47 Flora Emma , 61 Fontana , 41 Fort Gratoit , Michigan , 25
Fort , Daniel G . , 13 Galops Island ... 38 Lafayette , 20 , 21 Lake Erie , 5 , 39 , 44 ,
57 Lake Huron , 43 , 46 , 49 Lake Michigan , 9 , 14 , 19 , 42 Lake Ontario , 6 , 9 ,
24 Lake ...

Author: Robert Shipley

Publisher: St. Catharines, Ont. : Vanwell Pub.


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Great Lakes Passenger Ship Disasters

Lake Erie . The Put - In - Bay , the 240 - foot “ dancing ship , ” so named for its
large dance floor , carried passengers to and from the island of Put - In - Bay ,
Ohio in Lake Erie and the Columbia carried funseekers to the playground of Bob
- Lo ...

Author: Wayne Louis Kadar



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From author Wayne Kadar, this book explores the tragic tales of ships designed to carry passengers, be it a ferry, a day or weekend excursion vessel or a ship with cabins for extended cruises. Meticulously researched by Kadar, these stories from the tragedy of the

Great Lakes Collisions Wrecks Disasters

Buffalo , NY Long Point Point Peele x Location of the Colision Lake Erie
Astabulla , Ohio 0 - - Peele Island foot ore carrier Ashcroft which was heading to
Toledo , Ohio , the east bound 412 - foot Frank Vigor , the steamers John Sherwin
and ...

Author: Wayne Louis Kadar


ISBN: 9781892384478

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"This book describes accidents and disasters which ships of 400-feet in length and larger have been involved. These are some of the largest ships to sail the Great Lakes"--P. [4] of cover.

Lake Erie Intensive Study

Author: Gordon P. Keeler



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Lloyd s Steamboat Directory and Disasters on the Western Waters

The steamer Tally - ho exploded her boiler on the Ohio river , on the 1st of May ,
1830 , just as she was leaving Dover Landing ... Island PACKET . ... The steamer
Troy exploded on Lake Erie , at the mouth of Niagara river , March 19th , 1850.

Author: James T. Lloyd



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Inland Seas

There is a chronological table showing all known Canadian and U . S . disasters
in the quadrangle , listing ships by name ... As a bonus , the book invites the
reader ' s participation in the Lake Erie Adventures suggested at the end of each
chapter ... The Great Lakes Historical Society in Vermilion , Ohio offers an
attractive membership program , provides a regular ... This book covers every
port - of - call in Lake Erie from Vermilion west including Michigan , Canada and
the Islands .




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The Great Lakes Region in Children s Books

It covers the daily life of the Indians ( including games ) , the tribes in Ohio , Indian
leaders , and contact with the white man ... The result is a dramatic , detailed
chronicle of one of Ohio's worst natural disasters . ... ( 3-5 ) F Orphaned Cissie ,
ten , goes to live with Uncle Eban and his housekeeper , Mrs. Halloran , on
Peachtree Island in Lake Erie , which is reached only by ferry from Port Angelo (
Port clinton ) ...

Author: Donna Taylor

Publisher: Brighton, Mich. : Green Oak Press


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An annotated guide to works about the Great Lakes region including hard and soft cover books, pamphlets, and magazines.

The Georgia Review

In Pennsylvania , Lee ' s Army was retreating southward after the disaster at
Gettysburg . ... His diary was confiscated , and some weeks later , after Morgan ' s
capture , the diary was printed in the Ohio State Journal ... to military prisons ,
either Camp Chase near Columbus , or Johnson ' s Island , in Sandusky Bay ,
Lake Erie ...




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Natural and Technological Disasters

... and tracked continuously by the National Weather Service from its birth in the
Atlantic Ocean , to its sweep through the U . S . Virgin Islands and Puerto ...
HURRICANE HUGO September 22 , 1989 MAINE Lake Ontario NEW YORK MA -
SEISMICITY 1 / 69 — 8 / 89 1990s : International Decade for Natural Disaster
Reduction 9.

Author: Shyamal K. Majumdar



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The Associated Press Library of Disasters

Eight Missing Eight or nine persons were unaccounted for on Ocean Island , N .
C . , and property damage running into the millions was inflicted ... River flooding
occurred throughout West Virginia , western Pennsylvania , and into Ohio . ...
They said Lakes Erie and Ontario might be whipped by winds of up to 70 m . p . h

Author: Associated Press

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This set uses a variety of articles to explore 20th-century disasters.

Lonz of Middle Bass

Lonz of Middle Bass is the story of a man, a woman, a building and an island.

Author: Henry M. Barr

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412028345

Category: History

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Lonz of Middle Bass is the story of a man, a woman, a building and an island. It is a unique book, particularly in view of the fact that it not only covers the obvious story of George Lonz and his wife, Fannie, but effectively chronicles the history not only of the Lonz Winery, but also of Middle Bass Island, Ohio from the earliest explorations of Champlain in 1545 through the mid-nineteenth century when the island, as it is known today, began to emerge. The book is a reprint of the scarce and coveted 1982 edition, updated with an Appendix to cover the last 22 years. It also includes the stories from the August, 2000 Put-in-Bay Gazette about the tragedy in July, 2000, when the collapse of a terrace caused one fatality, injured many, and caused the winery to be closed for good earlier than planned. The author of the original version, Mr. Barr, from the grandstand of 21 years of being "summer people", was intrigued with the island story from the beginning of his sojourn. He had an opportunity to know personally many of the people who were George's contemporaries or were a part of the story. Bits and pieces of the chronicle found the author invading unexpected treasure troves. There was a trip to Toledo to talk with the Roesches about Indian artifacts, a luncheon with the Rameys in San Francisco to learn more of the Lonz husband-wife relationship, the gloomy interior of a New Orleans bookstore to find ancient maps of Lake Erie, and an antique shop in Charleston, South Carolina that reluctantly brought to light the plates of the Perry associates in the Battle of Lake Erie and the drawings of the Golden Eagle breaking ice. There were many, many phone calls to run down leads and a final visit to the Hayes Museum in Fremont, Ohio to find out about some of the island-owned boats. For those who have enjoyed the unique hospitality as offered by this unusual winery, for those who enjoy history - particularly of Middle Bass Island, the Lake Erie Islands or the Lake Erie south shore - and for those who simply enjoy a bottle of wine in an idyllic setting, this book will be interesting reading. Please visit the editor's web site at http://www.middlebass.org About the Editor Michael Gora is the Middle Bass Island Historian for the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, and also operates the Middle Bass Island web site. A long-time summer resident, his goal is to spend more time on the island every year. A retired software executive, software developer and physicist, he is the author of over 30 technical papers and three technical books, and has also produced four reprints of Lake Erie Islands historical booklets. He is also the editor of the most complete history of the islands ever published, Lake Erie Islands - Sketches and Stories, which is available from Trafford. Excerpts

Commemoration of the Chernobyl Disaster

... is the longest coastal district in Ohio , that photographers who was traveling
with us — we stretches between Toledo and Cleveland along found Lviv , and
there were no cars . We were the Lake Erie embracing the Lake Erie Islands — I
call ...




Category: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Chornobylʹ, Ukraine, 1986

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Ohio Administrative Code

( H ) “ Coastal area ” means the waters of lake Erie , the islands in the lake , and
the lands under and adjacent to the lake ... area that has been identified as a
special flood hazard area under the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 , 87
Stat .



ISBN: 9780832205521

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Eyewitness to Disaster

Carrying 524 passengers and 171 crewmen , Noronic had begun her final
voyage in Detroit , crossed Lake Erie to ... From there , she would continue on to
Kingston , Ontario , then thread her way through the picturesque Thousand
Islands . But this ... Donald Church of Silver Lake , Ohio , was in the bar having a
late drink .

Author: Dan Perkes



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