Discerning Your True Spiritual Calling

To reap the full benefits of the Father, you must be able to flow with Him and understand His voice. This volume is about Prophetic Order in the house of God.

Author: Gloria Margaret Taylor-boyce D.d.

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781500324803



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THERE MUST BE ORDER - VOLUME 3 "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints." (1 Corinthians 14:33) There should be order in every area of your life - your home, your church, your family, your work. There must be divine order in spiritual training, as well. In understanding divine order, one must be able to fully understand the importance of the discernment process, the ability to hear and see what God is saying even in the midst of the chaos and noise of life. If you understand where you are in life and you understand spiritual order, then you are able to discern the timing and the flow of God. To reap the full benefits of the Father, you must be able to flow with Him and understand His voice. This volume is about Prophetic Order in the house of God. Many anointed and gifted people desire to use their gifts in the church, yet oftentimes, they do not wait for the right moment for the order of the house to be set and for a system of recognition to be established.

Discerning Your True Spiritual Calling Volune 2

This book is volume #2 of DISCERNING YOUR TRUE SPIRITUAL CALLING, a 13 Volume set.

Author: Ralph Henderson Boyce

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781496140074

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This book is volume #2 of DISCERNING YOUR TRUE SPIRITUAL CALLING, a 13 Volume set. It is for everyone interested in understanding their Divine Gifts and walking into the manifestation of the Prosperity and Abundance that God has ordained for them. In it we begin to discuss the importance of PROPHETIC FATHERS, both in the natural and in the spiritual world. Showing how DIVINE ORDER was established from the beginning. What's more, that when God connects you to a prophetic father/mentor who is in your life to teach you His (God) system and lead you on the path of your destiny that RECEIVING THE SPIRIT OF YOUR LEADER is powerful in the realm of the Spirit so that you can operate in oneness and unity.

Discerning Your True Spiritual Calling

This is going to be a dynamic journey, one that will open your eyes to the truth of who God created you to be.

Author: Pastor Gloria Taylor-Boyce

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781495997068

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DISCERNING YOUR TRUE SPIRITUAL CALLING Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24 Fasten your seat-belts! We are embarking on a spiritual venture, a journey of discerning your true spiritual calling and your divine gifting from God that dwells within you. This is going to be a dynamic journey, one that will open your eyes to the truth of who God created you to be. Let us then approach this work titled DISCERNING YOUR TRUE SPIRITUAL CALLING with admiration, and not fear; with truly a humble reflection, not with a sense that we are undeserving. Let us approach it generally, blissfully, eager to acknowledge, happy to research, hoping and believing that as a result of our efforts; we shall obtain not only a great good that includes, a sound understanding of the natural laws of life, as well as a deeper understanding of the God within. In order to be effective in the earth realm and witness the manifestation of the power of God in this earthly realm you must understand the order of God and the principles of the Spirit. In the foreword taken from the book Spiritual Protocol, we see a definition of the word submission emerging. This prophetic utterance sets the stage for this important spiritual work, Discerning Your True Calling and gives us a direct guide to the path of Awakening the God Within. We believe that the Holy Spirit is trumpeting a message in the Body of Christ that we must know how to behave ourselves in the House of the Lord. As we well know, you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Discerning Your Call of God

Now let's think about the Spirit realm of finances and money. We understand the
Spirit realm of God, angels, demons and where Satan operates. The spiritual is
real and it affects our lives good and bad. There is a spiritual influence that ...

Author: Bill Vincent

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0359322174


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God's call is more than just some position in the Church. In this informative Book: Discerning the Call of God, Bill Vincent begins this by sharing two main keys to help you break out and break into your destiny. You will be refreshed with enthusiasm to continue your journey into the center of God's purposes for your life. The lies of the enemy will be broken as you discover God's great desire for you to run the race that He has set before you your high calling with joy and excellence.

Sharpen Your Discernment

The Spiritual Snoop Guard Another way pride shows up is in the form of what I
like to call “the spiritual snoop guard.” This group ... Real discernment won't lead
you to hunt down others so that you can laugh in their faces at their flaws. And
true ...

Author: Roberts Liardon

Publisher: Whitaker House

ISBN: 1603746072

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"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold" (Proverbs 3:13–14 NIV). We all know people that we would call wise, prudent, or discerning. What sets these individuals apart is their ability to walk in the guidance of God. Do you feel like you daily receive direction from God? You can! From the Scriptures, author Roberts Liardon sets you on the path to pursuing a life marked by wisdom. With this knowledge and insight, you can: Find out how to be led by the Spirit of God Develop a plan of action for successful decision-making Defeat the spiritual forces of evil in your life Discover the immense power in daily prayer and Bible-reading Sharpen your discernment, and you will be more than a conqueror!

Consider Your Calling

What is the good work to which I am called? Gordon T. Smith acknowledges that this is not a simple question to answer in the midst of our very complicated lives.

Author: Gordon T. Smith

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830899189

Category: Religion

Page: 133

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What on earth is God doing? Who are you? What is your stage of life? What are your circumstances? What is the cross you will have to bear? What are you afraid of? We ask these six critical questions—and then we ask them again—at points of transition in our lives. They all lead us to the one core question: What is the good work to which I am called? Gordon T. Smith, author of Courage and Calling, writes: "It is a good question because our work matters to us, to others and, of course, it matters to God. Work itself is good. It is vital to our human identity; and we are most ourselves, most who God calls us to be, living in what it means to know the salvation of God, when we know the grace of work well done." However, Smith acknowledges that this is not a simple question to answer in the midst of our very complicated lives. That's why he has written this brief and accessible book—to offer the support and insight we need as we ponder these six core questions in community with God and others. As a steward of your life, in attentiveness to the calling of God, how is God inviting you to engage the world?

Discerning Your Call to Ministry

“The church has needed this book for a long time.” — Russell Moore If you are considering the ministry, there are two mistakes to avoid.

Author: Jason K. Allen

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802494633

Category: Religion

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“The church has needed this book for a long time.” — Russell Moore If you are considering the ministry, there are two mistakes to avoid. The first is taking up a calling that isn’t yours. The second is neglecting one that is. Discerning Your Call to Ministry will help you know the difference. A tool for seminary students, pastors-in-training, and even current pastors, it serves to confirm or prompt deep thought about the calling to ministry through 10 probing questions, including: Do you desire the ministry? Does your church affirm your calling? Do you love the people of God? Are you willing to surrender? Pastoral dropout rates are high, and seminary admission rates are declining—signs that many of us don’t quite know what we’re signing ourselves up for. Author Jason Allen, a former pastor and the president of North America’s fastest growing seminary, gives readers a better picture of the calling. Presenting a series of diagnostic questions informed by Scripture, church history, and his own experience, he helps those seeking ordination or ministry positions make confident decisions about their service to God, one way or the other.

Discovering Our Spiritual Identity

PERSONAL CALLING IN THE BIBLE God has a kingdom assignment in mind for
you and me. This good work, which has our unique name written across it, is our
personal calling. An ancient Christian tradition celebrates this truth when it ...

Author: Trevor Hudson

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830810927

Category: Religion

Page: 197

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Each chapter in this workbook by Trevor Hudson is peppered with "holy experiments," simple practices that bring you into God's presence and help you experience life as his beloved. At the end of each chapter is a set of questions which are ideal for discussion with one or two spiritual friends or a small group. A Renovaré Resource.

The Master Is Calling

She presents a victorious approach to worship, intercession, petition, and spiritual warfare that will revitalize your Christian life. In this revealing book, you will discover the secrets to.

Author: Lynne Hammond

Publisher: Whitaker House

ISBN: 1603749993

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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In The Master Is Calling, author Lynn Hammond offers a powerful biblical perspective on prayer that takes you to the heart of meaningful, effective, and joyful communion with God. She presents a victorious approach to worship, intercession, petition, and spiritual warfare that will revitalize your Christian life. In this revealing book, you will discover the secrets to... Developing a deeper prayer life Relying on the Holy Spirit’s guidance Dispelling your anxieties about prayer Discerning your most crucial prayer needs Compiling prayer victories rather than prayer lists Interceding effectively for family and friends Enriching your life through prayer Ministering the gifts of the Spirit Reaching the heart of God You can have the desires of your heart and play an outstanding role in fulfilling God’s will on the earth. As you understand these biblical principles, you will experience the joy of true fellowship with the Lord and be tremendously effective in prayer through His grace and power!

Leading in a VUCA World

That which moves us toward God is the good spirit, and that which moves us
away from Him is the evil spirit. Christ the King is calling us to choose his side
and leave behind the riches and honors calling from the other side. ... This part of
discernment is similar to what George calls “discovering your true North.” It is the

Author: Jacobus (Kobus) Kok

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319988840

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 209

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This open access book brings together works by specialists from different disciplines and continents to reflect on the nexus between leadership, spirituality and discernment, particularly with regard to a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). The book spells out, first of all, what our VUCA world entails, and how it affects businesses, organizations, and societies as a whole. Secondly, the book develops new perspectives on the processes of leadership, spirituality, and discernment, particularly in this VUCA context. These perspectives are interdisciplinary in nature, and are informed by e.g. management studies, leadership theory, philosophy, and theology.

Nourishment for the Spiritual Pilgrimage

The call was a lifetime journey that included times of change, trial, and danger.
initially, they probably didn't understand why god had called them, but they
accepted the call and tried to faithfully follow it. part of the discernment process of
this spiritual pilgrimage is being open to where god may ... O send out your light
and your truth: let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your

Author: Vernon T. Jones

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498237096

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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"In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed" (Mark 1:35). Jesus taught by his words and actions. He went by himself to pray when he was tired, when faced with upcoming trying events, or when he just wanted to be alone in the presence of his Lord. He gave us guidance about what to pray, how to pray, and why to pray, and was very familiar with the Hebrew Scriptures. Thus, if we want to become Jesus' disciple we should follow his model and invest time and emotional energy into prayer, Bible study, and reflection. <>Nourishment For The Spiritual Pilgrimage provides an aid for those who want to participate in the spiritual pilgrimage of becoming a lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ. It offers insight and support for those who daily want to turn their hearts, souls, and minds to God's will in their lives, as they strive to help in bringing about God's kingdom in this present time. There are countless other devotionals, but hopefully this can offer something that many of the others may not, a specific focus on the concept of discipleship.

True Coming of Age

Your relationship to Spirit may be a personal commitment to an organized
religion or simply your own way of giving meaning to your life. I call the Spirit God
. ... Even from our earliest experiences, we learn how to discern by developing
virtues; and the extent to which we develop virtues (such 18 Knowing Your True

Author: John Chirban

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071457119

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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RECONNECT WITH THE PERSON YOU'RE MEANT TO BE A four-step process that opens the door to a meaningful life... Life's authentic moments provide the groundwork for connection to ourselves, others, and God, allowing us to assess what is most important in our lives and uncover the True Self. Such moments of clarity often result from crises, such as illness or loss, that awaken us to what is truly valuable. How can this be achieved in everyday living? Dr. John Chirban helps us assess the degree to which we are, or are not, connected to the True Self-- and shows us how we can reconnect. From everyday men and women to notable Americans, including Tom Brokaw, Ron Howard, Maya Angelou, and Sandra Day O'Connor, the stories featured in this book underscore Dr. Chirban's message of the costs of losing the True Self, as well as the rewards of opening the heart to oneself and others. Dr. Chirban also offers an examination of the seven intrinsic qualities of the True Self: Spontaneity Reasoning Creativity Free Will Spirituality Discernment Love By exploring these qualities and through the exclusive personal stories found in True Coming of Age, readers will begin to explore their authentic nature and to engage their innate gifts, igniting their unique evolution and experiencing a true coming of age.

Discerning the Spirit

The truly holy man must fear Yahweh with all his heart and prove his holiness by
his lived fidelity to the covenant in spite ... For the sanctifying call which had
created the Christian community had come to them from the lips of God ' s only
Son .

Author: Donald L. Gelpi

Publisher: Sheed & Ward


Category: Monastic and religious life

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Unity in the Spirit Diversity in the Churches

Satan may be disguised as an angel of light ( 2 Cor . 11:14 ) . ( VI ) Three related
criteria for such discernment call for mention : ( a ) True life in the Spirit is
communal , not individualistic . Our personal experiences need to be tested by
the ...

Author: Conference of European Churches



Category: Christian Union

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The Gift of Being Yourself

In the expanded edition of this profound exploration of Christian identity, David G. Benner illuminates the spirituality of self-discovery.

Author: David G. Benner

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830846123

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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Much is said in Christian circles about knowing God. But there cannot be deep knowledge of God without deep knowledge of one's self. In this profound exploration of Christian identity, psychologist and spiritual director David G. Benner illuminates the spirituality of self-discovery. He exposes the false selves that we hide behind and calls us to discover the true self that emerges from our uniqueness in Christ. Genuine self-understanding revitalizes our spiritual life and leads to the fulfillment of our God-given destiny and vocation. - from back of the book.

Being and Truth

Discerning the genuine holiness of authentic prophets from the spellbinding
pretensions of false prophets is no easier than ... In all such instances of what we
may call spiritual discernment , the criterion remains long term : “ By their fruits
you ...

Author: Thomas Langan



Category: Philosophy

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"In his earlier volume, Tradition and Authenticity in the Search for Ecumenic Wisdom, Thomas Langan explored the distinctive kinds of truth handed on by explicit traditions and raised the question of integrating these many diverse truth claims into a responsible, meaningful vision of reality. In Being and Truth, the author lays a foundation for this concept: a theory of knowledge and a theory of being that can find a place for all these differing realities. Although experience is always interpreted in the light of our traditions, Being and Truth shows that this does not preclude real access to persons, things, and their interrelationships." "Balancing the realities of subjectivism with the demands of objective form and structure, giving both the relatively permanent and the ephemeral their due, is at every moment delicate. The "common sense" at the core of each person's "natural faith" must serve as a guide - yet neither of these is a simple notion. Langan unabashedly calls on his own wide-ranging experience of the lived world to illustrate this dialectic. Students and scholars of political philosophy, intellectual history, and theology will benefit from this rich and insightful text, which integrates historicity without undermining the possibility of attaining lasting truth."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Discerning the Call

Thirty - five of these are now on their own , paying the salary of a fulltime pastor .
In 1990 ... dichotomy of preserving Black religious heritage and identity while at
the same time promoting the true spirit of the church , which is unity . " 60 They ...

Author: John M. Imbler


ISBN: 9780827206182

Category: Religion

Page: 130

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In 1986, 43 percent of Disciples clergy were between fifty and sixty. Where will their replacements come from, and how can we help them recognize and respond to their call? (pb)

Discovering Your Divine Assignment

The artist of your life — God — wants you to receive and respond to his love
because he knows that when you do, your life will become ... They were trying to
make sense of all the radical spiritual truth Jesus was giving them, which
challenged what they had always known. ... what you have always known and
seen is reframed by increased spiritual awareness and a call to a deeper
relationship with God?

Author: Robin Chaddock

Publisher: Harvest House Pub

ISBN: 9780736915762

Category: Religion

Page: 223

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Drawing on her years of experience as a life coach and her deep Christian faith, the author of Being a Wise Woman in a Wild World helps readers discover their primary passion and their God-given strengths.

Discernment of the Spirit and of Spirits

This is the moment to call on the Spirit of Jesus in which we have to carry on
discerning . The only thing that needs clarifying is that this Spirit should be in truth
the Spirit of Jesus and not presupposed as existing , already institutionalized in
ecclesial ... discernment in the tension between the history of Jesus and the
history unfolded by his Spirit , we will not be able to offer simple recipes even
from Jesus .

Author: Casiano Floristán Samanes



Category: Discernment of spirits

Page: 126

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"A Crossroad book." Includes bibliographical references.

Soul Purpose

Discovering and Fulfilling Your Destiny Mark Thurston ... urged us to think of our
life journeys as true vocations . We are called to be something and to do
something . That calling ... Spiritual evolution for humanity is a collective
proposition .

Author: Mark Thurston

Publisher: Harpercollins

ISBN: 9780062508584

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 196

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