Dispatches From the Sofa

Pondering such random topics as the potential demise of Margaret Thatcher, the love-hate relationship with your football club, the banking crisis and the evil phenomenon of Jedward, this is wit and wisdom, and a fine sense of the absurd, ...

Author: Frank Skinner

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446493865

Category: Humor

Page: 336

View: 227

A collection of Frank Skinner's most brilliant, biting, gut-bustingly funny columns for The Times. For several years, legendary comedian Frank Skinner wrote a weekly column for The Times. Without fail, he sat down and wracked his brain to think of something to write 900 words about, frequently giving up and writing about football instead. Dispatches from the Sofa is the brilliant result. Pondering such random topics as the potential demise of Margaret Thatcher, the love-hate relationship with your football club, the banking crisis and the evil phenomenon of Jedward, this is wit and wisdom, and a fine sense of the absurd, all rolled into one.

Football Fans Activism and Social Change

Dispatches From A Football Sofa (2014, May 19). How we can change football. Can we change football? Dispatches From A Football Sofa. Retrieved from http://dispatchesfromafootballsofa.com/2014/05/19/how-wecan-change-football/ Duke, ...

Author: Dino Numerato

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317432711

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 164

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The study of football fandom is a fast-growing area of research in the sociology of sport. The first work of its kind, this book explores football fan activism and its impact on contemporary football culture in England, Italy and the Czech Republic. Presenting a comparative study of fan activism in national and transnational contexts, it explores the characteristics of each country’s football fan culture as well as the varying and at times volatile dynamics between fans, authorities and the mass media. Its chapters address key themes and issues including: fans’ reactions to policing and security measures in football stadiums; the socio-cultural significance of symbols and rituals for fans at football games; and fans’ critical engagement with football club ownership and management. Offering original insights into the power of fan activism to influence social change, this book has wider implications for understanding social movements in other cultural and political spheres beyond Europe. Football Fans, Activism and Social Change is fascinating reading for all students, scholars and football fans with an interest in sport studies, fan culture, politics and society.

Dispatches from Anarres Tales in Tribute to Ursula K Le Guin

We sit on the sofa, watching the Seahawks game and eating pizza. I sit next to Ethan on one side of the sofa. Kegan takes the armchair. I study him. I am not completely comfortable with Kegan. He looks like Ethan, but he is not like him ...

Author: Susan DeFreitas

Publisher: Forest Avenue Press

ISBN: 1942436491

Category: Fiction


View: 496

Named for the anarchist utopia in Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction classic The Dispossessed, Dispatches from Anarres embodies the anarchic spirit of Le Guin’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, while paying tribute to her enduring vision. In stories that range from fantasy to sci fi to realism, some of Portland's most vital voices have come together to celebrate Le Guin’s lasting legacy and influence on that most subversive of human faculties: the imagination. Fonda Lee’s “Old Souls” explores the role of violence and redemption across time and space; Rachael K. Jones’s “The Night Bazaar for Women Turning into Reptiles” touches on gender oppression and a woman’s right to choose; Molly Gloss’s “Wenonah’s Gift” imagines coming-of-age in a post-collapse culture determined to avoid past wrongs; and Lidia Yuknavitch’s “Neuron” reveals that fairy tales may, in fact, be the best way to understand the paradoxes of science. Other contributors include Curtis Chen, Kesha Ajọsẹ-Fisher, Juhea Kim, Tina Connolly, David D. Levine, Leni Zumas, Rene Denfeld, and Michelle Ruiz Keil, with a foreword by David Naimon, co-author (with Le Guin) of Ursula K. Le Guin: Conversations on Writing.

A Comedian s Prayer Book

In this collection of prayers, much-loved comedian, broadcaster and radio host Frank Skinner has tried to retain the bare candour of the rehearsal-room improvisation - to show what faith feels like, from the inside - but infused it with all ...

Author: Frank Skinner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1529368979

Category: Humor

Page: 144

View: 419

A Comedian's Prayer Book. The title is a worry, isn't it?... God is a tough audience as far as audible response is concerned, but at least you don't have to explain the references. In this collection of prayers, much-loved comedian, broadcaster and radio host Frank Skinner has tried to retain the bare candour of the rehearsal-room improvisation - to show what faith feels like, from the inside - but infused it with all the production values required to make it a passable public entertainment. In it are his convictions, his questions, his fears, his doubts, his elations - all presented in an eavesdropper-friendly form. Hell, Judgement, atheism, money, faith and the X-Men all feature: it's a bit like reading the Bible, except you only get one side of the conversation, and all the jokes are left in.


Dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian Life Sayed Kashua. nothing to mix it with. ... Only the sound of the steps of my family returning home got me up from the sofa. I rushed to the bathroom, washed my face, and ran with a ...

Author: Sayed Kashua

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802190189

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 674

Essays by “Jerusalem’s version of Charles Bukowski . . . Just as aware and critical—of his city, his family, Israel, the Arabs, but most of all of himself” (NPR). Sayed Kashua has been praised by the New York Times as “a master of subtle nuance in dealing with both Arab and Jewish society.” An Arab-Israeli who lived in Jerusalem for most of his life, Kashua started writing with the hope of creating one story that both Palestinians and Israelis could relate to, rather than two that cannot coexist together. He devoted his novels and his satirical weekly column published in Haaretz to telling the Palestinian story and exploring the contradictions of modern Israel, while also capturing the nuances of everyday family life in all its tenderness and chaos. With an intimate tone fueled by deep-seated apprehension and razor-sharp ironic wit, Kashua has been documenting his own life as well as that of society at large: he writes about his children’s upbringing and encounters with racism, about fatherhood and married life, the Jewish-Arab conflict, his professional ambitions, travels around the world as an author, and—more than anything—his love of books and literature. He brings forth a series of brilliant, caustic, wry, and fearless reflections on social and cultural dynamics as experienced by someone who straddles two societies. “One of the most celebrated satirists in Hebrew literature . . . [Kashua] has an acerbic, dry wit and a talent for turning everyday events into apocalyptic scenarios.”—Philadelphia Inquirer “What is most striking in these columns is the universality of what it means to be a father, husband and man.”—Toronto Star

Dispatches from Blogistan

A one room, clapboard side house with a blackandwhite TV, a round top refrigerator filled with biscuits, jam and Budweiser, a sagging sofa, a pedestal fan, a wood grain formica dinette with a single chair, jelly jar drinking glasses and ...

Author: Suzanne Stefanac

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 9780132704816

Category: Computers

Page: 240

View: 110

The term "blog" wasn't coined until 1999 and yet by 2004, it had become Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year. Globally, the number of blogs is doubling every six months, with more than 50 million blogs online today. Here to offer a unique overview of the emerging phenomenon that even armchair observers will find curiosity-satisfying is Dispatches from Blogistan: A Travel Guide for the Modern Blogger. Filled with practical, easy-to-implement advice for making blogging more enjoyable, useful, and profitable, this book covers everything from blogging and how it fits into the history of journalism to practical tips for planning and managing a blog, attracting and retaining an active readership. Written by noted technology journalist and interactive media veteran Su zanne Stefanac, the book features a fresh and succinct approach; quotes and commentary from noted and celebrity bloggers (author/futurist Bruce Sterling, NPR commentator Farai Chideya, Craig Newmark of craigslist.com, and Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing editor and science fiction author, among others); an accompanying blog site (dispatchesfromblogistan.com); and more. Stefanac explores issues of trust, influence, privacy, discovery, and the power of collaborative discourse, making this is a blog book like no other!

Dispatches from Bitter America

So I don't know where that was coming from. I encourage children and families to eat nutritiously and to eat in moderation. But the biggest thing is they need to get off the sofa and get outside ...

Author: Todd Starnes

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 1433673614

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 503

FOX News Radio reporter Todd Starnes is a self-professed “gun toting, chicken eating son of a Baptist” whose Dispatches from Bitter America is “a collection of stories from my travels across this country (and) conversations I’ve had with regular folks who have deep concerns about the direction we are going as a nation.” In his award-winning, satire-meets-serious writing style, Starnes jumps headfirst into the current culture war, taking on the topics that are dear to every American: religion, health care, freedom, country music, barbeque, and so forth. Along the way, he shares exclusive interviews with political commentator Sean Hannity, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, cooking sensation Paula Deen, and pop singer Amy Grant, always hoping to go from bitter to better. Endorsements: "In Dispatches From Bitter America this 'Great American' finds that not only is our American way of life under attack, but also that most Americans do in fact love God, this country, their families, and are anything but bitter!" Sean Hannity, New York Times best-selling author, FOX News host of Hannity "Todd Starnes combines sound research with his signature wit to tell the stories of regular Americans who are standing up to a secular movement that seeks to remove all religious expression from the public square. This is a compelling book that puts our entire existence into the perspective of eternity." Tony Perkins, president, Family Research Council "You will cheer for America while laughing your head off!" Matt Patrick, News/Talk 740 KTRH in Houston, TX "Todd Starnes captures the sentiments many Americans feel as they helplessly watch the traditional values they grew up with being stomped out and over-ruled by political correctness. Todd's stories will strike a chord, whether it's 'The War on Christmas,' 'Tag, You're Out,' or 'The Chocolate Czar.' Brownies now banned from school? Bah humbug." Gretchen Carlson, co-host, Fox and Friends "Dispatches from Bitter America features Todd Starnes at his best. With his trademark wit, Todd tackles questions being asked by Americans who wonder what is happening to our country. Starnes manages to get to the heart of the matter in a way that is both packed with information and sprinkled with humor. Todd Starnes is a man of immense faith, madly in love with our country, and endowed by his Creator with the unique talent to tell a story like very few can. Simply put, Dispatches From Bitter America is the best book that I have read this year!" Jeff Katz, morning host, Talk Radio 1200 in Boston, MA "Todd Starnes is a masterful storyteller. In Dispatches of a Bitter America, he offers commentary on today's current events through the lens of a self-proclaimed gun toting, fried-chicken-eating son of a Baptist. Todd has always been one of my favorite news personalities and good friends. Now he is one of my favorite storytellers. Warning: don't start reading this book unless you are prepared to finish it. It's just that good." Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources

Dispatches from the Heart

We sat on the sofa, and he told them everything. He told them he was in afib, that he was seeing David Terreson in a couple of weeks to hopefully get his heart back into rhythm. He couldn't get his breath, he had no energy, ...

Author: Ed Innerarity

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 1632991802

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 202

View: 621

You Go Nowhere by Accident Then Ed asked me, “So, David, what happens if the new heart doesn’t start?” Well, the new heart started, and the story goes on. Ed is eternally grateful to his donor and the family of his donor. But the best part of the story is the story itself. Ed and Paige’s journey together, their courage and love for each other, the community that we all shared and continue to share—it was, and is, a remarkable experience for so many of us. Someone should write a book about it. —David Terreson ​Austin, Texas

Dispatches from the Galaxy

Kayren gazed at Rob and Maerlis in turn, sitting close together on her sofa. After their adventure with the Dalsoria, all three of them were decidedly calmer in the presence of a massive, superintelligent insect.

Author: Kari Kilgore

Publisher: Spiral Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 345

A Dispatches from the Galaxy Collection A generation ship with an impossible problem. A food supply planet at risk of starvation. A faster-than-light space communication network in danger of collapse. Join Kari Kilgore on a trio of exciting Space Opera novella adventures! The Changes Cascade Sue Warrell, Systems and Security Chief aboard Expedition Mission Bellagos, fought long and hard for a one-way trip. Protecting the lives of over eight thousand people and the generation ship they call home. As a failed systems update tests Sue and her team to their limits, a crew member's disappearance pushes disaster into the impossible. Will Sue find the truth before Bellagos passes the breaking point? Restricted Species Earth Wars veteran Jim Turhan loves his quiet life on supply planet Mossera 4, teaching the art and science of xeno-farming. Then crops all over Mossera 4 begin to fail. Will Jim discover the cause before starvation, or worse, turns his dream life into a nightmare? The Becalmed Bitan, the most valuable substance in the human universe, only comes from one planet. And that planet has a problem. The TransGalactic Corporation sends Luis Ahmad on a desperate mission to help the human colony on Bitanthra. Can Luis save the colony and communications across the galaxy? Excerpts from Dispatches from the Galaxy: The Changes Cascade Evans took a deep breath. "Senior Tech McHugh is missing. I made sure to investigate before I brought this to you, ma'am." "You're forgetting the geo-sensor." Sue tapped the tiny bump hidden in the hair above her right ear. "Mr. McHugh would not simply disappear, even if he could." "The tracking screen was the first thing I checked. Pull it up if you could, please, and we'll make sure." "One missing," she whispered. "Even if he were dead..." She switched over to the report on McHugh, and a deeper chill ran through her. The yellow of Invalid flashed behind his name. Not one other person showed that impossible status. Restricted Species "The freighters won't bring any food with them," Jim said. "Even if we warn them, they can't detour to another supply planet." Rob's face was pale. "There aren't any close by." "Not that they could re-route to." Jim scrubbed his face. "We won't actually starve to death. At least I don't think so. But with a year or more before we get a good harvest, we'll have a planet full of miserable cadets and furious miners on our hands." He knew all too well how shortages and hardships they weren't prepared for could turn a difficult situation into a nasty one. The Becalmed "II don't think it's trauma," Luis said, "or disease. I don't believe this is contagious at all. What do you think is going on?" Tears stood in Willis's eyes. "Some of us are afraid it's some kind of poison we're passing along to our children." "I can't rule anything out yet," Luis said. "But your medical center here has tested for everything we know of, and off-world facilities have too. Nothing seems out of line with your bodies. Nothing seems to accumulate or get depleted over time." "Except our kids' feelings," Myrtle said. She didn't look sad. She looked furious. "That's depleting, more and more every year."

Dispatches from the Sweet Life

into adobe walls; we draw a sofa, desk, and table into some of the home's many curves, exploiting the ease of sculpting adobe walls; and we add a hammock-strewn, covered outdoor patio to broaden our living space into the landscape.

Author: William Powers

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1608685659

Category: Nature

Page: 304

View: 964

Many fantasize about dramatically changing their lives — living in accordance with their ideals rather than the exigencies of job, bills, and possessions. William Powers actually does it. In his book Twelve by Twelve, Powers lived in an off-grid tiny house in rural North Carolina. In New Slow City, he and his wife, Melissa, inhabited a Manhattan micro-apartment in search of slow in the fastest city in the world. Here, the couple, with baby in tow, search for balance, community, and happiness in a small town in Bolivia. They build an adobe house, plant a prolific orchard and organic garden, and weave their life into a community of permaculturists, bio-builders, artists, and creative businesspeople. Can this Transition Town succeed in the face of encroaching North American capitalism, and can Powers and the other settlers find the balance they’re seeking? Dispatches from the Sweet Life is compelling, sobering, thought-provoking, and, no matter the outcome, inspiring.

Dispatches from the War Room

Bruce Lindsey has his back to the president and the young man on the sofa is David Leavy, Dee Dee's deputy. [The White House] Wewereasked tojoin the president and the familyinthe Solarium atop the residenceto celebratethe night.

Author: Stanley B. Greenberg

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1466834919

Category: Political Science

Page: 512

View: 848

The fascinating "war room" memoir of a political pollster and how he helped forge the agendas of five high-profile heads of state As a hired gun strategist, Greenberg—a seasoned pollster and political consultant—has seen it all. In his memoir, he recounts his work with President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bolivian president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, and South African president Nelson Mandela. Through his experiences aiding the leaders in pushing their visions for better and clearer domestic and international policies, Greenberg offers an insightful examination of leadership, democracy, and the bridge between candidate and constituency. This captivating tale of political battlegrounds provides an inside look at some of the greatest international leaders of our time from the man who stood directly beside them.

The Nine Lives of Pakistan Dispatches from a Precarious State

'Here, people don't worry where you are from,' an investment banker told me as he poured a generous Scotch, seated on a sofa before a huge window overlooking a tropical garden.

Author: Declan Walsh

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393249921

Category: Political Science

Page: 360

View: 502

A New York Times New Book to Watch For (November 2020) The former New York Times Pakistan bureau chief paints an arresting, up-close portrait of a fractured country. Declan Walsh is one of the New York Times’s most distinguished international correspondents. His electrifying portrait of Pakistan over a tumultuous decade captures the sweep of this strange, wondrous, and benighted country through the dramatic lives of nine fascinating individuals. On assignment as the country careened between crises, Walsh traveled from the raucous port of Karachi to the salons of Lahore, and from Baluchistan to the mountains of Waziristan. He met a diverse cast of extraordinary Pakistanis—a chieftain readying for war at his desert fort, a retired spy skulking through the borderlands, and a crusading lawyer risking death for her beliefs, among others. Through these “nine lives” he describes a country on the brink—a place of creeping extremism and political chaos, but also personal bravery and dogged idealism that defy easy stereotypes. Unbeknownst to Walsh, however, an intelligence agent was tracking him. Written in the aftermath of Walsh’s abrupt deportation, The Nine Lives of Pakistan concludes with an astonishing encounter with that agent, and his revelations about Pakistan’s powerful security state. Intimate and complex, attuned to the centrifugal forces of history, identity, and faith, The Nine Lives of Pakistan offers an unflinching account of life in a precarious, vital country.

Ice and Fire

Dispatches from the New World, 1988-1998 Stephen Osborne ... and then I was back in the lobby of the museum , and there was the older man in the blue uniform shirt , sitting on a sofa against the wall , waiting for me .

Author: Stephen Osborne

Publisher: arsenal pulp press

ISBN: 9781551520612

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 200

View: 406

"Ice and Fire" is a collection of nonfiction narratives from award-winning writer Stephen Osborne, who retains an abiding sense that the places and the people he encounters are still to be discovered. Negotiating the Trans-Canada Highway near Moncton during a whiteout, visiting Timothy Eaton's grave in Toronto, leaving offerings of tobacco at a Nez Perce battleground, drinking with his Japanese mentor in a revolving bar in Vancouver while debating Buddhism vs. class struggle?for Osborne, all of these are occasions to conjure our time and our place. Ice and fire are extremes of a Canadian North, from which several of these dispatches are written. But Osborne's special insight is that Kamloops, New Glasgow and even Toronto are as unknowable as Pangnirtung. We live in a country that can claim the world's only souvenir police force, and whose analogue is a department store; a country that believes itself to be part of a New World, even though people have lived here for ten thousand years. Smart, funny, moving, and full of wonder and surprise, the dispatches in "Ice and Fire" illuminate a very old world striving to make itself new.

Falling for Football

Our peers, blogs such as Twisted Blood (Andi Thomas), Dispatches from Football Sofa (Greg Theoharis), Twohundredpercent (Ian King), In Bed With Maradona (Jeff Livingstone, aided by Dave Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee), ...

Author: Adam Bushby

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 1783013540

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 283

View: 210

Falling for Football brings together 44 different writers who revisit the teams that made them fall in love with the beautiful game in the first place. From World Cup-winners to works of fiction, from the 1950s to the present day - the teams may be different, but the obsession remains reassuringly the same.

Records of an Active Life

On this old sofa it was , that President Lincoln spent many hours , night after night , during the anxious periods of the war , in receiving and sending dispatches , and in talking with his secretary . “ Many a time , " said Mr. Stanton ...

Author: Heman Dyer



Category: Clergy

Page: 422

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The Life Of George Washington Vol 5

Mr. Lear, as secretary of the President, offered to take charge of the dispatches and deliver them at the proper time. ... Taking a seat on a sofa by the fire he told Mr. Lear to sit down; the latter had scarce time to notice that he ...

Author: Washington Irving

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 384967231X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 186

View: 831

"The Life Of George Washington" is a monumental work on the life of one of the most famous American presidents. Originally published in five volumes between 1853 and 1859, it is a treasure chest of information on Washington and the Civil War. This work is presumeably the most intimate and fascinating biography of a man who worked his way from an Army commander to the first President of the United States. This is volume five out of five.

Congressional Record

... upon - a - sofa and hospitals . less of what were the particular differences shaded his eyes with his hands . ... Then Lincoln reached twice a day to read the dispatches from liam H. Crook , who was assigned as the Pres one of his ...

Author: United States. Congress



Category: Law


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The New Christians

Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier Tony Jones. hassle-free worldwide travel, ... Someone reads a blog or listens to a podcast, then sends an e-mail, and six months later is sleeping on a couch in that person's living room.

Author: Tony Jones

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118039625

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 942

What the "Emergent Church Movement" is all about-and why it matters to the future of Christianity Following on the questions raised by Brian McLaren in A New Kind of Christian, Tony Jones has written an engaging exploration of what this new kind of Christianity looks like. Writing "dispatches" about the thinking and practices of adventurous Emergent Christians across the country, he offers an in-depth view of this new "third way" of faith-its origins, its theology, and its views of truth, scripture and interpretation, and the Emergent movement's hopeful and life-giving sense of community. With the depth of theological expertise and broad perspective he has gained as a pastor, writer, and leader of the movement, Jones initiates readers into the Emergent conversation and offers a new way forward for Christians in a post-Christian world. With journalistic narrative as well as authoritative reflection, he draws upon on-site research to provide fascinating examples and firsthand stories of who is doing what, where, and why it matters.


Dispatches from a Psychiatrist in Training Adam Stern. me feel safe, and she was wickedly ... “She's pretty great,” I said to Rachel, who was eating ice cream on my sofa, eyes glued to my oversize flat-screen TV. “Hm? I'm watching this.

Author: Adam Stern

Publisher: Mariner Books

ISBN: 0358434734

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 958

Grey's Anatomy meets One L in this psychiatrist's funny and moving memoir about his residency at Harvard Medical School.


Dispatches from the Other Side of the Scoreboard Mary Pilon, Louisa Thomas ... several record albums he rarely plays , a telephone that seldom other , adjacent to a sofa , is a fireplace from which are hung boxing trunks and T - shirts ...

Author: Mary Pilon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0525505636

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 304

View: 151

“It's easy to do anything in victory. It’s in defeat that a man reveals himself.” —Floyd Patterson Twenty-two notable writers—including Bob Sullivan, Abby Ellin, Mike Pesca, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Louisa Hall, and Gay Talese—examine the untold stories of the losers, and in doing so reveal something raw and significant about what it means to be human The locker rooms of winning teams are crowded with coaches, family, and fans. Reporters flock to the athletes, brimming with victory and celebration, to ask, How does it feel? In contrast, the locker rooms of the losing teams are quiet and awkward, and reporters tend to leave quickly, reluctant to linger too long around loss. But, as sports journalists Mary Pilon and Louisa Thomas argue, losing is not a phenomenon to be overlooked, and in Losers, they have called upon novelists, reporters, and athletes to consider what it means to lose. From the Olympic gymnast who was forced to surrender her spot to another teammate, to the legacy of Bill Buckner's tenth-inning error in the 1986 World Series, to LeBron James's losing record in the NBA Finals, these essays range from humorous to somber, but all are united by their focus on defeat. Interweaving fourteen completely new and unpublished pieces alongside beloved classics of the genre, Losers turns the art of sports writing on its head and proves that there is inspiration to be found in stories of risk, resilience, and getting up after you've been knocked down.