The Ultimate Doctor Who Quiz Book

Who is the Holy Roman Emperor in the eleventh Doctor story, The Wedding Of
River Song? Who shoots ... What fifth Doctor story saw the destruction on The
Doctor's sonic screwdriver? ... Which first Doctor story was set on the planet

Author: Adam Pearson

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1909949477

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 69

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Are you a big fan of Doctor Who? Have you watched all of the series from years gone by through to the present day? Can you name the various actors who have played the Doctor from William Hartnell to Matt Smith? If you can tell a Hath from the Heavenly Host and a Sontaran from a Slitheen, you are certain to enjoy this fun new quiz book? What was the title of episode one of the first Doctor story, The Daleks? Who played The Siren in the eleventh Doctor story, The Curse of the Black Spot? What companion has appeared in the most episodes of Doctor Who since its return in 2005? The answers to these brain-teasers and more can all be found inside The Doctor Who Quiz Book. As the iconic series celebrates 50 years of production, have a go at the 500 questions in this book to find out how much you really know about the Doctor. This is a must-have tribute for Doctor Who fans of all ages.

Gender and the Quest in British Science Fiction Television

An Analysis of Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Red Dwarf and Torchwood Tom Powers ...
relating to the Doctor's phallus in the episode “The Doctor Dances,” where the
Ninth Doctor places his sonic screwdriver in direct competition with Captain
Jack's square gun, and “The Day of the Doctor,” in which the Tenth, Eleventh, and
War Doctor16 compare the chronologically increasing size of their sonic devices.
... Davison's performance choices also set the stage for an evolution of the Doctor
as ...

Author: Tom Powers

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476626936

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 284

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The subjects of this book constitute a significant cross section of BBC science fiction television. With such characters as the Doctor (an enigmatic time-traveling alien), Kerr Avon (a problematic rebel leader), Dave Lister (a slovenly last surviving human) and Captain Jack Harkness (a complex omnisexual immortal), these shows have both challenged and reinforced viewer expectations about the small-screen masculine hero. This book explores the construction of gendered heroic identity in the series from both production and fan perspectives. The paradoxical relationships between the producers, writers and fans of the four series are discussed. Fan fiction, criticism and videos are examined that both celebrate and criticize BBC science fiction heroes and villains.

Doctor Who Tales of Trenzalore

The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand Justin Richards, Mark Morris, George Mann,
Paul Finch ... usea lotofsonic technology, but if they fire their sonic cannon the
emission will justseemlike my sonic screwdriver going off, which happens all the

Author: Justin Richards

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448142601

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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As it had been foretold, the armies of the Universe gathered at Trenzalore. Only one thing stood between the planet and destruction – the Doctor. For nine hundred years, he defended the planet, and the tiny town of Christmas, against the forces that would destroy it. He never knew how long he could keep the peace. He never knew what creatures would emerge from the snowy night to threaten him next. He knew only that at the end he would die on Trenzalore. Some of what happened during those terrible years is well documented. But most of it remains shrouded in mystery and darkness. Until now. This is a glimpse of just some of the terrors the people faced, the monstrous threats the Doctor defeated. These are the tales of the monsters who found themselves afraid - and of the one man who was not. (Tales of Trenzalore documents four of the Doctor’s adventures from different periods during the Siege of Trenzalore and the ensuing battle: Let it Snow – by Justin Richards An Apple a Day – by George Mann Strangers in the Outland – by Paul Finch The Dreaming – by Mark Morris)

The Inner World of Doctor Who

The whimsical magic of the tale is hinted at further in the Doctor's throwaway, “
Frankly I'm an absolute dream. ... It is notable, for instance in The Doctor's Wife
and in The Doctor Dances, that unlocking things, often with the Doctor's sonic
screwdriver, is a prelude in the ... The Doctor finishes Craig's hesitant line, noting
he is fondling the set of pink fluffy keys. ... between the actors, their movement,
manner, and speech.11 We see the laughable in both Craig and the Doctor and
in the ...

Author: Iain MacRury

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429921098

Category: Psychology

Page: 368

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As Doctor Who approaches its fiftieth anniversary recent series have taken the show to new heights in terms of popular appeal and critical acclaim.The Doctor and his TARDIS-driven adventures, along with companions and iconic monsters, are now recognised and enjoyed globally. The time is ripe for a detailed analytic assessment of this cultural phenomenon. Focussing on the most recent television output The Inner World of Doctor Who examines why the show continues to fascinate contemporary audiences. Presenting closely-observed psychoanalytic readings of selected episodes, this book examines why these stories of time travel, monsters, and complex human relationships have been successful in providing such an emotionally rich dramatization of human experience. The Inner World of Doctor Who seeks to explore the multiple cultural and emotional dimensions of the series, moving back and forth from behind the famous sofa, where children remember hiding from scary monsters, and onto the proverbial psychoanalytic couch.

The Doctor Who Error Finder

9 : 39 We hear a voice off set after the soldier sets his gun down . This blooper
may be the result of the ... 9 : 34 The Doctor gives his name as “ Dr . John Smith .
11 : 47 The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver . 14 : 42 Positioning of the map in

Author: R.H. Langley

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 345

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"This collection of errors appearing in Doctor Who, from every episode of the original television series, the movies, and the spin-offs. Presenting over 4000 errors, plus about 1500 other items of interest, it includes transmitted bloopers such as microph

A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary

Author: R. W. Burchfield



Category: English language

Page: 37

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These volumes replace the 1933 Supplement to the OED. The vocabulary treated is that which came into use during the publication of the successive sections of the main Dictionary -- that is, between 1884, when the first fascicle of the letter A was published, and 1928, when the final section of the Dictionary appeared -- together with accessions to the English language in Britain and abroad from 1928 to the present day. Nearly all the material in the 1933 Supplement has been retained here, though in revised form (Preface).

The Popular Science Monthly

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