Emergency Sex And Other Desperate Measures

Kofi Annan called for the book to be banned, and debate was sparked about the future direction of the UN. Brilliantly written and mordantly funny, it is a book that continues to make waves.

Author: Andrew Thomson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446408256

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What it’s really like on the frontline of humanitarian aid It's the early 1990s and three young people are looking to change their lives, and perhaps also the world. Attracted to the ambitious global peacekeeping work of the UN, Andrew, Ken and Heidi's paths cross in Cambodia, from where their fates are to become inextricably bound. Over the coming years, their stories interweave through countries such as Rwanda, Bosnia, Somalia and Haiti - war-torn, lawless places where the intervention of the UN is needed like nowhere else. Driven by idealism, the three struggle to do the best they can, caught up in an increasingly tangled web of bureaucracy and ineffectual leadership. As disillusionment sets in, they attempt to keep hold of their humanity through black humour, revelry and 'emergency sex'. Brutal and moving in equal measure, Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures) explores pressing global issues while never losing a sense of the personal. Deeply critical of the West's indifference to developing countries and the UN's repeated failure to intervene decisively, the book provoked massive controversy on its initial publication. Kofi Annan called for the book to be banned, and debate was sparked about the future direction of the UN. Brilliantly written and mordantly funny, it is a book that continues to make waves.

Emergency Sex

Emergency Sex is lyrical, graphic, and devastatingly honest.

Author: Kenneth Cain

Publisher: Miramax Books

ISBN: 9781401359669

Category: History

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Published amidst great controversy in hardcover, Emergency Sex has literally shaken the foundations of the United Nations and made headlines around the world. Three idealists searching for meaning in the world's toughest war zones; three people thrown together who bond for dear life. In a memoir so powerful and staggeringly well-written that it's impossible to put down, Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait, and Andrew Thomson describe the UN Peacekeeping missions that challenged everything they believed in and changed them irrevocably. As their stories interweave, taking them to wartorn hotspots, the three friends reveal a world that is a cacophony of dodged bullets, witnessed atrocities, primal desires, and exotic pleasures. Emergency Sex is lyrical, graphic, and devastatingly honest.

Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures

"You're listening to 99.9 FM MogadishuRockin' the Dish," American Armed Forces Radio announces, "Keep your head down and the volume up.

Author: Kenneth Cain

Publisher: Miramax


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"This is a true story about three friends trying to bring a bit of decency to some of the most savage and indecent spots on our planet." Back cover.

Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures by Kenneth Cain Heidi Postlewait and Andrew Thomson

Author: Llewellyn Johns




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Hello Africa Tell Me how are You Doing

Blinkered chroniclers of Annan ' s failings in the mould of Kenneth Cain , author
of Emergency Sex ( And Other Desperate Measures ) in newspaper articles
bayed for Annan ' s blood when , as many of us see it , his alleged crimes
seemed to ...

Author: Osei G. Kofi

Publisher: Hello Africa Pub.


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This is a title on Africa that tells it like it is.

New York

... their unique group memoir , Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures ,
in which they recollect their experiences as ... SWEETS FOR THE SWEDES ,
AND OTHERS RELEASING ONE OF HER OWN Dancing until dark is the
traditional ...




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Bibliographie Mensuelle

Author: United Nations Library (Geneva, Switzerland)



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National Journal

The UNICEF database , which compiled the statistics on KEN POLLACK : infant
mortality and other politically sensitive measures ... Furthergram manager , was
expected to sign Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Mea- ing them about the ...




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The Real Story

... 324 Two Souls Indivisible , 301-2 Virginia Pilgrim at Tinker Creek , 94
Underdogs The Boys of Winter , 10-11 A Measure of Endurance , 334 Seabiscuit
, 12 United Nations Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures , 17 Urban
Life 8 ...

Author: Sarah Statz Cords

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Explores the genres and sub-genres of nonfiction and provides an annotated bibliography of more than five hundred popular nonfiction titles, organized according to genre with a focus on titles published in the last decade.

Contemporary States of Emergency

The Paradox of Humanitarian Action ( Ithaca : NY : Cornell University Press ,
2002 ) , and Kenneth Cain , Heidi Postlewait , and Andrew Thomson , Emergency
Sex ( and Other Desperate Measures ) : True Stories from a War Zone ( London ...

Author: Didier Fassin



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From natural disaster areas to zones of political conflict around the world, a newlogic of intervention combines military action and humanitarian aid, conflates moral imperatives andpolitical arguments, and confuses the concepts of legitimacy and legality. The mandate to protecthuman lives--however and wherever endangered--has given rise to a new form of humanitariangovernment that moves from one crisis to the next, applying the same battery of technical expertise(from military logistics to epidemiological risk management to the latest social scientific toolsfor "good governance") and reducing people with particular histories and hopes to merelives to be rescued. This book explores these contemporary states of emergency. Drawing on thecritical insights of anthropologists, legal scholars, political scientists, and practitioners fromthe field, Contemporary States of Emergency examineshistorical antecedents as well as the moral, juridical, ideological, and economic conditions thathave made military and humanitarian interventions common today. It addresses the practical processof intervention in global situations on five continents, describing both differences andsimilarities, and examines the moral and political consequences of these generalized states ofemergency and the new form of government associated with them.


JENNY FELDMAN BRAVE NEW WORLD ORDER nternational aid workers are a
strange , often marvelous breed — a case in point being the authors of
Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures ( Miramax Books ) : Kenneth
Cain , a ...




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The United Nations in the Twenty first Century

... on many other fronts in 2004 , most prominently in the publication of a series of
graphic memoirs , titled Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures , written
jointly by three UN employees : Andrew Thomson , a medical doctor and son of ...

Author: Marcus F. Franda

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9780742553330

Category: Political Science

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The United Nations is confronting a severe crisis at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Its capabilities have been called into question amid a rash of recent scandals and charges of leadership mismanagement, bureaucratic ineptitude, and corrupt activities. Current world opinion seems to express elevated concern about the organization's ability to deal with the complexity of international relations in the new millennium. Despite six decades of survival, its membership still appears unable to maintain a consistent focus or set of practices to pursue common goals. The United Nations in the Twenty-First Century analyzes the significance of the many forces and events affecting the UN's efforts at reform. It provides a detailed examination of these processes for all of the major UN organs and agencies, including chapters on the Secretaries-General, the Secretariat, the General Assembly, the Security Council, and ECOSOC. The chapters on the Secretaries-General are the only detailed discussion that compares, contrasts, and evaluates the tenures of the seven people who have headed the UN. The book's concluding chapters focus on Kofi Annan's reform agenda as it relates to previous UN reform experiences and assess the future impact of recent UN-related scandals and charges of mismanagement.

Unintended Consequences of Peacekeeping Operations

Cain et al . , Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures ; Edwards , “
Imagining the Other in Cambodian Nationalist Discourse before and during the
UNTAC Period ” ; J . Jordens , “ Persecution of Cambodia ' s Ethnic Vietnamese ...

Author: United Nations University

Publisher: United Nations Univ


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The deployment of a large number of soldiers, police officers and civilian personnel inevitably has various effects on the host society and economy, not all of which are in keeping with the peacekeeping mandate and intent or are easily discernible prior to the intervention. This book is one of the first attempts to improve our understanding of unintended consequences of peacekeeping operations, by bringing together field experiences and academic analysis. The aim of the book is not to discredit peace operations but rather to improve the way in which such operations are planned and managed.


Somalia is the kind of place where UNDP and other international expatriate
workers make fortunes . It is classified as hardship post . A Book to be published
by three field workers " Emergency Sex & Other Desperate Measures " speaks of

Author: Mohamed Osman Omar



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En forklaring på årsager og forfaldet af den somaliske borgerkrig

The Thin Blue Line

59 For contrasting personal accounts and views see Kenneth Cain , Heidi
Postlewait and Andrew Thomson , Emergency Sex and Other Desperate
Measures , Miramax Books 2004 , and Aidan Hartley , The Zanzibar Chest ,
Harper Perennial ...

Author: Conor Foley

Publisher: Verso Trade


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Explores how the doctrine of humanitarian intervention has been inappropriately used to allow states to invade other nations in the name of human rights, drawing on firsthand experiences to demonstrate how a growing influence of international law has resulted in losses of sovereignty in the world's poorest nations. 10,000 first printing.

Drug Intoxicated Irregular Fighters

54. Lars Mehlum , " Alcohol and Stress in Norwegian United Nations
Peacekeepers , " Military Medicine , October 1999 . 55. Kenneth Cain , Heidi
Postlewait , and Andrew Thomson , Emergency Sex and Other Desperate
Measures , New York ...

Author: Paul Rexton Kan

Publisher: Strategic Studies Institute U. S. Army War College


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The presence of drugged fighters is not unknown in the history of warfare. Yet widespread drug use on the battlefield is now part of protracted conflicts largely fought by nonprofessional combatants that take place in an international system characterized by the process of globalization. From marijuana, khat, hallucinogenic mushrooms, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine to looted pharmaceuticals, irregular fighters have found a ready supply of narcotics to consume for a variety of combat purposes. Such consumption has led to unpredictable fighting, the commission of atrocities, and to the prolongation of internal violence. The presence of intoxicated combatants will continue to be a feature of armed conflict and requires a fuller accounting to adequately prepare policymakers and military planners for future conflicts.

Eden s Garden Rethinking Sin and Evil in an Era of Scientific Promise

Read their stories in Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures ( New York
: Hyperion , 1991 ) . 13. H. Allen Orr's review of The Blank Slate in New York
Review of Books , 27 February 2002 , 20 , and the exchange of letters in New
York ...

Author: Richard J. Coleman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated


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Where could Mr Goon's nephew have disappeared to? Mr Goon has forbidden the Five Find-Outers from solving mysteries - so they decide to make one up for his nephew, Ern! But what will happen when Ern disappears, and their pretend mystery turns into a real one?

Fighting Fit

... John , Greenmantle , Oxford , Oxford University Press , 1999 Cain , Kenneth ,
Postlewait , Heidi and Thomson , Andrew , Emergency Sex ( and Other
Desperate Measures ) : True Stories from a War Zone , London , Ebury Press ,
2005 Calder ...

Author: Kevin Brown

Publisher: History PressLtd


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Graphic, first-hand accounts of the experiences of medical personnel on the front line

From Genocide to Continental War

Emergency Sex ( and Other Desperate Measures ) : True Stories from a War
Zone . New York : Random House , 2004 . Calderisi , R . The Trouble with Africa :
Why Foreign Aid Isn ' t Working . New Haven , CT : Yale University Press , 2006 .

Author: Gérard Prunier

Publisher: Hurst & Company


Category: Africa, Central

Page: 529

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process)." "In From Genocide to Continental War Gerard Prunier describes in precise and chilling detail this massive yet little-known conflict, which became known as 'Africa's First World War'. It became a litmus test for the fragile state of the continent as Africans were struggling to usher in a new era as the twentieth century drew to a close." --Book Jacket.

Complex Emergencies in the 21st Century

Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures : a True Story From Hell on Earth
. New York : Miramax Books . 8 9 Expert Meeting on Private Military Contractors :
Status and State Responsibility for Their Actions ( Geneva : The University ...

Author: Festus Boahen Aboagye



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The AU System does not shy away from its inglorious past that characterised the OAU from its inception in 1963 until the start of its transformation during the early 1990s. Coming of age at the height of the Cold War, the OAU was politically torn between competing East-West political ideologies that instilled fear among and between the newly independent African states. African leaders of that era, who were also founding fathers of the continental Organisation, were driven by an inordinate desire for power for safeguarding national independence and sovereignty. By extension, this resulted in many of them remaining in office for far longer than was necessary. Convinced of their mandate to safeguard Africa’s sovereignty, they sought to claim that they were the only ones bequeathed with love of country, sufficient wisdom and commitment to safeguard national independence.