Human Language Technology Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics

It is hence possible that within the vocabulary system there will be many
synonymous tags i.e. tags describing the same ... One of the possible
approaches when enhancing tagging systems is to introduce solutions which
help the user find the ...

Author: Zygmunt Vetulani

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th Language and Technology Conference: Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics, LTC 2011, held in Poznan, Poland, in November 2011. The 44 revised and in many cases substantially extended papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 111 submissions. The focus of the papers is on the following topics: speech, parsing, computational semantics, text analysis, text annotation, language resources: general issues, language resources: ontologies and Wordnets and machine translation.

Facets of Knowledge Organization

The study is a comparative analysis of tags assigned in two tagging systems — a
simple tagging system (control system) that ... The focus was to examine how
suggestions from the enhanced tagging system affect tags as regard tag
specificity, ...

Author: Alan Gilchrist

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The ISKO UK Biennial Conference, 4th - 5th July, 2011, London honoured the life and achievements of Brian C. Vickery. His influence on the development of the information profession is celebrated in this book, with contributions from over 50 authors to address research and developments in knowledge organization, ranging from the theoretical basis of information retrieval to the practical application of ontologies in driving news and sport presentation on the BBC website. ISKO UK is a not-for-profit scientific/professional association with the objective of promoting research and communication in the domain of knowledge organization, within the broad field of information science and related disciplines -

Enhancing Learning Through Technology

The Structure of Collaborative Tagging Systems, Proc. WWW2006, available from Hassan-Montero, Y. and Herrero-Solana, V. (2006).
Improving Tag-Clouds as Visual Information Retrieval Interfaces, Proc. Int'l
Conference ...

Author: Reggie Kwan

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This book deals with how technology can enhance learning. It is a collection of contemporary practices and developmental trends for enhancing learning through technology. Researchers in the field of electronic learning (e-learning) share how new technologies can be applied in and out of the classroom, and how contemporary pedagogical practices should be deployed.This book presents the most updated technologies that work hand in hand with current pedagogies to help students learn. The contributors are prominent researchers and practitioners in the field. This book attempts to report all emerging models, techniques, and applications related to learning through technology.

Best Practices for the Knowledge Society Knowledge Learning Development and Technology for All

The user of the taggingsystem should be able to indicate the main topic and
subtopics of the blog article and express it by ... Improving. Tagging. Systems.
Based on our research presented so far, we suggest that tagging systems should
follow ...

Author: Miltiadis D. Lytras

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It is a great pleasure to share with you the Springer LNCS proceedings of the Second World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2009, organized by the Open - search Society, Ngo,, and held in Samaria Hotel, in the beautiful city of Chania in Crete, Greece, September 16–18, 2009. The 2nd World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2009) was an inter- tional scientific event devoted to promoting dialogue on the main aspects of the knowledge society towards a better world for all. The multidimensional economic and social crisis of the last couple of years has brought to the fore the need to discuss in depth new policies and strategies for a human centric developmental processes in the global context. This annual summit brings together key stakeholders involved in the worldwide development of the knowledge society, from academia, industry, and government, including policy makers and active citizens, to look at the impact and prospects of - formation technology, and the knowledge-based era it is creating, on key facets of l- ing, working, learning, innovating, and collaborating in today’s hyper-complex world. The summit provides a distinct, unique forum for cross-disciplinary fertilization of research, favoring the dissemination of research on new scientific ideas relevant to - ternational research agendas such as the EU (FP7), OECD, or UNESCO. We focus on the key aspects of a new sustainable deal for a bold response to the multidimensional crisis of our times.


Tag metadata might also be used to identify new keywords that could improve
search engine rankings or Web site ... Enhancing. Findability. Tagging can make
information easier to find. In social bookmarking systems, for example, tags ...

Author: Gene Smith

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Tagging is fast becoming one of the primary ways people organize and manage digital information. Tagging complements traditional organizational tools like folders and search on users desktops as well as on the web. These developments mean that tagging has broad implications for information management, information architecture and interface design. And its reach extends beyond these technical domains to our culture at large. We can imagine, for example, the scrapbookers of the future curating their digital photos, emails, ticket stubs and other mementos with tags. This book explains the value of tagging, explores why people tag, how tagging works and when it can be used to improve the user experience. It exposes tagging's superficial simplicity to reveal interesting issues related to usability, information architecture, online community and collective intelligence.


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Enhancing Biocontrol Agents and Handling Risks

Moreover , as our knowledge of mtDNA's structure organization and sequence
properties advances , these molecules may provide not only alternative vector
systems for strain improvement and bioengineering , but also a tagging system
that ...

Author: Maurizio Vurro



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Molecular Marker Systems in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement

4 Conclusions The presently available molecular markers harbour great potential
for enhancing their usage , e.g. in the control of ... Furthermore , knock - out (
RNAi , RNA interference ) and activation - tagging technologies may be
promising .

Author: Horst Lörz

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Successful release of new and better crop varieties increasingly requires genomics and molecular biology. This volume presents basic information on plant molecular marker techniques from marker location up to gene cloning. The text includes a description of technical approaches in genome analysis such as comparison of marker systems, positional cloning, and array techniques in 19 crop plants. A special section focuses on converting this knowledge into general and specific breeding strategies, particularly in relation to biotic stress. Theory and practice of marker assisted selection for QTL, gene pyramiding and the future of MAS are summarized and discussed for maize, wheat, and soybean. Furthermore, approaches in silviculture on the examples of Fagus, Populus, Eucalyptus, Picea and Abies are presented. The volume ends with a comprehensive review of the patents relevant for using molecular markers and marker assisted selection.

Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

565 Designing a verb guesser for part of speech tagging in Northern Sotho Danie
J Prinsloo * , Gertrud Faas , Elsabé ... yet unknown tokens , and thus can act as a
preprocessing step to a statistical POS - tagging system enhancing its results .




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Handbook of Research on Social Software and Developing Community Ontologies

119 Chapter IX Exploiting Collaborative Tagging Systems to Unveil the User-
Experience of Web Contents: An Operative ... and enhancing user satisfaction
when interacting with a system or computational by exploring collaborative
tagging ...

Author: Hatzipanagos, Stylianos

Publisher: IGI Global

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"This book explores how social software and developing community ontologies are challenging the way we operate in a performative space"--Provided by publisher.

Formal Ontology in Information Systems

Another emerging use of ontologies is for meta - tagging and , recently , for query
expansion in searching . We have spent the last year and a half enhancing
online search with ontologies and have found benefits in recall and precision
when ...

Author: Nicola Guarino

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9789051993998

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Research on ontology is becoming increasingly widespread in the computer science community. While this term has been rather confined to the philosophical sphere in the past, it is now gaining a specific role in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, and Databases. Its importance has been recognized in fields as diverse as knowledge engineering, knowledge representation, qualitative modeling, language engineering, database design, information integration, object-oriented analysis, information retrieval and extraction, knowledge management and organization, agent-based systems design. Current applications areas are disparate, including enterprise integration, natural language translation, medicine, mechanical engineering, electronic commerce, geographic information systems, legal information systems, and biological information systems. Various workshops addressing the engineering aspects of ontology have been held in the recent years. However, ontology by 'its very nature' ought to be a unifying discipline. Insights in this field have potential impact on the whole area of information systems (taking this term in its broadest sense), as testified by the interest recently shown by international standards organizations. In order to provide a solid general foundation for this work, it is therefore important to focus on the common scientific principles and open problems arising from current tools, methodologies, and applications of ontology.

Building on the First Century

The enhanced tagged records would then be edited / input on the utility as an
adjunct to normal cataloging processing . ... Filters 1 and 2 , in conjunction with
Systems personnel , regularly purge the database of enhancements for lapsed ...

Author: Association of College and Research Libraries. National Conference

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Each volume of the Platinum Vignettes series presents 50 ultra-high-yield case scenarios of frequently tested topics to give you a clear advantage on the vignette-based Step 1 exam. Plus, the case discussions provide a wealth of tips, insights, buzzwords, advice on handling distractors, and guidance on just what the boards will ask and how to answer.

Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

A tagging system might need to support social scoping of tags so that small
teams can use the same tag without ... CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK We
have described the use of people tagging in our Fringe enhanced employee
directory ...




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Annual Report

This enhanced transaction management software , including reservations ,
tagging , curtailment , and ancillary services , will expand the functionality and
performance of the existing OASIS system . Maximize energy transfers and
increase ...

Author: California Energy Commission. Public Interest Energy Research



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Transactions of the American Nuclear Society

Overview on Use of System Reliability Analysis for Enhancing Plant Operational
Safety and Productivity , Boyer B . Chu ... USAGE DEMANDS TAGGING




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Proceedings of the 1st Regional Workshop on Enhancing Coastal Resources 30 September 3 October 2004 Thailand

Identify released hatchery fish and assess stocking impacts Tagging and marking
systems should be reliable • Evaluate if ... hatchery fish increased abundance
without displacing wild individuals Tags appropriate for stock enhancement 1.




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Recommended Practices for Enhancing Digital Audio Compatibility in Multimedia Systems

The possible accumulation of timing errors in playback systems fundamentally
must be accommodated by a synchronization mechanism in the architecture . ...
Note This Recommendation does not encompass the methodology for tagging ...




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Natural Language Processing and Information Systems

Future research on this project is two fold : 1 ) Enhancing information retrieval ,
and 2 ) Extracting knowledge from the most relevant ... Similarly , the conjunction
tags may be incorporated in the search strategy to score reports differently .




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Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

By integrating other tagging modules ( including complete NLP systems ) , we
hope those systems can be more efficiently ... noun . and support for user -
customization , a core mechanism for enhancing this process is through pre -
tagging . 4.


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Proceedings of the Conferences on Applied Natural Language Processing, sponsored by the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Enhancing the Performance of the Services Sector

online payment systems ) that enable online processes and transactions and
foster the necessary privacy , trust and ... and interoperability for forms
exchanged , product codes , tagging and reading devices ; development and
harmonisation of ...

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Publisher: OECD Publishing


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The services sector now accounts for over 70% of employment and value added in OECD economies. It also accounts for almost all employment growth in the OECD area. But despite its growing weight in OECD economies, productivity growth and employment rates in services remain low in many OECD countries. To improve the basis for future economic growth and to address the rapid globalisation of OECD economies, the services sector will need to do better than is currently the case. But how can services performance be improved? And which factors and policies are the most important?This report provides an overview of the role of services in economic performance, and the factors that affect services sector performance. This includes the role of labour and product markets, the impact of barriers to trade in services, the role of innovation in services and the impacts of information and communications technology (ICT) on the services sector. The report also includes a paper presenting case studies of successful services firms, which help illustrate the broader analysis from OECD data.The report shows that services are indeed of growing importance to OECD economies, but that not all OECD economies have sufficiently adjusted their policies to seize greater benefits from the potential for growth and innovation in the services sector. Adjusting these polices will help in preparing OECD economies for a future characterised by an increasingly internationalised and competitive services sector.