The Republic of Dreams and Other Essays

Families with children are entering the homeless system in record numbers that
have surpassed even the dreadful surge of homelessness during the Koch
administration in the 1980's. Regardless of the reasons that homeless families
enter ...

Author: Gary Beck


ISBN: 035925425X



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The Sub prefect Should Have Held His Tongue and Other Essays

Carden becomes more and more the slave of his dreams , till one day his little
son comes in joyously with a posy of purple flowers . Then Carden does , in fact ,
enter the dream - world of the insane , a world of happy hallucination , in which ...

Author: Hubert Butler

Publisher: Viking Adult


Category: Cooking

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Jewish Literature and Other Essays

Accursed who says that Holy Writ ' s a trope , And idle dreams what prophets
taught . ” Whereupon the Provençals returned : “ Thou fool , I pray thou wilt
forbear , Nor enter on this consecrated ground . Or trope , or truth - or vision fair ,
Or only ...

Author: Gustav Karpeles

Publisher: Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society of America


Category: Jewish literature

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Savonarola Erasmus and Other Essays

Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business , ' seems to her , as to
others , incomprehensible . ... would certainly lead us to suppose this woman to
typify the Church ; but we enter not on the dream - land of Apocalyptic
interpretation .

Author: Henry Hart Milman



Category: Christian biography

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The Aesthetic Purpose of Byzantine Architecture and Other Essays

Those two were in love , they would enter a boat , would go away into the
distance , would lean on each other , would look at the rising stars , would dream
and feel , whilst their souls flowed into the infinity of the sea . And again he
resented ...

Author: C. de Soissons




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Coming to Writing and Other Essays

First of all , the song of the mother the lay of the soul , I will never grow tired of
them , enter , my love , feed me , my souls ... You wind things up , you pull the
strings , you tighten the thread , you execute the dreamwork in a state of vigilance
, you ...

Author: Hélène Cixous

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674144378

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 214

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This collection presents six essays by one of France's most remarkable contemporary authors. A notoriously playful stylist, here Hélène Cixous explores how the problematics of the sexes--viewed as a paradigm for all difference, which is the organizing principle behind identity and meaning--manifest themselves, write themselves, in texts. These superb translations do full justice to Cixous's prose, to its songlike flow and allusive brilliance.

The Significance of Yavneh and Other Essays in Jewish Hellenism

When Lysander was besieging Aphytis ( Thrace ) , the god Ammon appeared to
him in a dream and ordered him to ... After requesting permission to enter their
city and to worship ( adorare ) their gods , he arrived at the citadel of Minerva and

Author: Shaye J. D. Cohen

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161503757

Category: Religion

Page: 614

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This volume collects thirty essays by Shaye J.D. Cohen. First published between 1980 and 2006, these essays deal with a wide variety of themes and texts: Jewish Hellenism; Josephus; the Synagogue; Conversion to Judaism; Blood and Impurity; the boundary between Judaism and Christianity. What unites them is their philological orientation. Many of these essays are close studies of obscure passages in Jewish and Christian texts. The essays are united too by their common assumption that the ancient world was a single cultural continuum; that ancient Judaism, in all its expressions and varieties, was a Hellenism; and that texts written in Hebrew share a world of discourse with those written in Greek. Many of these essays are well-known and have been much discussed in contemporary scholarship. Among these are: The Significance of Yavneh (the title essay), Patriarchs and Scholarchs, Masada: Literary Tradition, Archaeological Remains, and the Credibility of Josephus, Epigraphical Rabbis, The Conversion of Antoninus, Menstruants and the Sacred in Judaism and Christianity, and A Brief History of Jewish Circumcision Blood.

Representative Men English Traits and Other Essays

now is beyond his dream of God - he shall enter without more wonder than the
blind man feels who is gradually restored to perfect sight . ” THE METHOD OF
IN ...

Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson



Category: England

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The Seeker s Handbook

enter into the dream - state while awake . ... philosophy by a Lebanese dreamer
widely reputed to be a Sufi 3.9 on an alternative view of access to the
dreamworld To Other Essays : 2.1 on Sufi as the alternative 188 THE SEEKER'S

Author: John Lash

Publisher: Harmony


Category: Religion

Page: 442

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The spiritual impulse is nothing new, but the perplexing availability of so many belief systems--from throughout the world and throughout history--is unique to our time. For today's spiritual seeker, clear directions are essential. The Seeker's Handbook is meant to be used as a tool, much like a compass, for guiding individuals along the paths of spiritual growth.

Self Reliance and Other Essays

... Kepler, Swedenborg, Schelling, Oken, or any other who introduces
questionable facts into his cosmogony, as angels, ... systems, enter and
disappear, like threads in tapestry of large figure and many colors; dream
delivers us to dream, and, ...

Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486115488

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 128

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Six essays and one address outline Emerson's moral idealism and hint at later scepticism. In addition to title essay, this volume includes "History," "Friendship," "The Over-Soul," "The Poet" and "Experience," plus the Harvard Divinity School Address.

The Experimental Novel

And Other Essays Émile Zola ... 1 : they enter into what M . de Goncourt has so
happily called “ a poetic reality . ... On the contrary , they warn the public of the
exact moment when they enter upon the dream , which is , to say the least , an act
of ...

Author: Émile Zola



Category: Criticism

Page: 413

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Sunset Terrace Imagery in Lovecraft and Other Essays

Walter Gilman , protagonist of " The Dreams in the Witch House " ( 1932 ) , travels
in his sleep through odd angles of time ... unknown , ethereal world which might
or might not vanish in dream if ever he tried to seek it out and enter it in person .

Author: Peter H. Cannon




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Critical Essays on Shakespeare s Richard III

And though we enter Clarence ' s consciousness only once , in the dream itself , it
is clear that some part of him suspects what we know to be a certainty : Richard '
s design on his life . To read the accident passage as merely another ...

Author: Hugh M. Richmond

Publisher: Twayne Publishers


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 294

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The full range of literary traditions comes to life in the Twayne Critical Essays Series. Volume editors have carefully selected critical essays that represent the full spectrum of controversies, trends and methodologies relating to each author's work. Essays include writings from the author's native country and abroad, with interpretations from the time they were writing, through the present day. Each volume includes: -- An introduction providing the reader with a lucid overview of criticism from its beginnings -- illuminating controversies, evaluating approaches and sorting out the schools of thought -- The most influential reviews and the best reprinted scholarly essays -- A section devoted exclusively to reviews and reactions by the subject's contemporaries -- Original essays, new translations and revisions commissioned especially for the series -- Previously unpublished materials such as interviews, lost letters and manuscript fragments -- A bibliography of the subject's writings and interviews -- A name and subject index

Enemies of Promise and Other Essays

an alpha mind , he got the Rosebery and the Brackenbury , and all the other
berries , and passed top into the Office of Rears ! ... I go into Hall and search for a
place to eat , I wander in schoolrooms trying to find a class where I am expected .
When I first used to have this dream I had only just left Eton , I knew most of the
boys and the masters and the nightmare then took the form of everyone , after my

Author: Cyril Connolly



Category: English literature

Page: 421

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The Ship in the Bottle and Other Essays

More imporTHE STAR IN THE PUDDLE As we can see , the roads to the Dream
are not the same for everyone . ... Heraclitus called out to a group of strangers
who had come to visit him but did not dare enter his kitchen where he happened
to ...

Author: Félix Martí-Ibáñez




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Jung s Last Years and Other Essays

For a child raised in the strictly Christian milieu of a parsonage , the terrifying
dream figure was , quite literally , a ... is haunted by such dream images - or to
whom the grace of such an inner vision is granted — can enter into the reality of
this ...

Author: Aniela Jaffe



Category: Psychology

Page: 172

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Logic in Theology and other essays etc

Luckless man that I am ! born too soon or too late : either hide thyself in the grave
, or hasten to join the multitude in paying homage to the sovereign folly that sits
on high , mistress of the nations ! ” But from a dream such as this we awake .

Author: Isaac Taylor




Page: 297

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Raising Kane and Other Essays

When he and a woman are together , they can laugh at each other and at
themselves . He ' s a ... Many of the male actors who entered movies when sound
came in showed remarkable powers of endurance ... His performances in
screwball comedies — particularly The Awful Truth , The Man from Dream City :
Cary Grant 295.

Author: Pauline Kael

Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers


Category: Citizen Kane (Motion picture)

Page: 353

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The Sleeping Beauty Other Essays

I only need an excuse to walk away from bad dreams . The road to Marathi ... the
Platonic stair , I would re - enter the real world of my fears and my past . Here on
my ... The church had a pink dome like other churches on this island . The school

Author: Ralph Harper

Publisher: Cowley Publications


Category: Philosophy

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The Age of the Guptas and Other Essays

For , men , under such circumstances , become easy victims of dream . The
dramatist now again turns to the external surroundings . When Udayana and
Vidūşaka are about to enter the Samudra . grhaka , Vidūşaka suddenly steps
back ...

Author: Ramchandra Narayan Dandekar

Publisher: Delhi : Ajanta Publications : Distributors, Ajanta Books International


Category: Gupta dynasty

Page: 391

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On the Gupta dynasty in northern India, 4th-6th century, and Indic studies.