Envisioning the Dream Through Art and Science

The book concludes with a bibliography and an index to some of the visual elements in the 100 digitized dream images.

Author: Robert G. Kuzendorf

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 135186890X

Category: Psychology

Page: 276

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This monograph is the product of an interdisciplinary experiment--an artistic experiment and a psychological experiment--focused on dreams. Inspired by the prevalence of dream imagery and "dream logic" in surrealist art, the authors asked 100 art students to create digital images representing critical scenes from one of their dreams, then to create a surrealist collage from the digital images. The resulting collages tend to capture the surreality envisioned in actual works of surrealist art, as two collages included in the book illustrate. Inspired also by the psychological problem of studying other minds, the authors asked the 100 art students to describe their dream in writing, to interpret their dream, and to complete two personality measures: the Short Form of the Boundary Questionnaire and the Brief Symptom Inventory. The art students' scores on particular personality scales were found to be statistically associated with particular dream aspects, many of which are visually observable in the digitized dream images created by art students with particular personalities but are not verbally discernible in the dream descriptions written by those same students. The appendix contains, for each art student, the digitally imaged dream, the written description and written interpretation of the dream, and scores on the Boundary Questionnaire and on the depression, anxiety, hostility, and somatization scales of the Brief Symptom Inventory. The book concludes with a bibliography and an index to some of the visual elements in the 100 digitized dream images.

Envisioning the Dream Through Art and Science

Author: Robert G. Kunzendorf


ISBN: 9781315232720

Category: ART


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Envisioning Robots in Society Power Politics and Public Space

Aesthetic Preferences of Machines Nowadays, machines are already present as
agents in the art world. ... In her thesis on the topic of “Emotions in artificial
systems”, she mainly considers the links between Philosophy, Psychology, and
Computer Science. Maximilian Lehner is a ... Do robots dream of virtual puppies?

Author: M. Coeckelbergh

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 1614999317

Category: Computers

Page: 404

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Robots are predicted to play a role in many aspects of our lives in the future, affecting work, personal relationships, education, business, law, medicine and the arts. As they become increasingly intelligent, autonomous, and communicative, they will be able to function in ever more complex physical and social surroundings, transforming the practices, organizations, and societies in which they are embedded. This book presents the proceedings of the Robophilosophy 2018 conference, held in Vienna, Austria, from 14 to 7 February 2018. The third event in the Robophilosophy Conference Series, the conference was entitled Envisioning Robots in Society – Politics, Power, and Public Space. It focused on the societal, economic, and political issues related to social robotics. The book is divided into two parts and an Epilogue. Part I, entitled Keynotes, contains abstracts of the keynotes and two longer papers. Part II is divided into 7 subject sections containing 37 papers. Subjects covered include robots in public spaces; politics and law; work and business; military robotics; and policy. The book provides an overview of the questions, answers, and approaches that are currently at the heart of both academic and public discussions. The contributions collected here will be of interest to researchers and policy makers alike, as well as other stakeholders.

Your Dream Career For Dummies

Recruiters Network Web site, 133 recruiting- and staffing-related jobs, 133
rehabilitation-related jobs, 129 relationships, envisioning your dream lifestyle, 35
–38, ... See also communicating, careers in; creativity-based careers engineering
and computer science, 138–140 finance, 140–142 ... 48 self expression through
art-related jobs, 152 through permissive dress code, 61 short-term disability
insurance, ...

Author: Carol L. McClelland

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118070135

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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From identifying your needs to exploring your options -- make the right career move Changing careers by choice or due to circumstances beyond your control? Have no fear -- this hands-on guide focuses on helping you find a new job, start a business, or return to school in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With concise, eye-opening self-assessments, you'll understand how to assess your current situation, explore various career ideas, and identify ways to utilize your talents and skills in jobs that suit your lifestyle. You'll see how to build a career that lets you express who you are, fulfill your needs and desires, and live the life you want! Discover * Detailed, to-the-point explanations on outlining your action plan * The inside scoop on transforming your passions into career options * A wealth of tips, tricks, and warnings * How to blend your ideal career with the realities of your life

Envisioning the World Mapping and Making the Global

It opens up an alternative normative horizon in the worlds cumulatively produced
by these two travellers' accounts and the readings offered here. ... this space as
the fulfilment of a grand aspirational dream, at the forefront of progress: 'I was
convinced that the Soviet Union was leading the world in all spheres, art, science
, industry, the emancipation of nationalities, women, agriculture' (Podbrey 1993:

Author: Sandra Holtgreve

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839455294

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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The »global« is permanently made and remade by how it is envisioned in political projects, in language, and in literature. Through a range of case studies, this book shows how practices of referring to the world actually constitute the global in its many facets. It aims to provide a sense in readers of how the global is not something »out there«, but that it is embedded in a wide range of the seemingly »everyday«. The contributions appeal to a readership from a background in Sociology, History, Political Science, Literary Studies, and Social Work.

Higher Education in the Philippines

the sciences, and the arts." As Dr. Thelma B. Kintanar noted, the liberal arts
tradition was written into the U.P. charter just as the word literaria was inscribed
in the name of U.P. 's predecessor in Malolos. ... choosing, reasoning, dreaming,
envisioning human being. . .trying to discover or create new ways and means to
make ...




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Dream Create Sustain

Mastering the Art and Science of Transforming School Systems Francis M. Duffy
... First, it has a standards inventory that contains both required educational
standards (national, state, and local) and optional educational standards for
access by the teacher, ... However, we envision that learning will be primarily
project (or ...

Author: Francis M. Duffy

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1607098547

Category: Education

Page: 320

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This book provides change leaders in education with essential concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics for how to create and sustain whole-system change in their school systems.

Envisioning Cyberspace

Envisioning cyberspace : The design of on - line communities , " in Design
computation : Collaboration , reasoning , pedagogy . ... Art and visual perception :
A psychology of the creative eye . ... 3D morphing and its application to virtual
reality , ” in Virtual environments and scientific visualization ( 96 : Proceedings of
Eurographics workshops in Prague ... Machine dreams : Computers in the
fantasies of young adults , " in the individual , communication and society :
Essays in memory of ...

Author: Peter Anders

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 228

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Free of the constraints of physical form and limited only by imagination, new environments spring to life daily in a fantastic realm called cyberspace. The creators of this new virtual world may be programmers, designers, architects, even children. In this invigorating exploration of the juncture between cyberspace and the physical world, architect Peter Anders brings together leading-edge cyberspace art and architecture ... inspiring new techniques and technologies ... unexpected unions of reality and virtuality ... and visions of challenges and opportunities as yet unexplored. More than an invitation to tour fantastic realms and examine powerful tools, this book is a hard-eyed look at cyberspace's impact on physical, cultural, and social reality, and the human-centered principles of its design. This is a book that will set designers and architects thinkingÑand a work of importance to anyone fascinated with the fast-closing space between the real and the virtual.

The poetics of dreaming

... of a bleak paradise lost that requires moral seriousness and the discovery of
the arts and sciences to make 106 civilization ... Secondly , he reverses the order
of events in the Georgics by envisioning a period of savagery that precedes the ...

Author: Andrew John Matt




Page: 528

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The New Singapore Dream

creativity in the arts , in scientific research , in new businesses , in education
methods and more . ... or a businessman , you must be able to anticipate
problems , envision better ways of doing things and evolve entirely new sets of
ideas .

Author: Hon Meng Moh



Category: Business enterprises

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The Aquarian Conspiracy

An estimated 80 percent of the country ' s pure science is pursued in California ;
its residents include more Nobel ... One public official estimated that nearly half a
million people in greater Los Angeles “ strive to make their living through the arts
. ... What we envision we can make real . The California dream of sun and
economic freedom , like the expansionist American dream , has always had a
second ...

Author: Marilyn Ferguson

Publisher: Tarcher


Category: Social Science

Page: 460

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This revised and updated edition offers an indepth analysis of the true nature of the controversial New Age movement and of social and personal transformation in the 1980s.

Leonardo Journal of International Society for the Arts Sciences and Technology

In Stephen Wilson ' s panel , Art at the Frontiers of Scientific and Technological
Research , panelist Diane Dominques ' s video presentation of exotic ...
reminding us of Steina Vasulka ' s way of envisioning art as an open - ended
musical movement . ... tones of Sibylle Pomorin ' s Divining by Looking —
punctuated by indistinct voices and sounds of splashing water - conjured up
wafting , dream - like ...




Category: Art, Modern


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International journal of contemporary visual artists.

The Black Collegian

... back to help you realize your goals . program or simply to take a strong liberal
arts program with an emphasis in science . ... Dreaming or envisioning is a very
effective first step in achieving your goals or in getting what you want out of life .




Category: African Americans


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Dare to Dream

A Filipino Entrepreneur's Tale of Success in Dairy Farming Danilo Valenton
Fausto ... Danny and his club envision the beneficiaries multiplying significantly ,
with government support and the endorsement and participation of R . I . District
3780 . ... Danny is currently president of the U . P . Manila College of Arts and
Sciences Alumni Foundation , Inc . , director of the U . P . Manila Alumni
Association and ...

Author: Danilo Valenton Fausto



Category: Dairy farming

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Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters

Pleading in the proud royal abbey of St - Denis , they seem poor and helpless by
contrast.27 Not always loyal to their abbot , the tenants of ... Shortly after 1166 the
dreaming of such a dream would be plausible , especially as it had almost come
true . ... is it not understandable that a clerc in the orbit of Vézelay , and one who
may have traveled to Byzantium , so could envision a powerful friendship in ...

Author: Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters



Category: Science


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Vols. 1-53 contain papers submitted at the annual meetings in 1921-1967.

Curatorial Dreams

Pushing the boundaries of museology, this collection gives rare insight into the process of conceptualizing exhibitions.

Author: Shelley Ruth Butler

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773598553

Category: Art

Page: 383

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What if museum critics were challenged to envision their own exhibitions? In Curatorial Dreams, fourteen authors from disciplines throughout the social sciences and humanities propose exhibitions inspired by their research and critical concerns to creatively put theory into practice. Pushing the boundaries of museology, this collection gives rare insight into the process of conceptualizing exhibitions. The contributors offer concrete, innovative projects, each designed for a specific setting in which to translate critical academic theory about society, culture, and history into accessible imagined exhibitions. Spanning Australia, Barbados, Canada, Chile, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States, the exhibitions are staged in museums, scientific institutions, art galleries, and everyday sites. Essays explore political and practical constraints, imaginative freedom, and experiment with critical, participatory, and socially relevant exhibition design. While the deconstructive critique of museums remains relevant, Curatorial Dreams charts new ground, proposing unique modes of engagement that enrich public scholarship and dialogue.

New Moon Parenting

The Teacher's Corner Introduce your group to the activity by telling them that they
are going to be featured in a picture article ... Encourage them to envision their
dreams — whether or not they think the dreams are doable — and to be prepared
to share ... If SUBJECTS : Art , language arts , career exploration , self - esteem .
you had a magic wand and could make that ... That's great news for libraries ,
teachers , and families interested in science , technology , invention , and women




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An Unfinished Dream

Mr . Walker raised a question as to what kinds of colleges we might envision . ...
In addition , the laboratory fees in science courses and the fees in art and music
courses were allocated to the respective colleges supplying the instruction .

Author: Robert J. Bernard




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The Book Review

Hazarika's strength lies in her successful invocation of these occult
ethnosciences , which she supports by a highly sophisticated ... Apart from the
nitty gritty of following the steps prescribed by Delaney and the ability to
memorize the dream in great detail dreams work ... Envisioning a new cultural
orientation , a new age which will set the conditions for the growth of creativity
and other noetic ... arts in their employment of visual metaphors and the way they
bridge the head and the heart .




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Virginia Journal of Education

In my wildest dreams , in fact , 1 envision large sections of communities being
converted into Discovery Parks . ... fine arts center ; a science center with ongoing
experiments as well as exhibits ; a measurement center where mathematics
could ...




Category: Education


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