Everyone Loves Paris

"There are as many reasons to love Paris as there are people who love it. Everyone Loves Paris includes tributes from over 50 international illustrators.

Author: Leslie Jonath

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Group

ISBN: 9783832798109

Category: Design

Page: 126

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"There are as many reasons to love Paris as there are people who love it. Everyone Loves Paris includes tributes from over 50 international illustrators. From grand landmarks--such as the Eiffel Tower-- to the small pleasures of daily life, each image expresses the joys of this marvelous city through the perspective of each artist's brush."--Book jacket.

Buying A Piece of Paris

'Well, because I love Paris and we spend quite a bit of time here and ...' 'Everybody loves Paris.' She throws her hands in the air. 'Everybody.' Clearly this is not a reason in Madame's eyes. She sizes me up as someone incapable of ...

Author: Ellie Nielsen

Publisher: Scribe Publications

ISBN: 1925548635

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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Paris has seduced many admirers, but for visiting Australian Ellie Nielsen it’s true love. So deep is her infatuation that, if she can’t have it all to herself, she’ll only be satisfied with buying her own little piece of Paris. The object of her desire seems so simple: the sort of apartment she’s seen a thousand times in magazines and books. Something effortlessly charming, and old, and quirky — and expertly decorated. Something exuding character and Parisian chic. Something quintessentially French. The trouble is, she has only two short weeks in which to realise her fantasy — and she must somehow negotiate a deal in a foreign language without offending French real-estate etiquette. Is this even vaguely possible, or just a ridiculous folly? With her trusty French phrasebook in hand, and plucking up her reserves of savoir faire, Ellie embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. Beauty is everywhere even if, like all true romances, there are many obstacles to be overcome. But then, c’est toujours comme ça à Paris. Buying a Piece of Paris is a charming and witty love-song to the most beautiful city in the world. Written with great verve and a superb ear for language, it is a joy to read and a pleasure to dream about.

Everybody Loves Evie

“Too bad you couldn't rain on his parade before he left for Paris,” Jayne said. I cocked my head, unsure if I'd heard correctly. “Paris? As in France? As in the Eiffel Tower? The Louvre Museum? Champagne and decadent desserts?

Author: Beth Ciotta

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460301765

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Former casino lounge singer/variety act Evie Parish has moved up in the world, joining Chameleon, an organization that exposes fraud using reformed crooks to catch current ones. Her last assignment landed her in the arms of the delicious bad boy Arch Duvall, who taught her how to spot a grift and how to get over a lousy ex by having a superheated fling. Now it's time to take to heart what she's learned. When Evie's mom falls for a sweetheart scam, Evie rushes to the rescue (undercover, of course), accompanied by Milo Beckett, her sexy new boss at Chameleon. Closely pursuing is Arch, who's decided Evie may not be a passing fancy after all. It's hard to concentrate on the case with these two macho males squaring off, but Evie's up to the challenge.

Global Explorers

“With Disneyland you get a magical place; with Paris you say where it is, and everybody loves Paris. And by including 'Paris' in the name, the French will be more receptive to the park. Also, by definition, we can tie the park to the ...

Author: J. Stewart Black

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135265844

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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In this age of globalization challenges--from economic uncertainty to emerging markets--there are no mapped out answers for the international manager. Global Explorers guides the global manager from the periphery to the center stage of international business leadership. In a 1997 survey of Fortune 500 firms conducted by authors J. Stewart Black, Allen J. Morrison and Hal B. Gregersen, virtually all companies indicated there was a severe shortage of global leaders. The demand for competent global leaders far outstrips the supply. Global Explorers provides the skills and outlines the competencies future global managers need to fill the leadership gap. Using extensive research, real-life examples, and 130 in-depth interviews with senior executives representing 50 global companies, including IBM, Disney, Exxon and Sony, Global Explorers suggests the reasons for the global leadership shortage, and identifies the necessary skills to compete in the international marketplace. For managers who want to safeguard their corporate future in these changing times, Global Explorers will help them develop a personal program for developing and balancing the skills they need to become successful global leaders.

Josephine Baker s Cinematic Prism

Baker replies, “I thought by going to Paris—and then of course because everybody loves Paris and knows about it. It's the city of art. And I thought that I would probably get the possibility of doing something in my [inaudible; ...

Author: Terri Simone Francis

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253017599

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

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Josephine Baker, the first Black woman to star in a major motion picture, was both liberated and delightfully undignified, playfully vacillating between allure and colonialist stereotyping. Nicknamed the "Black Venus," "Black Pearl," and "Creole Goddess," Baker blended the sensual and the comedic when taking 1920s Europe by storm. Back home in the United States, Baker's film career brought hope to the Black press that a new cinema centered on Black glamour would come to fruition. In Josephine Baker's Cinematic Prism, Terri Simone Francis examines how Baker fashioned her celebrity through cinematic reflexivity, an authorial strategy in which she placed herself, her persona, and her character into visual dialogue. Francis contends that though Baker was an African American actress who lived and worked in France exclusively with a white film company, white costars, white writers, and white directors, she holds monumental significance for African American cinema as the first truly global Black woman film star. Francis also examines the double-talk between Baker and her characters in Le Pompier de Folies Bergère, La Sirène des Tropiques, Zou Zou, Princesse Tam Tam, and The French Way, whose narratives seem to undermine the very stardom they offered. In doing so, Francis artfully illuminates the most resonant links between emergent African American cinephilia, the diverse opinions of Baker in the popular press, and African Americans' broader aspirations for progress toward racial equality. Examining an unexplored aspect of Baker's career, Josephine Baker's Cinematic Prism deepens the ongoing conversation about race, gender, and performance in the African diaspora.

Josephine and I

Presenter (voice-over) Shucks, twenty-five years ago you went all the way over to Paris, three thousand miles away, ... I thought by going to Paris, and then of course I wanted to go to Paris because — everybody loves Paris and knows ...

Author: Cush Jumbo

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1472528468

Category: Drama

Page: 80

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Josephine Baker: captivating performer, political activist and international icon, who lived from 1906 to 1975. From the ragtime rhythms of St Louis and the intoxicating sounds of 1920s Paris, to present-day London, Josephine and I intertwines the story of a modern-day girl with that of one of the greatest, yet largely forgotten, stars of the twentieth century. Cush Jumbo stars in the premiere of her debut play, which centres on the legendary American entertainer and her impact on a contemporary young woman. Live music combines with dance to bring to life the contemporary legacy of a woman Ernest Hemingway described as "the most sensational woman anyone ever saw, and ever will."

Everybody Loves Ice Cream

EVERYBODY LOVES ICE CREAM had access to ice cream . Paris's Café Procope opened in 1670 as the city's first café and the first to serve water ices to commoners . Did you know ? Some say that credit for being the first successful ...

Author: Shannon Jackson Arnold

Publisher: Emmis Books

ISBN: 9781578601653

Category: Cooking

Page: 198

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The essential guide for ice cream lovers everywhere.

Mimi s Memoirs

Everybody loves Mimi! Mimi, Mimi, the toast of Paris, I'm special exclusive, a scoop, When you request that I throw out my chest, I'll give you my best, If you've got it, let it droop. Mimi, Mimi, it's easy to see, The gipsy in me is ...

Author: Sue Hodge

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

ISBN: 1398407062

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 168

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Having been inundated with fan-mail and questions for nearly three decades, actress and director Sue Hodge decided it was time for everyone to know the truth behind the making of the internationally known hit comedy series ’Allo ’Allo! Told with heart and honesty through the eyes of that madcap, pocket dynamo character Mimi Labonq, Sue gives a hilarious and no-holds-barred insight into things you would only know about if you’d been there. How did she fly across a cornfield as the flying nun? (Or maybe she didn’t.) Did she really get inside a grandfather clock? What was her true relationship with René? What did he really do to her when he was pushing her along as a baby in the pram? To find out the answers to these questions plus much much more, read Mimi’s Memoirs, and you will understand why ’Allo ’Allo! became one of the biggest BBC smash-hits of all time.

The Prints of Adolf Dehn

591.ji Country Night 1963 Lithograph in four colors 18 x 145/16 ( 45.8 x 36.4 ) Edition : International Graphic Arts Society edition , 200 , plus artist's proofs Printed at Atelier Desjobert , Paris . Everybody Loves Momo 1963 ...

Author: Richard W. Cox

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society

ISBN: 9780873512039

Category: Art

Page: 284

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This catalog raisonné reproduces 665 black-and-white and 12 color prints. Minnesota-born Adolf Dehn (1895-1968) was twice awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and his prints are in the collections of major museums in America.

The Essence of Logic

Everybody loves Paris ( Vy ) L ( y , p ) Every even number is divisible by 2 ( Vx ) ( E ( x ) = D ( x , 2 ) ) There is a city west of Brussels , Copenhagen and Oslo ( Ex ) ( C ( x ) ^ W ( x , b , c , o ) ) There is no prime number ...

Author: John J. Kelly

Publisher: Pearson P T R


Category: Computers

Page: 258

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This book provides a concise introduction to formal logic. It prepares the reader for the analysis and application of logic techniques in computing. The text's practical approach develops the skills needed to apply logic in a wide range of computer science disciplines.