Evidence Matters

37 Federal jury instructions on the standard ofproofin ordinary civil cases, • citing
model jury instructions for the ninth circuit, explain that, to find that a case has
been made by a “preponderance of the evidence,” “you must be persuaded by
the ...

Author: Susan Haack

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107039967

Category: Law

Page: 446

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Susan Haack brings her distinctive work in theory of knowledge and philosophy of science to bear on real-life legal issues.

Evidence Matters

Randomized Trials in Education Research Frederick Mosteller, Robert F. Boruch.
Randomized Trials in 1 Education Research Frederick Mosteller and Robert

Author: Frederick Mosteller

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815702054

Category: Education

Page: 231

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Researchers use a variety of tools to determine their impact and efficacy, including sample surveys, narrative studies, and exploratory research. However, randomized field trials, which are commonly used in other disciplines, are rarely employed to measure the impact of education practice. Evidence Matters explores the history and current status of research in education and encourages the more frequent use of such trials.

Evidence Matters




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Canadian Health Policy in the News Why Evidence Matters

Author: Noralou Roos, Sharon Manson Singer, Kathleen O'Grady, Shannon Turczak, Camilla Tapp

Publisher: EvidenceNetwork.ca

ISBN: 0991697103



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Canadian Health Policy in the News is a compendium of the commentaries (or OpEds) published by Evidence Network in major newspapers across the country from April 2011 up to October 2012. It is a timely, balanced and non-partisan snapshot of what’s new and controversial concerning our healthcare system and related social programs that affect health and well-being in our country — with evidence at the forefront. This book is available free-of-charge so that you can share it widely, in your classrooms, amongst your friends and colleagues, on your websites and via social media. Canadian health policy will always be emerging and unfolding, responding to changing environmental and economic factors, new technologies, publicly held values and differing political landscapes. Canadian Health Policy in the News captures a moment in time and presents the issues that concern Canadians most, grounding our national discourse and debate on healthcare in the best evidence. With thanks to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Manitoba Health Research Council whose funding supports EvidenceNetwork.ca.

Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy

She was heavily involved in the development of Canadian Healthy Policy in the
News: Why Evidence Matters, and provides support to the daily operation of
EvidenceNetwork.ca. Camilla is also an MBA student at McMaster University in
the ...

Author: Noralou Roos

Publisher: EvidenceNetwork.ca

ISBN: 0991697111

Category: Medical

Page: 355

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Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy is a compendium of Op-Eds published in the media in 2012-2013 by some of Canada’s leading experts in the field, offering a snapshot of the evidence on the issues of the day. It is the second in a series of eBooks produced by EvidenceNetwork.ca, the first being Canadian Health Policy in the News.. This second volume addresses a range of controversial topics, such as whether or not our health system is sustainable and how our health care dollars are spent. Other sections address pharmaceutical policy, private-for-profit delivery of care, social determinants of health, aging, mental health and obesity.

Evidence Based Review in Policy and Practice An Issue of Nursing Clinics

Why would it matter if we knew the exact way to treat something that may not
have relevance or applicability? The reason is because evidence does matter.
Evidence matters when you are dealing with a new mother who may be fearful to
hold ...

Author: Alan Pearson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323326633

Category: Medical

Page: 145

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Evidence synthesis is the evaluation or analysis of research evidence and opinion on a specific topic to aid in decision-making in health care. Although the science of evidence synthesis has developed most rapidly in relation to the meta-analysis of numerical data linked to theories of cause and effect, the further development of theoretical understandings and propositions of the nature of evidence, its role in health care delivery, and the facilitation of improved global health have increased rapidly since 2000. The articles appearing in this issue examine the role of evidence synthesis in nursing and health care and are written by expert translational scientists from across the world. Three introductory articles overview evidence synthesis and its role in evidence-based health care; methods, issues, and trends in the systematic review of health care evidence; and the development of a robust evidence base for nursing. Subsequent articles explore the impact of systematic reviews on policy and practice in a variety of settings, including perioperative care, pediatrics, rehabilitation and long-term/continuing care, mental health, and public health. The final articles discuss the impact of evidence on health policy and practice and the complexities of translating evidence into policy and practice. These articles show the importance of synthesizing evidence and translating policy and practice into action in our quest to improve health care and health outcomes.

EU Cross border Gathering and Use of Evidence in Criminal Matters

The end result of the study was to reach a conclusion on whether or not there is a
need to take action in order to improve cooperation on the gathering, obtaining
and admissibility of evidence in criminal matters and, if so, to identify the ...

Author: Gert Vermeulen

Publisher: Maklu

ISBN: 9046603431

Category: Law

Page: 254

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The European Councii-set out the 2007 specific program on `Criminal Justice' as; Part of the General Programon Fundament Rights and justice. The concrete objectives of the program include the promotion of the principle of mutual recognition and mutual trust, eliminating obstacles created by disparities between member states judicial systems and improving knowledge of member states legal and judicial systems in criminal matters and the exchange and dissemination of good practice. As part of this program, the European Commission awarded a contract to the Institute of international Research on Criminal Policy to conduct the study this book comprises the results of. The initial aim of the study was to obtain up to date information on the national laws of the EU member states on the gathering and handling of evidence and to analyse that information in the light of recent developments in legislation governing cross-border transmission of evidence, in particular the 2008 European Evidence Warrant in addition, it was the intention of the European Commission to initiate preparatory work on a legal instrument that would expand the scope of application of the European Evidence Warrant in order to further replace the existing regime of mutual legal assistance within the EU by a mechanism based on the mutual recognition principle. As a result, the study was broadened as to also assess whether or not a mutual recognition-based EU mutual legal assistance regime is desirable and feasible. Whereas the Green Paper on obtaining evidence in criminal matters (issued in 2009 by the European Commission) raises general questions on the matter, this book provides an in-depth and full-scale overview of the current situation relating to cross-border gathering, obtaining and admissibility of evidence in criminal matters between the EU member states, as well as clear-cut future legal and policy options. This book is essential reading for EU policy makers, judicial and law enforcement authorities throughout the EU and from a broader international context. It will be particularly appealing also to the research community and anyone involved in or taking an interest in criminal policy initiatives in the EU.

Interrogating Ethnography

In Interrogating Ethnography, Steven Lubet uses the tools and techniques of a trial lawyer to explore the stories behind ethnographic narratives, many of which turn out to be dubious, exaggerated, tendentious, or just plain wrong.

Author: Steven Lubet

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190655674


Page: 272

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In this comprehensive review of urban ethnography, Steven Lubet encountered a field that relies heavily on anonymous sources, often as reported by a single investigator whose underlying data remain unseen. Upon digging into the details, he discovered too many ethnographic assertions that weredubious, exaggerated, tendentious, or just plain wrong. Employing the tools and techniques of a trial lawyer, Lubet uses original sources and contemporaneous documentation to explore the stories behind ethnographic narratives. Many turn out to be accurate, but others are revealed to be based onrumors, folklore, and unreliable hearsay. Interrogating Ethnography explains how qualitative social science would benefit from greater attention to the quality of evidence, and provides recommendations for bringing the field more closely in line with other fact-based disciplines such as law and journalism.

Evidence Based Chronic Pain Management

1. Why. evidence. matters. Andrew. Moore. and. Sheena. Derry. Pain Research,
Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics, ... There are two ways of answering a
question about what evidence-based medicine (EBM) is good for or even what it

Author: Cathy Stannard

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444359029

Category: Medical

Page: 464

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A genuine evidence-based text for optimum pain relief in various chronic conditions Contributes an important advance in the practice of pain management providing the information on which to build more coherent and standardised strategies for relief of patient suffering Answers questions about which are the most effective methods, AND those which are not effective yet continue to be used Includes discussion of the positive and the negative evidence, and addresses the grey areas where evidence is ambivalent Written by the world's leading experts in evidence-based pain management this is a seminal text in the field of pain

What Matters for Education Evidence for Catalonia

“New Evidence on the Causal Link Between the Quantity and Quality of Children”
. NBER WP No. 11835. Beavers, W. R., Hampson, R. B., Hulgus, Y. F., 1990. “
Beavers Systems Model Manual”. Dallas, Texas. Southwest Family Institute.
Becker ...


Publisher: "la Caixa"




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Forensic Science and the Administration of Justice

Critical Issues and Directions Kevin J. Strom, Matthew J. Hickman ... Not only
whether forensic evidence matters, but how it matters, or perhaps more
accurately, how it gets used in the justice system. In this section, we have
included three ...

Author: Kevin J. Strom

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483324400

Category: Law

Page: 312

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Uniting forensics, law, and social science in meaningful and relevant ways, Forensic Science and the Administration of Justice, by Kevin J. Strom and Matthew J. Hickman, is structured around current research on how forensic evidence is being used and how it is impacting the justice system. This unique book—written by nationally known scholars in the field—includes five sections that explore the demand for forensic services, the quality of forensic services, the utility of forensic services, post-conviction forensic issues, and the future role of forensic science in the administration of justice. The authors offer policy-relevant directions for both the criminal justice and forensic fields and demonstrate how the role of the crime laboratory in the American justice system is evolving in concert with technological advances as well as changing demands and competing pressures for laboratory resources.

Rules of Evidence

Of course , drawn from the res gestae , it is the typical exception , but again , it is
one of these things when you see it written out ... Much of the time spent on
hearing what are called evidence matters consist of pretrial hearings in
suppression of ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Special Subcommittee on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws



Category: Court rules

Page: 589

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Philosophies of Research into Higher Education

in F. Mosteller and R. Boruch (eds), Evidence Matters: Randomized trials in
education research. Washington: The Brookings Institution, pp. 179—97. Clegg,
S. (2005) 'Evidence-based practice in educational research: A critical realist
critique ...

Author: Brian J. Brown

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441154558

Category: Education

Page: 202

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Research in higher education could be more useful, innovative and better designed if we were clearer about the philosophical and epistemological basis of the theories that underlie our research methods. People who have to interpret research would do a better job if they were able to interrogate research more critically and appreciate its strengths and weaknesses. This volume provides this information for an audience of researchers, policymakers, students and lecturers in higher education. The authors seek to create a dialogue with the reader about issues relevant to the philosophy of research and stimulate interest in how philosophy plays out in the real, everyday, political world, not least in education. Unlike many existing volumes on the market, this book creates a space in which readers can use the tools for thinking that the authors describe to interrogate their own experience.

Evidence Based Nursing The Research Practice Connection

... of Evidence-Based, Pomt-of-Care, Summary Resources STATlRef http://www.
statref.com/content/solutions.html B estB ... ileyCDA/\Xl ileyTitle/ pro ductCd—04
700 1 1 8 4X .html Evidence Matters http://evidencematters.com/ JBI COnNECT+

Author: Sarah Jo Brown

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449690998

Category: Medical

Page: 461

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Evidence-Based Nursing: The Research-Practice Connection, Third Edition introduces students to research methods and evidence-based practice (EBP). Written in an accessible style, the content moves readers through understanding how research is produced to appraisal at the critical thinking level. Timely information links evidence-based practice to recent work in the Safety and Quality programs that are underway in healthcare and nursing. Key Features: • Offers five common research designs, systematic reviews, and clinical practice guidelines by using a consistent, easy-to-read "Why-How-What" approach. • Exemplar research reports include “Profile and Commentary” that explain results of studies and help students better understand the methodological components of a study Accompanied by Instructor Resources: • Save time with a Test Bank and sample syllabus • Encourage critical thinking using additional learning activities, including discussion questions and small group assignments • Plan classroom lectures using PowerPoint Presentations created by the author Navigate eFolio Now Available! Navigate eFolio: Evidence-Based Nursing , a fully supported and hosted online learning solution featuring an ebook and course management tools is also available for purchase. Navigate eFolio transforms how students learn and instructors teach by bringing together authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives, with student practice activities and assessments, an ebook, and reporting tools. For more information visit go.jblearning.com/nursingef

Finding Out Fast

Precision of measurement certainly matters and , in some cases , this is the main
objective of a quantitative exercise . ... Evidence matters because , as Perkins put
it , ... you make a big deal of evidence because you know how easy it is for ...

Author: Alan Thomas

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761958376

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 376

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Finding Out Fast provides readers with key skills and approaches for research designed to inform policies, particularly on development. Recognizing that policy decisions are typically made under pressure of time and on the basis of incomplete data or with limited resources with which to obtain information, the authors provide guidance on how to locate, evaluate and use relevant information, fast. They explain and critically review a variety of research methods for `finding out fast', in the belief that these methods can still be rigorous. Finding Out Fast will assist readers to become competent investigators, to understand how to use research more effectively and how to commission and critical

Defence Rights

Procedural rights in the context of EU cross-border gathering & use of evidence
applied to the future of cross-border gathering and use of evidence in criminal
matters, the below text assesses procedural rights issues in the context of
gathering ...

Author: Jean Flamme

Publisher: Maklu

ISBN: 904660571X

Category: Law

Page: 137

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The growing internationalization and Europeanization of criminal procedures has created new challenges to traditional defense rights. Hence, the Ghent Bar Association, the Bar Association of The Hague, and Ghent University have joined forces, exploring and addressing these challenges during an international conference held in Ghent in November 2012. This book examines the various topics presented at the conference. Whereas international criminal tribunals - especially the International Criminal Court (ICC) - should play an exemplary role when it comes to the right to fair trial and adequate access to a lawyer, reality proves to be troublesome. In this respect, the book addresses key issues: What is the status quaestionis of the defense position and procedural rights before international criminal tribunals, more specifically the ICC? Has the Rome Statute lived up to its expectations after a decade of its application? Can defense before international tribunals keep functioning without a Bar? What are the needs for such a defense to be adequate, knowing that it balances on the borderline between the Anglo-Saxon legal system and the Northern European system? At the same time, defense and procedural rights are developing as a result of different EU Directives which have been or are now being negotiated. This is of major importance to every penalist, even in strictly national cases. The book presents and critically assesses the entire EU 'roadmap for strengthening procedural rights of suspected or accused persons in criminal proceedings.' The EU Directives on the right to information in criminal procedure, the right of access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings, and the right to communicate upon arrest - which are about to revolutionize traditional domestic criminal procedural law - are assessed. Further, the book addresses the important implications and challenges for the legal position of detainees as a result of the recent Framework Decision on the mutual recognition of custodial sentences and measures involving deprivation of liberty. Finally, awareness is raised concerning the future of procedural rights in the framework of cross-border evidence gathering and admissibility. The book will be essential reading for both defense practitioners and scholars taking an interest in defense and procedural rights in criminal matters.

The Medium Matters

Finally, Hypothesis 4 ('When evidence is strong, the difference in belief revision
strength between high and low multiplicity of cues is lesser when reprocessability
is present as compared to absent') was not supported by our observations.

Author: Anna Helga Nöteberg

Publisher: Rozenberg Publishers

ISBN: 9051708017

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 195

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Face-to-face meetings between auditors and their clients are increasingly difficult to arrange, due to business globalization and the growing need for rapid audit decision-making. Relying on electronic communication media for auditor-client inquiry, such

The Ultimate Evidence

Rethinking the Evidence Issues for Spirit-baptism Larry Vern Newman. bodies
are earning advanced degrees from our nation's universities and seminaries. The
assemblies of God and the church of God (cleveland, TN), two of the largest ...

Author: Larry Vern Newman

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1606080938

Category: Religion

Page: 170

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It is quite an assertion to claim that one is filled with the Spirit of God. What does a person offer as proof that this is actually true? Pentecostals at the turn of the twentieth century read the Bible, debated the issue, and then proposed an evidence they thought the scriptures indicated was the primary verification of Spirit-baptism. It was determined that the evidence to prove one had been baptized with the Holy Spirit was that the person had spoken in an unknown language as prompted by the Holy Spirit. The primary evidence of Spirit-baptism, it was concluded, was the expression of a charism. It was charismatic. In The Ultimate Evidence, Larry Newman argues that the initial evidence doctrine, as it stands, is inadequate and needs to be revisited and adjusted. Without discrediting or devaluing speaking in tongues, Newman points the reader to the ultimate evidence of Spirit-baptism: the more excellent way. Gathering from historical, cultural, and biblical sources, Dr. Newman argues that the biblical evidential paradigm is ethical and issues forth from the agape of the Cross. It is the ethical dimension of the Christian life that is primary. In 1 Cor 13:1 Paul wrote: If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

A Digest of the Law of Actions and Trials at Nisi Prius

OF DEMURRER TO EVIDENCE . IF the plaintiff or defendant give in evidence
matter of record , or writings , or parol evidence on which a doubt in law arises ,
the Co. Lit. 27 . other side may demur to the evidence ; otherwise if there be a 5

Author: Isaac 'Espinasse



Category: Actions and defenses


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Arkansas Reports

A bill of exceptions was never intended to evidence matters which properly
belong to the records of the Court . If a discontinuance of part or the whole cause
of action was moved and sanctioned by the Court , the order of Court allowing it
is the ...

Author: Arkansas. Supreme Court



Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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