Finding Meaning in an Imperfect World

Landau argues our lives often are, or could be made, meaningful-- we've just been setting the bar too high for evaluating what meaning there is.

Author: Iddo Landau

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190657669

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 297

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Is it possible for life to be meaningful when the world is filled with suffering, and when so much depends merely upon chance? Landau argues our lives often are, or could be made, meaningful-- we've just been setting the bar too high for evaluating what meaning there is. He offers new theories and practical advice that awaken us to the meaning already present in our lives and demonstrates how we can enhance it.

Promoting Positive Processes after Trauma

Explorations on the meaning of psychological well-being. ... Understanding the
search for meaning in life: Personality, cognitive style, and the dynamic between
seeking and experiencing meaning. ... Finding meaning in an imperfect world.

Author: Elizabeth M. Altmaier

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128119764

Category: Psychology

Page: 132

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Promoting Positive Processes after Trauma merges research and clinical applications pertaining to the common experiences of trauma among clients with many different presentations and diagnoses. The book examines positive processes as they operate within trauma and considers the intentional development by the clinician of these positive processes with individual clients. The book is structured after the cornerstone tenets of positive psychology resilience, hope, forgiveness, post-traumatic growth and benefit-finding, meaning making and spirituality. Covers positive psychology processes, such as growing out of developmental trajectories; cognitive, emotional and intra-personal processes; interpersonal processes; and community- and contextually-defined processes. Integrates positive psychology with trauma treatment Utilizes case vignettes to introduce concepts Includes questions for further discussion in each chapter Selects processes that can be influenced through a range of treatments and treatment components Provides seminal references for each topic and processes to facilitate further reading by the clinician

Faith Finding Meaning

plan for the world, the Torah, to allow it to speak to a world replete with evil, strife,
and absurdity, to an imperfect world. The completely spiritual Torah is meant for a
world of peace, devoid of violence, injus— tice, and corruption. The actual ...

Author: Byron L. Sherwin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199978573

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Byron Sherwin demonstrates that Jewish theological thinking can be understood as a response to visceral existential issues and argues that human meaning and fulfillment can be discovered in the application of an authentic Jewish way of thinking and living.

Finding Meaning at the Movies

All is grace ” – grace as charity , grace as the kingdom of God that exists within
the daily life of our imperfect world . QUECTION 1 . Late in the film , the priest is
given a ride on a motorcycle . What meaning does this event - and the
conversation ...

Author: Sara Anson Vaux


ISBN: 9780687067213

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Movies mirror our desires and dreams, but they also shape them, as we struggle to understand ourselves and our world in relation to God. Finding Meaning at the Movies is a guide for groups and indivuduals who wish to explore - through movies - major themes, issues, and questions that we all have in common. Sara Ansen Vaux takes the reader on a cinematic journey, showing how to look for messages of value and meaning by examining not only the content of a film, but also the ways (cinematography, color, sound) that a movie tells a story.

Shakespeare and this imperfect World

The meaning and the function of the feast is , in anthropological terms , the
manifestation of a primordial need to ... itself as the fulfillment of reality , as a
different reality in which the individual sees a means of finding and
understanding himself .

Author: Giulio Marra

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 290

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This study on Shakespearean theatre attempts to correlate the cognitive impulse animating the character with the ensuing dramatic form. A Shakespearean character determines the play's structure through the intrinsic need to resolve the problem he is brought up against. He does this by utilizing theatrical means, metadramatic elements, which themselves become an integral part of the concept of theatre. Any external moral framework constricting the character within traditional dramatic forms appears, therefore, to impose perspectival limits on the text. Rather, "The Tempest" provides the reader with intrinsic and general guidelines through the skepticism of Prospero. Through concepts of -wonder- and -limitation- he defines the boundaries of action thus determining the idea of self-knowledge. General aesthetic and philosophical problems are embedded within the texture of the play's structure."

Imperfect Spirituality

especially the stars-pizza part, but I'm more interested in finding meaning in the
moments of the life I'm already living. I'm curious about what ... Meaning in life is
dependent on how we see and interpret the world. But what creates meaning or ...

Author: Polly Campbell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1936740273

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 242

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Pulling a raisin out of a two-year-old’s nose probably wasn’t on Buddha’s path toward enlightenment, but it was one of the obstacles for author Polly Campbell. For many, stuck raisins and other real-life moments provide sometimes the only opportunity for spiritual growth in a day. Imperfect Spiritualityshows readers how to integrate those every-day moments with traditional spiritual techniques to experience personal growth and greater well-being all in the course of your regular routine. Any activity can be transformed into a spiritual practice. Don’t have a half-hour to meditate? Can't drop everything ala Elizabeth Gilbert and trek to Italy or India? Do a mini-meditation while stopped at a red light. Working to be mindful and present? Start by brushing your teeth. Imperfect Spirituality is filled with practical tips and dozens of examples like these, as well as anecdotes from real people who are striving to grow both spiritually and personally. Each chapter features fascinating research about how the mind body spirit connection really works as well as illuminating ,quotes, and informative, easy-to-do takeaways from leading-edge academic and spiritual experts who both study and practice the techniques explored in the book. Popular blogger and workshopper Polly Campbel, a favorite journalist for Daily Om and Psychology Today, emerges here as a fresh and important new voice in spirituality who offers a path to enlightenment for "the rest of us."

Finding an Ending

Instead of (or in addition to) finding meaning in approximation (in imperfect
realization), one can discern significance in ... of the realization of values
transcending those of merely natural existence, either in this life and world or
beyond them.

Author: Philip Kitcher

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199839797

Category: Music

Page: 256

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Few musical works loom as large in Western culture as Richard Wagner's four-part Ring of the Nibelung. In Finding an Ending, two eminent philosophers, Philip Kitcher and Richard Schacht, offer an illuminating look at this greatest of Wagner's achievements, focusing on its far-reaching and subtle exploration of problems of meanings and endings in this life and world. Kitcher and Schacht plunge the reader into the heart of Wagner's Ring, drawing out the philosophical and human significance of the text and the music. They show how different forms of love, freedom, heroism, authority, and judgment are explored and tested as it unfolds. As they journey across its sweeping musical-dramatic landscape, Kitcher and Schacht lead us to the central concern of the Ring--the problem of endowing life with genuine significance that can be enhanced rather than negated by its ending, if the right sort of ending can be found. The drama originates in Wotan's quest for a transformation of the primordial state of things into a world in which life can be lived more meaningfully. The authors trace the evolution of Wotan's efforts, the intricate problems he confronts, and his failures and defeats. But while the problem Wotan poses for himself proves to be insoluble as he conceives of it, they suggest that his very efforts and failures set the stage for the transformation of his problem, and for the only sort of resolution of it that may be humanly possible--to which it is not Siegfried but rather Br?nnhilde who shows the way. The Ring's ending, with its passing of the gods above and destruction of the world below, might seem to be devastating; but Kitcher and Schacht see a kind of meaning in and through the ending revealed to us that is profoundly affirmative, and that has perhaps never been so powerfully and so beautifully expressed.

Just One Little Thing

Just One Little Thing is about one of those life changing groundless moments. The story begins on the 4th of July, when a phone call changes everything in Kelly Buckleys life.

Author: Kelly S. Buckley

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452544762

Category: Self-Help

Page: 312

View: 128

We've all been faced with moments in life where the rug gets pulled out from beneath our feet. And, sometimes, it is not only the rug that has been removed; the whole darn floor has disappeared too. Just One Little Thing is about one of those life changing groundless moments. The story begins on the 4th of July, when a phone call changes everything in Kelly Buckley’s life. Devastated by the unexpected death of her son Stephen, Kelly started to journal about what goodness still remained in her life in the hopes of finding just one little thing to make it through the day. Gratitude changed everything. By focusing on the blessings found moment by moment, she was able to allow herself to grieve with an open heart, and accept all the wisdom that comes from life’s difficulties.

Managing Documentation Projects in an Imperfect World

A numbered page is also a convenient way of finding a topic . In the case of on -
line help , the physical necessity of breaking the text every so many lines no
longer exists . And there are many other and more efficient means of quickly
reaching ...

Author: Gabriel Lanyi



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 178

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Managing Documentation Projects in an Imperfect World guides you step-by-step through the entire process of documentation production. From the all-important planning stage, through the writing and production cycles, to testing and maintenance procedures, this book helps you to overcome the obstacles all documentation projects face. Lead writers, documentation managers, executives in charge of documentation groups, and project leaders with documentation responsibility will discover coherent methods and valuable tips on how to set up, manage, and monitor documentation projects.

Economic Instruments of Pollution Control in an Imperfect World

This result is in line with the finding of Manne ( 1996 ) . This tax rate may induce
firms in ... This means that in addition to the emission tax , it is necessary to allow
income transfers across country borders . From ( 5 . 11 ) it can be derived that the

Author: Tingsong Jiang

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 271

View: 464

In this book, Tingsong Jiang extensively discusses the wider issues of economic instruments of pollution control as well as paying specific attention to the control of carbon dioxide emissions in China. The book begins with a general analysis of economic instruments of pollution control, and is followed by the application of these in CO2 emission control. The former presents the discussion of pollution control policies in general equilibrium settings, focusing on the comparison of pollution taxes and tradable permits in certain kinds of circumstances with imperfections such as uncertainty and pre-existing distortions. An empirical evaluation of China's environmental policies is also included. The latter brings the discussion into the area of global warming policies with the focus on the implications to China. A dynamic general equilibrium model, G-Cubed-T, is developed to produce CO2 emissions projections from China, the US and the rest of the world, and to simulate various policy targets and instruments China may adopt to control its CO2 emissions.With its systematic evaluation of China's environmental policy, this thorough and rigorous assessment will be invaluable reading for academics in environmental economics and environmental management, policy analysts in environmental protection and global warming fields, policymakers and government officials around the world, as well as China specialists.

The Arbitrator

The problem of maintaining peace and security is in its essence that of finding the
means to control power . In an imperfect world , power can only be controlled by
power , and in theory the solution is to place overwhelming power in the hands ...




Category: Arbitration (International law)


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The Career Programmer

Guerilla Tactics for an Imperfect World Christopher Duncan ... I can't
overemphasize the importance of finding a good accountant, meaning one who
is competent, has enough time to properly take care of your needs, and is honest
and ...

Author: Christopher Duncan

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430201199

Category: Computers

Page: 544

View: 107

The crucial wisdom-guide to surviving within the programming industry in 2006. Provides raw material for surviving and thinking smart in today's industry. Delivered with the wit and aplomb to make a serious topic entertaining and palatable TE Conquer Master self-defense techniques to shield yourself, your project, and your code from corporate politics, arbitrary management decisions, and marketing-driven deadlines Explains how the individual programmer or project manager can work within the existing system to solve deadline problems and regain control of the development process

The Catholic World

And by finding meaning and value in her life , however imperfect , she can come
to terms with death . Everyone feels despair at times , but Levinson reminds us : "
Whatever our values , we cannot live up to them fully . In the end we must effect ...






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Powerful Mind Through Self Hypnosis

to find them back on my doorstep a few weeks later with a new problem. ... is
what makes us imperfectly unique and the ones who do well in life are those who
can live with imperfection while at the same time making their mark upon an
imperfect world. ... We try and perfect it more, which means that it is no longer

Author: Cathal O'Brian

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1780997612

Category: Psychology

Page: 308

View: 905

Powerful Mind Through Self-Hypnosis is a practical, easy to follow guide to harnessing the power of your subconscious mind for better health. This book will literally change the way you think, feel, act and behave...forever. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Cathal O'Briain will help you overcome emotional and psychological difficulties through self-hypnotic trance. Symptoms will become a thing of the past as your life transforms, taking you beyond the comfort zone into a world of inner peace and freedom, happiness and success.

The Poet s Quill

Less Road Ahead Than Behind Seek not perfection For it was never lost But
rather welcome forgiveness For not finding what cannot be found Truly an
imperfect world we live in Not our home by any means We have traveled long
and far To ...

Author: J. Michaels

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621896986

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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The poet's quest is one of wide magnitude. He or she must explore the untapped regions of mind and spirit and then proceed to paint a picture in words of that strange and mysterious landscape. The book before you is such a picture, depicting a new yet ancient province of the soul. By middle age, it starts to become obvious to most of us that we operate with a split mind; the lesser mind that focuses on the acquisition and defense of things and the higher mind that impels us to a more unified reality. With age and experience, the acquisition of wealth, status, and sophistication start to pale in comparison to the more etheric goals of peace, freedom, and union with our Creator. As we start to notice a shorter road ahead than behind, we seek a more meaningful existence. We intensify our search for union with our earthly brothers and our heavenly Father. In effect, we require a reality based on our need to be free, whole, and eternal. By now, we are far too skeptical to accept wishful thinking as our truth, yet still yearn for an intellectual and spiritual certainty that we can believe in simply because the case for it is far too compelling to ignore. After several decades of just such a search I discovered a path that, at long last, gave me confidence in the truth of a divine Mind and Spirit. That path led me to a place that my soul knew and honored as divine. From that connection and in that place, this book was born.

Finance and World Power

This is much the same tale as in the post - World War I era , where the lack of
competitiveness of the older staple ... Lord Cromer in his time complained of
rising government expenditure , but his officials went on finding means of
financing it .

Author: George K. Young

Publisher: London : Nelson


Category: Finance

Page: 221

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Blessed Are the Unsatisfied

Amy Simpson wants to debunk this satisfaction myth in the church. In this freeing confession, Simpson explains that our very unsatisfaction indicates a longing for God, and understanding those longings can bring us closer to him.

Author: Amy Simpson

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830892389

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 640

Christians often hear that following Jesus means our lives should be full of satisfaction. But how many of us actually experience that kind of life? Amy Simpson wants to debunk this satisfaction myth in the church. In this freeing confession, Simpson explains that our very unsatisfaction indicates a longing for God, and understanding those longings can bring us closer to him. Discover anew what it truly means to be satisfied in Christ.

Rhetoric and Pluralism

As users and sharers of symbols , and as imperfect beings in an imperfect world ,
humans act ethically when they reason together ... Through this process the
world and truth are both found and made , and the act of finding meaning
together ...

Author: Frederick J. Antczak



Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 336

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The first of five groups of essays situates Booth within contemporary controversies and within the life experiences and roles where such controversies matter most for human character. Booth's work as a literary critic shapes the second section, which focuses on what the authors see as Booth's key ethical questions about literature and literary criticism. The third section of essays is concerned with the implications of Booth's writing, particularly in its connection with politics. Booth's influence in fields other than literary studies provides the theme for the fourth section. The final section explores the problematic but promising relation among assent, ethics, and pluralism.

Creativity in Teaching

If this strange word were to block the meaning of something you were reading , or
if its spelling were to block your writing , you would look it up as a practical
necessity . ... self - discovery , about Maslow's " primary creativity , ” about things
that are more play than work for you , that you have a " natural taking to ... We live
in an imperfect world , and certainly the teacher's portion of it abounds in
imperfection .

Author: Alice Miel



Category: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

Page: 300

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We are shaped by our GLOBAL VALUES 101 GLOBAL VALUES 101 , Edited by
Kate Holbrook , Ann parents , but we can go beyond them . ... of one of Haror
perfect an imperfect world ( tikkun peace and good works in a world of convard ' s
most popular olam ) by improving ... kl on the importance of finding meaning
Reich - about their work and what sussocial , and financial help to people in in
suffering ...




Category: Jews


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