Finding Your Best Self Revised Edition

Charlotte Kasl, an addiction specialist, says, “People may give up addiction out of fear, but they heal out of love.” What does it look like? When you make a mistake, it means you find a way to forgive yourself, yet also try not to ...

Author: Lisa M. Najavits

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 1462539971

Category: Self-Help

Page: 269

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Addiction and trauma are two of the most common and difficult issues that people face. In this motivating book, leading expert Lisa Najavits explains the link between addiction and trauma and presents science-based self-help strategies that you can use no matter where you are in your recovery. Every chapter features inspiring words from people who have "been there," plus carefully designed reflection questions, exercises, and other practical tools. Learn how you can: *Build coping skills so that the future is better than the past. *Keep yourself safe and find support. *Set your own goals and make a plan to achieve them at your own pace. *Choose compassion over self-blame and shame. *Move toward your best self--the person you want to be. If you are a family member or friend seeking to support a loved one--or a helping professional--this book is also for you. Now in a convenient large-size format, the revised edition features added materials for professional and peer counselors. First edition title: Recovery from Trauma, Addiction, or Both. Mental health professionals, see also the author's Seeking Safety: A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse, which presents an evidence-based treatment approach developed specifically for PTSD and substance abuse.

Finding Your Real Self

When you come to yourreal self, you will embrace the changes that comeinto your life. You'll replace old dreams with powerful new ones. You'll conquer the ravishing effects of guilt in your life. And you'll reinvent yourselfwith ...

Author: Dr. Don Chatfield

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450081622

Category: Self-Help


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Learning to Love Yourself

Presents advice on overcoming a dysfunctional family or adverse life circumstances and shares a series of simple techniques to increase feelings of self worth and acquire a more positive and healthier perspective on life.

Author: Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

ISBN: 0757316158

Category: Self-Help

Page: 240

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Presents advice on overcoming a dysfunctional family or adverse life circumstances and shares a series of simple techniques to increase feelings of self worth and acquire a more positive and healthier perspective on life.

Self Discovery

This book covers many insights from: Discovering your Purpose and authentic Why What separates the Extraordinary and average in the pursuit The most valuable asset one should hold onto in the pursuit How to find the right people and ...

Author: Jacob Gabriel

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781793207609


Page: 100

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Self Discovery A Beginners Guide to Finding Purpose and Reawakening Yourself In life, there is nothing more fulfilling than living with purpose and attaining self-discovery. People who have achieved self Discovery live far more outstanding and authentic lives than people that have achieved financial goals. To achieve a level of Self abundance you have to take part in the path of self discovery and it is during the process that one finds reality and purpose of life. This book covers many insights from: Discovering your Purpose and authentic Why What separates the Extraordinary and average in the pursuit The most valuable asset one should hold onto in the pursuit How to find the right people and connection The secrets to sustaining and finding your passion Start living the life you always imagined Going through life without a purpose is no life at all, your entire existence is to know who you are based on your values and how you could contribute, do not confuse your skill with your identity. This book will help you discover new meaning and purpose to life. Order Your Copy Now!

Finding Yourself in the Kitchen

Another excellent method is to shift the weight of your concentration to listening. A house is seldom completely silent. ... Or maybe you can do it but find yourself easily drifting from your daily practice. If that's the case, ...

Author: Dana Velden

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1623364981

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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Many books teach the mechanics of cooking and even inspire us to cook; not many dwell on the kitchen's ability to be a place of awakening and joy. In Finding Yourself in the Kitchen, Dana Velden asks you to seek deeper meaning in this space and explores what cooking can teach about intimacy, failure, curiosity, and beauty. Finding Yourself in the Kitchen is a book of essays, each focused on a cooking theme that explores how to practice mindfulness in the kitchen--and beyond--to discover a more deeply experienced life. It also offers meditation techniques and practical kitchen tips, including 15 of Velden's own favorite recipes. What happens when we find ourselves in the kitchen? What vitalizes, challenges, and delights us there? An extension of her popular "Weekend Meditation" column on, this book offers you the chance to step back and examine your life in a more inspired way. The result is a reading experience that satisfies, nourishes and inspires.

Finding Yourself In Between Falling In Love

your best friend. 15. Be in love with being alive. Find passion in life itself. Be addicted to being a better version of yourself every day and knowing that you can always start over if you're not proud of the life you're living. 16.

Author: Dorothy Anne Field

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3748736959

Category: Poetry

Page: 68

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This book is dedicated to everyone who has had their hearts taken advantage of by the cruelty of this world when all they ever did was fall in love; To everyone who lost themselves in love, only to find themselves right back; To every genuine soul out there who has done nothing but love people to their maximum capacity, even as it came with a price; To everyone who has had to go through the darkness, the brokenness, and the madness of love to find out what love truly is. This book is for you.

The Journey to Finding Yourself

There are many different attributes, that may enhance the negativity that we at some point may feel about ourselves. This book is a tool that will help rebuild your inner self as we go on this journey together.

Author: Rena Camille

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475906129

Category: Self-Help

Page: 104

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"The Journey to Finding to Yourself" is a self-help book that offers life skills advice on one's personal journey in over-coming low self esteem. The book is geared towards the new adults, but speaks to the highs and lows, of all ages. There are many different attributes, that may enhance the negativity that we at some point may feel about ourselves. This book is a tool that will help rebuild your inner self as we go on this journey together.

OFFLINE Finding Yourself in the Age of Distractions

This collection of reflections is to remind us of some of the things we can turn our distracted minds to, when we can direct our attention to what are in front of us, above us, and more importantly, within us, using all the senses that we ...

Author: Desi Anwar

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

ISBN: 6020640604

Category: Self-Help

Page: 248

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This collection of reflections is to remind us of some of the things we can turn our distracted minds to, when we can direct our attention to what are in front of us, above us, and more importantly, within us, using all the senses that we were all born with. They are a rediscovery of some of the things we have forgotten how to do or have put aside in favour of our allconsuming electronic toys, and an attempt to help us reconnect once more with our senses and our natural gifts. So, why not put your smart phones, tablets, games, gadgets and anything with a screen, down for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and look up. Because at the end of the day, it is not just any journey we are making, but a journey to discover and appreciate who we are and what makes us human.

Soul Searching A Guidebook for Finding Yourself

My new tribe is waiting to connect with me. I can find people easily who enjoy the things I do. I attract loving genuine people. My vibe attracts my tribe. The new me is authentic and true. I love myself so others love me too.

Author: Michelle Pegues

Publisher: Michelle Pruitt


Category: Self-Help


View: 292

Soul Searching is a Guidebook with 5 weeks of Lessons along with Exercises, Affirmations, and Meditations that are meant to help you unearth passions within that you never knew were there. Have you arrived at a place in your life where you feel disjointed, you've lost your job, the death of a loved one, you feel stuck or even lost? Soul Searching is the book to help you figure out how to begin the process of tapping back into your personal power. The exercises will guide you on the path, the affirmations will give you encouragement and the meditations will ground you during your journey. By the end of Soul Searching you will feel lighter and closer to walking in true alignment with your higher self!

Finding Your Power to Be Happy Seven Practices to Bring Unconditional Happiness into Your Life

Yoga practices can give you tools to begin to sense the Self, and open yourself to embrace it. Yoga teaches you how to control your mind, bring your awareness into your limitless Self, and experience the endless happiness that is ...

Author: D.E. Hardesty

Publisher: D.E. Hardesty

ISBN: 1311878149

Category: Self-Help

Page: 324

View: 676

Learn to find the happiness that is natural to you, and enjoy better relationships, better health, more success and a longer life. The peculiar thing about us humans is, we spend a lot of time working to find people and things that will make us happy. In fact, we seem to spend the majority of our time doing this. However, there is no guarantee that any of this effort will work. There are lots of people who have hordes of people around them, and who have lots of things, but have been unable to make themselves happy. The truth is, happiness can be had with little effort. Have you ever been happy for no reason at all? Of course you have. Without anything changing in life, happiness just appears. We see it in young children all the time. In fact, we expect to see it in children. If you happen to ask a smiling child why he or she is so happy, at best the answer may be, “Because.” For an adult this may be an unsatisfying answer, but for the child it is the truth -- happiness exists “just because.” As we age we seem to lose touch with happiness-for-no-reason-at-all. We see a world where everyone is striving for stuff, striving for popularity, striving, striving, striving. The natural fount of happiness we once enjoyed disappears as we join them. However, that happiness is not gone. All that happened is we lost our connection to it. This book is about recovering that connection. We all grow up believing that if we work hard, and if we are good people, we will enjoy good relationships with others, good health, success and a long life. Obviously this is not true. There are a lot of rich old people who are not happy. What we have, what we do, and the other circumstances of our lives do not provide authentic happiness. Instead, happiness comes from inside of us, and all by itself enables us to have secure relationships, good health, more success and longer lives. So, what is the secret of being happy? Being happy is a little like flipping a switch. When it’s on you are happy and when it’s off you are not. It’s so easy. How else can you explain being happy for no reason. What you need to do is learn to turn it on, and keep it turned on. This book discusses seven practices that help you do that. There is a lot of wisdom available about how to be happy. Most of it is thousands of years old, but some is quite new. The seven practices we will look at incorporate this wisdom to help you learn how to turn on happiness in your life. This kind of happiness does not require changing anything in your life. All you have to do is learn to turn it on.

How to Find Yourself a Partner

Moreover, it can also offer you a potential to finding someone whom you can build a relationship with. ... Aside from that, chances are, you might also suggest that you really are enjoying yourself with another company when you are not.

Author: Joy Renkins

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329871138

Category: Family & Relationships


View: 873

How come some individuals appear to so easily find loving partners and relationships that lead to consignment, marriage, and youngsters? And how come the rest of us left questioning how they do it-while we seem to go on date after date, or have one relationship after another come apart? Is it that we choose the wrong individuals again and again? Or maybe we act a particular way that makes perfectly great mates leave us. Perhaps it’s even merely a matter of mischance and bad timing that causes a few of us to discover ourselves alone.

How to Find Yourself and Your Best Match Socionics the Modern Approach to Psychological Types

DISTRIBUTION OF TYPES IN THE POPULATION The Nature has played a trick to us again. ... You can find common grounds with many people, therefore your chances of making career, and advancing in the society are much higher.

Author: Rod Novichkov


ISBN: 1430328150

Category: Self-Help

Page: 88

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Finally, there is a Socionics book in English. This book describes the four dichotomies: Perception - Conception, Extraversion - Introversion, Intuition - Sensing, Intellect - Emotions. It gives an elaborate description of Psychological Functions and Scales. The authors introduce a completely new approach to intertype relationships, subdividing the sixteen types of relationships into four clusters and seven compatibility levels. This book offers a unique and authentic method of Visual Identification of types, including references to pictures of real people placed face to face by their Psychological Functions. The reader should be able to instantly identify Psychological types by their facial features. Distribution tables show the distribution of Psychological Functions, Scales and Types in the population, as well as the probability of finding the best match for each type. List of celebrities by their types is included.

How to Find Yourself

WHY ARE YOU HERE 21 been using this strategy all my life. Even my researches in college were like this. Teachers hated me, because I would tell them: "I can write whatever I want and always find someone in history that has said it".

Author: Robin Sacredfire

Publisher: 22 Lions Bookstore:


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 118

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The topic of reincarnation is intriguing for many souls on planet earth because it unveils the many secrets to their true self, their habits, dreams, fears and aspirations, many of which can’t find any logic in present time. But are our past lives more important than our present life, or just a form of understanding our true self? And can we accept our true self when looking at things we’re not prepared to see? Science and religion have been neglecting the topic of reincarnation for many centuries to protect humanity from its own fears; fears which comes filled with a sense of guilt, remorse, and jealousy, all of which triggered the greatest transformations in human history, independently on how we see them today. Positive and negative emotions have no place on the investigation of reincarnation. What you think or wish it was true, neither. In order to find yourself, you must know yourself fully. And that’s what this book proposes. It shows a journey into the depths of the human soul, while explaining why most of the world refuses to take the same path. And, in accepting such journey, this book proposes you a way to find your true self. Here, you will have the chance to understand reincarnation from a very practical and scientific approach. And so, it doesn’t really matter who believes in it or not. As soon as you start applying the knowledge shown here, you will see your whole personality and life changing for the better, as if you where being broken from the inside to later find yourself rebuilt into a better version of your true self. Gaining a better understanding of our past lives is a way of becoming more true to our own identity, while unveiling our destiny, one which is meant to lead us to joy and fulfillment, and no less than that. Through this book, the author will show you how to find the light being hidden beneath the layers that reincarnation creates for our mind with all the dogmas that many have created by misleading and misinterpreting this topic to the masses. The explanations and insights presented here are based on a personal experience with this topic.

Discover your self a guide to daily affirmations meditation mindfulness and building self confidence

FINDING. YOUR. CENTER. AND. YOUR. SELF. As you deepen your meditations, you will begin to find your center (the place your energy and focus come from). The more attuned you become to your center, the more you will learn about who you ...

Author: G.P Mariano Stefani

Publisher: Youcanprint


Category: Fiction

Page: 86

View: 428

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Reinventing Yourself

There are so many, but they all have a bit of motivation inside of them that you are able to encourage yourself to stay clean. So many people will fall off the wagon; however, if you just find the motivation then you will be able to ...

Author: Mr Great Motivation

Publisher: Sahil Jitesh




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Everything you need to know about motivation is included in this book: * How Motivation Increases Self-Esteem * How to Increase Productivity at Work with Motivation * Motivation for Recovering Drug Addicts * How to Motivate Yourself and Others * Motivation and your Health * How to Teach Motivation to Children * Motivation and your Career * Successful Motivation Methods * How to Keep Yourself Going

Losing Your Parents Finding Yourself

This book fills that gap. Backed by her original study and filled with compelling case histories, Secunda's book explores what happens to men and women when they are on their own in ways they have never been before.

Author: Victoria Secunda

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: 9780786886517

Category: Self-Help

Page: 384

View: 763

An eloquent book that explores the impact on one's life of losing a parent as an adult, and the effect it has on families, careers, and friendships -- now in paperback. Losing a parent is an event that happens, sooner or later, to nearly everyone. Yet seldom has the impact of parental death on the identities of adult offspring been examined. This book fills that gap. Backed by her original study and filled with compelling case histories, Secunda's book explores what happens to men and women when they are on their own in ways they have never been before. She addresses myriad issues, including: What does it mean to be living without parents to please or rebel against? How does adult "orphanhood" alter relationships with one's siblings, partner, friends, children, or one's career choices? How does it reshape one's sense of self? Losing Your Parents, Finding Your Self offers the assurance that out of loss can come unforeseen gain -- that on the other side of sorrow, we can discover new hope, wisdom, and strength.

This Road I Ride Sometimes It Takes Losing Everything to Find Yourself

Jesse and Jill drive on ahead to find a motel for the night. Motels in these tiny towns are basic and utilitarian, but finding a place to stay is never a problem. The trouble is finding ... and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Author: Juliana Buhring

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393292568

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 380

This Road I Ride is the remarkable story of one woman’s solo journey around the world by bicycle. Juliana Buhring had been mired in a dark hole of depression after the death of a man she loved, and when an acquaintance suggested they honor his memory by biking across Canada, she thought, “Canada? Why not the world?” And why not alone. She had never seriously ridden a bicycle before. She had no athletic experience or corporate sponsorship, but with just eight months of preparation, Juliana Buhring departed from Naples, Italy, in July 2012 aiming to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. She set out believing she might not ever return, but that she had nothing to lose. Over 152 days, Juliana’s ride spanned four continents and 18,060 miles. She traversed small-town and big-mountain America, Australian desert expanses, South Asian rainforests and villages, and Turkish plains. She suffered innumerable breakdowns, severe food poisoning, hostile pursuers, and the international longing for a good Italian espresso. When she crossed the finish line into Naples before the end of the year, she officially became the fastest woman to cycle the world (beating prior men’s records, to boot). Accomplishing what she never thought she could, buoyed by the outpouring of support from friends and strangers, Juliana rediscovered herself. In the process she proved that there are no extraordinary people—there are only people who decide to do extraordinary things.

Becoming Yourself

Introduction A sculptor was once asked how he created such marvelous results from the stone he worked. ... Becoming who we are is finding the divine self—the work of exquisite art—the universe embedded in our soul.

Author: Jan Engels-Smith

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595324746

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 142

View: 709

Author Jan Engels-Smith sees people as brilliant, magnificent, radiant beings. Becoming Yourself is finding the divine self, the work of art that the universe embedded in your soul. Becoming Yourself is the process of chipping away that which is not yourself and discovering the self that has always existed. Becoming you - the true you - is a path to healing and enlightenment. Engels-Smith draws on her extensive experience with the ancient wisdom of Native American culture, shamanism, mysticism and psychology to close the gap between traditional psychological sciences and a new era of spiritual awakening. Engels-Smith weaves spiritual lessons through personal accounts and offers proven healing methods and exercises based on decades of experience. Her supportive and welcoming manner creates a powerful, practical and comprehensive guide that enlightens and motivates readers in their spiritual quest for self.

Finding Your Way the Secret to Finding and Creating Your Purpose

yourself to be. Your view of the world is a reflection of how you see yourself. We are greatly influenced by our perception of our self and the world around us. Since these perceptions govern our views and actions of our inner and outer ...

Author: Kaneen Morgan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481737767

Category: Religion

Page: 204

View: 475

Finding Your Way is a book of spiritual rediscovery which inspires and shows you how to discover and achieve your greatest asset and then contribute it to the world. This empowering book will affect anyone seriously interested in changing their lives, discovering their strengths, attacking what prohibits them from moving forward, improving their thinking, career and financial status, and most importantly their faith in God. I was inspired to write this book because I have suffered crises and in faith. I claimed to have faith in God, yet made the wrong decisions, lacked the proper direction, and experienced homelessness and lack which resulted in mistakenly feeling abandoned by God. Why do many believers experience disruptions, setbacks, and a lack of vision - the vision set forth by God for us? Some are suffering in the lack of spiritual awareness, wisdom, patience, mentorship, and true faith in God. Finally I found my way. This book takes the reader into a journey of the self, knowing God, and learning to recognize His voice. What does it mean to be faithful to God's word while developing spiritual maturity, spiritual leadership, and spiritual entrepreneurship? Through lessons learned, "Finding Your Way," offers a spiritual, inspiring, and personal application of receiving God's favor and abundance. This book is intended for Spiritual Leaders, Christian Entrepreneurs, believers in Christ, and those who are transitioning in their careers, and lives.

Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating

It's about finding more productive and healthy ways to manage the stress of life and to find healthy ways of coping with the pain and the emotions that cause you to binge eat. If a symptom of your binge eating is being at a body weight ...

Author: Leora Fulvio

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1780996810

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 340

View: 762

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from Binge Eating Disorder? Are you caught in the trap of binge eating, emotional eating, mindless eating, and diet obsession? This book will help you to stop binge eating right now. You will heal the underlying issues that lead to your binge eating when you implement this complete mind, body and spirit approach to healing. It will help you to become the person who you know you are while gently guiding you away from the tyranny of food and body obsession, diets, binge eating and scales. You will come to a place of freedom and peace around food and your body so that you can enjoy your life. You will be able to breathe with ease and settle in to a place of normalcy around food and your body. Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating uses a new approach to treating binge eating that does not include dieting, deprivation, willpower, or any kind of self-criticism. These easy steps to becoming a normal eater are thought provoking, action oriented and enjoyable. Recovery from the torment of food and negative body image is within reach.