Fish Histology

For several years, I have been accumulating material on fish histology and, more
recently, have been compiling a textbook on the female reproductive systems. My
ambition has been to parallel the excellent texts available on mammalian ...

Author: Donald B. McMillan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402057156

Category: Science

Page: 598

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This volume describes the myriad ways in which fish have approached problems of reproduction — it is an amply illustrated comparative study of the microscopic structure of the female genital systems of fish. The timing of its appearance is auspicious in that it coincides with the decline of the golden age of descriptive morphology. It is a compilation of thousands of micrographs from classic works in the field. The volume should prove valuable to investigators studying fish in areas such as ecology, physiology, and reproductive biology who may view histology as essential in their work but have little background in this area.

Fish Histology

It is recognized that a study of fish histology can provide a unifying background to
physiology and pathology. In this textbook and atlas, the structure of tissues and
organs of teleosts is described seeming to be helpful for both veterinary medical

Author: Doaa M. Mokhtar

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1351795023

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This new volume provides up-to-date information that emphasizes the relationships and concepts by which cell and tissue structures of fish are inextricably linked with their function. The book also describes the most recent development in the sciences of fish histology. Covers the normal histology of six fish species, the book provides detailed information on the histology of all organs of teleosts and includes 130 original photomicrographs, tables, updated terminology, and expanded information, with over 100 in color. This new volume, Fish Histology: From Cells to Organs, provides up-to-date information that emphasizes the relationships and concepts by which cell and tissue structures of fish are inextricably linked with their function. The book also describes the most recent development in the sciences of fish histology. Histology is the discipline of biology that involves the microscopic examination of tissue sections in order to study their structure and correlate it with function. Histology can detect signs of disease not easily recognized on gross examination and can therefore be of interest in fish health supervision. With fish constituting nearly 60% of all vertebrate species and of major worldwide economic importance as a food source, the information presented here will be valuable. The volume begins with concise introduction into the histological techniques for fish sampling, followed by an accurate up-to-date description of fish tissues. A chapter is devoted to each organ and organ systems in fish body as well. In addition, the book includes particular diagrams to illustrate the structure of organs and to enhance the usefulness of the text. This volume is designed for use by veterinary medical scientists, researchers, biologists, ichthyologists, fish farmers, veterinarians working in fisheries and, of course, by comparative histologists who want to learn more about the fish world. As a further aid to learning and identification, numerous photomicrographs and electron micrographs accompany the text, with particular emphasis on diagrams and tables to summarize morphologic and functional features of cells, tissues, and organs.

The Pathology of Fishes

Comparative Fish Histology LAURENCE M . ASHLEY Comparative fish histology
is of increasing importance today , as is comparative fish pathology . While the
literature on this subject is still fragmentary and scattered , a considerable
number ...

Author: William E. Ribelin

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299065201

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Research workers, instructors, and students have long expressed the need for a comprehensive reference book dealing with fish pathology. Now, with these published proceedings of the first international conference ever held on comparative pathology, all in the field--fisheries biologists, comparative microbiologists, veterinary scientists, hygienists, parasitologists, toxicologists, and comparative pathologists--at last have a dependable and thorough reference, the first in the English language devoted primarily to the lesions of disease in fish. Following an introductory chapter on comparative fish histology, the volume's 38 specific chapters are grouped under six major headings: specific diseases; diseases of a species; lesions of organ systems; chemical and physical agents of disease; nutritional disease; and neoplasia. More than 450 illustrations, including many photomicrographic enlargements, elucidate the text.

Atlas of Fish Histology

Several years of teaching histology and biology to second and third grade
veterinary and medicine students as well as years of research in fish histology
provided him expertise in this subject . He is responsible for most of the sections
and ...

Author: Franck Genten

Publisher: CRC Press


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Histology is the discipline of biology that involves the microscopic examination of thin (5-7 [mu]m) stained tissue sections in order to study their structure and correlate it with function. This title presents a general reference guidance providing a set of histological images of fishes (about 40 species).

The Histology of Fishes

An atlas of fish histology: normal and pathological features. Gustav Fisher Verlag,
Stuttgart, New York. Hinton, D.E. and C.H. Pool. 1976. Ultrastructure of the liver in
channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque). J. Fish Biol. 8: 209–219.

Author: Krzysztof Formicki

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498784488

Category: Science

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The book is a multi-authored book of 18 chapters comprising the state of the art work of all relevant topics on modern fish histology from 28 authors from ten countries. The topics include Introduction to Histological Techniques, Integument, Fish Skeletal Tissues, Muscular System, Structure and Function of Electric Organs, Digestive System, Glands of the Digestive Tract, Swim Bladder, Kidney, Ovaries and Eggs, Egg Envelopes, Testis Structure, Spermatogenesis, and Spermatozoa in Teleost Fishes, Cardiovascular System and Blood, Immune System of Fish, Gills: Respiration and Ionic-Osmoregulation, Sensory Organs, Morphology and Ecomorphology of the Fish Brain, and Endocrine System. Structural and functional aspects are treated and in a comparative way fish diversity at various taxonomic levels is integrated.

The Laboratory Fish

In An Atlas of Fish Histology , 2nd edn ( eds F. Takashima Teleost sperm do not
have a acrosome . and T. Hibiya ) , pp . 154–185 . Kodansha - Gustav
Spermiation refers to the release of sperm from the Fischer Verlag , Tokyo -
Stuttgart New ...

Author: Gary Ostrander

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780125296502

Category: Medical

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This reference series provides researchers of all kinds with comprehensive practical information on different species of laboratory animals, for daily laboratory use. Each title in the series in devoted to a different species. and draws together all available data in one easily accessible source. Each has similar format, with sections on the strains available, their husbandry and special diets. This leads to sections on gross anatomy, endocrinology and reproduction, followed by more detailed sections on neuroanatomy, vasculature, cell biology and histology of particular organs and structures, and a section on molecular biology. High quality illustrations are included throughout, with copious color histology microphotographs. Key Features * Comprehensive reference source for anybody working with laboratory fish * 2-color, user-friendly format * Copious high quality illustrations included throughout * Color plate section * Glossary * Appendix of useful addresses

Histological Analysis of Endocrine Disruptive Effects in Small Laboratory Fish

... no studies have yet presented convincing results suggesting a relationship
between histological lesions in the gonads of fish exposed to endocrine-
disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and altered reproduction or reproductive success [1]
, with the ...

Author: Daniel Dietrich

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470431788

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 272

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Timely title assembling the combined knowledge of some of the leading authorities in the field of small fish reproduction - an important topic for risk assessment and registration of chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical compounds Provides guidance on the microscopic structure of living tissue and evaluation of the reproductive glands of small laboratory fish Includes state-of-the-art science along with sufficient anatomical and physiological background for understanding and interpreting test results Helps standardize the interpretation of results from aquatic bioassays and field observations, which will also clarify inconsistencies in the current scientific literature Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Fish Reproduction

Within the testes of fish undergoing reproductive activity , six spermatogenic
elements namely - primary spermatogonia ... This is in accordance with the
observation of Minassian and Turner ( Testicular Morphology , Histology

Author: N. K. Agarwal

Publisher: APH Publishing

ISBN: 9788131303573

Category: Fishes

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Anatomy and Histology of the Digestive Tract of a Deep Sea Fish Coelorhynchus Carminatus

University Of Nebraska, University Studies, V39, No. 1.

Author: Elly M. Jacobsen


ISBN: 9781258551650


Page: 34

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University Of Nebraska, University Studies, V39, No. 1.

Histology of the Striped Bass

Introduction Several comparative vertebrate histology texts increase over annual
landings recorded in 1934 include chapters on fish histology ; noteworthy are (
Koo 1970 ) . Undoubtedly , the striped bass has those by Hoar and Randall ...

Author: David B. Groman

Publisher: Amer Fisheries Society


Category: Fishes

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Methods for Fish Biology

Chapter 7 Histological Techniques DAVID E . HINTON 7 . 1 INTRODUCTION
Strictly speaking , histology is the study of tissues , especially those minute parts
beyond the reach of the naked eye . With a thorough prior knowledge of normal ...

Author: Carl B. Schreck

Publisher: Amer Fisheries Society


Category: Science

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The American Monthly Microscopical Journal

It will be remembered , by those who have followed through from the first this
course in the Cray - fish Histology , that the design has been rather to teach how
to study histology than to fully elucidate the histology of Cambarus . What has
been ...




Category: Microscopes


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Fish Diseases

Epizootiology of neoplasms in bony fish of NorthAmerica . Science of the Total
Environment 94 : 1-32 . Hibiya , T. 1982. An Atlas of Fish Histology : Normal and
Pathological Features . Gustav Fisher Verlag , Stuttgart . Hinton , D.E. , R.C. Lantz

Author: J. C. Eiras


ISBN: 9781578085279

Category: Fishes

Page: 1312

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Diseases are a major threat to both wild and farmed fish. Pathogen-induced alterations in viability and growth of wild fish stocks can have implications on diversity and ecological status of aquatic ecosystems, as fish are main components of aquatic communities, and they can directly affect the exploitation of wild and farmed fish as a protein source for human consumption. Fish diseases can be a major factor influencing abundance and distribution of wild fish. Disease-related reduction of reproduction and/or age-specific survival can strongly affect wild stocks as it has been demonstrated for several species in distinct geographical locations. This book will be useful for fish farmers, managers, researchers and graduate students interested in fish diseases

Textbook of Fish Health

TABLE 1 Selected chemical preservatives used for fixation of histological and
parasitic specimens Name Method of Preparation ... Normal Anatomy and
Histology The fish diseases diagnostician needs to know the normal anatomy
and normal ...

Author: George Post

Publisher: TFH Publications


Category: Diseases

Page: 288

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This text contains information and discoveries relating to those fish diseases that affect man economically.

Anatomy and Histology of the Channel Catfish

The consideration of the morphology of one species or a group of closely related
species is a promising way of presenting information on fish . The histology of
trout has been described ( Anderson and Mitchum , 1974 ) and additional ...

Author: John M. Grizzle



Category: Catfishes

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Nutrition and Feeding of Fish and Crustaceans

... they are at breaking down the food, in addition to simple prey capture and
manipulation, the simpler the gastric gastric mill dorsal groove /\ \ lateral groove
ventral groove Sec. 15.1] Anatomy and histology of the digestive tract 241 CCV

Author: Jean Guillaume

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781852332419

Category: Science

Page: 408

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Drawing on laboratory and farm studies, the book reviews in detail the current state-of-the-art scientific research knowledge of fish and crustacean nutrition, from larvae to juvenile fish, through to the final stages of harvesting. Topics covered include issues surrounding the formulation, manufacture and delivery of feedstuffs to fish farms and the text provides a dual focus on fish and shrimp feeding requirements addressing practical applications as appropriate for the European aqualculture industry.

The Zebrafish

However, these investigators often lack basic training in the fundamentals of fish
histology and anatomy. This book is intended to address that gap. The present
atlas makes use of H&E stained longitudinal and cross sections to demonstrate ...

Author: Joseph A. Holden

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139620630

Category: Science


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The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a valuable and common model for researchers working in the fields of genetics, oncology and developmental sciences. This full-color atlas will aid experimental design and interpretation in these areas by providing a fundamental understanding of zebrafish anatomy. Over 150 photomicrographs are included and can be used for direct comparison with histological slides, allowing quick and accurate identification of the anatomic structures of interest. Hematoxylin and eosin stained longitudinal and transverse sections demonstrate gross anatomic relationships and illustrate the microscopic anatomy of major organs. Unlike much of the current literature, this book is focused exclusively on the zebrafish, eliminating the need for researchers to exclude structures that are only found in other fish.

Halogenated Hydrocarbons Advances in Research and Application 2012 Edition

Mean Index values showed that the Kidney Index (I-K), Gill Index (LG) and Fish
Index (I-FISH) were higher in fish from ... Although histological alterations were
observed, the histology based fish health assessment protocol indicated that the


Publisher: ScholarlyEditions

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Halogenated Hydrocarbons—Advances in Research and Application: 2012 Edition is a ScholarlyBrief™ that delivers timely, authoritative, comprehensive, and specialized information about Halogenated Hydrocarbons in a concise format. The editors have built Halogenated Hydrocarbons—Advances in Research and Application: 2012 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Halogenated Hydrocarbons in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Halogenated Hydrocarbons—Advances in Research and Application: 2012 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Bacteriological Flora of Fish from Warm Sea Water

Common Another drawback in understanding the mechanism of penetration of
skin by bacteria is the difference in histology between normal marine fish and
freshwater fish . Histology of the latter is rather well known because many early ...

Author: Luis Roberto De Leon Fajardo



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Fin Fish Diseases

HISTOLOGY OF FISH In considering the histology of fish it is well to remember
that rather than being the ancestors of other vertebrates , the higher fishes have
in many ways reverted from the earlier fish which the common vertebrate
ancestor ...

Author: University of Sydney. Post-Graduate Committee in Veterinary Science



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