Red Fox

E. Zimen. 9 POPULATION DYNAMICS OF THE RED FOX ( Vulpes vulpes L. ,
1758 ) IN SWEDEN Jan Englund * INTRODUCTION The population dynamics of
the red fox has been studied in two different habitats , the northern and the
southern ...

Author: E. Zimen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789061932192

Category: Science

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Symposium on Behaviour and Ecology, Saarbrücken, FRG, 1979


2 Vulpine Myths , Folk Tales and Allegory Despite its claims to objectivity , natural
history cannot free itself from the cultural biases that hold the fox to be a wicked
and cunning thief . This bias persists in the West because of a long history of folk

Author: Martin Wallen

Publisher: Reaktion Books

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This book is the first to fully explore the fox as the object of both derision and fascination, from the forests of North America to the deserts of Africa to the Arctic tundra.

Fox Island

By 1914 , in addition to a float at the YWCA camp , permanent docks were built to
the east of Camp Miajima at what was to become the ferry landing at Fairmont
and at Fox Point at the eastern end of Fox Island . The Fox Point Wharf , made of

Author: Don Edgers

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Fox Island has had as wide a variety of names as inhabitants over its long and diverse history. The island was named for American lieutenant John L. Fox, who was with the 1841 Wilkes Expedition. However, it was first known as Bu Teu by the Native Americans who used the island for burials and potlatches, and it was later named Rosario by the Spanish in the 1770s. It served as a temporary Native American reservation after the Indian War of 1856, and later supported a large dogfish processing business and, from 1884 to 1910, a brick-manufacturing company. The island's 1890s community of Sylvan contained a school, a store, a dock, a vacation lodge, and a waterfront church. In 1954, a bridge replaced the ferry to Fox Island. Today the U.S. Navy has an acoustic laboratory on the island, and two large church buildings have been built. Perhaps the most famous resident of the island was Washington's first female governor, Dixy Lee Ray.

Volpone Or the Fox

63 There are comparatively few extant examples of the Reynard story in early
English literature , the main one being Caxton's translation , The History of
Reynard the Fox ( 1481 ) . Iconographic evidence , however , provides
overwhelming ...

Author: Ben Jonson

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719030932

Category: Drama

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The most thoroughly investigated edition of Volpone to date

Reynard the Fox

Kenneth Varty Before Caxton ' s History of Reynard the Fox , a translation he
made from the Dutch and published in Westminster in 1481 , we know of only two

Author: Kenneth Varty

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571814227

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There are many stories featuring the villainous hero Reynard the Fox in many languages told over many centuries, goingback as far as the early 12th century. All these stories are comic and much of the humour depends on parody and satire resulting in mockery, sometimes the subversion of certain kinds of serious literature, of political and religious institutions and practices, of scholarly argument and moralizing, and of popular beliefs and customs. The contributors to this volume, all of them experts in one or more of the Reynard stories and their backgrounds, focus on the transformation of these tales through various media and to what extent they reflect differences in the cultural, class, and generational background of their tellers.

Renard the Fox

It is interesting that Chaucer, far from crediting Chanteclere's wife with any such
positive qualities, transforms her into a belittling purveyor of bad advice. Although
Chaucer's cock's dream shows a fox more clearly than does the French version, ...


Publisher: Univ of California Press

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A modern translation of the medieval classic uses animals to represent the members of various classes in a satire of feudal society.

The Journal of George Fox

George Fox, Norman Penney, William Penn. GEORGE FOX ' S LATER YEARS
By HENRY J . CADBURY , Ph . D . T or the last fifteen and a half years of the life
of George Fox we are dependent on scattered and in a sense inferior sources .

Author: George Fox

Publisher: CUP Archive




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The Selling Fox

True, you have jumped over the integrity issue, but what about the salesperson's
motivation, always a key factor to a Fox? Is it to help the customer, as the priority?
No, it is to get an order. To a person of low in- tegrity, helping the customer is ...

Author: Jim Holden

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471229742

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A follow-up to the author's highly successful Power Base Selling. Ideal for any kind of salesperson.

When Fox is a Thousand

Many of Fox ' s monologues in this book are adapted from tales contained in Pu '
s popular collection of tales , variously ( though incompletely ) translated as
Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio ( Herbert A . Giles ( trans . ) , Hong Kong :
Kelly ...

Author: Larissa Lai

Publisher: arsenal pulp press

ISBN: 9781551521688

Category: Fiction

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When Fox Is a Thousand is a retelling of an old Chinese folktale. In Larissa Lai's novel, a fox spirit comes to haunt Artemis Wong, a young woman living in contemporary Vancouver. The Fox brings with her the history of another haunting, that of the Tang Dynasty poet Yu Hsuan-Chi, who was accused of having murdered the young maid servant who once worked for her. Part history, part fairytale, part urban discontent, this novel cracks open all preconceptions about Asian women, gender, sexuality, family, faith, and the flow of time.

Sallie Fox

... Pioneer Girl Dorothy Kupcha Leland. Sallie Fox The Story of a Pioneer Girl Ву
Dorothy Kupcha Leland Sallie Fox : The Story of a Pioneer Girl By. Cover design
and illustrations by Diane Wilde Tomato Enterprises Davis , California This one ...

Author: Dorothy Kupcha Leland


ISBN: 9780961735760

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Presents the fictionalized account of a young girl who left Iowa with her family in 1858, facing hardships as they traveled to California along the Santa Fe Trail and the Beale Wagon Road.

Fox Point Remembered

This is not intended to be an official history, but a folksy collection of memories of
long-time residents of the Fox Point Area which is roughly bounded by
Wilmington, 1-95. Claymont, and the Delaware River. These memories begin in
the early ...

Author: Gertrude F. Dunlap

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9780941375498


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The Speeches of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox in the House of Commons

OF IRELAND . May 19 . THIS day Mr . Jekyll moved , “ That an humble address
be pre - . 1 sented to his majesty , that he will be graciously pleased to direct that

Author: Charles James Fox



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Journal of George Fox

George Fox answers two envious books written abroad - writes to inagistrates to
persuade them to moderation - writes to the Quarterly Meetings - attends the
judges at Chambers , respecting a tithe - suit against himself and his wife -
George ...

Author: George Fox



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Epistles Written by George Fox and William Penn Describing the Spirit of Separation

George Fox. EPISTLES OF GEORGE FOX , & c . I took notice also of those who
had run out from truth , drawn others out after them , and turned against truth and
Friends , since the first breaking forth of truth in this latter age , and what became

Author: George Fox



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Mexico Under Fox

Fox ' s Foreign Policy Agenda : Global and Regional Priorities Andrés Rozental
During the first half of President Vicente Fox ' s administration , critics and
supporters alike generally agreed on one fact : the single area of real change
since Fox ...

Author: Luis Rubio-Freidberg

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers

ISBN: 9781588262189

Category: Political Science

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An up-to-date exploration of the political, economic, and social challenges that face Mexico after its peaceful transition to democracy.

Clever Fox

Story Books The Toytown Fire Engine Little Chimp Runs Away Billy Can Count
Clever Fox Sam and the Waves Speedy Bee Here Come the Shapes Bread for
the Ducks Walk , Ride , Run The Big Hit Clever Fox Story by Beverley Randell ...

Author: Beverley Randell

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780170096041

Category: Children's stories, New Zealand

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Fox runs for his life as dog chases him over fields, up and down hills and into groves of trees. At last this cunning little animal eludes the dog by hiding in the reeds of the river.

Liberal Tradition from Fox to Keynes

No one would reasonably deny the name of 'Liberal' to any of the men
represented in this book, yet each of them — Fox and Bentham, Richard Cobden
and Lord John Russell, Macaulay and Acton, Herbert Spencer and T. H. Green, ...

Author: Maurice Shock

Publisher: Ludwig von Mises Institute

ISBN: 1610164091


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Long before our time, the word liberal meant: leave society alone to manage itself. In economics, it meant laissez-faire and private property. In government, it meant the rule of law. In civic life, it meant more liberty. Freedom was the watchword, the solution to whatever ailed the social order. Its achievements are chronicled in the pages of this fantastic book, edited by Alan Bullock and Maurice Shock, published first in 1957, in the words of the champions of liberalism in England from the 18th century and forward. Liberalism crushed protectionism. It achieved absolute security of private property, civil liberties for women and Jews, the end of slavery, the establishment of the freedom of association and religion, the end of mercantilism and the institutionalization of free trade, the end of torture and cruelty in penal laws, the hard-core opposition to imperialism, the celebration of the merchant class, the heralding of individualism. Liberalism’s achievements are magnificent and sweeping. Reading through this volume with its orations and declarations, you can feel your heart racing with excitement. The statism of old was being swept away. In the minds of these great figures, there could never be too much liberty. And yet the book also documents the change that began to overtake liberalism in the late 19th century, all resulting from what Hans Hoppe has called the great failing of liberalism: its belief that the state could itself be made liberal, benign, and even part of the structure of society itself. And so you begin to detect a change in the narrative, all based on the myth of the possibility of good government. The first sector to fall is education, as we might expect. Then we have slippage in the area of foreign policy, stemming from the view that the state itself could become the liberator of peoples. World War I then changed everything and liberalism lost its anti-statist core and abandoned laissez-faire in economics. The book ends with Keynes’s famous essay calling for an end to individualism. “Progress lies in the growth and the recognition of semi-autonomous bodies within the State-bodies whose criterion of action within their own field is solely the public good as they understand it.” He is critical of socialism because it is too enamored with the idea of freedom! In any case, despite the ending, this is a wonderful collection with great lessons to teach us today. With its focus on English history, it has much to teach Americans about their own history.

George Fox s book of Miracles

F0ᎡᎬ Ꮃ0ᎡᎠ BY RUFUS M . JONES During his researches in Friends Library
in Friends House , London , in 1932 , Henry Cadbury discovered a
comprehensive Catalogue of all papers and books written by George Fox ,
collected shortly ...


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Toy Fox Terrier

Dana Plonkey always knew his toy fox terrier would make a fine show dog. The
tiny terrier, named Valcopy Kasey Kahne, looked great and walked with style. So
it was no surprise when Kasey won the Best of Breed award at the Westminster ...

Author: Meish Goldish

Publisher: Bearport Publishing

ISBN: 1936088185

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Contains real-life stories about the toy fox terrier as well as its history and relationship to the animal's current size, physical and mental characteristics, and suitability as a pet.

Paula Fox

... care for a child . She regretted the decision immediately but could do nothing to
reverse it . The Author Emerges Fox returned once again to New York Paula Fox.

Author: Susanna Daniel

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9780823945252

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Discusses the life and work of this award-winning author, including her writing process and methods, inspirations, a critical discussion of her books, biographical timeline, and awards.