Sources of Change in the Future Security Environment

Chairmen Dr. Fred C. Ikle ' The Working Group on the Future Security
Environment is ...




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Renewable Fuels and the Future Security of U S Energy Supplies

SUPPLIES GovPub US [ 104 ] LY 4 AG 8/3 : S.HRG . 104-826 HEARING

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry



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The Future of European Security




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Toward a Peaceable Future

Thirdly , and in an exploratory manner , the study proposes to take a problem -
solving approach by identifying possible ways to redress security deficits in our
fragmented world . The term “ redress ” and not “ address ” is chosen , indicating
the ...

Author: Yōichirō Murakami

Publisher: Washington State University Press


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Using concise terms, peace can be defined as freedom from hostility; security as immunity from danger; and kyosei as social responsibility. Can a new comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to peace studies be developed? Why is a new direction essential, and what kind of impact might it have? How can educational institutions reach across disciplines to educate students about these globally important concepts? In a pioneering cross-cultural, transnational, and multifaceted endeavor, Japanese and American scholars from various disciplines jointly explore these challenging questions by redefining the three key concepts of "peace, security and kyosei." Based on academic analyses in Japan and the United States, the book offers new perspectives for interdisciplinary peace studies and stimulates a public dialogue on how to shape a safer and more peaceful future for individuals, communities, and nations.

A Guide for Exploratory Work in the Kansas Program for Improvement of Instruction

Seek contacts with those interested in future economic independence . Attempt to
make friends through common interests and services offered in the planning of
an economic security program . Work cheerfully for the good of the group in ...

Author: Kansas. Department of Education



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European defence community lessons for the future

The future security policy of the Union , ne Treaty stipulates , shall respect the
obligations of member states Jean PENDERS and Marja KWAST , “ The
Netherlands and political union ” , in A. PIJPERS ( ed . ) , The European
Community at the ...

Author: Michel Dumoulin

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


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Lancée en 1950, l'idée de créer une Communauté Européenne de Défense (CED) est contemporaine de celle de fonder une Communauté Européenne du Charbon et de l'Acier (CECA). Mais le projet est une gageure. Il heurte les cultures nationales en matière de défense, suscite de violentes réactions dues à la perspective de voir se côtoyer des ennemis d'hier au sein des mêmes unités, déclenche l'opposition à la standardisation du matériel, hérisse les adversaires d'une liaison entre la CED et la construction d'une Europe politique. Devant une telle variété de facteurs visant à expliquer la mort du projet, le 30 août 1954, certains ont parlé d'un «meurtre collectif». Page d'histoire, le projet de CED et son échec n'en constituent pas moins, aujourd'hui, une référence qui donne matière à réflexion sur cette question que l'on se plaît à considérer comme vitale pour l'avenir de l'Europe: la sécurité commune. In 1950, in parallel with the plans for the foundation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), there first grew the idea for creating a European Defence Community (EDC). But the project was not a success. It conflicted with the various national defence cultures, sparked off violent reactions against the alignment of former enemies within a single unit, unleashed opposition to the standardisation of equipment, and raised the hackles of those opposed to a bond between the EDC and the construction of a political Europe. In the face of so many different factors contributing to the project's death on 30 August 1954, there was even talk in certain quarters of a «collective murder». As an important event in history, the EDC project and its failure still have echoes today, causing us all to ponder a question which is universally considered as crucial to the future of Europe: a common security policy.

The Growing Dimensions of Security

... field was constituted under the chairmanship of Ambassador Harlan Cleveland
and General Andrew J. Goodpaster to undertake an intensive examination of the
dimensions and nature of present and future security for the Atlantic Alliance .

Author: Atlantic Council of the United States. Working Group on Security Affairs



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The Cognitive World of Swedish Security Elites

Among the Swedish security elites represented here, the more attention given to
problems of the types covered in the predictions on this test, the more pessimistic
the appraisal of Sweden's future security position: the less attention given, the ...

Author: Thomas G. Hart



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SCOTT (copy 1) From the John Holmes Library collection.

Pacific Telecommunications Review

Service is the second aspect to examine with respect to future information
security technology . Conventional security equipment needed expertise to use it
, so ordinary computer users without much knowledge of security had a lot of ...




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Uncertain Security

New and potential future security threats can be tackled in cooperation at a high
political level in order to combat organized crime and prevent illegal movements
of population groups , as well as to promote citizens ' security . " 34 Besides the ...

Author: Christopher J. Ulrich



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This work is an expanded and revised version of a research publication, "Transnational risks and internal security in the Baltic Area and Post-Soviet Russia," that was written by the authors and published by the Police College of Finland in Espoo, Finland in October 1998.

Planning U S Security

... planning proceeds ; try to identify future security needs , and , ultimately ,
resign oneself to the debilitating encounters with a political and institutional
environment initially contrived and subsequently evolved to frustrate the
planner's efforts .

Author: Philip S. Kronenberg



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A Bayesian Approach to Estimate the Time Varying Security Beta

mutual fund depends on expectations at the beginning of the time interval of
future security and market movements over that interval conditional on the
manager's information set . The Bayesian estimators defined as in Bo y , ( 18 )
indicates ...

Author: Cheng F. Lee



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New Guinea Future Indefinite

You cannot have people investing money in the country if they are not sure
whether they are going to have future security . All the land in New Guinea is
owned collectively and no man can develop the land unless he has a clear title to
it .

Author: Australian Institute of Political Science



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Presidential Leadership And National Security

THE NATIONAL SECURITY ACT OF 1947 Wars tend to force institutional change
and revitalize thinking about how to ... 2 . in enacting this legislation , it is the
intent of Congress to provide a comprehensive program for the future security of
the ...

Author: Sam C Sarkesian

Publisher: Westview Press


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Energibehovet; Finansverdenen; Globalisering; Politik; Massemediepåvirkning; Kongressen; Forsvarsbudgettet; Strategi; Kriser

Compliance and the Future of Arms Control

65731 1988 The Center for International Security and Arms Control at Stanford
University brings together Stanford faculty members from several scholarly
disciplines with senior specialists from around the world for research projects ,
seminars ...

Author: Gloria Duffy


ISBN: 9780887302770

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North Carolina Law of Suretyship and Personal Property Security

A mortgage for future advances is a useful method of providing for continuous
dealings and security . It eliminates the expense to the borrower of executing
later mortgages for each new advance , The borrower also saves interest on that
part ...

Author: Robert Earl Lee



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Airpower Journal

Consequently , any discussion of German attitudes and plans relating to nuclear
weapons hinges upon the future of “ extended deterrence " and " forward defense
. " In sum , the future security equation to the Germans in many ways depends ...




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Globalisation and Regional Security

It is concluded on the one hand , that , in order to maximise its future security ,
Singapore needs to be involved in cooperative arrangements both with extra -
regional powers and other ASEAN states ; especially with regard with
international ...

Author: Dennis Rumley



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Papers presented at a seminar organised by the Australian High Commission and Indira Gandhi National Open University in 2002 in New Delhi.

Hospital Security

Comparison allows an individual facility to determine its standing in relation to
the other facilities and to anticipate and prepare for possible future security
problems . In one rather large shared security system , a weekly summary of
incidents ...

Author: Russell L. Colling

Publisher: Security World Publishing Company, Incorporated

ISBN: 9780913708224

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The Asian Future

The Asian future | 6 real democracy . ... to reduce them under absolute Despotism
, the people have the right - indeed , an obligation - to revolt , to throw off such
Government , and to provide new Guards for their future security . sec This
portion ...

Author: Pracha Hutanuwatr

Publisher: Zed Books


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Radical Asian perspectives on globalization and Western development