Garden Tourism

This book traces the history of garden visitation and examines tourist motivations to visit gardens.

Author: Richard Benfield

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 1780641958

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 257

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Garden visitation has been a tourism motivator for many years and can now be enjoyed in many different forms. Private garden visiting, historical garden tourism, urban gardens, and a myriad of festivals, shows and events all allow the green-fingered enthusiast to appreciate the natural world. This book traces the history of garden visitation and examines tourist motivations to visit gardens. Useful for garden managers and tourism students as well as casual readers, it also examines management and marketing of gardens for tourism purposes, before concluding with a detailed look at the form and tourism-based role of gardens in the future.

New Directions in Garden Tourism

There is only one valid definition of business in Garden Tourism While evidence
exists that garden visiting is purpose: to create a customer. It is the now one of the
most important sectors of the customer who determines what a business is.

Author: Richard W. Benfield

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 1789241766

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

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Following on from the success of Garden Tourism, this book provides an update on the statistics and growth of the global phenomenon of garden visitation. It delves into new themes and contemporary trends, from art and culture to psychographic profiling of visitors and how social media and semiotics are used to enrich visitor experience and fuel motivation. In addition to these new topics, the book also expands on important areas such as the continued rise of urban gardens, garden events, historic gardens and garden economics.

Special Interest Tourism

Special Interest Tourism: Concepts, Contexts and Cases Age when first
interested in gardening in the UK 5 ... Learning Objectives ○○ To understand
the place and dimensions of garden tourism within the tourism industry ○○ To
learn what ...

Author: Sheela Agarwal

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 178064566X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 233

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Special interest tourism is growing rapidly due to a discerning and heterogeneous travel market and the demand for more focused activity or interest-based tourism experiences. This book approaches the topic from the perspective of both supply and demand, and addresses the complexities now inherent in this area of tourism. It presents a contextualised overview of contemporary academic research, concepts, principles and industry-based practice insights, and also considers the future of special interest tourism in light of the emergence of ethical consumerism. Sometimes referred to as niche or contemporary tourism, this book provides a complete introduction to the study of special interest tourism for students.

The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism

Richard Benfield Notwithstanding the explosion of myriad now-recognized
tourism market segments, the phenomena of people visiting gardens that are not
their own—garden tourism—has still not received the recognition it deserves.
Why a ...

Author: Linda L. Lowry

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483368963

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1640

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Taking a global and multidisciplinary approach, The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism brings together a team of international scholars to examine the travel and tourism industry, which is expected to grow at an annual rate of four percent for the next decade. In more than 500 entries spanning four comprehensive volumes, the Encyclopedia examines the business of tourism around the world paying particular attention to the social, economic, environmental, and policy issues at play. The book examines global, regional, national, and local issues including transportation, infrastructure, the environment, and business promotion. By looking at travel trends and countries large and small, the Encyclopedia analyses a wide variety of challenges and opportunities facing the industry. In taking a comprehensive and global approach, the Encyclopedia approaches the field of travel and tourism through the numerous disciplines it reaches, including the traditional tourism administration curriculum within schools of business and management, economics, public policy, as well as social science disciplines such as the anthropology and sociology. Key features include: More than 500 entries authored and signed by key academics in the field Entries on individual countries that details the health of the tourism industry, policy and planning approaches, promotion efforts, and primary tourism draws. Additional entries look at major cities and popular destinations Coverage of travel trends such as culinary tourism, wine tourism, agritourism, ecotourism, geotourism, slow tourism, heritage and cultural-based tourism, sustainable tourism, and recreation-based tourism Cross-references and further readings A Reader’s Guide grouping articles by disciplinary areas and broad themes

Iscontour 2013

Visually Impaired Visitors in Garden Tourism Attractions Agnes Kraushofer
Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria ... Abstract This paper seeks to
interrelate the fields of garden tourism and accessible tourism. Both areas denote

Author: Roman Egger

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3732235769

Category: Tourism

Page: 232

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Introduction To Tourism And Hospitality Industry

Extreme Tourism is a niche tourism involving travel to dangerous places (
mountains , jungles , deserts , caves , etc. ) ... Garden Tourism is a type of niche
tourism involving visits or travel to botanical gardens and places which are
significant in ...

Author: Andrews

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780070660212

Category: Hospitality industry

Page: 236

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The Garden Tourist 2001

Includes a rain forest conservatory with Mayan temple , ponds and flowing
streams , and the Rose and Vine Gardens . Great views from the Tea House
balcony . The Botanical Garden of Nevis , PO Box 476 , Montpelier Estates , St .
John ' s ...

Author: Lois G. Rosenfeld

Publisher: Garden Tourist Press

ISBN: 9780970250537

Category: Travel

Page: 104

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Cultural Tourism

The Garden of Rememberance is interspersed with monuments , statues and
sculptures and symbolises the final resting place of the fallen heroes and
heroines of the conflicts which shaped the history of the country . In 2003 , a
series of ...

Author: Milena Ivanovic

Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd

ISBN: 9780702171857

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 340

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Stressing the interconnectedness of tourism and culture, this valuable handbook explores what tourism industry professionals need to know to succeed. Globalization, landmark attractions, and cultural heritage are among the topics discussed from both international and local perspectives. Each chapter also concludes with a comprehensive series of self-assessment questions and a proposed task that professionals and students can do to enrich their cultural learning experience.

The Garden Tourist 1999

Author: Lois G. Rosenfeld

Publisher: Garden Tourist Press

ISBN: 9780963908278

Category: Garden tours

Page: 240

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The definitive guide to garden events in the United States and Canada, this volume now includes new coverage of more than 400 gardens, arboreta and other beautiful places to visit, plus editor's picks for ten great garden vacations in 1999. Arranged alphabetically by state or province and city, this guide contains descriptions, hours, fees, phone numbers, and email or web page addresses for easy reference in a handy paperback format. November '98 publication date.

The Garden Tourist

Author: Lois G. Rosenfeld

Publisher: Garden Tourist Press

ISBN: 9780963908247

Category: Garden tours

Page: 208

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International Handbook on Ecotourism

Consequently, botanic gardens are frequently associated with heritage, cultural
and/or garden tourism. In contrast, ecotourism has often been discussed in the
context of natural protected areas that have been perceived as undeveloped, ...

Author: Roy Ballantyne

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 0857939971

Category: Travel

Page: 520

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Roy and Jan have assembled a timely snapshot of our current understanding of ecotourism, both as a concept worthy of scientific inquiry and as an increasingly significant segment of global commerce and industry. A terrific piece of work! Sam Ham, University of Idaho, US In the 30 or so year since it became established in the tourism literature and in tourism practice, ecotourism has attracted as many proponents as opponents. This Handbook now brings together some of the leading scholars worldwide in this field, to explore the current position of this form of tourism. In doing so, it offers serious critiques, it explores meanings and paradoxes, it offers best practices and it looks to the future. It is the Handbook for one of tourisms fastest growing and controversial sectors. David Airey, University of Surrey, UK This is a most welcome and needed book. With a very strong editorial team and contributing authors, the Handbook covers all the key issues of ecotourism. It cuts through the confusion surrounding the much-misunderstood concept of ecotourism, clearly dealing with definitions, concepts and research issues. The Handbook is particularly welcome for its focus on the visitor experience, a strength of the editors, and for clearly linking the theory of ecotourism with practice in the field. Christopher Cooper, Oxford Brookes University, UK This Handbook brings together contributions from over forty international experts in the field of ecotourism. It provides a critical review and discussion of current issues and concepts it challenges readers to consider the boundaries of what ecotourism is, and could be. The Handbook provides practical information regarding the business of ecotourism; insights into ecotourist behaviour and visitor experiences; and reflections on the practice of ecotourism in a range of different contexts. The Handbook is designed to be a valuable reference book for tourism scholars and researchers.

Dynamic Tourism

overall features and components of gardens and analysed the character of their
appeal. ... contemporary society and the principles of Dynamic Tourism, is the
unexpected prevalence of Japanese gardens, and among them, of Zen gardens.

Author: Priscilla Boniface

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 1845413946

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 188

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This book portrays a fresh approach to tourism. It argues for increased and radical change by the tourism industry and claims that this change is made necessary by the emergent sophistication and increased experience of tourists who require a different style of treatment and type of product. Dynamic Tourism is presented as a formula to meet the needs of the prevalent consumer society, to cater for its changing wishes, to reflect society’s contemporary concerns and to accommodate the ongoing projected growth of tourism. The focus is upon the tourist, highlighting the need for the tourism industry to give greater consideration to tourists’ changing needs, and to take a more flexible, modern and thought-out approach. The argument is delivered in three parts. First, the book indicates why Dynamic Tourism is needed as a method, and shows its first signs of appearing. It then delivers the detail and practicality of the process. Finally, the complete concept is outlined and the method of future implementation is projected. Examples from around the world are used to explain and illustrate the argument. Underlying the whole discussion is the recognition that the tourism arena is a resource of finite size, needing capacity for renewal and requiring the most intelligent, adaptable and considered use. The intended readership for this book includes all participants in the tourism experience: the tourism industry, its policy makers, operatives and stakeholders, and those students who intend to join their ranks, existing tourists who are disappointed with the limited provision offered to them at present and who wish for better in the future, along with the increasing number of new tourists whose outlook is very different from those of the past.

BTEC National Travel and Tourism

The gardens are a famous landmark in Belfast and attract thousands of visitors .
Another botanic garden , Kew , has been designated a World Heritage Site .
Places of worship Tourists on city visits often visit a church or cathedral but it is
not ...

Author: Gillian Dale

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435446451

Category: Tourism

Page: 320

View: 869

The perfect match with the BTEC National Travel and Tourism Award, Certificate and Diploma. Book 1 contains everything students need for the Award and some additional units for the Certificate. Book 2 contains all the other units needed to complete the Certificate and the Diploma. The Student Books are matched to the BTEC National specifications, and written in an accessible way. The clear layout and use of full colour will ensure that these books are easy to use.

Tourism Collaboration and Partnerships

Three of these parks — the International Peace Garden, Roosevelt Campobello
International Park, and the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park — are
examined in the sections that follow. The International Peace Garden On 14 July

Author: Bill Bramwell

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 1873150229

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 343

View: 304

The central importance of involving diverse stakeholders in effective sustainable tourism planning and management is increasingly recognised. Collaboration and partnerships are valuable ways of achieving this. Leading researchers and practitioners examine the processes, issues and politics involved in this new and fast growing field. Case studies are taken from Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Arctic.

Travelling and Tourism

GARDEN TOURISM Garden tourism is a type of niche tourism involving visits or
travel to botanical gardens and places which are significant in the history of
gardening . Garden tourists often travel individually in countries with which they
are ...

Author: Mahadev Kertwal



Category: Tourism

Page: 248

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It Is The Human Nature To Wander Here And There For Amusement And To Get Knowledge About The Place, Cultue And Tradition Or Sometimes To Migrate. Moving Here And There For Long Periods Comes Under The Category Of Tourism. Now A Days Travel Agencies Arragnge For The Tickets Lodging Etc. For The Tourist On Their Fixed Service Charges. However There Is No Dearth Of Boos On The Subject But Every Book Has Its Won Area Of Focus And Style Of Presenting The Fact.

Tourism Development in India

A beautiful garden is always attracts the enthusiastic eye and creates an
unforgettable impression on the minds of ... Most of the South Indian Tourists
used to visit Brindavan Gardens in Mysore , Kabban Park in Bangalore , and V .
G . P ...

Author: A. Satish Babu

Publisher: APH Publishing

ISBN: 9788131303467

Category: Tourism

Page: 286

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With special reference to tourism in Andhra Pradesh and contributions of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

Tourism Magic and Modernity

We were talking about the German tourists I had been guiding over the previous
two years, Orom and the transformation of Salazie into what I saw as a living
museum, the young men who were gardening the riverside, the politics of the
coral ...

Author: David Picard

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 0857452029

Category: Social Science

Page: 206

View: 316

Drawing from extended fieldwork in La Réunion, in the Indian Ocean, the author suggests an innovative re-reading of different concepts of magic that emerge in the global cultural economics of tourism. Following the making and unmaking of the tropical island tourism destination of La Réunion, he demonstrates how destinations are transformed into magical pleasure gardens in which human life is cultivated for tourist consumption. Like a gardener would cultivate flowers, local development policy, nature conservation, and museum initiatives dramatise local social life so as to evoke modernist paradigms of time, beauty and nature. Islanders who live in this 'human garden' are thus placed in the ambivalent role of 'human flowers', embodying ideas of authenticity and biblical innocence, but also of history and social life in perpetual creolisation.

Leisure Tourism Geographies

Social implications of functionalist design approaches in urban private gardens of
the twentieth century Gert Groening and ... It was the idea of 'the garden as an
amplification of the house' and it brought landscape architects, architects and,
last ...

Author: David Crouch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135115184

Category: Science

Page: 320

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Leisure and Tourism Geographies considers leisure/tourism as an encounter. An encounter that exists between people, between people and space and between people and their expectations, experiences and desires. The contributors explore diverse aspects of leisure and tourism, ranging from the methodologies behind leisure practices to detailed case studies including: *Disneyland, Paris *tourism in sacred landscapes *leisure practices in cyberspace *leisure and yachting *use of recreational/holiday cottages *National Parks, local parks and gardens Presenting an exciting mix of attitudes and ideas concerning leisure and tourism, this book documents a lively debate, placing geography at its centre.

Black Meetings Tourism

... Memorial City tion center staff and the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau
and Punchbowl Tour , Polynesian Cultural ... Association had already booked the
Hawaii Convention Palace / Scenic Shores Tour and Home and Garden Tour .




Category: African Americans


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The Public Garden

Linking gardens , culture , and tourism JOSEPH DE SCIOSE Reaching
Brooklyn's Newly Arriving Immigrant Population O ... those counted as tourists
attending garden shows or festivals , visiting a public garden , or taking part in a
garden tour ...




Category: Arboretums


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