Go Big or Go Home

In Go Big or Go Home, McCreery allows fans an allaccess pass to his life and the
moments that led him to where he is today—one of music's best. Reading about
his love of music and unwavering desire to succeed, I have no doubt he will ...

Author: Scotty McCreery

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310345235

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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It was just a simple singing competition that would be fun to audition for. Who knew what kind of doors it might open for a sixteen-year-old from Garner, North Carolina. Go Big or Go Home is the story of a kid with country songs in his soul. The special thing with Scotty McCreery, however, is that he has this God-given ability to sing those tunes the exact way they should be sung. Daring to enter the limelight at such a young age, Scotty finds himself embraced by the nation, and even overseas, as he competes on "American Idol". This is his journey from his North Carolina roots to winning America’s most popular singing competition and launching a musical career he had always dreamt about. Go Big or Go Home narrates Scotty's journey from a kid imitating Elvis on the school bus to 30 million across America tuning in to see him win Season 10 of "American Idol”. Now as he completes his ground-breaking fourth album, Scotty shares a glimpse of where he came from and the impact his faith, family and friends have had on a humbled guy who keeps asking “why me?”

The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

'Now you are going to be a conqueror' ” (de Gaulle's French was “La gloire se
paie”). Cf. “FAME has a price” and ... “An old pinochle saying, 'Go big or go home,
' was followed by Lauretta Moore last night. She went big with a 590 series in the


Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300136021

Category: Reference

Page: 294

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Collects more than 1,400 English-language proverbs that arose in the 20th and 21st centuries, organized alphabetically by key words and including information on date of origin, history and meaning.

Just One Year

Kate matches mine with a big American version. “You know what I say: Go big or
go home.” I look at the boat; it's quiet, but the garden is so lush and well-tended in
a way that it never was with us. It is a home, not mine, but someone else's now.

Author: Gayle Forman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101621494

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 352

View: 167

The compelling companion title to the much-lauded Just One Day follows Willem's transformative journey toward self-discovery and true love, by the author of If I Stay. Picking up where Just One Day ended, Just One Year tells Willem's side of the story. After spending an amazing day and night with Allyson in Paris that ends in separation, Willem and Allyson are both searching for one another. His story of their year of quiet longing and near misses is a perfect counterpoint to Allyson’s own as Willem undergoes a transformative journey, questioning his path, finding love, and ultimately, redefining himself. * “The complexity of Willem’s character, the twisting plot, and far-flung settings (including the Netherlands, Mexico, and India) create an alluring story that pushes beyond the realm of star-crossed romance.”— Publishers Weekly starred review “As much a travelogue as it is a romance, this novel will appeal to fans of the movie Before Sunrise or Maureen Johnson's 13 Little Blue Envelopes (HarperCollins, 2005).”—School Library Journal “As [Willem] becomes engaged personally and professionally, readers will find their interest quickening, right up to the satisfying denouement.”—Kirkus Reviews

The Journey


Author: Don Rhymes

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1387797417

Category: Poetry

Page: 36

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A literary composition of travel through the space of this present cycle. For the past is no more but relevant and the future is this moment.

Go Big Or Go Home

GO BIG OR GO HOME : Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Has Business, Small Business Owners, Clients, Employees & More , Get yours today!Cover Finish: MatteDimensions: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)Interior: Blank, White Paper, LinedPages: 100

Author: Habitics Book


ISBN: 9781654128258


Page: 100

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GO BIG OR GO HOME : Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Has Business, Small Business Owners, Clients, Employees & More , Get yours today!Cover Finish: MatteDimensions: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)Interior: Blank, White Paper, LinedPages: 100


What about a big part? If I was going to sacrifice and leave my Liberian children,
it was for something big. As I heard a street kid say once, “Go big or go home.”
Well, I was going home and it was time to go big too—big for my God and big for

Author: Faytene Kryskow Grasseschi

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768494451

Category: Religion

Page: 263

View: 270

Marked is a powerful testimony and principle that will lead you into a deeper understanding, and build your faith, to see nations come into alignment with the heart of God. The content of each chapter has come from experience, prayer, prophetic revelation and study that the author did as she eagerly sought the heart of God for how to effectively influence her nation for Christ. In recent years many in the Body of Christ have written of the need for western-world Church to penetrate into the spheres of influence that shape the moral mindset of nations. However, fewer have married this with clear biblical principles birthed through prophetic revelation, and, even fewer than that have a testimony to back it up. Marked brings all of these elements together in an easy, exciting and spunky testimonial style read that will keep your fingers flipping the pages.


It's not go big or go home, as much as go big, bigger, biggest, or you might as
well leave the country.” The show, called the Spasskaya Tower Military Music
Festival, featured coffee booths for the first time last summer. Seven of the top
baristas ...

Author: Robert W. Thurston

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1442214422

Category: Cooking

Page: 422

View: 171

Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry offers a definitive guide to the many rich dimensions of the bean and the beverage around the world. Leading experts from business and academia consider coffee’s history, global spread, cultivation, preparation, marketing, and the environmental and social issues surrounding it today. They discuss, for example, the impact of globalization; the many definitions of organic, direct trade, and fair trade; the health of female farmers; the relationships among shade, birds, and coffee; roasting as an art and a science; and where profits are made in the commodity chain. Drawing on interviews and the lives of people working in the business—from pickers and roasters to coffee bar owners and consumers—this book brings a compelling human side to the story. The authors avoid romanticizing or demonizing any group in the business. They consider basic but widely misunderstood issues such as who adds value to the bean, the constraints of peasant life, and the impact of climate change. Moving beyond simple answers, they represent various participants in the supply chain and a range of opinions about problems and suggested solutions in the industry. Coffee offers a multidimensional examination of a deceptively everyday but extremely complex commodity that remains at the center of many millions of lives. Tracing coffee’s journey from field to cup, this handbook to one of the world’s favorite beverages is an essential guide for professionals, coffee lovers, and students alike. Contributions by: Sarah Allen, Jonathan D. Baker, Peter S. Baker, Jonathan Wesley Bell, Clare Benfield, H. C. "Skip" Bittenbender, Connie Blumhardt, Willem Boot, Carlos H. J. Brando, August Burns, Luis Alberto Cuéllar, Olga Cuellar, Kenneth Davids, Jim Fadden, Elijah K. Gichuru, Jeremy Haggar, Andrew Hetzel, George Howell, Juliana Jaramillo, Phyllis Johnson, Lawrence W. Jones, Alf Kramer, Ted Lingle, Stuart McCook, Michelle Craig McDonald, Sunalini Menon, Jonathan Morris, Joan Obra, Price Peterson, Rick Peyser, Sergii Reminny, Paul Rice, Robert Rice, Carlos Saenz, Vincenzo Sandalj, Jinap Selamat, Colin Smith, Shawn Steiman, Robert W. Thurston, Steven Topik, Tatsushi Ueshima, Camilla C. Valeur, Geoff Watts, and Britta Zeitemann

Play Scratch Golf

You either need to come in high and soft or with plenty of spin . First , always tee
the ... ON PAR - 5 HOLES GO BIG OR GO HOME ! You ' ve all heard this before
that hitting a big drive is the key to going low on the par - 5 holes , especially if ...

Author: Dave Rineberg

Publisher: Frederick Fell Publishers

ISBN: 9780883911709

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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Dave Rineberg has teamed up with PGA golf professional Chris Holtrop to bring you a golf instructional book that not only gives you an easy-to-follow modern recipe for shaving multiple strokes off your game, but also tugs at the heartstrings of every golfer with true-life stories of why we all love this game so much. Every golfer needs help in one or more areas of their game, if indeed they want to play scratch golf. Follow along as amateur player Dave Rineberg tries to qualify for the US Open and candidly reveals his failures, which all golfers can relate to. Play Scratch Golf is the only book that gives detailed instruction regarding golf tips that will actually help you lower your handicap and the ones are just hot air.

Growing Great Kids

Someone is going to be the next Bill Gates—why not your child? Someone is
going to discover a cure for cancer—who says it can't be your daughter? It's a
good thing to ... In sports vernacular it might be said, “Go big or go home!”
Greatness ...

Author: Kate Battistelli

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1616386541

Category: Religion

Page: 238

View: 409

Many people have questions about how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. In An Essential Guide to the Gift of Healing, Ron Phillips explains the gift of healing and provides clear and comprehensive biblical background and support for the practice.


EPISODE 13 Go Big or Go Home! I agree, Suzette. I don't know what I would do if
I couldn't turn to Jesus and the word of God for the daily concerns of life. I'd be
lost! As their boat approached the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee, Simon-Peter ...

Author: Kristie McCrary

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595402364

Category: Religion

Page: 148

View: 731

"velo52 is a unique and unusual devotional book, co-authored by fourteen young ladies which includes Kristie McCrary, the gifted, anointed leader of the group. These girls could have selected most any vocation and experienced success. Their upbringing, schooling, and exposure to quality friends were par excellence, first rate, tip-top, and worthy of praise. We're told that we become like the five people with whom we spend the most time. That being the case, these fourteen young ladies have it made! Kristie lives on the twelfth floor of a high-rise building with every protection and security afforded to her. Yet she is not able to isolate her dedicated cohorts from the heart-rending vicissitudes of life. Each one will no doubt need to be prepared and have a spiritual game-plan to meet betrayal, sickness, death, wrong decisions, separation, and a catalogue of other ways Satan will use to come against them. velo52 will give the testimony of these above-average young ladies. You can be a winner by reading this book. Like my late husband, Gordon, told our only daughter, Carole, (Shira in Hebrew), when she was young, 'Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make them all yourself.'" Freda Lindsay Co-founder, Christ For The Nations Inc., Dallas, Texas

Cinematic Appeals

of a movie playing on a tiny computer monitor and then pictured this home screen
exploding, allowing flames to fill the theatrical screen and driving home the
trailer's message: “Go Big or Go Home.” By aligning the old, two-dimensional Star

Author: Ariel Rogers

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231535783

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

View: 645

Cinematic Appeals follows the effect of technological innovation on the cinema experience, specifically the introduction of widescreen and stereoscopic 3D systems in the 1950s, the rise of digital cinema in the 1990s, and the transition to digital 3D since 2005. Widescreen cinema promised to draw the viewer into the world of the screen, enabling larger-than-life close-ups of already larger-than-life actors. This technology fostered the illusion of physically entering a film, enhancing the semblance of realism. Alternatively, the digital era was less concerned with the viewer's physical response and more with information flow, awe, and the reevaluation of spatiality and embodiment. This study ultimately shows how cinematic technology and the human experience shape and respond to each other over time.

A Royal Christmas Proposal

“Don't start with that now,” she said. “My American brother-in-law once gave me a
great quote. Go big or go home. What are you going to do?” “If I followed my
professional guidance, I would walk you to the cottage door and go back to my
room ...

Author: Leanne Banks

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460343662

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 319

A DADDY FOR HER LITTLE PRINCE? Fredericka Devereaux is no pushover princess. She's determined to provide the best life possible for her infant son, Leo. So when her brother, the ruler of Chantaine, insists that she and her hearing-disabled son need a protector, Ericka objects. But her new bodyguard, handsome Treat Walker, warms her heart as he cares for her baby…and proves himself deserving of his name… Treat keeps telling himself that he's not into Ericka and her little family. She's stuck-up and a royal—hardly his type! Despite his best efforts, the former football player finds himself charmed by the sexy single mom and her adorable infant. This Christmas, all Treat wants in his stocking is the royal twosome he's sworn to protect!

Rurally Screwed

11 GO BIG OR GO HOME “Get ready to get bored,” the junior Walmart pharmacist
snorted as she handed what I had decided would be my last prescription of
antidepressants. Since moving to Lexington, my dependence on happy pills had

Author: Jessie Knadler

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101561548

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 747

Jessie Knadler was a New York City girl, through and through. An editor for a splashy women's magazine, she splurged on Miu Miu, partied hard, lived for Kundalini yoga, and dated a man-boy whose complexion was creamier than her own. Circling the drain both personally and professionally, Jessie definitely wouldn't have described herself as "happy"; more like caustically content. Then one day, she was assigned a story about an annual rodeo in the badlands of Eastern Montana. There, she met a twenty-five-year-old bull rider named Jake. He voted Republican and read Truck Trader. He listened to Garth Brooks. He owned guns. And Jessie suddenly found herself blindsided by something with which she was painfully unfamiliar: a genuinely lovable disposition. In fact, Jake radiated such optimism and old-school gentlemanliness that Jessie impulsively ditched Manhattan for an authentic existence, and an authentic man. Almost overnight, she was canning and sewing, making jerky, chopping firewood, and raising chickens. And all the while one question was ringing in the back of her head: "What the !#*$ have I done with my life?" A hilarious true-life love story, Rurally Screwed reveals what happens to a woman who gives up everything she's ever known and wanted-job security, money, her professional network, access to decent Thai food-to live off the grid with her one true love (and dogs and horses and chickens), and asks, is it worth it? The answer comes amid war, Bible clubs, and moonshine.

Crazy is a Compliment

I invoked Go Big or Go Home, and we pulled out. But in general, I knew one
direction: higher. ... A few weeks later Dad and I went to see a doctor, and we
learned we were having identical twins. We were overwhelmed, but we had little
time to ...

Author: Linda Rottenberg

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241967007

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 939

'Some books on entrepreneurship are of little practical use. Rottenberg's new book is different. Sober, convincing and offers the best ways to build new business ventures' Financial Times 'Linda has tapped into something important - that we all need to be more entrepreneurial these days. With her impressive track record and inspiring story, she shows us all how to overcome our fears and take smart, achievable steps to improve our organisations' Sheryl Sandberg 'Buy it. Read it. Live it' Seth Godin These days everybody needs to think and act like an entrepreneur. We all need to be nimble, adaptive, daring - and maybe even a little crazy - or risk being left behind. But how do you take smart risks without risking it all? Crazy Is a Compliment combines inspiring stories, original research and practical advice to create a road map for getting started and going bigger. It brings to life iconic entrepreneurs like Walt Disney and Estée Lauder, reveals how companies like GE and Burberry have broken the corporate mould, and introduces us to entrepreneurs like Leila Velez, who started an $80 million hair-care company from her kitchen sink in Rio. Whether you're serving coffee and fantasizing about launching a microbrewery or sitting at your desk brainstorming a new idea that can improve your company, Linda Rottenberg provides a road map to getting started, going bigger and achieving your dreams.

Go Big Or Go Home

Journal notebook for meditation, for motivation, to achieve goals, mindfulness, mindful living, self- help, success, self- compassion, positive thoughts.

Author: Newport Ventures


ISBN: 9781072073000


Page: 110

View: 406

Journal notebook for meditation, for motivation, to achieve goals, mindfulness, mindful living, self- help, success, self- compassion, positive thoughts. Find inner peace, write positive thoughts. Great for entrepreneurs, athletes or anyone goal oriented, or for anyone aspiring for success.This journal/notebook is: -6x9 inches -100 college ruled lined paper - 8 pages of checklists -Has a Sleek Glossy Finish Cover -Excellent and thick binding -Durable white interior -Journal for women, men, girls, boys, adults, teens. 100% Money back guarantee

Paradise and Hell

They drove for awhile, coming up to the spot the old home had been. ... As the
caravan of cars pulled up to the spot where an empty space should be there sat a
massive home, a mansion to be exact. ... and you know me, go big or go home.

Author: Wanda Jane

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477210040

Category: Fiction

Page: 168

View: 510

This book will keep you wonderinmg who is controlling the main character Lucky. It has sex, hatred, killing, and so much more to keep the reader's interest. From the hummble beginning to the climax of a very powerful man. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it by any means necessary. You see a change in every moment of his life. Just don't cross him. Noone is free of his wrath but a small few. Lucky feels himself judge and executioner of of everyone. It's a journey into a fictional village with a beautiful name but harbors many secrets behind closed doors. Each secret gets exposed one by one as Lucky fulfills his journey. Hope you enjoy. Thank-you.

Little Green Men 1

Inept spacefarers Lartee, Moke, and Gerlex and their spaceship, the Nuknuk 4000, are sent by the empress of Blark to conquer the Earth, unaware that the planet is considerably larger than anyone imagined and the invaders are only inches ...

Author: Jay P. Fosgitt


ISBN: 9781936340019

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 100

View: 337

Inept spacefarers Lartee, Moke, and Gerlex and their spaceship, the Nuknuk 4000, are sent by the empress of Blark to conquer the Earth, unaware that the planet is considerably larger than anyone imagined and the invaders are only inches high.


But I knew she wanted it, so I was going big or going home. Once I'd decided to “
go big,” I also decided to be the only sheriff in town. But I needed help, which
would have meant me giving up some control, and I was neurotic about control.

Author: Dena Higley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 0849947367

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 235

View: 810

A mother discusses parenting four very different children--an autistic son, a young daughter who gets pregnant, an adopted Vietnamese daughter with no leg below the right knee, and an adopted Ethiopian son who was rescued from the streets.

Go Big or Go Home

Renowned tattoo artist, author of New York Times bestsellers High Voltage Tattoos and The Tattoo Chronicles, and star of LA Ink, Kat Von D raises the bar with her most intimate work yet: Go Big or Go Home: Taking Risks in Life, Love, and ...

Author: Kat Von D

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062284193

Category: Art

Page: 208

View: 535

Renowned tattoo artist, author of New York Times bestsellers High Voltage Tattoos and The Tattoo Chronicles, and star of LA Ink, Kat Von D raises the bar with her most intimate work yet: Go Big or Go Home: Taking Risks in Life, Love, and Tattooing. Kat has always been a risk-taker in her day-to-day life, her creative work, and in love. In Go Big or Go Home, she writes candidly about her greatest desires, fears, successes and failures, and shares how she has dealt with them. In seven thematic essays, Kat addresses issues close to her heart—such as individuality, independence, and altruism—and draws upon her own experiences and those of her many clients. Filled with Kat's sketches, handwriting, drawings of tattoos, and process photos, as well as specially commissioned photographs of the finished large-scale tattoos by celebrity and fashion photographer Patrick Hoelck, Go Big or Go Home covers a wide range of her astounding work on regular citizens, as well as the many celebrities who seek her out her artistry.

Go Mobile

Unlike many marketing programs, which are of the “go big or go home” variety,
mobile efforts should be considered “bite-sized”---smaller screens, smaller
messages can lead to big results. ♢ Think about what else the user is doing.
Mobile ...

Author: Jeanne Hopkins

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118239547

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 691

Set-up, run, and measure successful mobile media marketingcampaigns Go Mobile is packed with tools, tips, and techniques thatwill help readers set-up, launch, run, and measure mobile mediacampaigns. This book will help readers understand the differentmobile media platforms, learn how to us SMS for business,incorporate 2D and QR Codes into their campaigns, develop mobilewebsites and mobile apps, see case studies, and much more. Go Mobile offers practical, step-by-step guidance forimplementing a mobile marketing campaign. Readers will learn howto: Use location-based marketing to get new customers and keepexisting ones Integrate social media with your mobile media campaign Use mobile E-commerce to improve brand loyalty Measure the ROI of a mobile media campaign Develop mobile media business models you can use to growrevenues With these effective, efficient, and integrated mobile marketingcampaigns, business owners and marketers will garner enviableresponse rates and watch their revenue grow more rapidly than everbefore.