God s Beauty in the Deep

Well, it didn't take me long after seeing God's beauty under the ocean—the beautiful coral reefs and millions of colorful fish of all types and sizes—I was hooked. I knew this was going to end up giving me great joy.

Author: Gary Knapp

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 166422307X

Category: Nature

Page: 266

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Following numerous courses in scuba diving, Gary Knapp embarked on a twelve-year filming adventure inspired by his promise to God to share with mankind the majestic life He created both under and above the world’s oceans. Through his vivid accounts, Gary takes you on an incredible journey beneath the depths of the seas, to exotic islands, and other countries by the oceans as he travels with marine biologists on trips around the globe. His experiences include riding on a camel in front of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Red Sea, plus inspecting underwater volcanos halfway around the world inside the Ring of Fire in Indonesia and the Philippines. Enjoy God’s splendid underwater flower gardens of soft coral in an array of rainbow colors while sailing around Australia and diving in Fiji. Take in the breathtakingly beautiful coral surrounded topside by snow-capped mountains and unique glaciers while diving under the icebergs of Alaska. Throughout his anecdotes, Gary reminds us of the value of God’s creatures to the oceanic ecosystem. God’s Beauty in the Deep shares interesting insights into earth’s fascinating and mysterious stories of shipwrecks, the heart-breaking poverty in various places, the world’s misinformed crusade against sharks, the tragedy of those who’ve never learned to swim in tsunami-plagued areas, plus his one perilous moment underwater!

The Pleasure of Loving God

the Spirit searches all things,yes,the deep things of God. —1 CORINTHIANs 2:10 The Holy Spirit searches the deep things of the beauty of God, and the Father has granted Him permission to impart aspects of this revelation to you and me.

Author: Mike Bickle

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1599796414

Category: Religion

Page: 232

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Here’s an ultimate portrait of a loving Father, one to whom we can come for a fresh supply of truth and beauty, day by day. In the process, we’ll awaken a fervent devotion to our heavenly Lord. As we employ the Great Commission in our daily lives, we also discover the joy and pleasure of being a vehicle through whom Christ’s own prayers are lived out in the world. Prepare to encounter: God--His awesome, loving presence in your daily life God’s Power--His active, supernatural role in your daily life Your True Identity in God--His view of you A Fresh Awakening and Understanding of God’s Majesty--His plans to bring you to new heights of joy and peace that you never thought possible The Pleasures of Loving God is a call to accept God’s all-encompassing love for you, something that is already yours, not anything that you have to earn or win.

He s Worthy

God's Beauty Process starts with DEEP CLEANSING. Uohn 1:7 says, "The blood of Jesus has cleansed us from ALL SIN" which leaves us whiter than snow. The Bible also tells us in Isaiah 64:6 that we were as "filthy rags", but now we have ...

Author: Doreen Lettsome Reid

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1606476106

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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Do you need healing, restoration, and deliverance to take place in your life, or in the lives of your loved ones? In John 12:32 Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, said "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." In order for you, and your loved ones to have your every need meet Jesus Christ must be lifted up! Author Doreen Lettsome Reid, dedicated 8 years to prayer, research, and writing the book HE'S WORTHY. Eyes will be open to the "truth" of God's word as all readers are pointed to the message of hope and freedom in Jesus Christ. Expect your life and the lives of those around you; to be forever changed as you read this awesome and unique book. Are you now willing to receive what the Lord has for you? Here's your invitation. Come now; let us learn of his glorious works, goodness, kindness, and great love that he has toward us, Come now; let us worship him together, for truly, HE'S WORTHY. Worthy are you; of all glory, honor, and praise. He that knew no sin, and took on sin for you and me. May you Lord Jesus, be highly lifted up. He that stepped out of glory, "was despised and rejected by men" He that shed blood on Calvary . . . May you Lord Jesus, be highly lifted up. Yes, worthy are you to receive all glory, honor, and praise. HE'S WORTHY . . .

Theology in a Suffering World

This is very important in affirming that the mysterious God of creation is also the God of Christ's self-giving. For von Balthasar, the signification of the Godness of God is the revelation of what I have elsewhere called 'deep ...

Author: Christopher Southgate

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107153697

Category: Religion

Page: 292

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The book proposes a new way of understanding the glory of God in Christian theology, based on glory as sign.

Vol 1 Repentance The Doctrine of God and the Knowledge of Salvation in the Old Testament

In fact, its shrewdness plummets into the sounding depths of a his soul, for as the adage states, "Beauty is skin deep, but ugly is too the bone!" Almighty God commands us to launch out into the deep, (cf. Luke 8:31) for He knows that ...

Author: Ed Marr

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1594675597

Category: Religion

Page: 528

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This work is written with a law enforcement officer?s investigative mindset and from the perspective of a prisoner.I discovered through a survey of Christian bookstores that no books were exclusively on or about repentance, but most only touched on the topic. The only author who had anything to say about repentance beyond a mere mention was Charles G. Finney in Finney?s Systematic Theology. This 600-page work transformed my thinking and influenced my investigation.This book discusses spiritual leadership without bashing any spiritual leader. It points out carnality without castigating any particular ministry or denomination. Hundreds of illustrations will familiarize the reader with revelations about repentance and carnality. These illustrations, like parables, contain revolutionary truths that are true to Scripture, reason, and life, so that Repentance: The Doctrine of God may become one harmonious revelation!Warning: As you read this book, you will encounter deep-seated carnality residing within the blackened depths of your soul, and it will not want to be exposed! But take heart?Almighty God will accompany you on this journey for the complete regeneration of your soul.

The 99 Beautiful Names for God for All the People of the Book

41 The Sublime Deep calls to deep ... all thy waves and thy billows have gone over me . Psalm 42 : 7 There is a traditional ... Jalil is one of those beautiful names of God that has auspicious meanings in this world and the next !

Author: David Bentley

Publisher: William Carey Library

ISBN: 9780878082995

Category: Religion

Page: 132

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In a bridge-building exercise between Christians, Muslims, and other people of the book, David Bentley traces the Semitic pre-Islamic origins of Islam s 99 names of God. He points the reader to Old Testament counterparts of these names as well as to Jesus comparable representations of Himself."

Dictionary of the Bible Marriage to Regem

The all that were with him , Put away the strange gods beauty of Rachel , the deep love with which she from among you " ( Gen. ... the long servitude with past , he received from God an emphatic promise which he patiently served for her ...

Author: William Smith



Category: Bible

Page: 930

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Dr William Smith s Dictionary of the Bible

The all that were with him , Put away the strange gods beauty of Rachel , the deep love with which she from among you ” ( Gen. ... the long servitude with past , he received from God an emphatic promise which he patiently served for her ...

Author: Sir William Smith



Category: Bible


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In the Bleak Midwinter

If there is disruption, there is beauty too. How could there not be? If Jesus comes among us as one who shall expose and bear our sins, he comes as God. God's beauty is part of both his deepest nature and his abiding humility or ...

Author: Rachel Mann

Publisher: Canterbury Press

ISBN: 1786221640

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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Framed by her most famous poems ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ and ‘Love Came Down at Christmas’, this daily devotional explores Advent and Christmas through the poetry of Christina Rossetti. For each day there is a poem with a reflection that draws on Rossetti’s writings, encompassing a rich variety of themes:

Underneath the Shadow Discovering the Secret Place In God s Heart Reserved Just for You

They would stand in awe as God drowned their enemies in the depths of the sea. ... Psalm 101:3 Our eyes were made to behold Beauty—authentic Beauty, not this world's airbrushed and cover photo version. Somewhere deep within our spirits, ...

Author: Angela M. Hawkins

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1312603720

Category: Religion


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If the secret cry of your heart is, “There must be more to this Christian life!" know that God hears you, and He's not bothered by your questions. He‘s not angry, and He‘s not forgotten you. In fact, He is moved at the hunger in your heart and longs to fill it with more of Himself. The answer to all of your questions are found Underneath the Shadow of God Almighty. He's reserved a place there just for you! This coveted resting place is open to all born-again believers, but it is a road less traveled. The pathway is narrow and there are obstacles along the way, but if we press in, we will discover the MORE our hearts have been longing for. In Underneath the Shadow, we will: •Learn how to avoid the 3 Deadly Ds that attempt to kill our faith. •Find healing for our image of God, Self, and Others. •Discover the reality and joy of dwelling in God's Shadow. •Learn how to become the friend of God. •Acquire 22 keys to cultivating intimacy with God. •Learn to live within the realm of His Glory.