Greening the Children of God

Greening the Children of God uncovers the theological roots of the growing ethical imperative to reconnect children to their natural environment.

Author: Chad Michael Rimmer

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532653301

Category: Religion

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Greening the Children of God uncovers the theological roots of the growing ethical imperative to reconnect children to their natural environment. Theologians emphasize the sacramental nature of embedding our lives in creation. Environmental educators emphasize knowledge of local biology. Psychologists emphasize the morally pro-formative experience of care between biodiverse creatures. Together they affirm that knowing their place in the natural environment helps a child develop an intersubjective “ecological” identity that nurtures virtues of mutuality and care. During the Scientific Revolution this ethical harmony was threatened as science and moral theology began to adopt different epistemological methods. Seventeenth-century Anglican priest and poet Thomas Traherne was prescient of the consequences of this divorce and insisted that education should promote a child’s attention to the moral dimensions woven into “the tapestry of creation.” Traherne professed that play, wonder, and a sensory relationship to diverse creatures play a pedagogical role in a child’s moral formation. Greening the Children of God establishes the contemporary significance of Traherne’s moral theory in conversation with child psychologists, educators, philosophers, and theologians who know that cultivating a place-based relationship to the local ecology helps children perceive creation’s deep mutuality and develop a moral identity in the image of a caring Creator.

The Greening of Protestant Thought

After all, nature has its own creativity, and God is not accountable for all that
happens in nature. ... thinkers repeatedly cite Romans 8:19–21 as their guide: “
For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God,”
when ...

Author: Robert Booth Fowler

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807861537

Category: Social Science

Page: 252

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The Greening of Protestant Thought traces the increasing influence of environmentalism on American Protestantism since the first Earth Day, which took place in 1970. Robert Booth Fowler explores the extent to which ecological concerns permeate Protestant thought and examines contemporary controversies within and between mainline and fundamentalist Protestantism over the Bible's teachings about the environment. Fowler explores the historical roots of environmentalism in Protestant thought, including debates over God's relationship to nature and the significance of the current environmental crisis for the history of Christianity. Although he argues that mainline Protestantism is becoming increasingly 'green,' he also examines the theological basis for many fundamentalists' hostility toward the environmental movement. In addition, Fowler considers Protestantism's policy agendas for environmental change, as well as the impact on mainline Protestant thinking of modern eco-theologies, process and creation theologies, and ecofeminism.

The Greening of Theology

Therefore " religion should not make this the focus of its message ; " rather " our
responsiblity is to use our temporal life span to create a just and good community
for our generation and for our children . " 124 Beyond God the Father As should ...

Author: Steven Bouma-Prediger

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780788501647

Category: Art

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This volume examines the contributions of three contemporary theologians -- Rosemary Radford Ruether, Joseph Sittler, and J�rgen Moltmann -- to the development of Christian ecological theology. Against the charge that the Christian tradition is ecologically bankrupt, the author demonstrates the intellectual and spiritual resources available within Christianity for addressing ecological issues. Of particular interest are Ruether's doctrine of God and her emphasis on ecojustice, Sittler's cosmic Christology and reconception of the relation between nature and grace, and Motlmann's doctrine of the Holy Spirit and argument for social trinitarianism. Beyond evaluating the issues raised by Ruether, Sittler, and Moltmann, the author presents sixteen theses or desiderata for any adequate Christian ecological theology.

Greening Paul

54 Or as Sigve Tonstad puts it , quoting Jewett , “ Nature will accept as children of
God those who demonstrate ' they are God's children by ' exercising the kind of
dominion that heals rather than destroys . This motif is also taken up by N. T. ...

Author: David G. Horrell



Category: Religion

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A remarkable, wide-ranging attempt to read the Pauline literature from an ecological perspective, Greening Paul, the first book of its kind, traverses carefully between extremes claiming to present Paul's narrative world and simply subjugating the Bible to a contemporary set of ethical values. Skillfully the authors craft their reading of Paul according to the cutting-edge insights of narrative criticism and tackle burning questions which assail Christians in the present ecological crisis: Does the biblical tradition inculcate an anthropocentric worldview that gives humanity license to exploit the earth for our benefit? Does biblical eschatology imply that the earth is of only passing significance for the elect? Greening Paul is a timely and adroit re-reading of the apostle Paul that provides a potentially very fruitful ecological vision, all the while staying true to the biblical text. Reviews: "Greening Paul is an important and welcome contribution to the development of theology in our ecological era. Broad in its research and clear in its methods, this book reads Pauline scriptures carefully and creatively, and offers a model of how to read scripture in conversation with theology and science. It will be a useful resource for scholars, students, and church study groups." —Willis Jenkins, Margaret Farley Assistant Professor of Social Ethics, Yale University "If Paul wrote to address problems in his own communities in the first century, what can his letters possibly offer about the environmental crisis that faces us today? The authors of Greening Paul argue convincingly that Paul's notions of participation in Christ and reconciliation are cosmic categories and that God's saving purposes include the whole universe and not just human beings. They construct a valuable hermeneutical lens through which they read the Pauline letters and shape a ecotheology and ecoethics. Essentially carving out a new theological field, their ecological analysis is insightful and their exegetical conclusions sound--a work well worth engaging." —Tatha Wiley, Author of Paul and the Gentile Women: Reframing Galatians and Encountering Paul: Understanding the Man and His Message "This admirable study demonstrates that carefully-ground 'hermeneutical lenses' can focus and clarify one's perception of the implicit eco-theology and ethics in the Pauline letters." —Victor Paul Furnish, University Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, of New Testament, Southern Methodist University "This well-written and carefully argued collaborative investigation is a must-read for environmental ethicists, biblical scholars, theologians, church practitioners, and their students." —H. Paul Santmire, author of Nature Reborn (2000) and Ritualizing Nature (2008)

From the Melting of the Snow to the Greening of the Fields

She knew from years of living with her that Tillie could stretch a dollar farther than
anybody she knew under the umbrella belief that God provides for his children.
God always provides. Granny wasn'tso sure about God's provisions but she ...

Author: Joan Little Angelo

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450080715

Category: Fiction

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From the Melting of the Snow to the Greening of the Fields is my sixth book. It is the story of the St. Patrick’s Day Flood of 1936 as seen through the experiences of the fictitious Claymoore family and their friends and acquaintances. The fictional Reverend Claymoore is a coal miner and a Presbyterian preacher who lives in the coal patch of the Back Bench Mining Company disparagingly known as Bed Bug Row. The story takes place in just a few months during the year of 1936. It is about the flood, yes, and about love and courtship and about the people of southwest Pennsylvania who constantly find themselves, as the speech goes, opposing a sea of troubles in an effort to end them. The things they do to rise above their circumstances are simple, unselfconscious, and even at times heroic. However you see their actions, whether audacious and noble, sad or comical, you must know that they are always, to my knowledge, typical. The facts of the flood are true as reported in the 1936 issues of The Pittsburgh Press, which was my primary source of information. Also included in the accounts of the flood are personal recollections from the few people I could find who lived through it.

The Greening of Mrs Duckworth

During the years before Friday Fellowship , when I ' d read Scriptures like , “ See
what a wealth of love the Father has lavished on us , that we should be called the
children of God ” ( 1 John 3 : 1 ) , I ' d tried to create a mental image of God ...

Author: Marion Duckworth


ISBN: 9780842311878

Category: Christian biography

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Greening through IT

Green. IT. and. Education. One day when I was in graduate school, I was walking
along a paved bicycle path near my Davis ... This snail story provides a lens
through which to think about how children develop broad perspectives regarding
the natural world and their place in it. ... being brought a snail by their child,
reflecting their religion (“You know, God created that snail”), thoughts on hygiene
(“Yuck, ...

Author: Bill Tomlinson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262288354

Category: Science

Page: 224

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How the tools of information technology can support environmental sustainability by tackling problems that span broad scales of time, space, and complexity. Environmental issues often span long periods of time, far-flung areas, and labyrinthine layers of complexity. In Greening through IT, Bill Tomlinson investigates how the tools and techniques of information technology (IT) can help us tackle environmental problems at such vast scales. Tomlinson describes theoretical, technological, and social aspects of a growing interdisciplinary approach to sustainability, “Green IT,” offering both a human-centered framework for understanding Green IT systems and specific examples and case studies of Green IT in action. Tomlinson descrobes many efforts toward sustainability supported by IT—from fishers in India who maximized the sales potential of their catch by coordinating their activities with mobile phones to the installation of smart meters that optimize electricity use in California households—and offers three detailed studies of specific research projects that he and his colleagues have undertaken: EcoRaft, an interactive museum exhibit to help children learn principles of restoration ecology; Trackulous, a set of web-based tools with which people can chart their own environmental behavior; and GreenScanner, an online system that provides access to environmental-impact reports about consumer products. Taken together, these examples illustrate the significant environmental benefits that innovations in information technology can enable.

The Greening of Faith

God, the Environment, and the Good Life John Edward Carroll, Paul T.
Brockelman, Mary Westfall. CALVIN B . DEWITT ... Some Kinds of Knowledge
Knowledge of How the World Works Condors , Children and Other Parts .
Professor Timothy ...

Author: John Edward Carroll

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9780874517774

Category: Science

Page: 228

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Interdisciplinary and interfaith essays exploring the religious and spiritual implications of human interaction with nature and the environment.

The Greening of Ben Brown

Children going to school would pump their arms to beg an extra whistle from the
engineers. ... and the burden of The Fall from grace into death, how error was
inevitable and shameful and ultimately inexcusable in the eyes of God and yet .

Author: Michael Strelow

Publisher: Hawthorne Books

ISBN: 0983850402

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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MICHAEL STRELOW WEAVES THE STORY OF A TOWN and its mysteries in his debut novel, The Greening of Ben Brown, an Oregon Book Award Finalist for fiction 2005. Ben Brown, the protagonist, becomes a citizen of East Leven, Oregon, after he recovers from an electrocution that has not left him dead but has turned him green. He befriends eighteen year-old Andrew James and together they unearth a chemical spill cover-up that forces the town to confront its demons and its citizens to choose sides. Strelow's lyrical prose and his talent for storytelling come together in this poetic and important first work that looks at how a town and the natural environment are inextricably linked. The Greening of Ben Brown will find itself in good company on the shelves between Winesburg, Ohio and To Kill a Mockingbird and readers of both will have a new story to cherish.

Popular Educator

Child in center of stage . Whence do they come , those fair green trees , That
sway and swing in the summer breeze ? Girls . God said , “ Let the earth bring
forth the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind . ” Boys . Out of the ground made the
Lord ...




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The Greening Of The Willow Trees

This God-forsaken island is no longer to my liking.” He seemed glad it was all
over. “I've been here two years. ... My family is in Spain, and I miss my wife and
children.” Charlie and Dan heard news about the American forces in other parts
of ...

Author: Jean Ardyce Kelton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477158413

Category: Fiction

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The author who has published stories of the 1900’s before has done it again with this book. Charlie Riley, who as a young lad, lived with his father on their farm in Wisconsin. When Charlie was left an orphan after his father was murdered, his uncle encouraged him to join the army and see the world. He did this and after a four year stint come home to discover who murdered his father.

The Funniest Animals God Ever Made

A tactile touch-and-feel book about funny animals!

Author: Rosie Greening


ISBN: 9781788436366


Page: 12

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A tactile touch-and-feel book about funny animals!

The Greening of the Church

A pastor , teacher , or evangelist simply must not pressure children into making
decisions when they are not sufficiently ... How much , then , does one need to
know about God , about himself , about the life to which God is calling to make
this ...

Author: Findley Bartow Edge


ISBN: 9780876808511

Category: Church renewal

Page: 195

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The three major emphases of this book are: the conviction that the basic problem in today's church is personal and spiritual, the conviction that we must recapture a balance between evangelism and social involvement, and the need for positive, practical proposals.

Sacred Choral Music in Print




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Sacred Choral Music in Print

Author: Gary S. Eslinger

Publisher: Philadelphia : Musicdata


Category: Music

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Arranger index (c1987) provides an additional means of access by the name of the arranger or editor; 1988 supplement contains the sacred choral entries included in the 1986 Music-in-print annual supplement as well as new music published since 1985; 1992 supplment contains listings of music published since 1987 as well as earlier material of publishers not previously in the series; 1996 supplement contains listings of music published since 1991 as well as earlier material not previously in the series.

Pagan Themes in Modern Children s Fiction

It makes sense in terms of Pagan duotheism that if the Green Man is ( an aspect
of ) the God , then there must be a Green Woman who is ( an aspect of the
Goddess . Examples of the Green Woman in children ' s fiction are much rarer so
far ...

Author: Peter Bramwell

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Bramwell proposes that the Pagan in childern's literature adds distinctive accents to critical and theoretical approaches, including: Bakhtinian concepts and critical linguistics, ecocriticism, gender-conscious criticism, and ideas about childhood and children's spirituality.

Music in Print Master Composer Index




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Music in Print Master Composer Index 1999

Author: emusicquest

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Interim Hearing the Greening of the California Grape and Wine Industry

Illinois , for providing on - site child care and tumany had put into slaughtering
Jews and Gypsies ition aid or $ 3.300 a year for four ... My God , policy , pledging
the company to fill 35 percent and 15 what kind of monsters were these people ...

Author: California. Legislature. Senate. Select Committee on California's Wine Industry



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Chambers concise dictionary

3 the process of becoming or making politically Greek cross nan upright cross
with arms of equal length . green , ecologically or environmentally conscious , or
Greek god on ... Greek key na frec pattern . greenish see under GREEN green >
adj 1 of the colour of the leaves of most plants ... especially in the limbs greens
see under GREEN , GREENBACK issued to foreign nationals . of children ,
where the ...


Publisher: Allied Publishers


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