Grown Up Digital How the Net Generation is Changing Your World

The bottom line is this: If you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future. If you're a Baby Boomer or Gen-Xer: This is your field guide.

Author: Don Tapscott

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071641555

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SELECTED AS A 2008 BEST BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR BY THE ECONOMIST The Net Generation Has Arrived. Are you ready for it? Chances are you know a person between the ages of 11 and 30. You've seen them doing five things at once: texting friends, downloading music, uploading videos, watching a movie on a two-inch screen, and doing who-knows-what on Facebook or MySpace. They're the first generation to have literally grown up digital--and they're part of a global cultural phenomenon that's here to stay. The bottom line is this: If you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future. If you're a Baby Boomer or Gen-Xer: This is your field guide. A fascinating inside look at the Net Generation, Grown Up Digital is inspired by a $4 million private research study. New York Times bestselling author Don Tapscott has surveyed more than 11,000 young people. Instead of a bunch of spoiled “screenagers” with short attention spans and zero social skills, he discovered a remarkably bright community which has developed revolutionary new ways of thinking, interacting, working, and socializing. Grown Up Digital reveals: How the brain of the Net Generation processes information Seven ways to attract and engage young talent in the workforce Seven guidelines for educators to tap the Net Gen potential Parenting 2.0: There's no place like the new home Citizen Net: How young people and the Internet are transforming democracy Today's young people are using technology in ways you could never imagine. Instead of passively watching television, the “Net Geners” are actively participating in the distribution of entertainment and information. For the first time in history, youth are the authorities on something really important. And they're changing every aspect of our society-from the workplace to the marketplace, from the classroom to the living room, from the voting booth to the Oval Office. The Digital Age is here. The Net Generation has arrived. Meet the future.

Grown Up Digital




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Teaching Learning and the Net Generation Concepts and Tools for Reaching Digital Learners

Grown up digital: How the Net generation is changing your world. New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Tapscott, D. (1998). Growing up digital: The rise of the Netgeneration. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies. Taylor, S.J., & Bogdan, R. (1984).

Author: Ferris, Sharmila Pixy

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1613503482

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Although a growing body of research demonstrates the need for education to adapt to the needs of the Net Generation, research also shows that traditional teaching methods continue to dominate the classroom. To stay effective, higher education must adapt to the needs of this unique generation of digital natives who grew up with computer technologies and social media. Teaching, Learning and the Net Generation: Concepts and Tools for Reaching Digital Learners provides pedagogical resources for understanding digital learners, and effectively teaching and learning with today’s generation of digital natives. This book creates a much-needed resource that moves beyond traditional disciplinary and geographical boundaries, bridges theories and practice, and addresses emerging issues in technology and pedagogy.

Making Change

Creating a 21st Century Teaching and Learning Environment Loretta Donovan, Timothy Green ... books Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation (1999) and Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World (2009) .

Author: Loretta Donovan

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1425894720

Category: Education

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Build the foundation for a 21st century learning environment! This professional resource provides strategies, suggestions, lesson ideas, and helpful planning tools to create an innovative learning environment in the classroom and at school. Teachers and students will feel empowered to use technology in teaching and learning.

Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior

... Growing up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation, Don Tapscott in 2009 described and comprehended new phenomena and trends in his second book on the Net Generation, Grown up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World.

Author: Yan, Zheng

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 146660316X

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"This book offers a complete look into the field of cyber behavior, surveying case studies, research, frameworks, techniques, technologies, and future developments relating to the way people interact and behave online"--Provided by publisher.

Handbook of Research on Teacher Education in the Digital Age

Approaches to biology teaching and learning: Understanding the wrong answers – Teaching toward conceptual change. Cell Biology Education, 4(2), ... Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World. Toronto: McGraw-Hill.

Author: Niess, Margaret L.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466684046

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Traditional classrooms are fast becoming a minority in the education field. As technologies continue to develop as a pervasive aspect of modern society, educators must be trained to meet the demands and opportunities afforded by this technology-rich landscape. The Handbook of Research on Teacher Education in the Digital Age focuses on the needs of teachers as they redesign their curricula and lessons to incorporate new technological tools. Including theoretical frameworks, empirical research, and best practices, this book serves as a guide for researchers, educators, and faculty and professional developers of distance learning tools.

Interdisciplinarity Creativity and Learning

Backward into the future: Seven principles for education the Ne(x)t generation,. Innovate, 3(5). Tapscott, D. (2009). Grown up digital–how the Net Generation is changing your world. New York City: McGraw-Hill. Tomlinson, C. (2004).

Author: Bharath Sriraman

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1607521881

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Interdisciplinarity is increasingly viewed as a necessary ingredient in the training of future oriented 21st century disciplines that rely on both analytic and synthetic abilities across disciplines. Nearly every curricular document or vision statement of schools and universities include a call for promoting creativity in students. Yet the construct of creativity and giftedness across disciplines remains elusive in the sense that the prototypical examples of such work come from eminent scientists, artists and mathematicians, and little if any work has been conducted with non-eminent individuals. This monograph is an attempt to fill this gap by putting forth the view that interdisciplinarity and creativity are related constructs, and that the cultivation of domain general creativity is possible. Mathematics has historically been anchored to numerous disciplines like theology, natural philosophy, culture and art, allowing for a flexibility of thought that is difficult to cultivate in other disciplines. In this monograph, the numerous chapters from Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Cyprus, Denmark and Japan provide a compelling illustration of the intricate connection of mathematics with literature, paradoxes, history, technology and modeling, thus serving as a conduit for interdisciplinarity, creativity and learning to occur.

Interdisciplinarity for the 21st Century

Tapscott clearly states in his latest book, Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World, that “If you look back over the last 20 years, clearly the most significant change affecting youth is the rise of the computer, ...

Author: Bharath Sriraman

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1617352209

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Interdisciplinarity has become increasingly important for emergent professions of the 21st century yet there is a dearth of systematic studies aimed at implementing it in the school and university curricula. The Mathematics and its Connections to the Arts and Sciences (MACAS ) group places Mathematics as a vehicle through which deep and meaningful connections can be forged with the Arts and the Sciences and as a means of promoting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary thinking traits amongst students. The Third International Symposium held by the MACAS group in Moncton, Canada in 2009 included numerous initiatives and ideas for interdisciplinarity that are implementable in both the school and university setting. The chapters in this book cover interdisciplinary links with mathematics found in the domains of culture, art, aesthetics, music, cognition, history, philosophy, engineering, technology and science with contributors from Canada, U.S, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Iran and Poland amongst others.

Das demokratische Unternehmen neue Arbeits und F hrungskulturen im Zeitalter digitaler Wirtschaft

München Parment, A. (2013): Die Generation Y – Mitarbeiter der Zukunft motivieren, integrieren, führen. 2. Auflage. Wiesbaden Tapscott, D. (2009): Grown up digital. How the net generation is changing your world.

Author: Thomas Sattelberger

Publisher: Haufe-Lexware

ISBN: 3648074342



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In Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft zeichnet sich eine grundlegende Veränderung ab: Das Thema "Demokratisches Unternehmen" liegt in der Luft. Denn der Ruf nach Beteiligung und Einflussnahme wird insgesamt immer wichtiger. Zugleich erleben wir geradezu eine Explosion an neuen Möglichkeiten der Beteiligung durch die Digitalisierung. Dieses Buch greift die aktuellen Herausforderungen auf und stellt neuartige Konzepte für das Unternehmen der Zukunft vor. Hochrangige internationale Experten aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft und Politik zeigen, welche Vorteile, Chancen und auch Risiken in der Demokratisierung der Arbeitswelt liegen. Die Autoren verdeutlichen, wie alle - auch Mittelständler und Konzerne - vom Trend zur Demokratisierung profitieren. "Das demokratische Unternehmen" von Thomas Sattelberger wurde mit dem Preis "Managementbuch des Jahres 2015" ausgezeichnet.

Writing Instruction for Generation 2 0

Grown up digital: How the net generation is changing your world. New York: McGraw-Hill. This book was inspired by the findings of a large-scale research project conducted by Tapscott and colleagues. The author leads the reader through ...

Author: Gloria E. Jacobs

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1607094665

Category: Education

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Forward-thinking teachers who wish to understand the 21st century literacies, understand what youth are doing in respect to those literacies, and discover how they can apply this knowledge to classroom instruction will find answers to their questions.