Handbook on Borates

Boron is a naturally-occurring element.

Author: M. P. Chung

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Boron is a naturally-occurring element. It is typically combined with other substances to form borates, including boric acid, salts of borates, and boron oxide. Boron is released naturally into the environment by oceans, volcanoes, and geothermal steam. It is also mined and used by many industries. Borates are used largely to produce glass. Boric acid is used in flame retardants, medicines, pesticides, and wood preservatives. Low-dose exposure can cause respiratory and skin irritation, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, and headaches. Borates have not been thoroughly tested for health effects in humans, but the EPA has found potential developmental toxicity (especially on the testes). Borates are considered safer to human health and the environment than other flame retardants (like PBDEs and PCBs) and wood preservatives (like arsenic). This new and important book gathers the latest research from around the globe in the study of borates with a focus on such topics as: boron-based wood preservatives and their uses, molecular aspects of boron treatment technologies, alkaline earth borates, borate toxicity and effect on drug stability and others.


This reference covers industrially important borates, from deposits, through chemistry, mining, processing, and applications.

Author: Donald E. Garrett

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This reference covers industrially important borates, from deposits, through chemistry, mining, processing, and applications. It features modern theories on the origin of borate deposits, their molecular structure and descriptions of the world's borate deposits.

Handbook of Mineralogy Borates carbonates sulfates

Occurrence : A common constituent in borate deposits formed in arid alkaline
lacustrine environments , deficient in sodium and carbonate , typically under
warm conditions . Association : Howlite , ulexite , searlesite , priceite , nobleite ,
ginorite ...

Author: John Williams Anthony

Publisher: Mineral Data Pub

ISBN: 9780962209741

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Mineral Descriptions

A Systematic Handbook of Volumetric Analysis

70 . $ 80. The soda in borax may , according to Thompson , be very accurately
estimated by titrating the salt with standard H2SO4 and methyl orange or lacmoid

Author: Francis Sutton



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Handbook of Mineralogy

Author: John W. Anthony


ISBN: 9780962209710

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Handbook of Modern Chemistry

The Borates (salts of boracic or boric acid B.Hoa or HBO, H.O), are formed by the
action of the acid on metallic hydrates, oxides or carbonates. They resemble the
silicates in the variety of the proportions in which they enter into combination ...

Author: Charles Meymott Tidy



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Handbook of Chemistry

BORATE OF SODA - Borax - Tincal - Refining of tincal — Manufacture of
boraxOctohedral borax - Vitrified borax - Uses of borax - Valuation of tincal --
Silicates of soda -- Peroxide of sodium , $$ 173 , 174 . CALORIDE OF SODIUM -
Extraction ...

Author: Sir Frederick Augustus Abel



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Handbook of Mineralogy

Author: John Williams Anthony


ISBN: 9780962209703

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Handbook of the Hospital Corps United States Navy 1930

Sodii Boras , Sodium Borate ( Borax , Sodium Tetraborate , Sodium Pyroborate ) ,
U. S. P. - It contains not less than 52.32 per cent nor more than 54.92 per cent of
anhydrous sodium borate ( sodium biborate or tetraborate ) , corresponding to ...

Author: United States. Navy Department. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery



Category: Medicine, Naval

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Agriculture Handbook

5 : Borate ( sodium ) at 30 to 120 lb./1,000 sq . ft .; 1,300 to 5,200 lb./A . Apply to
active or dormant growth . Precipitation required after application . No. 6 : Borate
mixtures with sodium chlorate or other chemicals or both ( follow instructions on ...




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Handbook of Pest Control

Application of Borates . Although various insecticides are labeled for wood
treatment , products containing borate have certain advantages . Borates are
inorganic minerals mined from naturally formed deposits in the earth . They are
toxic to ...

Author: Arnold Mallis



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Handbook of Crystal Growth

Borates Borates are becoming materials of great attraction owing to their variety
of applications in modern technology , particularly after the discovery of B -
barium borate [ 133 ] , Li , B40 , [ 134 ] , LiB , 05 [ 135 ] , etc . Borates were almost

Author: D. T. J. Hurle



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Part of a three-volume comprehensive work of reference on crystal growth, this volume addresses the principle techniques used for bulk single crystal growth, and the basic mechanisms and dynamics of melt and solution growth.

Handbook of Geological Terms and Geology

Borate of magnesia ; an anhydrous compound of magnesia and boracic acid ,
consisting of 30.2 magnesia and 69.8 boracic acid . It is usually associated with
gypsum ; but a compact variety occurs in Germany , forming beds with rock - salt

Author: David Page



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Genium s Handbook of Safety Health and Environmental Data for Common Hazardous Substances

SALT ...

Author: Genium Publishing Corporation

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: 9780070245778

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Presents chemical profiles for over 4,500 materials. Profiles contain comprehensive listing of physical data, health and toxicity effects, disposal, and regulatory information.

Poisoning Toxicology Handbook

... Biborate see Borates 286 Sodium Bicarbonate [ANTIDOTE] 1110 Sodium
Bisulfite see Sulfite Food Poisoning 1141 Sodium Borate see Borates 286
Sodium Calcium Edetate see Edetate Calcium Disodium [ANTIDOTE] 518
Sodium Chlorate ...

Author: Jerrold B. Leikin

Publisher: Lexi-Comp Incorporated


Category: Medical

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This reference describes 683 medicinal agents, 317 nonmedicinal agents, 217 biological agents, 57 herbal agents, 111 diagnostic tests or procedures, and 78 antidotes and drugs used in toxicology. Each entry contains information on CAS number, brand names, mechanism of action, adverse reactions, sign

Handbook of the Hospital corps United States navy 1939

PREPARATION : Sodium borate is found native ( as sodium borate ) as a
crystalline deposit in the blue mud at the bottom of Clear Lake and near Death
Valley in California , and in lakes in other parts of the world . It can be made by
treating ...

Author: United States. Navy Dept. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery




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Handbook of Materia Medica

It is produced from Borax by the action of Sulphuric Acid . Dose , gr . v - xx . There
is only one official Borate , viz . — SODII BORAS , Borate of Sodium , Borax , Na ,
B , 0 , , 10H , 0 , - colorless , transparent prisms , of cooling and sweetish ...

Author: Samuel Potter




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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients

Phenylmercuric Borate is more soluble than phenylmercuric nitrate and has also
been reported to be less irritant than either phenylmercuric acetate or
phenylmercuric nitrate . ( 1 ) See also Phenylmercuric Nitrate . Use Concentration
( % ) 1 .

Author: Arthur H. Kibbe

Publisher: Amer Pharmacists Assn

ISBN: 9780917330964

Category: Medical

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Describes the chemical and physical properties of pharmaceutical excipients. Each monograph contains nonproprietary names, synonyms, chemical name and CAS registry number, empirical formula and molecular weight, structural formula, functional category, applications in pharmaceutical formulation or technology, description, pharmacopeial specifications, typical propertics, stability and storage conditions, incompatibilities, method of manufacture, safety, handling precautions, regulatory status, pharmacopeias, related substances, comments, specific references, general references, and authors.

Plastics Additives and Modifiers Handbook

The combination of these compound , with a typical antioxident and movements
has led to an increased interest in curing package , easily reaches a UL - 94 V -
O nonhalogen formulations with zinc borate . fire rating . Zinc borates have also ...

Author: Jesse Edenbaum

Publisher: Springer


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Presents the basic principles of the four compoundable plastic families, and concentrates on the additives and modifiers needed to make high-volume thermoplastics perform in various applications over a wide range of processes, products, temperature ranges and environmental conditions.

Farm Chemicals Handbook

Borate Identification COMMON NAME : Borate . CODE NUMBERS : CAS 1303-
96-4 ; SHA 011102 . DISCONTINUED NAMES : Polybor * 3 ( U.S. Borax ) .
Chemistry COMPOSITION : Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate . Action / Use




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Global guide to crop protection.