Her Last Request

Find Aaron was a plea – or as the deceased had put it, a request. Her last request. If O'Brien hadn't found the note, Kate would have been hoping that death had come quickly. She didn't need it to work out that the opposite was true.

Author: Mari Hannah

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409192466

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'Terrific' Ian Rankin Some victims leave clues to their killers... A Hidden Clue A victim leaves a note for the SIO who will investigate her death. This not what DCI Kate Daniels expects to find concealed at a crime scene. A Desperate Plea The note contains a last request: 'Find Aaron'. But is Kate searching for a potential second victim, or a killer? The Countdown is on... Following the clues, Kate becomes the obsession of her adversary who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Will she find Aaron before he does?

Her Last Request

Patricia's soul soared at its new found freedom. She was free of pain and had never felt better. She rose from the confines of her mortal body and was greeted warmly by her angel. “Ithiel! I feel amazing!” Ithiel smiled, “Of course you ...

Author: Charlie Daye

Publisher: Charlie Daye


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Samantha Stevens is a beautifully curvy plus size woman with a thriving business, a feisty grandmother and a self esteem issue since her husband left her for a stick figure supermodel. Ithiel is the angel of death. He's spent his entire existence on earth collecting souls to cross over to either Heaven or Hell depending on how they spent their lives. Patricia Stevens is a feisty old woman who knows her days are numbered especially when Ithiel starts hanging around. She worries that Sam won't survive her death and begs Ithiel to watch over her. Reluctantly, Ithiel agrees. When her grandmother passes away, Sam is more than distraught. She's completely devastated and heartbroken. On the verge of despair, she finds herself wrapped in the arms of the most beautiful man she's ever seen but when his secret is revealed and her life is on the line will she have the courage to sacrifice herself for love or will she walk away from the one man in her life who truly loves her?

Campus Beauty Falls in Love with Me

She was a little surprised by the change in her own position in Lin Jing's heart. But at this time, Lin Jing made her last request: "Zhang Muye, can you fulfill my last request?" Zhang Muye did not speak, but waited for Lin Jing to ...

Author: Yuan ShiZuiNie

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 1649200153

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He was in a desperate situation and had fortuitous encounters. From then on, his life was on the line! His brain was well-developed, equipped with superpowers, photographic memory, and extremely intelligent. The students who were at the bottom in the past had entered the university with the status of top scholar. Singing would allow him to become a Heavenly Emperor's superstar, play basketball would allow him to surpass the Hall of Fame, and play games would allow him to defeat the professional tyrants ... All the way back to the sect, glory and wealth came in one body!

In the House of the Hangman volume 4

The last book. A man she had long admired but never met came to her bedside. Making a friend for the last time. ... Her last wish: to leave with the music of Mozart in her ears. Her last request: for us not to worry.

Author: John Bloomberg-Rissman

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0990776131



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Take an edge off—tell me what your Aunt says about The Rose and her last request. No Poppa—I can't. Riccardo—it's her last request. No it isn't. But your Aunt says it is. It's not a lie is it? No—it's true—I guess.


Publisher: Trafford Publishing

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The young man steps on the cinders and flies around the track. He’s unaware that one has to learn how to fall before he can fly. And when he tumbles, anger enters his life and his journey begins. It’s all about speed. The Kid is fast, so very, very fast. And anger is his motivation. She says that love is the answer. Coaches and friends agree, and help him to fulfill his enormous talent. But love becomes secondary to the anger that takes control of his spirit both on and off the track. And hate is its inseparable companion. The runner is all alone. And in his time of despair only love stays by his side for support. The question is. Can love defeat anger, hate, despair, intolerable pain and The Other. Maybe. For he is the one who is born to run.

Immanent Frames

On her deathbed, beneath a large crucifix, Maria's last request is for the window to be opened so that she can once more hear the sound of the sea. Her request recalls her last happy time with Alessandro, when he gave her a gift of a ...

Author: John Caruana

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 1438470185

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Explores a growing number of films and filmmakers that challenge the strict boundaries between belief and unbelief. For some time now, thinkers across the humanities and social sciences have increasingly called into question the once-dominant view of the relationship between modernity and secularism, prompting some to speak of a “postsecular turn.” Until now, film studies has largely been silent about this development, even though cinema itself has been a major vehicle for such reflection. This fact became inescapable in 2011 when Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life and Lars von Trier’s Melancholia were released within days of each other. While these two audacious and controversial films present seemingly opposite perspectives—the former a thoughtful meditation on faith, the latter a portrayal of nontriumphalist atheism—together they raise critical questions about transcendence and immanence in modern life. These films are, however, only the most conspicuous of a growing body of works that call forth similar and related questions—what this collection aptly calls “postsecular cinema.” Taking the nearly simultaneous release of The Tree of Life and Melancholia as its starting point and framing device, this pioneering collection sets out to establish the idea of postsecular cinema as a distinct body of films and a viable critical category. Adopting a film-philosophy approach, one group of essays examines Malick’s and von Trier’s films, while another looks at works by Chantal Akerman, Denys Arcand, the Dardenne brothers, and John Michael McDonagh, among others. The volume closes with two important interviews with Luc Dardenne and Jean-Luc Nancy that invite us to reflect more deeply on some of the central concerns of postsecular cinema. John Caruana is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Ryerson University. Mark Cauchi is Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities at York University.

Language and Communication in Old Age

Maguire does not explicitly state that this was his wife's last request to him and the narrative action itself is straightforward. A literal interpretation of the complication tells us only that Mrs. Maguire asked her husband to sit and ...

Author: Heidi Ehernberger Hamilton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134823134

Category: Social Science

Page: 408

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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


“I choose to honor her last request.” She looks carved from stone, and her words are so final. Her last request. I sink back down to my knees and pull my mom's body back into my lap. “Fine,” I whisper. “Fine. It's what you wanted, Mom.

Author: Bridget E. Baker

Publisher: Purple Puppy Publishing

ISBN: 194965513X

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 489

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"A fast moving, engaging tale in what promises to be an epic fantasy romance series," Kirkus. "Baker's writing is swift but potent, and scenes of action and romance both prove exciting," Publisher's Weekly. My mom should have killed me the day I was born. Being a twin complicates the Evian line of succession, but Chancery Alamecha is fine letting Judica inherit the throne. After all, she’s the stronger sister—the merciless fighter, the ruthless politician, and the groomed heir. But something unexpected happens when Chancery tries on her mother’s staridium ring, forcing her into a role that she never wanted: the prophesied queen who will prevent the destruction of Earth. Now I have to kill my sister. Judica, enraged by this turn of events, vows to do anything to reclaim her rightful place as empress. Including challenging Chancery to a battle to the death. While Chancery is away training, she gets a taste of the human world, where she can do whatever she wants without family obligations. Now torn between a life she was born into and one that makes her happy, she must confront her treacherous sister—or cause the end of the world. ★★★★ AWARDS!! ★★★★ SOVAS 2020 Finalist in Fantasy-Best Voiceover (Audiobook) Whitney Award 2020 Finalist in Fantasy Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize 2020, Quarter Finalist CRITIC REVIEWS: What are people saying about Displaced? Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize gave it a 9.25/10: Displaced, the first novel in Baker's Birthright Saga, boasts a fleet, often inspired story of matriarchal superheroes on a Hawaiian island. The story's heart is the conflict between royal teen twins Chancery, the kind-hearted protagonist, and Judica, her cruel sister and the heir to the throne. Baker's story pulses with exciting incident, and even though this is the first book in a series the climax is consequential and exciting, even as it entices readers with the promise of more. Baker's writing is swift but potent. She invests each scene with the heart of her protagonist, so it's always clear what's most important in each moment. The large cast is clearly described and differentiated, and scenes of action and romance both prove exciting. Chancery's perspective is likably wry for a royal narrator. The dialogue varies from flirty teen banter to regal proclamations, but always is crisply crafted. Baker brings fresh energy and invention to even familiar elements like the inevitable royal succession crisis. Her Evians' powers and customs fascinate, and Displaced never misses an opportunity to jolt readers with a surprise. Chancery is a strong and appealing protagonist, split between two worlds and ultimately dragged into battle against her own twin. Both sisters are vividly drawn, as are their paramours, guards, relations, and friends. A letter from Chancery's mother, after that queen's death, is a moving highlight of the story, and Chancery's exciting choices power the narrative from start to epic climax. Kirkus: The notoriously stingy Kirkus called Displaced, "a fast moving, engaging tale in what promises to be an epic fantasy romance series." Check out their full review here: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/bridget-e-baker/battle-song/ And best of all, READERS: "This book drew me in from the first page. Bridget is a fantastic writer, and the story is intense and beautifully written right out the gate. The authenticity of the characters, coupled with the well thought out and complete character storylines made me feel as if I was in the thick of the story with Chancery and Judica. I couldn’t put it down. I read this book in my spare time over the course of 48 hours. It was absolutely irresistible. I quickly purchased the rest of the books in The Birthright Series, and am anxiously awaiting the sixth installment. After finishing this series, I actually read through all of Bridget’s work, and each and every time, I was blown away by the care and attention to detail that she put into the story. I am in awe of the way that she can manage the entire universe so beautifully. I haven’t been this excited waiting for a new book to be released since I was a kid waiting for Harry Potter, or Twilight to come out."★★★★★ "It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten addicted to reading a book, but Bridget is a very compelling author!" ★★★★★ "She’s phenomenal at laying hints, and she leaves no thread unfinished. What you get is a complete, clean story, everything answered beautifully. Her timing and pacing is incredible as well!" ★★★★★ "If you love romance, if you don’t mind starting a book and never wanting to put it down, and you want a stong female character who is written by a woman with insight into what that really looks like, this is it. Read it. Enjoy it." ★★★★★ Keywords: fantasy, ya urban fantasy, fantasy romance, royal romance, epic fantasy romance, clean ya fantasy, contemporary fantasy, ya contemporary fantasy, ya fantasy romance, teen fantasy romance, teen fantasy, teen urban fantasy.

The Irish Quarterly Review

fate and her last wish . She conjures him to follow her , and to be laid in the grave by her side . ... Do not reproach the author of my death , " is the last request of a forsaken one about to drown herself . On the 20th of last ...




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If but one spark of shame be left in her , How can she wish to see the hapless victim Of her depravity ? ... She must have loved me then - ' twere cruelty Unpardonable not to visit her , As ' tis her last request - perhaps she is not So ...





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